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Let's talk about what’s killing us, the stuff that’s hard to comprehend and getting worse every day. In this award-winning series, Lemonada co-founder and author Stephanie Wittels Wachs confronts massive epidemics with humanity, wit, and a quest for progress. Season one tackled the opioid crisis, and in season two, we took a look at the rising rates of suicide. Now, back for a third season, Last Day grapples with guns in America, asking: How can we live safely in a country that has more guns than people? This season, the team travels to Montana and Georgia, talking to families who have lost loved ones to gun suicides and stray bullets, trying to discover tangible solutions to reducing gun-related deaths, all while gaining perspective on gun culture across the US.

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  • jo-jo-l
    The most engaging podcast !
    I try different podcast from time to time while commuting and rarely do I maintain interest beyond one or two episodes. Somehow I stumbled upon Last Day and couldn’t stop listening to it. . I have consumed this podcast like a late night binge on my fave Netflix series. I have busted out my AirPods when my commute is done to continue listening. I would call it brilliant cinematography if it were a movie…not sure what the magic is. Actually as revealed in an episode the magic isn’t magic it’s hours and hours of dedication and passion of the shows creators & producers. The episodes are engaging and have led me on an emotional journey through each episode. Although the subject matter of suicide and gun violence is depressing (season 2) the show somehow makes me feel hopeful and the interviews are engaging. Stephanie has a voice that is authentic and I can feel her when she speaks. Keep ‘‘em coming!!
  • hutch7470
    Terrible waste of my time, definitely one sided
  • Nattles19
    My new favorite podcast (sorry Andy)
    I am so happy I gave this podcast a try (I don't think the ads I've heard do it justice). Stephanie is a pleasure to listen to and can drop an incredulous f-bomb like no other. The reporting and research is top notch, and it feels like listening to a friend but without being too casual. Even the episodes I don't anticipate being especially exciting end up being compelling. I know I won't forget the people I've met through this podcast or their stories for a very long time. Thank you for the sensitive and compassionate way you tackle these difficult issues.
  • srgoldstein89
    The best most tragic show I can't stop listening to
    I feel like I've learned so much, and cried so much. It feels safe and scary all at the same time. I love it and can't stop. Please listen.
  • Sexy girl 456 AA
    Love It
    And July 12, 2021, I listen to the episode about the young women experiencing severe depression. A year later I found that I was in the same position as her and it was terrifying. I used to be so happy. I used to laugh with my friends. Sometimes I would think about things, and I would laugh about them and impulse. Now I hate getting out of bed, and I long for the day to be over. I can’t listen to the videos and podcast that I used to enjoy, because I have trouble concentrating. Furthermore, I have to force myself to engage in the activities that I used to enjoy can I like listening to music or using beauty products. I lost one friend, and I had to let go of another. As for my other friends, those relationships haven’t disintegrated, but they have certainly weakened overtime. I feel like I’m in jail because I am just so far removed from myself. I just don’t know what to do and I hope the right medication will work. Knowing that there are treatment options, and that there are people in this world who have gone through the same thing gives me hope. This podcast gift gives me hope to. Because the host has so much compassion and empathy for people struggling with mental health issues and substance use disorder. I don’t know how to change my username, so I’m sorry if anyone is appalled by it. Thank you.
  • HSFinAK
    Well done & thought-provoking
    This podcast is easy to follow, engaging, and challenging my preconceived notions on substance abuse. Like many people, the opioid epidemic has directly impacted my family, and I’ve felt helpless. This podcast is empowering me to figure out what I can do... The content is heavy but full of hope. I’ve listened to the first ten episodes of season one in just a few days!
  • JosTAussie
    So informative
    I haven’t been directly affected by the opioid crisis or gun violence (yet) so I’m learning so much from this podcast. And the narrator is such a sympathetic person it’s really easy to listen to.
  • billsnagabass
    HEY! Listen to THIS!
    I’m from the Deep South, most of my friends love their guns and if you even think the words “gun control” you’re an enemy. I wish they’d all listen to this podcast. I don’t care about your right to own a semi or automatic weapon because you enjoy target shooting, etc. Kids are being killed, let’s do something, anything, EVERYTHING to try to figure this out. Even if it doesn’t work, let’s try everything but let’s start with SOMETHING
  • aaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Every adult should listen
    Found this podcast about a month ago and am blown away by all the seasons. The first season on the opioid crisis has given me a completely different perspective on heroin addiction and the people who suffer from this illness. The host and producer are incredible in their willingness to be vulnerable and brutally honest. Their season on gun violence is balanced and I wish all of the people who make decisions about gun legislation would listen. Truthfully I wish Stephanie could address these people directly!!!! Thank you Stephanie and Jess. I wish you both peace of mind and hope that you know how valuable your work is.
  • widnbrosnwhcne
    I love this podcast, how real and true it is. Stephanie doesn’t shy away from any of it. I have learned so much about addiction that I never knew or understood, in general last day is just an amazing podcast all three seasons
  • Winterierrose
    It wasn’t a fantasy fear to me
    Admittedly, I have only listened to the season about gun violence. I fully intend to listen to some of the other seasons (and will edit my review accordingly), but I wanted to voice my review of this season. Although I love the facts and the data she has found about gun violence, and I do agree that it is awful, I still feel that it’s a little one-sided. She did find people who are gun owners, but felt the narrative was skewed still to fit her opinion. She repeatedly said that those who carry to protect their family from an intruder are wrong and that it is a fantasy thought. It wasn’t a fantasy for my family as I had to encounter an intruder/stalker as a mother of three children 5 and under for several weeks before he was caught. During the times he would taunt me and I would call the police, it took them too long to get to me, even though they were doing their best. This was not a fantasy fear for me, but a reality. I had to decide if I was going to sit and hope that the police got there in time if he decided to do something even more awful or find a way to protect my babies and myself while waiting for police to come. I feel that in order to truly show both sides, there also needed to be reporting on situations that gun owners were able to diffuse a situation without any innocent bystander being injured. Her minimizing my situation to a fantasy felt horrible.
  • mskerrygraham
    The best podcast about the worst stuff
    When I told my therapist I listen to this podcast (Season 1 in particular), I explained that it could be excruciating. I added that it’ll be part of what helps me heal.
  • LBB63
    Thoughtful and nuanced
    I appreciate so much how this show looks at tough issues like gun control without being overly political or one-sided.
  • doggodoggo8442
    Truly a life-changing show
    This show is amazing. I thought season 1 was incredible, and season 3 is even better. I will never forget the story of the Martells.
  • Neha Mehta Khanna
    High quality
    Timely, relevant, balanced, data-driven, insightful, nuanced, evidence-based, compassionate, thought-provoking - love this podcast!
  • MyrriahATX
    Thoughtful and important conversations.
  • ZFP_1808
    Beautiful Show
    I am so grateful for this show. I’ve been listening since season 1, but this might be the most relevant season so far. It has (unfortunately) just gotten more and more timely. It’s challenged my assumptions and introduced a lot of new ideas. Thank you to Steph and the team!
  • podcastjac
    So needed
    Exactly what we need right now. Thank you ❤️
  • usahozierfan2019
    So humanizing and so not about politics. The production and nuance is bar none.
  • Zamsky
    This podcast is timely and important. Thank you for making this podcast.
  • J_____N
    Reinforce your bias!
    Very one-sided; lacking nuance and fact. Uses polarizing issues to create narratives of fear and racism, while castigating the “other” as “radical” for using fear and racism to manipulate audiences. Interestingly, doesn’t seem to note the hypocrisy. Weak.
  • yellowandblue
    A Huge No
    I stopped listening when she laughed at her father for answering truthfully/frankly to the assessment on suicide. I mean, how insensitive. Had she truly not prepared herself for this podcast by not doing the most basic research on what would cause a senior to no longer want to live, and then not realize independently her father might meet the criteria given the profound losses he’d experienced? What an idiot. Leave these topics to the professionals and empathetic.
  • kimber guys a dip
    Thanks for using kids for your political gains
    Your bias and lack of education is frightening
  • Picit 13
    Horribly one sided!
    I really try to keep an open mind listening to podcasts and I listen to all sides of the conversation. But sometimes people just do not get it they think one way and one way only , , one episode was enough for me..
  • iivanku
    I hate that we need this, but I’m grateful it exists
    This season is put together so thoughtfully, and couldn’t be more timely. I’m at a loss for what to do, and so devastated by the latest news. Listening to this is keeping me from spinning out. My favorite part of this show is hearing Stephanie’s “aha moments” as I’m experiencing them myself. Like, the analogy to abstinence-only education in episode 7? It hits so hard, and it feels like I’m having the same realization as Stephanie is. This show doesn’t talk down to me, it just feels like it’s helping me process and react.
  • twyrs
    So grateful.
    Thank you for the excellent journalism.
  • svroush
    Vital to change
    In order to change this world we must first understand the problem. This podcast is vital to change.
  • emilyjhunt
    Amazing podcast! Worth your time!
    Last Day podcast has been MY FAVORITE for the past couple of years. I listened to season 1 & 2 twice. Season 1 covers the opioid pandemic and season 2 covers suicide. Each episode is informative and touching. It brings current, hard problems to light. Season 3 started back in April and covers gun violence (homicide and suicide). I had already been listening to this weekly prior to the recent mass shootings. A new episode was released today and really hit home in light of yesterday’s elementary school mass shooting. It’s especially scary considering I have an elementary aged child. I think this podcast has some great insight and ideas of how to actually DO SOMETHING about these reoccurring tragedies. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Check out this podcast! It’s definitely worth your time!
  • Sshfh
    I work in injury and violence prevention and started on season 3. I love that this team covers a topic from every angle they turn over all the stones and they are passionate about what they do. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • SingerKS
    Beautiful and Heartbreaking
    A fantastic, real, honest and tough look at firearms; what we all are seeing, questioning, feeling and experiencing. Not an easy topic to tackle, done so well.
  • KaityOB16
    What to say…
    I could write a novel about how much I love this podcast. Stephanie is one of the best (if not THE BEST) podcast host that I have ever listened to. Her narrating is very professional, and she has a pleasant voice, but she is also completely genuine in her range of emotions around the subjects and pours her whole heart out at times. I have learned so much, and even changed my view on a few things from hearing people’s stories. This is how we change. This is how we build more understanding and empathy for other humans. This is an amazing podcast.
  • Stellazella
    This is REAL!
    In the last few months I have listened to two of the best podcasts I have ever experienced on Last Day. Not just the two best of this program’s three seasons, but the two best of any podcast ever. I practice as both an Emergency Medicine physician and an Addiction Medicine physician in the Bay Area, California. And all of this is REAL and affects me and my patients everyday. Thank you, Last Day team, for covering these issues so thoughtfully.
  • 201NF
    So appreciate how this challenges my liberal beliefs - that abstinence analogy woke me up
  • Capital City Kyle
    I’m selling my gun after listening to this show
    This is the most powerful podcast I’ve ever listened to. It is heart wrenching. I’ve owned a hand gun for many years and listening to these devastating stories, I realize I don’t need this thing in my life. Thank you for making the world a better place Stephanie! Everyone should listen to this show.
  • No Nickname 14
    Superb – Every American should listen to this podcast.
    I’m certain that this podcast is going to save lives. Because of this podcast I’m going to have a conversation with a family member who is at risk and I think it could very well save his life. Thank you and thank you to Patrick’s family.
  • Sam sammyyyyy
    Eye opening
    I truly love this podcast and tell everyone I know about it.
  • kylaine
    Amazing educational and emotional perspective
    I just want to start off by saying your vulnerability on this show is commendable, honorable, and appreciated. As a recovering alcoholic with 4 years, your show grips me with the raw truth and accuracy of the opioid crisis. Thank you for sharing your story and educating people on all aspects of SUD. I am currently pursuing my degree in social work after years of putting it off, and you have solidified my calling to go into the field of addiction. Thank you.
  • Anna (Mom and Teacher)
    There when I needed it.
    What I learned from this podcast helped me deal with sudden overdose death of my aunt. I didn’t even know she was using. She started using in her 50s to cope with the death of my uncle. She died alone. I wish she reached out for help, but you helped me realized people can only get help when they want it. I wish she wanted it. She was a beautiful person. I love her and she could have come to me. Thank you for the work you do!
  • tamorris
    Great informative podcast!
    I don’t recall how I stumbled upon this podcast, but I’ve basically been devouring it every chance I get over the past couple of weeks. It’s so informative and covers all angles of addiction in a very well researched and human/humane way. My almost 28 year old daughter died of this horrific disease on March 27, 2019 while her dad and I were on Spring Break at Disney World with our 6 year old grandson, her son. In some ways I feel sick listening because if I had been able to hear some of these BEFORE she died, I may have done other things to try and help her. However, unlike Stephanie’s mom revealed in one of the episodes “you don’t know what you don’t know”, I DID know about MAT and STRONGLY encouraged it for my daughter. I thought she had gotten a Vivitrol shot in early March. I almost felt relieved when I found out from her former roommate that she had not. I had placed a lot of hope on that being an effective treatment method and if she HAD gotten the shot, but then used anyway, that would’ve been another treatment option that didn’t work, at least not for her. Since she didn’t get it, we’ll never know. Thanks for all you do to help people understand what this disease is all about. Tomorrow would have been my beautiful daughter’s 29th birthday. I miss her so much.
  • eeek uh
    Seasons 1 and 2 hit my emotions, season 3 I’m out
    Seasons 1 & 2 were tragic, informative, beautiful and made me hold my breath. I can relate to so much of it. Suicide, drugs, fear everyday when someone you love is so lost. However, So far season 3 has me rethinking if I’m going to keep listening. I appreciate that this pod does not have to follow the same outlines that a journalist does, and being a liberal, I usually Love to hear my POV proven. But I can’t get past the parts that seem to forget all people deserve respect. Episode ‘Bystander’ where you mock the detective for wearing a fedora felt gross. He is out there trying to get the bad guys off the street and doesn’t deserve us armchair quarterbacks making fun of something he chooses to wear while saving countless lives. It had nothing to do with the story, and was a comment in poor taste. I can’t get on board with that. Everyone deserves respect, don’t overcorrect.
  • Kind of addicting
    It’s gutting and beautiful
    Last Day delivers a laugh and cry in nearly every episode. Deeply moving and nuanced storytelling on big issues.
  • ällkkkjkhfji
    Your podcast has opened my eyes/mind to so many things
  • toddslodi
    Hate the Issue, Love the Host!
    This podcast is one that you learn so much, but you don’t realize it because you are literally enjoying the delivery. It’s so interesting. You feel all the feels in every episode, sympathy, empathy, fear, anger, and… humor. Somehow they balance everything out and deliver a really knowledge filled podcast that’s totally worth the listen! Highly recommend! UPDATE… I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast! I’m up to date in the third season now and it just gets better and better! I follow a lot of Podcasts and am constantly looking for new ones, but THIS is by far my favorite. Harris and Stefano would be SO PROUD. I’m proud and I’m not even family, but I’m so invested in this story, and all the offshoots that come from it. If only we could fix it all. In the meantime, this is a start. Keep up the much needed work and know that this mom in Alaska is solidly in your corner, always.
  • 3dogs3boys
    Thoughtful and important work
    Stephanie is a brilliant host. She is funny, clever, and thoughtful! The production and reporting is thorough and sensitive. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • rossflint
    So I will start off by saying I never write reviews (even for podcasts that I love) but I have been so deeply moved by this season of Last Day. I have not listened to the previous seasons but I had saved this podcast some months ago and was reminded when it was advertised in another podcast I listen to. The episodes on Montana were so emotional for me. I am a licensed professional counselor so the stats on suicide were striking to me. Mostly because I don’t see the outcry for the people there. I also have such a soft spot for adolescents and young adults. The episodes on Derriontae and Mrs. Brown were so humanizing. In a world where we can empathize with the residents of Montana but see the people of Atlanta or any inner city as deviant and innately violent, you all humanized them and their experiences and their lives. We need more reporting like this. One thing that has been evident is that while geographically these two places couldn’t be further from different, the things that drive their “need” for guns are interesting and worth exploring. Thank you for this great reporting. I will be listening to the other two seasons for sure.
  • Amimsical
    Incredible show
    Each season is reported on and produced with amazing care, genius storytelling and a level of honesty and rawness that is so necessary for our works right now, especially in talking about things that usually go unspoken and unaddressed. Listen and it change the way you think and feel about these issues.
  • ConnectTheDotsNH
    Each season is a work of art. Incredible and thoughtful reporting. Exceptional in its depth. A gift to all.
  • ks-geg
    This show is just…amazing. Amazingly sad. Amazingly heartbreaking. Amazingly enlightening.
  • HFG_bk89
    Season three is amazing!
    Great perspective on guns in America, showing us a wide range of rural to urban gun issues. Each episode is so impactful on the way they dive into family stories and their relationship with guns.
  • SgtAnne
    So eye opening
    I initially passed over this podcast because I thought it was going to be so sad & it is BUT it’s so much more than that. I did have to take a few dance breaks between some of the heavier episodes but I’ve gained so much insight & had several ‘ah-ha’ moments while listening to season 1 & 2. Thank you for covering these very hard/emotionally charged topics.
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