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Chris Van Vliet is a 4-time Emmy Winning TV Host, YouTuber and Inc. 500 entrepreneur obsessed with reverse engineering the mindsets and habits of world class performers. Each episode features in depth conversations with top athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. If they are the best at what they do, CVV wants to get their insight and help you apply it to your own life.

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  • JGray2020
    Every guest you could ever want
    I’m a new fan, been listening for about a month, and I’ve listened to almost 60 of your shows already. From old stars to new school they are all here!! You’ve made me a fan of not only you but so many people I’ve never heard on a podcast before. This is hands down the very best content. Thanks for all the hard work and knowing exactly what fans want to hear from their favorite celebs.
  • Ahxoekwoxm
    I’m new to this page but you get the best of this sport and I’m so happy I’ve found you.
  • ChrisFromDetroit
    THE man with the best wrestling interviews/podcasts! YEAH
  • Towsky
    Always Awesome!
    It’s Chris Van Villet ! It’s always a win on his interviews . His Interviews and conversations with guests are second to none. Always positive even when getting into some more in depth topics with his guests and always professional, never ugly or rude. Other shows should emulate this level or professionalism . Chris is it. If a guest is on his show. To me that means that guest is legit.
  • nick bklyn
    The Cream Of The Crop
    Chris Van Vliet has brought interviews to a new level brother! Pro Wrestling almost doesn’t deserve him. He gets the guests we want to see and hear from. He asks the questions we want answered. And most importantly, above all, he does all this while being absolutely jacked, Jack!
  • Hubblebubbledoopsywoops
    Honest review
    I don’t “listen” to the podcast. I see the clips on various social apps. Various length interviews, def 5 ⭐️ content
  • Sam Darnell
    One of the best at what he does
  • AndyMiller823
    Amazing Content
    Fantastic subject matter and great interviews. I always love firing up this podcast!
  • Seattle4life52
    Glad I came
    Good stuff
  • Vas_526
    Best wrestling podcast!
    Chris Van Vliet is the best at what he does. His interviews are always top-notch & his podcast is my favorite one in the wrestling industry. The incredible work he does on a consistent basis is amazing, the guy just keeps getting better & his show truly is the best in my opinion.
  • jay2216
    Awesome show!
    Awesome show!
  • Metsradio84
    Fantastic podcast Chris
    Hi Chris, I love listening to your podcast whenever a new episode is posted. Every show brings out something new with the guests and love the quote at the end of each episode. Keep up the great work. Jason
  • earl$34
    One of the best
    Chris is very insightful (pardon the pun) about his guests, he is very well prepared and knows the questions to ask. He’s not afraid to push back on guests like Meltzer. Chris is known for wrestling, but the episodes where the guests aren’t wrestling are hidden gems. Keep it up! YEAH!!
  • Alan L 39
    My Favorite Podcast
    Chris is an excellent host/interviewer/journalist/podcaster whom I look up to as a burgeoning host myself. I take a lot of tips and insight from listening and learn something new with each show.
    Regular listener for the past 2 years
    I first discovered CVV when he did the interview with Coachman, and I will be the first to admit I didn’t know who CVV was or why Coachman even agreed to do the interview but after educating myself with his content, there’s a reason why he has a lot of guest on his podcast. He just a very good interviewer and none of it sounds forced or the typical basic questions and it really does sound like two buddies having a chat. And it’s very obvious that he loves the wrestling business Remember when podcast really became popular like 10 years ago some audio sounded like it was recorded through a telephone? With “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” all the audio is always clean and crisp. Usually my favorite episodes is when he has wrestling guest but I’ll listen to the non wrestlers as well. Thanks to CVV and Insight, it really gotten me through the weird times of the pandemic and also just another note we also got insight on his own personal life as well, Congrats on the marriage and a baby. Alot has happened in the past 2 years
  • howlingwolf270
    Inspiring through Insight
    Chris, Thank you. I’ve been listening to your podcast non stop for the passed few months. And I have to say you (and some of your guests) have inspired me and brought a new level of positivity to my life. I have gotten back into the gym and I’ve started my own journey to getting into the best shape of my life. I wish I would’ve found your podcast (or social media content in general) sooner. I’ve lived a pretty unhealthy life and hearing your interviews with some of my childhood heroes have really made an impact on me. So once again, Thank you -Nick from Bayport, MN
  • Jamessting
    A Must Listen🔥🔥
    I'm loving listening to this podcast. High quality content and very entertaining! I'm glad I found this podcast. I will recommend this to my family and friends. Keep up the good work!!!
  • fhjbib
    You saved my life
    I love your podcast like no joke. I started listening to you when you did your interview with Cody Rhodes when he left AEW. ever since then I went back to your very first episode and listen to all the way through. I still listen to your current ones. But it’s nice to listen to your old interviews and listen to the inspirations in the stories. right now I’m in 2020. Lol. i’m a professional artist that loves wrestling. My instagram is EJCARTS_772. I am going to draw a picture of you. I will tag you. I listen to you while I’m driving while I’m at work and working out. Love the work. You saved my life thank you.
  • JackedAndPasty
    The Real Deal
    Chris Van Vliet is just that, the Real Deal. Even if you don’t love who he is interviewing, he has an uncanny ability to pull nuggets of “entertainment” from any guest. His love for all things Pro Wrestling and Wrestling Entertainment are second to none.
  • Anthony NorCal
    5 Star Podcast!!
    LA Knight best promo since Austin and Rock!! This dudes great!! Great interviews!! Thank you for the entertainment!! Anthony Nor Cal
  • Tatertot529
    CVV is the best!
    These are the beat interviews in the business hands down! No one makes guests feel more comfortable than CVV!
  • jamesxkeith
    Happy Birthday!
    What better gift to give than a 5-star rating? And it’s well deserved. I feel inspired every time I listen to a conversation between Chris and his guests. It’s just such a positive interaction hearing something that’s less of an interview and more akin to friendly banter between friends. Honestly, I could listen to Chris read the ingredients on a box of Wheaties and walk away feeling happier than when I turned it on. Congratulations on getting in the best shape of your life and here’s to many more insightful conversations! Cheers!
  • Djdunst
    A life changing podcast
    Chris is a host, a friend, inspirational speaker, and life coach all in one. His guest range from wrestles, to great entrepreneurs. Thanks to this show I start my morning off talking out loud what I’m thankful for.
  • J Gwinn 666
    CVV is a legend.
    Chris is the best interviewer in the game. Period. His conversations are heartfelt, mindful, and anything but the same monotonous interviews you see elsewhere. Give this show a listen, and if you don’t agree with me, then I guess you’re entitled to your wrong opinion.
  • KCPalermo
    Easily my favorite podcast ever
    Wether it’s talking about gratitude or asking all different kinds of questions, it doesn’t matter who Chris has on the show, the chemistry is always there and each episode is fun to listen to on the podcasts or to watch on facebook and tiktok, I love the podcast, keep up the great work
  • AJAnzalone
    Chris is an great podcaster and interviewer! Big Recommendations for everybody who are wrestling fans!
  • TheGBB
    A podcast full of entertainment and gratitude
    Insight with Chris Van Vliet" is a popular podcast hosted by Chris Van Vliet, who is known for his interviews with celebrities, athletes, and other notable figures. The podcast features in-depth conversations with guests from various fields, where they share their personal stories, insights, and experiences. Content: The content of the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast is centered around candid interviews with a diverse range of guests. Chris Van Vliet invites guests from different walks of life, including actors, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs, among others. The conversations are typically in-depth and cover a wide range of topics, including the guest's career journey, personal life, challenges, successes, and advice. Chris Van Vliet is known for his engaging interviewing style, and he often asks thoughtful and thought-provoking questions that allow guests to open up and share their perspectives and insights. The podcast aims to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the guest's experiences and perspectives, offering valuable insights and inspiration. Production: The production value of the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast is generally high. The audio quality is clear, and the conversations are well-paced and easy to follow. Chris Van Vliet's hosting skills are evident as he navigates the conversations smoothly and keeps the focus on the guests. The podcast also features occasional background music that adds to the overall listening experience. Guests: One of the highlights of the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast is the impressive lineup of guests. Chris Van Vliet has interviewed a wide range of notable figures from various fields, including Hollywood actors, top athletes, musicians, authors, and industry experts. The diversity of guests brings a fresh perspective to the conversations and keeps the content interesting and informative. Conclusion: "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" is a podcast that offers engaging and in-depth conversations with notable guests from different walks of life. Chris Van Vliet's interviewing skills and the diverse range of guests make for an interesting and informative listening experience. Whether you're a fan of the guests or looking for insights and inspiration, this podcast may be worth checking out. Thank you ChatGPT for this review. It was definitely more accurate and detailed than J would have written
  • Sammysaye
    Chris is the Man (Sorry Becks)
    It is an absolute pleasure to get an insight into the lives of my childhood heroes through Chris’ questions. I am a huge pro-wrestling fan and Chris picks the best questions for all his guests. You’ve always replied to me on TikTok, which I don’t expect, but since you take time out of your day for a like, I’ll take time for a post. Amazing work Chris, do not stop!
  • Steven w Blank
    Top notch
    Absolutely love ur podcast! Listening to ur show has become part of my routine . Ur professional and very knowledgeable on the wrestling business. I can tell ur respected in the business by the way ur guest talk and joke with u. Keep up the great work. Thank you.
  • conrad1928
    My favorite podcast!
    CVV is a consummate professional and an amazing host. It feels wrong to use the word “interviews”, so I’ll say his “conversations” with all of guests are amazing! His questions are thoughtful and often initiate a very ‘insight’ful conversation😉. Love listening while I’m driving. Thanks Chris for keeping us entertained and keep up the amazing work!
  • JesusCruzCr7
    Chris please Read this on your Show
    IM BACK! Had to write another review for Chris! Been a fan now for a good amount of time! I really enjoy these episodes because Chris is a great person to have a conversation with! You could probably talk to Chris for hours! He bring people from all over the world and in different walks of life! I always check when he uploads a new episode and listen to it right away! Thanks for the great podcast!!
  • Hombreonics
    Chris Vv
    Chris has an amazing ability to create a comfort zone so early on in his interviews that the good stuff flows early and easily. Pros pro.
  • aron277
    Chris Van Passion!
    Can’t beat Chris’s enthusiasm and passion to learn about people, what makes them who they are and what they do. Keep up the great work, Chris!
  • perezplay
    Best wrestling interviewer
    CVV has always been my favorite wrestling interviewer due to his amazing preparation and outstanding questions. He always brings a type of entertainment that doesn’t take away from the guest but still showcases how awesome of an interviewer he is.
  • Phil D115
    Thank you Chris!
    Like many people i suffer from anxiety, my mind races and I just need something calm to listen to or watch on YouTube. We can always count on you to provide calm, peaceful and entertaining interviews, thank you Chris! Time to pick an episode on YouTube to watch! 5 stars!
  • GoldenRK9
    Eric Biscohoff
    Your an amazing interviewer. Don’t be giving over an hour of time to let people like this guy talk. Stop giving them platforms to spurt their nonsense. There is a difference between true constructive criticism (which even as an AEW fan, they could still use a lot of it) and just plain bad faith takes. He’s a nobody in wrestling and has been for well over a decade at this point. A guy who had a huge part in killing a company and a huge part in nearly killing another has no space to be telling anyone how to “fix” a successful barely 3 year old company.
  • AgentXXVII
    Santa Claus Belives in CVV! 🎅🏽👍
    The Chris Van Vliet Show features an outstanding list of guests granting insight into the world of wrestling from those who work hard, not just in the ring, but also behind the curtain. Chris has a talent for asking poignant questions like a good journalist, but his enthusiasm as a wrestling fan always shines through. And what does this have to do with Santa? Well, Chris’ positive attitude and passion for what he does hasn’t gone unnoticed. and his signature sign-off makes for some great advice. So much so, that this year’s letter from Santa to my kids included this very important message: Be great. Be grateful.
  • Aaron€rp
    Love this show
    Love it. Makes my week and honestly I want more.
  • Cici_MD
    I listen from week to week never miss this amazing podcast.
  • Isabellekat77
    This is so funny, makes me smile and have a good day, I share it with my friends too. These guys are hilarious!
  • John Fazal
    A Legendary Podcast/ My favorite podcast of all time
    Chris you are truly talented. Your positive energy is inspirational. You are truly one of my personal heroes. The conversations you have are always intelligent , insightful, and fun. You feel like you are listening to advice and stories from a great long time friend. Chris you are a great person and your approach to life is inspiring. When I was a graduate student your podcast was my constant companion while I wrote my 50 page graduate thesis. Even now at my full time job I listen to your podcast. As always keep up the excellent work Chris.
  • Naveenrrv
    All time Favourite
    This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and get advice from. You can hear the passion in Chris’s voice. Guests are just amazing.
  • SiezerCarter
    Thank You
    You rock CVV! Insight with CVV is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on my way to work.
  • Megduffgreen
    Just Awesome
    A must-listen show for entrepreneurs, it’s not only for the real estate industry. CVV gives relevant content that you definitely want to listen to.
  • dove_doc1
    Just found this podcast a week ago and can’t stop listening! I listen in the car on my commute and in the house while cleaning. Totally HOOKED.
  • Seeunlee
    Must Listen
    CVV is the host that brings big names from the industry. Soooo excited for the next guests on the show! Super in love with this show!
  • Dr. Martinez LGB
    Best of luck
    Congrats CVV! You and your guests doing wonderful. Looking forward to your 200th episode.
  • Henry k@7643
    5 stars
    Amazing host + Impressive guests = Exciting show. Great job guys!
  • Arthur@7930
    Highly recommend
    Love this podcast have listened to every episode and some I've listened to several time. I highly recommended giving it a listen.
  • George@6723
    Clap clap clap
    Seriously can't wait till the new episode start. This podcast makes my day every day. CVV is just amazing.
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