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Chris Van Vliet is a 4-time Emmy Winning TV Host, YouTuber and Inc. 500 entrepreneur obsessed with reverse engineering the mindsets and habits of world class performers. Each episode features in depth conversations with top athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. If they are the best at what they do, CVV wants to get their insight and help you apply it to your own life.

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  • chrisfish21
    The best!
    CVV is the best! I love how it is always such a fluid conversation where guests feel comfortable sharing things that they never have before. Even with people who get interviewed all the time like The Undertaker, Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan! 💪💪
  • Nubian Lyaness
    CVV is on another level!
    I've been listening to Insight for 3 years and finally got around to leaving a review. CVV has the best podcast in wrestling. I love the insightful questions he asks (pun intended) and how he is always able to make his guests feel comfortable. Highly recommend!
  • fernando799
    Chris is the man!
    Chris is one of the best interviewers out there! Gives the fans what they want and asks the questions we want to hear. So excited for the podcast! now I can listen wherever I go and never miss an interview! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤠
  • ricky too cool
    The goat
    I love this show so so so so so so so much
  • Mike1111a
    Quality episodes, great conversations and Chris is very consistent.
  • 999AJ999!
    Love it
    Best wrestling podcast there is. Met CVV at a gas station in Chicago after War games and he was such a down to earth guy. Keep it up! Proud to support him!
  • Marry**J
    Hey Chris, thanks for actually listening to your guests when they talk. It sounds like such a small thing, but it's shocking how many other interviewers don't do this. That's why you always get such great stuff.
  • Dove_dock1
    Grateful for you CVV
    Such a good podcast. Thanks for reminding me to always be grateful.
  • WildAdventurez
    My fav podcast! Chris knows how to dive deep
  • Donald Paul@
    You da man 💪
    Big wrestling fan and I just found Insight last month. Where have I been? This has immediately been added to the podcast rotation. Great chemistry with guests and fluid conversations. Keep killing it
  • Isaclan31
    The best podcast
    I can't even tell you how much I appreciate this podcast and Chris Van Vliet. This is my goto podcast every Tuesday and Thursday. I am always blown away by how in depth these conversations are
  • Jason1273269
    The absolute best!
    Been a fan of CVV for years and was so excited when I found out he has a podcast. He’s the best wrestling interviewer on the planet 👍🏻
  • Danny A Gold
    Insightful interviews… pun intended
  • Optimusprime669
    CVV is the only wrestling podcast I listen to
    Great guests and great conversations! My fav wrestling podcast
  • Tatertot529
    CVV is the best!
    These are the best interviews in the business hands down! No one makes guests feel more comfortable than CVV! 🙌
  • MexicanNwa
    This great interviews certainly a highlight of my week
  • Tyler Brunner
    CVV is One of the Best Podcast Hosts EVER!
    While I listen to the show mostly on Spotify, I had to give my guy CVV a rating here on Apple Podcasts! Chris is a professionals professional, super polite, electrifying, and asks the questions we all want to ask these larger than life individuals. Thank you for being you Chris, and keep up the amazing work!
  • Jakob1017
    Best Podcast!
    Insight has become my favorite podcast. I’m new to the show but once ive started listening i haven’t been able to stop listening to it. i love it, Chris asks so many good questions the conversations are amazing. Love that every week the guests get better and better!
  • Josh McCann
    Wrestling Podcast, bus so much more!
    CVV has the best wrestling interview pod going today, but don’t be fooled it’s so much more than that. The Ask CVV episodes can cover anything and Chris gives great insight into how he found success being a content creator. I have also found myself wanting to embrace and learn more about gratitude from listening to his three things each episode!
  • Hungry2019
    Best podcast ever
    Insight with CVV is hands down my Chr favorite podcast! Chris is so the uplifting and positive and always ent has such inspirational, motivating рос guests on his show. Can't wait to obl see who he has in store for us next!!
  • KCPalermo
    Easily my favorite podcast ever
    Wether it’s talking about gratitude or asking all different kinds of questions, it doesn’t matter who Chris has on the show, the chemistry is always there and each episode is fun to listen to on the podcasts or to watch on facebook and tiktok, I love the podcast, keep up the great work Edit: still my favorite podcast, congrats on the baby and the show getting so popular!
  • Izz316
    My go to podcast!!
    Chris is so passionate about what he does and it’s very apparent when you listen to these interviews. He really makes every single episode feel more of a great conversation rather than just an interview, makes every guest feel comfortable and welcomed. Chris also makes you feel like you’re a part of his team and it really feels like you’re in there with him, especially on his Q&A episodes! Even if you’re not familiar with a guest, Chris really pulls you in because it’s always just good conversations and good vibes. Chris’ positive attitude shines and it will bring an uplifting mood to your day guaranteed 🙌🏽
  • Lunar Lynn 🌚 519
    5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Insight with CVV is hands down my favorite podcast! Chris is so uplifting and positive and always has such inspirational, motivating guests on his show. Can’t wait to see who he has in store for us next!!
  • Waltercellz
    Chris is a great interviewer and that the episodes are always entertaining. So thankful for this podcast! Extraordinary! Much obliged to you for moving my day. Keep doing awesome!
  • FairytaleVegas
    Can’t stomach after he platformed a predator
    I’ve seen multiple people on twitter using Chris’s interview with Patrick Clark as some sort of proof he was innocent when that’s not the case. It’s upsetting that because a respected guy like CVV platformed him, he’s somehow seen as not guilty. Absolutely disrespectful to his victims.
  • It’s me Diego
    Top tier 💯
    Always an interesting conversation! Always an amazing experience. Hard to wait in between episodes!
  • Tfizzle1989
    Come to jersey! Great wrestling community from Mahwah all the way down to Atlantic City!
  • Jessicakristin
    Best podcast ever! 🎤
    Excellent podcast with an entertaining and dynamic host!
  • chillinginthecosmos
    Amazing interviews!
    one of the best interviewers all around, amazing and entertaining questions with thought and deepful insights on not only the characters, but the people he brings on the show. 5/5 every listen, never disappoints!
  • eagleman2014
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I could listen to this podcast all day, it’s amazing. CVV is the best!
  • AV252
    Loves interviewing predators
    Gotta credit the guy. Rehabilitating predators is a choice
  • Braxton D2004
    wwe tna and aew
    i like where this is going keeping up with the wrestling world and keeping everyone updated on recent events/developments keep up the good work!
  • Truth939488494
    Loved the show and loved CVV until…
    Giving Patrick Clark a platform to lie, and manipulate, and to run down his victims and accusers for an hour. Pretty gross.
  • Zahle Joe
    I follow the show!
    Pumped I discovered this pod few months ago. CVV is a stand up guy.
  • adrenaline in my soul
    Love this show!
    really gets great interviews from all different sorts of wrestlers, some I grew to like off of this show! thank you CVV!
  • Keybladedark
    My favorite wrestling podcast!
    I don’t miss any episode!
  • pizzaliverone
    Awesome Interviews
    I love this Podcast much appreciated when i am being productive and cleaning and having down time , I love to catch up on the wrestlers i grew up watching when i was younger.
  • Pedro dacosta
    Great show.. if you love Rasslin’
    This was great! Straight to the point and the interviewer seems like he has his blood pressure and calorie intake under control. Oh and he’s in the 40 and over young looking guy club . You’re welcome
  • howlingwolf270
    Inspiring through Insight
    Chris!! Thank you. I’ve been listening to your podcast non stop for the passed few months. And I have to say you (and some of your guests) have inspired me and brought a new level of positivity to my life. I have gotten back into the gym and I’ve started my own journey to getting into the best shape of my life. I wish I would’ve found your podcast (or social media content in general) sooner. I’ve lived a pretty unhealthy life and hearing your interviews with some of my childhood heroes have really made an impact on me. So once again, Thank you -Nick from Bayport, MN
  • CallMeB-RockBaby
    Inspire(d) by Chris Van Vliet
    Chris is one of the biggest influences for me starting my own podcast. His style is thorough and concise, while still remaining fun and conversational. Lastly, he has a great balance of showing his true personality and perspective without making things about himself.
  • btwimabot
    Good podcast
    I enjoyed the Kurt angle episode
  • /\/\!KeEe
    Always a good listen
    I have been a pro wrestling fan since the early 90’s, some podcasts are just boring interviews I lose interest..However I look forward to Chris’ “interviews” like someone said its more like having a conversation. I enjoy them! Definitely give it a shot you wont be disappointed! 👍🏼💪🏼
  • 91917383991
    Fun to listen to
    Chris is very good at interviewing to find the fun stories I would highly recommend
  • Boof Crew
    Best wrestling interview in the world.
    Hands down the best at interviewing wrestlers. Such a great show and seems like a world class fella as well. Love the show Chris!
  • BrandonJames88
    Top Tier Podcast
    As a wrestling fan, I thoroughly enjoy this podcast and the “insight” we get into the lives of the men and women we watch on our television screens every week. Everything about this podcast is top-notch, from his enthusiasm and interview style, all the way down to sound quality and editing. He may have a guest or two now and then that I’m less then impressed with or excited about (some may say controversial), but there is always next week, and I genuinely look forward to new episode releases.
  • Lambchop145
    Wanna be podcaster trying to ride the wave. Has no future in podcasting. Definitely no Rogan or even mid range podcaster. Listened to part of a podcast and had to turn it off. Wish I could get my time back. Need to stick to the mainstream podcasters and not waste my time. My fault for giving it a chance. Don’t waste your time.
  • Sh00ter8
    Only podcast I listen to on here
    Love and appreciate CVV
  • dannyyray
    What does everybody want?
    Every other pod I’ve heard Al Snow on this year felt like an interview. This felt like a conversation between two friends. I hope Al Snow knows how treasured he is in KY! Especially love the banter about pronouncing Kentucky cities.
  • Aleasa
    Great Guest, top notch host
    This is my first and only podcast Review. 5 stars CVV has great guests, and asks good questions. Highly recommended 👍
  • J.hemrajani
    Amazing Talk show
    Chris is an amazing conversationalist. He brings organic stories out of the guests and makes them feel comfortable. I always look forward to the next upload.
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