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The most important stories about money, business and power. Hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson. The Journal is a co-production of Spotify and The Wall Street Journal.

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  • Ericajahan
    Very informative and just long enough.
    Easy to stay current.
  • b4butnolonget
    Painfully bad
    The vocal fry is so immature and unprofessional and grating.
  • bl92ud96mu01
    Rating Drop
    Anti-American propaganda… here’s an idea if you want a “universal” charger . Make the companies using the INFERIOR product change. I bought Apple because they didn’t use USB-C. In the future I’ll move to the cheaper foreign products because I will need to replace them 3x as often when the ports break. The lightning port in my last iPhone lasted 8 years … the USB-C port on 3 different docking stations for my laptop have broken in the last 10 months. But we should be punished because some idiot forgot to pack his charger, someone’s partner was cheap and bought a Samsung (my pre USB-C Samsung had the port break 4x in 3 years before I switched to a superior product from Apple) and a politician from a country the size of Kansas City is getting kickbacks. The ORIGINAL Apple charger was superior and lasted longer than USB-C, let alone Lightning. (To preempt the trolls … I work in IT for a Fortune 5 - 5, not 500 - company)
  • DannyFerny
    Univocally 5 Stars
    When I’m not into you, I don’t think about you, let alone take the time to rate you. Life is too short and I’m far too busy. But when something is as exceptional as this podcast is, I make time to rate you. It’s like receiving a 10 on an NPS when your boss pleads for a 9. This podcast is objective and smart. It chooses no side. This podcast makes you think and grow. There’s no favorite child here. It’s a bastion of free in an otherwise American world full of podcasts that force you to think one way or the other. If you’re like me, and there are a lot of you like me, listen to this podcast.
  • Hannahlovescats
    Ahhh so good
    I love love love this personal story telling type podcast. So fricken good, I could listen to it forever. Really appreciate this point of view.
  • RJCB50s
    Got the Details!
    Love having the scoop on the hot topics in the news and intelligently talking about it with others. Thank you Journal!
  • gg92101
    The Journal: With Great Power 4-part Series
    Very disappointed in this series about superhero movies, but really mainly about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s over-produced with annoying and distracting music playing almost constantly in the background, but it’s biggest fault is lazy reportage. No mention of the concept of a shared universe coming from Marvel Comics in the 1960s; no mention about the tangled web (pun intended) of the movie rights for Spider-Man and James Cameron’s desire to do a Spidey film; no mention of the success of the Blade movies, arguably the first Marvel character movies to make money; no mention of Fox’s subsequent Spider-Man and X-Men film successes or their failures with Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and Electra; and no mention of Ang Lee’s first Hulk movie for Universal. And ultimately it gives you the impression that Ike Perlmutter, the world’s cheapest billionaire, was somehow wronged by Disney (inexplicably pronounced “Dis-e-ney” throughout the podcast), even though he had no idea what “Spider-Man” was when he bought Marvel. The fan interviews make fans sound crazy and obsessed and the “experts” at the end of the final episode are so chirpy and over-caffeinated you want to shoot yourself. They forgot the rest of the title too … “With great power comes great responsibility,” and the creators of this podcast forgot to include that in their reporting: the responsibility to report the whole story.
  • Steelcurtain23123
    Great podcast
    Love the wall street journal and the length of the podcast also a plus.
  • rooooster808
    Didn’t interview a local in Maui fires
    I don’t understand how you can’t find a local person to interview about the Maui fires. Instead it’s some transplant who decided to load up on guns instead of water to enter Lahaina. What a kook, what doing wall st journal. This guy obviously has not connection to the local community.
  • Princeton Petrus
    Stupid take on jack smith. You’re trying to appease maga by personalizing the case as about jack smith and trump.
  • Jane Austen runs
    My last time listening was today.
    The Journal podcast has lost its way. Hosts don’t ask smart, important questions. Their bias is showing. I’m going to find a more thoughtful, balanced, and intellectual podcast to listen to.
  • Kowles
    Awesome Podcast
    I love this podcast. It’s the perfect length, it gets right to the point. They present a story in a cool matter of fact way. It keeps me informed but does not get into too much crazy long drawn out details. The tone and the mood is very even and smooth. Thumbs Up !
  • @harheft
    First on my list!
    I subscribe to about 15 podcasts, and I always listen to my WSJ Journal podcast first! It’s a great length, goes into a perfect amount of detail, and catches me up on major business stories!
  • halligallivalley
    Just off
    Update: down from 2 stars to 1 star for that horrific hollywood shutdown ep. // It could really be good, but I feel like it’s not rigorous enough. The WSJ colleagues they bring on invariably sound so under-researched. The episodes also often feel superficial or unresolved. Go deeper / ask better questions in the short time you have or be less wedded to every episode being bitesize. (And Ryan’s faux Barbaro delivery is so gratingly earnest and stilted, I wish he’d loosen up juuust a bit.)
  • dissatisfied longtime user
    Hollywood Strike 7/28
    I found the tone of the speakers to be offensive. I don’t know anyone on either side of the issue but worker pay in America is a serious issue. Being able to afford rent and food is a serious issue. People are out here fighting for a living wage, not even a thriving wage, and these two people, who clearly come from privileged backgrounds, from their air-conditioned offices and comfortable chairs, with their giggling, disrespectful attitudes. The speakers behaved as though they’re the injured parties. Makes you wonder if they ever had to fight for anything or spend their days doing manual labor in the heat. Talk about being out of touch. I believe those people deserve to hear an apology on the next episode from both these people. I wish I had the social media clout to have you two canceled. Brandon from San Francisco PS: you will likely find a typo in here but I wont be shamed. 🥸
  • Txgurl31
    Texas border crossing
    I used to love listening to this show. But over the last few months, the political leanings are apparent. The recent report on Texas Border Crossings & Operation Lone Star was a joke. Do actual reporting and tell both sides! Overly sympathetic with no mention of the federal government’s failure to secure our border. No mention of known terrorists and drug cartels are using the open border for their gain. Unbelievable, sloppy biased reporting.
  • Jrboho
    So incredibly biased…
    The episode on Hunter - How can you say there’s no evidence Joe Biden has been involved in Hunter’s deals? The reporter you had in the show is despicable. No integrity. SHAME ON YOU!
  • Cakdaddy
    Just stop
    Why did you go this way? I used to listen to you every day, but now I would rather drink bleach. Stop dancing around the truth and be what you used to be. If that means you quit your job and go somewhere else … then do it.
  • value leader
    Used to be
    WSJ used to be a daily treat but it appears they have been captured as all other media companies have. It appears they would rather not do journalism and rather do the bidding of corporate elites.
    Great show!
    Every week it gets better and better!
  • Spect.
    Border crossings
    I wonder if doing nothing would be better? Wait, that’s what the federal government is “doing”. Odd slant to this episode.
  • D_C_L
    Great content
    I really enjoy the four-part series, the most recent one being about Marvel Studios. You should consider doing one on Angel Studios and the rise in popularity of The Chosen.
  • sunnnmny
    4 episodes of superhero?
    Why 4 episodes of this? So boring! I want to hear about more day to day and economic news.
  • weirdhorsegirl77
    Why I am Unfollowing
    I used to love this show as it was thought-provoking and seemingly neutral unlike most news platforms. I was incredibly disappointed to hear very biased, one-sided arguments slowly creeping in to the content. As a Millenial/Gen Z, my desire it to consider both sides of the argument and making my own informed decision. This podcast is disappointingly just like all the other agenda-pushing platforms. You’ve lost my follow.
  • P463
    Too left leaning
    Wish this podcast was more neutral, this is heavily biased and left leaning.
  • DennyWarren
    This is very interesting.
  • Aunt Paddy
    Generally love this podcast, but
    While listening to a recent podcast about school shootings, one has to suffer through the interviewer constantly dropping his T’s. Important becomes impor-en. Etc.
  • etherdog
    Marvel isn’t news
    To the extent that you “report” on comics, you are debasing yourself and hurting your brand. I wretched when I heard you say that you would report on Marvel. It is like when “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” interviewed some non-entity with the initials kk over which the host, who will not be named, should have lost his job. If you air a Marvel centric episode, I will unsubscribe. Over the lat 25 years, we have given $1000 a year to PBS and NPR (equally). Let’s get back to talking about important issues.
  • Ajgb74
    Liberal Bias
    Getting tired of the clear left leaning bias on this show
  • MichiganLawStudent
    Reparations is a joke
    Point blank. The WSJ has been inching more and more to the left, it’s entire news side has become CNN 2.0
  • Chasedone
    I listen almost every day
    Listen to this as I walk home from the office everyday. I like that it has current events but not just daily news. It’s topical and if I don’t like the topic sometimes I skip it but generally it is broad based and informative and is a good springboard for me to do additional research!
  • Gettawaygal
    Superior Content, Well Packaged
    As a voracious consumer of print and other media, I especially look forward to each episode of the Journal. It presents the most newsworthy stories in a cogent and well researched fashion. Hats off.!
  • sc-biker
    Far too many sentences are initiated with 'So' You'd *never write like thay as 'so' is more like a conjunction: 'thus' 'therefore' 'accordingly' -- count them in the US vs Donald Trump episode. ##
  • Margaux M. Robles
    Narrative editing rocks
    I just left a review but wanna write another to praise the way the different interviews/clips/narration are cut together. You include intros to the person talking, and toggle well between addressing the listener, implying a convo between two reporters/producers, and making it clear what guests are contributing. Plus splicing in spoken exerpts while adding context around that.
  • MariaRuss
    Excellent when vocal fry is absent
    Ryan and Kate are a pleasure to listen to - very professional and often entertaining as well. I was interested in the content of the recent Twitter episode but the reporter (Alexa Corse? ) undermined her credibility and authority with her vocal fry and Kardashian-like prosody. Same with Caitlin Ostroroff who not only has vocal fry but ends sentences with a rising voice like she’s not sure of her facts. Painful.
  • Lisa2018 OK
    Easy to listen and very informative
    Relevant topics, easy to listen passively, yet very informative about topics that matter
  • ‏كل يوم
    Relevant, Interesting and as accurate as possible.
  • Tom Scott Oviedo
    Ryan is Awesome!
    Some of the best journalism there is. Ryan is great! He has an awesome voice for radio, podcasts, etc. Warm, personable, perfect cadence, and inflection. The topics covered and writing are equally excellent. I can’t wait for him to be back, even through the fill in hosts are really good too. Ryan, it’s awesome that you are spending the Summer. with your son. Enjoy that and every day! He will be out of college and on his own before you know it.
  • frazierjac
    Gay. Lefty. Boring little stories. Dumbed down and full of fluff. I really hate listening to this podcast.
  • Ttaylor79
    Definitely a left wing undertone…
    If not overtone. But the timing (they keep it short) is perfect and they tell stories in a way one can comprehend. But it’s fairly obvious in a few episodes that you know where their loyalties are. It’s all good. Most media outlets are this way, one way or another.
  • j100200300
    Too much music
    Informative show, but the episode I recently listened to (on companies raising prices) had WAY too much background music. This isn’t the kind of podcast that needs that style. A few seconds of bumper music in and out of breaks is plenty.
  • Cyclotrom
    You skipped right over why companies keep raising prices
    You need more competition! If the only way to keep inflation down is on the demand side, i.e trigger a depression. It means that the consumers are getting squeeze to the maximum and is it only thing preventing prices to increase. If there was more competition for every disposable dollar higher salaries would not result in higher prices
  • bettnap
    Very Bias one sided liberal reporting
    The Wall Street Journal has vecome yet another part of the growwing elitist liberal media establishment.
  • crt2102
    Great job!
    Great job Jessica, welcome! The stories matter, but so does the voice communicating that story.
  • $eriously?
    Weird how they cover/discuss political topics but don’t mention anything about Trump being found libel for sexual assault.
  • DWV123
    Yellowstone episode
    This is a very successful entrepreneur and a public company entering into a contract. The premise seemed be that the show writer was doing something illegal or unethical. Paramount can cancel him or change his contract. When is the Biden family business episode coming?
  • KimWinship
    George Santos?? What about Biden !
    Would rather listen to cutting edge news!! This story about Santos has already been covered- yesterday. What about writing about a story not one major news media has even mentioned- Biden family payouts by foreign companies and now how there are 20 entities directly tied to Bidens. What businesses other than politics are involved? Come on WSJ - move beyond low hanging fruit. Not impressed.
  • jedi_bones
    The Adderall Shortage episode is incomplete.
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast and found it informative but after The Adderall Shortage episode I began to question the thoroughness of the reporting, especially the episodes wherein the subjects I was previously unfamiliar. This particular episode I happened to be familiar. The interviews included, in total, two. One is from someone who was diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder prior to the Covid telemedicine rule changes and they were accustomed to former rules of monthly in person doctors visits for their prescription renewal. They are presented as a legitimate patient with treatment needs being affected because of people like the second interviewee. The second interviewee is an addict without a true attention disorder who illegally abused the telemedicine apps that came about post Covid rule changes and never saw a Physician in person. There is very little reporting done on the benefits of telemedicine and no one was interviewed who uses telemedicine apps legally and honestly. As a patient of telemedicine who has had ADD since the first grade but was never treated for it, who’s parents denied ADD was a legitimate medical condition, who has sought treatment before the pandemic and was not able to find a practitioner closer than an hour away, there was not a practical way to get treatment until the pandemic rules went into effect. When companies like Done are no longer allowed to offer care, legitimate patients like me who are successfully being treated for their disorders will be forced to return to an antiquated system that is out of reach for a large population. More people are seeking ADD care because it has been so out of reach until now. This episode has failed miserably in making that reality visible.
  • Talie Ann Bridget
    Bud Light Episode
    Way too woke and assumes facts not in evidence.
  • mitchfultz
    Kate is great
    Been listening for years. Kate does amazing. Ryan’s political bias often shows… in almost everyone of his episodes now.
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