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The Hustle presents - My First Million. A podcast where we brainstorm new business ideas based on trends & opportunities we see in the market. Sometimes we have famous guests, and they do it with us.

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  • copywriterbabe
    The only podcast where I can learn about business and laugh my butt off.
  • gatebasher3000
    Energy is on point
    More than just business ideas.
  • benniben10
    Great podcast
    It’s what Ive been looking for since I started in business. Awesome stuff!!
  • brad_76
    Great energy
    Tremendous source for ideas, lessons, and motivation.
  • james deignan
    James D.
    MFM = hanging with the boys meets business class. My wife thinks I’m nuts because I will be walking around laughing out loud by myself, listening to the show. She has this habit of telling really long stories with pointless detail. I’ve taken up the habit of telling her to skip straight to the end
  • Mdvertola
    Level 10 trillion big ballers
    These guys are serious maniacs.
  • @TravisHigherEd
    Great Ideas to Extract…No Small Boy Stuff.
    I work in a really niche area but hearing Sam talk about online communities and Shaan talk about organizational intranets has been incredibly helpful in my business. No small boy stuff.
  • Matxjos
    Shaan is amazing, Sam is a bit insufferable to be honest. A podcast with Shaan and guests would be a huge hit.
  • ARC07/17/07-1776
    Im going to describe this podcast in one sentence!
    Its like you were invited to the cool kids table for the first tame and your getting let in on all “the good stuff”!
  • rovercash
    Excellent content. Fun banter
    Are some of these reviews serious? Being a “bro” podcast is a positive imo. I’m tired of all those other positive vibes, zen podcasts. Get a lot of good business and strategy ideas from these two, and like their desire to start lean businesses.
  • Snapuel
    The broiness is the whole point
    MFM is probably my favorite podcast to listen to. No other show hosts have made me laugh out loud as many times as Sam and Shaan. A lot of people complain about the broiness banter that’s very common on the pod. It’s kind of the whole point of the show now and if you don’t like it you can go to literally any other podcast. When I’m not in the mood to listen to two adult frat bros talk about utterly random businesses, I go listen to indie hackers. It’s not a big deal.
  • Red Millionaire 5
    Came here because Sam told me to lol
    Love this podcast. Keep it up fellas!
  • Lindenin
    Sometimes cringworthy, sometimes great
    Is there an app that can filter out all of the “Dude!’s”, “like’s”, and Butthead-esque laughing? If so, the pod would be about 1/2 as long and a lot better. Listen to the episodes with guests. The ones with just the two of them get old. Content can be a home run on some episodes, but many episodes I stop early. What I like: Great ideation on many episodes. These guys have a very good Lean Startup mentality. What I don’t like: Very “bro-ish” as others have stated. And the conversation often devolves into a bunch of really juvenile banter and annoying laughing. Perhaps they think it is relatable. I call it unlistenable. Funny thing is that I just listened to an episode from 2 years ago, and there was none of the crappy stuff. But now, the laughing sounds like my 13-year-old son and his friends when they are watching pranks on Youtube. Perhaps they have gotten looser or are trying to show more personality. But the episodes from a couple years ago where actually much better to listen to. I give this feedback in the spirit of helping Shaan and Sam improve. They have a solid foundation, they just need to make this pod more listenable.
  • P-ZAK
    No small boy stuff is an understatement
    If you want to know what's on the minds of entrepreneurs then this podcast is for you. Sam and Shaan provide actionable content to get you thinking about what you can do in the world of business. They are extremely relatable and build value with each episode. Sam, I would share a Sodastream with you anytime and am confident that Shaan will fix his office soon. Check them out.
  • cbviiis
    Two bros talking off topic I get that enough in my life without choosing to listen. So why would I choose to hear it! So boring
  • P.S.III
    Not impressed…
    Sorry, this pod is tooooooo “broey” it is far too much like Bevis and Butthead for me.
  • jeffcaveman
    My new fave
    Pardon my take, shark tank, and beavis and butt head had a baby it's called mfm
  • Jas631
    Long time listener - thanks for helping me finish my marathon
    Long time listener of the pod. I was listening to MFM during my marathon this past weekend and I can’t tell yall how much I busted out in laughter at the beginning of EP 338, during Shaan’s blow horn introduction… definitely needed something funny to listen to especially around mile 20. Anyways, great podcast to stay on top of trends and come across cool new ideas. The episodes are funny, casual, and actually informative!
  • EAinKL
    Great info, very bro-y
    These guys have great tips and worth listening to after you cut through the bro-iness. I get tech is male dominant but this full tilt bro.
  • jtitdy
  • ZDG
    Extremely Unique Guests
    Absolutely love the pod, love the focus on cashflow businesses. Sam please stop interrupting ;)
  • edjones10
    My Favorite Pod
    The Patrick Campbell pod was one of the best ones yet. The three of them had great chemistry and the last couple minutes were hilarious.
  • CollD82
    My #1
    I found this podcast about 8 months ago and I’m working through all of the older episodes. My favorite part is when Shaan says that they will definitely have a guest on again, but since I’m working backwards I know for a fact that they never have the guest on again. Great pod.
  • k1z3n
    The hosts mocks and make fun of guests. I find them to be very uniformed how to build a sustainable company and focus more on money. As any successful company, no one focuses on money; We focus on the product. Best to find another podcast that you can learn from, not one that wastes your time.
  • The Seeker 20/20
    My new favorite
    I’ve been listening to Sam and Shaan non stop for a few weeks and Love this show. It’s entertaining, educational and very insightful. No politics is a plus. Thank you guys.
  • Hikercapecod
    I used to love it now eh. Try it out though.
    I’ve enjoyed this pod for a few years now. A lot of great ideas. Funny stories. A few actionable gems, but they are far between. It’s worth listening too, give it 5 or so episodes for a chance, and they do feel they are untouchable, and certainly don’t hold back. They are also playing a bit with new formats so give it a shot. I do have to say the ego thing and bro thing is a little annoying but they do provide good info. I hope they get their groove back, as it used to be so much better. You can sort of tell this is just a thing for them, as before it was THE thing for them. Again though give it a shot
  • Th6
    The best!
    My favorite podcast
  • AnKyleosaurus
    Good podcast
    Great advice!
  • christine the podcast listener
    Great podcast
    Today I decided to leave a review for all of the favorite podcasts, and this one made the cut. If your reading this you should listen. If you already listen, you should leave a review too. It helps the rankings.
  • Momma'z Boi three-0- five
    Top notch
    These guys are my best friends they don’t know they have. If your real friends are annoyed by how much you talk about business, you found your place. The world needs more ‘drunk business ideas’ to be reality. I cannot recommend this podcast enough, seriously, these guys kill it. Is this review good copywriting? Working on it.
  • annnnonnnymmmousssss
    Great Podcast!
    Lots of value in these podcasts. Only review I’ve ever left for a podcast and these two deserve it!
  • WatsonTrades
    Huberman & $1000
    My favorite Youtube channel is Huberman Labs🧪 and my favorite currency is the US Dollar💵. You offered both on one of your shows. So I love you🤷🏾‍♂️
  • BakoHolmes
    Great insights
    This podcast was just put on my radar yesterday and I’ve already binge listened to 5 - 6 episodes. Love the format and the hosts.
  • Kevn PA
    Not as billed
    It seems like every time I listen to an episode it seems to be these two guys giving their opinionated ramblings in a random topic of the day which has nothing to do with how they or anyone else “Made Their First Million”.
    Racist undertones
    Shaan was trying to gleefully speak about his experience crossing the Mexican American international border and Sam made racist comments when he illustrated his journey on foot at the border. Shaan got to speak about an amazing street rapper but Sam was focused on highlighting that it was like an experience alongside illegal immigrants (that are in line at the bridge awaiting their turn for inspection by border patrol) as he asked about Shaan’s peers in line as he awaited crossing like the others. There was nothing illegal about the description other than Sam’s racist remarks. This could’ve been educational for your audience as Shaan spoke about his international travel but instead it could reinforce racist ideas. Sam, I suggest you take the time to go back and listen to your words so you can reevaluate your comments and also reflect on how your words have an effect on your audience’s ideas.
  • Carlson.Rick
    Don’t be an idiot.
    As a life long entrepreneur who’s unemployable I find it a challenge to find solid content to listen too and learn the right things from. These guys resonate with me on so many levels AND what hits home with me is the eclectic content they bring to their audience. Wether you’re just starting or a seasoned entrepreneur this podcast is for you. Don’t be an idiot and listen to this podcast.
  • steve19181$1615
    Great, fun, inspiring, informative....and on and on
    Awesome podcast. Gets me onto my exercise bike every day - although I sometimes cheat and listen in the car. Every episode is great. Really. Yes, the Andrew Wilkinson pods are exceptional. Keep him coming back! Love the combination of interesting topics, your honest, direct takes on everything, the color, the humor, it's all great. My favorite podcast, and I have several that I love. Thanks!
  • newbet05
    In the process of listening to every single podcast. Not sure what I mgoing to do when I catch completely up. Best podcast I’ve ever listened to.
  • Stewie47fg
    Love this Podcast
    I listen to this podcast on the way to and from work. The hosts make me laugh out loud! Great information.
  • iiiiooonaman
    I can’t wait till every new episode THEYRE so entertaining
  • funbaz
    Awesome content
    Great just great .
  • soneill7474848
    Funny and interesting
    This podcast is relevant, interesting, and every episode has been worth listening to so far. I also love that the guys seem to be incorporating some more lightheartedness and jokes. I often laugh out load!
  • Mahlmedia
    Love My First Million!
    What a great idea for a podcast, it both inspires and can bring things down to earth, well executed, huge fan!
  • DanSmith72
    Enjoyed podcast
  • Rerye1
    What’s possible— worth hearing!
    In this modern economy, best to at least know how to start our own biz. Can’t say I agree with everything on this podcast. But I’m learning valuable biz concepts here—fast! Jordan Harbinger podcast sent me. 😎
  • Zazen Nail Spa
    One of my favorite pods
    Really love the show. Has a great vibe and you feel like you are a fly on the wall listening to some interesting conversations whether it’s them giving actionable advice, business tips, or just laughing hysterically while they make fun of each other or shoot the sh*t. Has both tactical and practical advice along with them being hilarious…. Best of both worlds. Def in my top 3 pods to listen to consistently and I genuinely look forward to listening to the next show. Highly recommended.
  • Andrew DMs
    Feels like I’m sitting around chatting with buddies
    I stumbled across this podcast recently and have been bingeing ever since! It’s been expanding my thinking and I’ve found many new topics and trends to follow. Thanks Sam & Shaan!
  • Lakersmyt24
    Awesome stuff!
    Thank you Sam and Shaan for all of your insights! We salute you
  • Todd Kersting
    The Yi and Yang Balance
    Shaan and Sam give great perspectives. One is introvert and one is extrovert. Enjoy how they give one line summaries and don’t hold back on true feedback. They keep it simple on so many layers. Love how they look up websites which I can look up and understand as they talk. Todd K
  • nickc_
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast is amazing. Listening to it makes you feel like you’re grabbing drinks and chatting business with buddies - except your buddies in this case are some of the most successful biz and tech people in the world. Keep up the great work!
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