My First Million


Sam Parr and Shaan Puri brainstorm new business ideas based on trends & opportunities they see in the market. Sometimes they bring on famous guests to brainstorm with them.

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  • AbeMurray
    MFM Rocks! Best podcast ever!
    My high school kids and I have been listening to this podcast on our drives into school - I’m a techie turned VC, and love the fun and simplicity insight these people bring to the table. Plus - bonus bonus points - the latest episode features Kevin Ryan of AlleyCorp - the original venture studio builder! Rock on!!! :D
  • Santa Famous
    Listening to all the archive
    They asked me 101 times so I’m leaving a review. These guys have helped me plan and execute my idea at a very high level. Tactics and strategy. And laughs.
  • thatgrltanisha
    The gentle lady’s agreement?
    Love the pod! Getting to laugh and learn at the same time is priceless. I love that they make a possibly dry topic as entertaining as they do.
  • Breanimalstyle
    One of the ladies
    I’m obsessed with this pod🙌 at first I thought these guys were just some Bro’s and would have nothing to offer but some basic business ideas🤪. I have grown to love them both and think they are both gentlemen & super knowledgeable.I recommend this pod to every entrepreneur I know. I have learned so much and I’m constantly entertained, literally laughing out loud while working with my ear buds in. Thanks for the content, it’s awesome👍
  • Aep313
    Ableism derogatory comment
    I was a happy listener until someone called another an “autistic weirdo”. Absolutely ridiculous to use terms like that and so inconsiderate to allow it to be aired.
  • BerlinToKyiv
    Standing in the shadows of giants
    I have a podcast in the same niche as My First Million and My First Million is A MILLION times better than mine! For real. It’s a model of what business podcast excellence is and has given me so much value. I tell everybody this is the best business podcast out there. I’ve listened to every episode and am hyper grateful for this show. Shameless plug, my show is called “The Edward Show” and it’s only a shadow of what MFM is but I’m daily which is a differentiator.
  • Teach 'n Thrive
    Best pod duo ever
    I proudly count myself as 1 of MFM’s 4 female listeners — not just female but a grandma! As a teacher by day and side hustler by night this pod gives great insights into what the “cool kids” are doing. When I’m working on something hard I channel these boys and put on my big girl pants. Shaan’s storytelling and Sam’s infectious laugh are a killer combo. Thank you, guys; you’re truly unparalleled!
  • mateonada
    My New Favorite BizPod
    Thanks for making this fellas. I have listened to a ton of episodes recently. Great mix of entertainment and useful information. I’ve learned a bunch of new things and useful tips/tools to implement. Keep up the great work!
  • brownwraith
    blend of entrepreneurship, creativity, and personal growth
    One of the standout features is its ability to provide not only inspiration but practical advice to listeners, delivering real-world insights into the journey of becoming a millionaire. The chemistry between the hosts is candid and authentic. They complement each other, bouncing ideas back and forth in a lively banter that's as engaging as it is insightful. Their interplay offers an inviting, down-to-earth atmosphere that turns complicated business concepts into approachable conversation. I love Sam’s nerdy breakdown of businesses and what he thinks got them there. practical, actionable content. It has this unique knack for pulling back the curtain on the seemingly mystifying process of accumulating wealth, revealing it to be a series of well-thought-out strategies and steps.
  • Bfreal
    How many reps bro?
    Was curious about this podcast and the first thing I encountered was yet another white dude podcasting about how intense his workout is. Ok, congrats you work out on the highway during a road trip. Cool story bro. Tuning out.
  • carfkalfka
    Like them but also don’t.
    I really enjoy their discussions about business. They break them down in a fun/informative way that could otherwise be dry. The more I listen, their shallow motivations are getting old. God forbid somebody makes money while also trying to help people. I think they could try harder to see value in ideas that do good for people and for revenue, even if that’s not of interest to them.
  • SalavatNY
    very interesting podcast
    i like this podcast, have been listening for couple of years
  • Nik A Bando
    I hate that I love these guys
    It’s the only podcast I look forward to as an Entreprenuer. Listening will improve your life, open up the way you see the business-world, and inspire you to take action in your business. Thank you Shaan!
  • VAdrienV
    Amazing show!
    Amazing show from Sam, Shaan, Ben and the guests they have on air! Really great to discover businesses and area of the entrepreneurship world we don’t know about. It really motivates to listen to all of those episodes. This show is in my top 5 I listen weekly, perfect for the 2hrs at the gym too!
  • Dawn Savo
    SWF 60 Listener
    I love these dudes! So funny but also informative. The witty banter and geeking out on business ideas is interesting and keeps me amused and informed on tech bro culture.
  • jmike1215
    Used to be great
    This used to be such an awesome podcast but much like Twitter threads - I can’t stand it anymore.
  • Josefrr
    There is no actual information on this podcast. They say nothing. It’s barstool sports of “internet business”. If you’re looking for pure entertainment, and I use entertainment very loosely, then give it a go - they seem nice.
  • Joeyc16284848262849
    One of my favorite shows
    Been listening for 2 years now, always in my headphones for my run. So funny, clever, smart and great ideas. Great insight into other ways of tackling projects and ideas. Keep it up!
  • Interested bystander
    Goofy stuff about push ups and showers
    Have you run out of topics on entrepreneurship?
  • AlexSoDak
    Love the Pod
    These guys are awesome! I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is by far my favorite. They’re very personable, and I find myself frequently cracking up in public when listening to this podcast. The episode with Rob Dyrdek is a must listen to.
  • Nick8090908
    Entertainment not class
    These guys have realized that podcasts aren’t for learning but for entertaining and their growth shows it. I think it’s a fun listen but I cringe HARD whenever grifters like Gary V or Grant Cardone are mentioned in any positive light.
  • Comedyfannnnn
    My new favorite
    This podcast is incredible. Sam and Shaan have a great chemistry, they are funny, and beastly they are REAL. They are giving everyone and inside look at businesses and ideas that you will not come across in daily life. There is a lot of gate keeping when it comes to business and investment and almost no one will tell you what they make more money. This is a free membership to an insiders club. I’m paying back with reviews and shares
  • tde32
    Don’t sleep on ‘em
    Love how these two super sharp, witty, and very successful guys take a humble approach to every episode. Great sense of humor and they explore interesting ideas that challenge paradigems (sp intentional). Give ‘em a listen or two, you’ll be hook’d!
  • My first millions fan
    Great Podcast
    Great Podcast
  • AAP21A
    Woman listener 👋🏽
    I LOVE this podcast!!! I’ve learned so much and I laugh so much with Sam and Shaan!
  • Pandafet
    So bad
    Disorganized. It’s like listening to an awful conversation of frat bros. No substance at all. The title is completely misleading and they make huge generalizations of race and genders Terrible. Immature
  • SariMav
    Amazing Motivation
    5th female listener here! This podcast is amazing motivation! It helps to remind me that I can accomplish anything if I work hard enough! I’m 16 years old and working on my pilots license and this podcast helps keep me hyped!
  • Bronx3166
    Ugly Beginning
    I like the MFM podcast. I like Ramit Sethi. That particular podcast began in an ugly and nasty way. Ramit hurled a label at a political opponent podcaster who provides a counter-narrative to legacy media and exposes hypocrisy, corruption, and lies of omission. It was such a nasty way to begin a podcast and made worse by the host’s inability to challenge Ramit. I couldn’t bear to continue to episode and turned it off. Please don’t let that happen again.
  • TeacherReviewer_21
    Just Ok
    Been a listener for a couple months now and not really impressed anymore. This podcast is like tech-bros meets finance-bros.
  • Thecla37
    My Former Favorite
  • Get to the point bro
    Just this episode gets 2 stars. Learn how to edit down audio. Get to the point. Lots of rambling. I couldn’t finish listening to the Martin Episode. Cringe
  • Soccerfreaks21
    What happened to this podcast?
    This podcast used to be sooooo good! Now it’s just an interviews podcast like the other Million other podcasts out there. Nothing special anymore. Hubspot ruined it. Don’t publish podcasts just to publish. Unsubscribe.
  • Candidly fickle
    Where the ladies at?
    They've definitely grown on me. Some pods hit harder than others. They’re very comfortable with each other and have fun, which makes it enjoyable and something you can also learn from. But my goodness bring some WOMEN on!
  • Kiriath13
    I never skip it
    I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mostly I listen to episodes that catch my eye because of the topic or guest. But this one I listen to every single episode. High entertainment value for a business podcast. Their interpersonal dynamic is outstanding.
  • kellibelli64
    Andrew Huberman is amazing!
    These guys are not worthy of his integrity. Please, Dr Huberman, don’t listen and succumb to their money oriented rants. You are on the right path.
  • prctc
    These guys are perfect together. The show is rad. You get tired of Sam, Shaan chimes in. The power of 2, and they go deep down the rabbit hole on building businesses and revenue. Killer guests that reveal more than they should under Sam and Shaan’s careful prodding.
  • Appleorangepomegranitesauce
    Great Business Podcast With Awesome Guests
    Great podcast to learn from some of the smartest people in business. Sam and Shaan make it fun and entertaining.
  • henrywinslow
    No small boy stuff
    This show has become my favorite podcast in the queue. Yeah there’s solid info on tech news, blue-collar hustles, and new business ideas… but mostly I’m here for the lols.
  • Madcowmatt
    I relate hard
    Best business ish podcast I’ve listened to in a while! It feels like you are listening to two morning show hosts but who know business and understand hustle. I almost always get a few nuggets.
  • SueT in SD!
    Entertaining banter
    This is the only podcast I can listen to on a regular basis and not get annoyed by the hosts!
  • 00971ta
    They are to business what Joe Rogan is to science
    I tuned in out of curiosity. After listening to about 10 episodes, I have come to the conclusion that these are single digit millionaires who have never built anything impressive or technological (albeit constantly claiming they work in tech). This is a show by voyeurs for voyeurs. Too much bla bla bla.
  • WillyGinNYC
    So dreamy
    I used to think Sam’s voice was so dreamy until I realized it was actually Shaan’s voice.
  • ilya583
    Fantastic! LOVE it
    Super relatable, very informative, lots of variety of topics and ideas. Super cool down to earth guys. Love the friendly difference in opinions between these 2 guys, more of that should be handled this way today. So many ideas I’d never think would work are discussed. Keep it up! Live in Tennessee now, wish I could have tried some dogs from Sam’s hot dog stand lol wonder how they would compare against Daddy’s Dogs!
  • Jonathan0373
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast is hands down my favorite podcast of all time.
  • Heyjoelle
    Out of touch
    You really need to get some life experience outside of making money. Your commentary on WNBA is embarrassing. Do better, like maybe read about something other than /r/business on Reddit. This show is unlistenable and I seriously and genuinely came to learn more about business growth but I had to bail after about 20 minutes of zero substance.
  • JasonY1979
    Great Podcast With Actionable Advice
    Shaan and Sam crush this podcast with great feedback and advice. Must listen if you want to take action and make things happen as an entrepreneur.
  • Zach Even - Esh
    HELLZ YEA 🏆🏆🏆
    Love this podcast! These guys share strategic & inspiring stories & info to grow your business 🏆🏆 Just listening makes you believe more in your mission & business! THANK YOU 🤝🤝🤝
  • RickW262
    Fun podcast. Weird pivot lately
    It’s a good podcast. But these guys have created businesses and are in the middle of the sort of entrepreneurial life path. So it’s interesting to hear their thoughts on business related things. It is turning into a little bit of a MrBeast fan account though. They literally mention him every podcast.
  • JakesPods
    Episode are dropping in quality
  • amberkenglish
    Amazing Business Story Podcast
    So much fun to listen to the insightful stories and knowledge shared here.
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