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Extraordinary interviews with some of the most brilliant and extraordinary researchers, authors, doctors, scientists, whistleblowers, contactees, and experiencers on the planet. Our purpose is to bring knowledge, truth, and a greater understanding of the hidden nature of reality.

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  • Todd Hedges
    Very good
    This is a very good podcast and I definitely recommend listening. Covers all sorts of interesting topics and lots of interesting guests. Continued success to Chris and his show!! Todd / Co-host Middle Aged And Creeped Out podcast
  • omgmiapuppy
    Horrible Podcast
    Don’t like any of the Hosts and I don’t appreciate the political talk. I don’t mind differing political opinions but name calling and mocking those who don’t follow their political views is disturbing.
  • spudin
    Too many F bombs!
    If the f word and other 4 letter words are the extent of your vocabulary, then that shows your intelligence.
  • Bead_o
    High frequency mind bending episodes multiple times a week. Some episodes have been the most consciousness expanding content I’ve experienced. Love this show.
  • the liberty warrior
    Hosted by Kermit D frog
    The host sounds like Kermit and you need to have better audio
  • Mister E seeker
    Hit or miss....
    I like that you give oddballs, woo woos legit researchers and scientists a platform. I like shows that are about increasing credibility to the subjects matter. Like scientists and research. The woo woos.... meh
  • DJ_Pistol_Pete
    Podcast always putting out new shows, I love it. Thank you Chris Mathieu. You’re a rock star
  • convenceme
    Love the show
    I fell you do a great job , with all the different people you talk to . Keeps it worth listening to Keep it different, and asking the well thought out questions Darryl
  • chance7771970!
    closest thing to art bell there is today
    i like how the host is just a calm listner and asks smart questions and shuts up to let the guest talk. also he puts out a lot of content! keep up the good work!
  • DinkyDoo420
    Thank you Chris!..
    Thank you for spreading awareness and knowledge. I connect with you on so many levels. It’s a breath of fresh air, knowing there are other people in the world who can see the truth 🧿
  • Beboskke
    Love the show but…..
    I love the show, but can do without the language of the guests today.
  • Twistedkila
    You got some stones!
    I’m giving you 5 stars cause you listen to people like billy Carlson and don’t call him out for his crack pot theory’s. That guys is full blown nuts! He’s a scammer and he was busted for scams. Guys like him give shows like this a bad name.
  • xgbjk
    Good job!
    Great interview with Maryam Henein! Also your audio quality is getting better! Keep up the good work!
  • jstnrbk
    Excellence in podcasting
    Don’t change a thing and keep working hard Chris
  • Gero11:11
    Predictive Programming
    First advert is about African swine flu telling us how millions of pigs will have to be destroyed making people loose both food and jobs.
  • Cooloo134
    This show/platform takes things completely out of bounds. There’s a lot of guests that are unashamedly in favor of solving our country’s problems with violence and they often subscribe to fueling political division in the USA. It’s one thing do have an opinion and express it. These pods verge on subversive dangerous.
  • CarrieBethR
    Nope not great
  • Shann7734
    Excellent show!
    Great variety of guests! Really enjoying what you’re doing! Keep up the good work!!
  • $tarGazer55
    Just amazing!!
    This is such an amazing podcast!! I love everything about it! If your hungry for knowledge and want to open your mind to all possibilities, this podcast is for you!!
  • Jessie Jo1980
    Love this show!
    I love that the host really prepares for each interview and asks thoughtful questions. He lets the people talk and never once interrupts or makes it about himself .. and he doesn’t challenge them on some of the more crazy ideas unless it’s obvious they are willing to have a back and forth discussion. Just a really professional and humble host and I would recommend this podcast to anyone who's interested in these topics!
  • Orphicegg
    Great Topics
    I think this podcast goes where others won’t.
  • Goooooofy
    Quickly became my favorite
    Besides Monsters among us, this is the best. Wide range of topics and guests and content coming out every day!
  • jsco185
    Great show!...ditch your co-hosts though
    I’m extremely picky on the podcasts I listen to and I really like this one. The host is respectful and doesn’t interrupt his guest or talk to much. I started binge listening and after 5 podcasts there was a co-host who was nice enough but he literally sounded like doofy from scary movie. Some people just aren’t meant for certain things. If you listen to early rogan or higherside they tried co-hosts and it wasn’t that good. I mean no offense but the main host is a really good interviewer so have confidence and just do it yourself
  • Taradude
    YES! Truth!
    Love this podcast. SO refreshing to finally hear truth.
  • Joe92580
    Great stuff
    Great podcast…as long as October isn’t on. If she’s on don’t even bother. Otherwise, the topics are good and so are the guests.
  • EdgeG Salon
    Chris is absolutely amazing
    Keep doing you! Your amazing just get October off! You are amazing at getting the word out there and keeping an open mind and getting information at all angles! I honestly like new of the UFO stuff and alien stuff. Kind of over the Covid talk!
  • Willowcrickin
    Host thinks likes to comment on how people who take vaccines are sheep, ya ok whatever. But last show host agreed wholeheartedly about Soros finding Antifa, unfortunate. Bad show
  • WowWow YeaYea
    Like the older ones to a point….
    When I first started listening there was not October in them… I’ve now listened to quite a few with October and just can’t even finish them. She is too focused on pronouncing her schooling and taking the conversation in the direction of a classroom lecture. This is a pod cast. Full of theories. Not looking to debunk at the same time; rather food for thought. October is way too overbearing for me and causes me to not be able to receive the full message.
  • islaqueenbee
    Good overall
    Interesting show but October was too overbearing. Want to hear more of Chris and Susan. October wouldn’t let anyone else talk.
  • abewelter
    amazing show
    this is a wonderful show for open minded individuals, i love the diversity of topics covered and all the different perspectives. this show makes me feel not so alone in this insane brainwashed world
  • krissy kaiser
    Great information
    Love the show !
  • whyisthishappening1
    Off putting
    Take off the clown shoes Bozo
  • I'd pay 4 it
    Great alternative perspectives.
    Look forward to each episode regardless if it’s a replay ( classic). It’s all great . Thank you for all the hard work that makes our minds melt.
  • tl1z
    Sending love
    Hurts to see the bad reviews. Love this podcast. I try to keep up with all the episodes coming out each week. Love the topics and open minded individuals interviewed. So happy to hear your personal spiritual growth develop over time
  • Barbwire77
    Glad I found this podcast
    Love the diversity in topics that you cover!!! Keep up the good work!
  • searing embarassment
    Brilliant questions Great interviews
    Thanks for being around doing what you love
  • Hammertime89son
    Needs work
    I am in to these kind of shows but this one needs work. Guests are too wack. This comes from a weekly Crow777 and Freeman listener. On the plus side you are a decent interviewer and do allow space for the guest. Maybe too much space? Ads are also terribly fitted, annoying and full on anti topic. Pretty jarring to be listening to some dork talk about sacred geometry and then be smacked with a state sponsored ad for covid vaccines, and then another of the same, and then 10 minutes later same, and repeat.
  • Tuffguy4382
    Wow. Truly Terrible.
    Listened for a few minutes. Wishing that these people were saying idiotic things just to get clicks and make money. But I honestly believe that THEY believe the moronic drivel they are spewing. Truly dumb.
  • Dijutal assassin
    Not good
    In fact bad. Too new agey
  • JeffBleedingAnusSessions
    Love the show
    Thank you for all the great guests. Boycott MSM/corporate media
  • MSG Coop
    Thought he was smart but….
    Way to say half of your audience is stupid haha…..
  • janiecea
    I am so excited to have found you I have slept with you nightly,I’m hard to please,but you make me relax and I drift into a night of awesome slumber. I give you a A+. Keep up the good work….I’ll see you tomorrow night !!!
  • the disenfranchised
    Really great program
    Wide range of guests and topics, really great information and well produced.
  • swampybear86
    Gullible’s Travels
    I’ve tried to listen to this podcast off and on for the past year but 99.9% of the guest are just pulling nonsense make belief out of the ether and claiming it as fact with no push back from the host the majority of the claims being made can’t be backed up by facts total waste of time
  • kevo61648
    Contradicting ads
    Conversations about how bad everything is and then you have ads talking about how important and safe it is to get the vaccine.
  • Tom from minnesota USA
    April 26th pod population decrease by 70%
    You guys are incredibly knowledgeable and for the most part spot on with the agenda of the worthless side of gov!!! Also think you guys should look into the magnetic pull switch of planet earth! Happens I think every 11,000 years or something and is way over due to happen! Think it’s in the last stages of going threw the switch as of now.! I’ve heard it’s supposed to be complete by 2024! Idk I feel like this could be the cause of the 70% population decrease! Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Might make a good pod topic?
  • evayoume
    Dr Farrell Interview.
    Chris, I just listen to one of your interviews for the first time. I respect Dr. Farrell however I didn’t hear anything from him that is in anyway new. You are an excellent interviewer. You had your questions prepared and most of all you were able to sit quietly for a time and listen. With so many of these interviewers you would think they were interviewing themselves ! They end up talking more than the guest. I subscribed and look forward to listening in the future.
  • CountZero123
    Some interesting content, but….
    I found this podcast today and thought I’d check it out. Started with the 3/31 episode, which was probably not a good choice. (I didn’t think to check to see if it was dropped on April Fool’s Day, but no, it wasn’t.). I think about the first 18-20 minutes was an "infomercial” for C60, which I may do some research on because it does actually sound worth looking into. But after the main topic “Looming Global Conflict *finally* started, I guess it was Mr. Swartz who started talking about Joe Biden being an invalid, being presented to the public using CGI, and that “anyone with any intelligence” (or something like that) “knows that the election was stolen”. Really? How about having an episode that presents solid, irrefutable truth to back that claim? I’ll listen, research your “proof” and make up my own mind. Also, that’s a nice Ad Hominem attack on anyone who doesn’t believe what you do, the obviously superior intelligence here on this planet. Tell me, are you also someone who believes the moon landings were faked, or that the Holocaust didn’t really happen? IMHO, there are "conspiracy theories” with compelling evidence that can’t be disproven, then there’s crap that sounds like Faux News or NewSmacks talking points being parroted without any evidence. No, thank you.
  • Egypt is the Answer
    Child’s Play
    Horrible guests and banter. Little info presented. A lot of regurgitated nonsense.
  • dct1121
    I’m 7 hours in...
    I’ve been doing work since early this morning. Have a deadline due. Started flipping around podcast to podcast. Just couldn’t find one I liked. Same old. I haven’t heard this one yet but it’s been on my list for months. I’m now 7 straight hours in. Really really great and very easy to play in the background while you are doing other stuff. Nice stuff. Really excited to get to all of the episodes lol they sound so cool
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