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by Netflix

Geralt of Rivia. Yennefer of Vengerberg. Cirilla the Lion Cub of Cintra. These three iconic characters were born out of Andrzej Sapkowski’s best selling books and are the center of the new Netflix Original series, The Witcher. So how did the writers, cast, and crew take almost 3,000 pages of original material and bring this fantastical world to life? After you fulfill your destiny of watching The Witcher, host Brandon Jenkins (Mogul, There’s Something About Dolemite) takes you through the adaptation process, from the writers room all the way to your screen.

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  • Spartyjones
    A Must Listen!
    Great supplement to a great show!
  • Reikoc
    Great access
    Well done, and since it’s the official podcast, access to key creators and actors
  • Maki ng
    Great podcast by Netflix
    Netflix gives in-depth interviews with the stars, show runner, producers, hair and makeup people etc and behind the scenes information about my favorite show Witcher! Great listen!
  • mbourgon
    Nice behind the scenes!
    Interviews with the crew, some awesome stores, and some details in the show that I’d missed.
  • Korderoy
    Love it!
    I’m so eager to see more Witcher! It was great to learn more about it. I absolutely adore the show! Thank you!
  • SterlingSilverRose
    I love BTS!
    I love learning how things come into being. It’s nice to know Lauren Hissrich likes to read a book then listen to the audiobook of the book too. I’ve been doing that for years. 💝😊
  • Mining Mady
    I love this! It’s so helpful and informative!! 👌🏽🌈
  • Mariana Santana sofia
    Billy was lifeGuard and he sitting down to his chair before just Billy grabbed Max Arm stay away from Lucas?😎
  • Insolter
    Tell us about what the cast thinks of the season and maby season 4
  • skisbfjskabdjxbcdjksjs
    We need more
  • ooper1324555
    More episodes please
    We need more episodes ASAP because this is what is going to hold me over untell season 4 comes out
  • Addison🐼🍉
  • yidabid
    I have been enjoying this, but there hasn’t been an episode in weeks! Only three episodes??
  • Mr Masuku
    Stranger things rocks!!
    I love Stranger Things the show and podcasts thank you SO much Netflix!
  • sebastian12233348283
    make more episodes
    Please make more podcast episodes there’s only three!
  • stranger things nerd😝😊
    So amazing
    I love this its great to listen to in the backround our just sit down and listen. I wish their were more episodes cus I listened to this in one day! But it is so good and i am a huge stranger things fan
  • QwertyuippasdfghjklZxcvbn
    Love it
    I love this podcast! Wish there were more episodes. One thing though- the kids call the Mind Flayer the Shadow Monster, not the Spider Monster!😂
  • Yostypants
    Enlightening, but needs reformatting
    I thought this podcast was very informative giving inside information on the amazing Netflix original Stranger Things, but I do not think the format was the best fit for this type of podcast. The narrator gave excellent insight into how the show was made and it’s delivery. He also had good analysis of the audio clips from the cast and crew. The format was way too similar to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast however, which was not as impactful for a behind the scenes podcast like this. Having the flow constantly changed by inserting sound clips from interviews sporadically and then analyzing them did not work as well for me. Instead it would have been much better if the whole interview with cast members was provided first, and then the narrator including the analysis. This could have been formatted this way to decrease the length of time of episodes and ensure each podcast had a specific theme. With so many people interested in Stranger Things and wanting more, the length of episodes should not be a concern and if anything they should be increased. To keep each episode centered around a particular theme while changing the format, interviews could be divided into specific sections and then played in each episode instead of just including short clips here and there. Overall great though and I look forward to the next season!
  • Phorto_44
    Stranger Things podcast
    So freaking good I look forward to getting up in the morning to listen to the podcast and there is so much to hear it is a top #1 for me
  • alonaisnotoofy
    Amazing podcast. I love hearing about the behind the scenes (especially because I watched season 3 in one day and I need more content)
  • OfficalBeatlesFan
    The Best Netflix show And podcast in the world
    It’s really great my parents love the show and I’m listening to the podcast
  • Vans88
    Love! But....
    I loved everything about this podcast into the behind the scenes of Stranger Things 3! But there are certainly not enough episodes. There is so much more to discuss...
  • clleerrr
    want more!
    really left wanting more episodes!! would love to hear about the creation of the carnival.
  • SophiasChoice
    Great podcast!
    Enjoy hearing the thought, effort and talent that goes into an awesome production like ST. Thanks to the Duffer Brothers and their dedication to storytelling and imagination.
  • Chels. N
    100% Amazing
    It’s super fun to hear from the writers and the directors and the costume/hair artists and the actors. It gives Stranger Things even more depth. From one ST fan to another, you won’t regret listening to it.
  • Charmed_Life_Liz
    Love this!!!
    I love Stranger Things so so much!!! I really like hearing all about the behind the scenes stuff! I wish I could be a part of the creative process! These podcasts are amazing!!!
  • RickyR32481
    Great Podcast for ST fans!
    What a great podcast! I love the in depth look at the monstrous task of putting together Stranger Things! Now, get to work on S4!!
  • Trishaconnect
    Stranger things
    Learning about the behind the scenes of stranger things, makes. Me like stranger things even better
  • ethan_m1057
    I glad I listened to this and got to know how they made the show!
    I already love Stranger Things and this podcast makes it even better. You get to learn about all of that production that went into making Season 3.
  • The Best Podcast!!
    The best podcast
    I love the stranger things podcast for it unique style and the way it has changed podcasts
  • Keane Eyes
    Everything I wanted
    I have been waiting with bated breath for a directors commentary version of stranger things! But instead I got something even better because you get not only the Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy’s insight, you get everybody from the actors to set designers, stylists, the art department, and writers. You get to peak behind the curtain of all the creativity that goes into a series like Stranger Things. Thank you forhavibg this fantastic podcast!
  • AAGwritesreview
    I would love it if you could put all the informations you put on the podcast into a video with subtitles or in a book to be more accessible for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers. Thank you.
  • Brit.10e
    I love the stranger things series so listening to this was fun!! Can’t wait to hear more!!
  • !!!!1!!1!1!1!1
    stranger things is one of the best shows EVER. i'm so glad they came out with a podcast, now all the fans could listen to stranger things on the go!
  • BigAl724
    Awesome podcast
    I love Stranger Things and this podcast gives great insight to some of what goes into this show. It’s refreshing to hear how dedicated the cast and crew are, they make this show special. It’s one of the reasons why this show is incredible. Looking forward to see what come next!
  • Totwelve
    I love it !!
    As a big fan of the show, i think it is so cool to hear about the building of a set and all the work that goes into making an amazing season ! I am a big fan of learning how shows and movies are made! I think learning what happens before the actors step on to the set and creates the scene visually and this podcast gives you all that information ! Truly wonderful !!
  • Kem010
    Love hearing the behind the scenes info!
  • Devoured Zombie
    The podcast is retelling the series
    The podcast is retelling the series with a sprinkle of interviews. It would’ve been better if it did something along the lines of the Chernobyl podcast.
  • broski brotato
    I watched all three seasons of stranger things this past week (sad but impressive) and I LOVE SHOW. It’s my favorite show of all times, and any more content from Netflix about it always gets me excited. 10/10 recommend. And if your now Finn wolfard keep scrolling Ok now that it’s just us you’re so cute marry me pls lol k bye
  • Jennifertomberl
    I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I live in Georgia so this show makes my state feel special!!!!
  • AbbieB1997
    Awesome spoilers and behind the scenes clues
    I love getting to here from the cast and crew of ST. So excited for more episodes
  • purdcurstgurl
    Love it!
    I love learning how shows get made, especially tv shows I LOVE! So interesting to learn how the cast and crew makes Stranger Things
  • KangarooMax
    So good
    So cool to see how the series comes together
  • blurintofocus
    I hope this has the dirt!
    I love learning more from writers and crew, and this podcast sounds like it will have all of that. Excited!
  • Max Linsky
    A great show about a great show!
    Can’t wait to hear more...
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