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TRUE scary stories and ambient rain sounds. Download the CHILLING app for more: Support this podcast:

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  • GothicKitty1
    lots of reuploads
  • MGP Terps
    Great Job
    Good stories and great narrator. 5 stars
  • £ N1CkY b0Y $
    So Amazing
    Love the rain and amazing stories . Always a perfect way to drift off to sleep.
  • AvaVanValen
    Great Podcast!! Awesome voice and story-telling!
    Please post more more often!!!:)
  • Mental pod
    YouTube shows
    I listened via the YouTube show, a three hour rainy story helped me finally get to sleep. So thankful I can find new ones there if not here.
  • bradley3k
    My favorite
    Hands down my go to when it’s lights out. I’m gonna go check out his app. I’ve listened to every single episode. 10 out of 10.
  • BornBind097
    Sad & depressed
    Hello out there Does anyone out there know if this Podcast is going to come alive again ❔❔❔
  • Keto_newb
    Aww Man! No More Episodes 😢
    I absolutely love this podcast. And now I’m sad because I reached the end and there’s no more. Please bring on some scary stories for a rainy night!!! ☺️🤩
  • heysugarpie🤗😋
    Nice! :P
    Perfect for a Scary and Rainy night 😁. Well idk what else so bye.👻👻👻
  • SummerBean
    why don’t you post anything anymore????
  • leexx23
    Best stories and production!
    The best
  • Sammie Winston
    So Scary
    I want more of this podcast. It chills me to the bone. You must listen. It’s absolutely one of the best scary podcasts out there. Highly recommend.
  • ashandujar
    I loved it so much I got the subscription to the chilling app and I let others know about the app.
  • Vinylgoddess1978
    My favorite Podcast
    This is by far my favorite podcast to listen to. I cannot tell you how many nights I have spent relaxing and falling asleep to these amazing stories that are expertly narrated. You have a life long fan!
  • thickums😚
    yes yes gessss
    so glad you added a podcast
  • Rick Astleys left shoe
    Great podcast!!
    This podcast is perfect to listen to any time of the day!!! Would be nice if the creator could post more… other than that best scary story podcast I’ve found!!✨💕
  • TokyoMEWMEW12
    I love this so much!🤩
    This is the best podcast I've ever heard! Your voice suits it perfectly and the stories seem so real(I think they might be real I hope) I don't know why I haven't listened to this sooner but I listen to these every night and they always give me the creeps this podcast is perfect for anyone who looks for a good scare keep up the good work!
  • chihwas_1982_5/27/82
    good good
  • sastrauss
    sometimes editing is a good thing...
    “he had an ankle monitoring bracelet, so i guess he had some kind of criminal record” geniuses only, please.
  • arf and bark
    10 out of 10!
    I love the rain and the clear voice that tells the stories!and is there another person doing the vids as well with u? I swear I hear another voice 🤔. And if anyone reads these reviews comment this emoji at the end of your review 👻
  • Tytegames
    Good podcast
    I love the stores and falling asleep to this podcast. Sometimes they are so good I have a little trouble falling asleep. :) 5 stars for never getting boring, having best cadence and tone for easy listening and being a good scary story teller.
  • JennBug
    Love this podcast.
    Love the content and love his voice. I'm hard to please :)! I do wish there was more consistency to uploading though.
  • aettl29
    Best Podcast.
    I absolutely love the stories you share and every one of them gives me goosebumps in a good way. Please keep the stories coming you are doing a great job.
  • lesalee0390
    Best Scary Story Pod
    I have listened to a lot of podcasts in this genre and this one by far is the best. Good storytelling and perfect to fall asleep to! Nothing else quite like it! Thank you for this :)
  • jcrook gtown boy
    Worst Podcast Out There
    Boring podcast narrator shows no emotion. Sounds like a robot. If you’re looking for a good podcast go to MORBID!!
  • Jonesy8888
    Top notch!
    Great stuff, very nice delivery, perfect for sleep, but not boring. No problems.
  • Zach and Drake
    Awesome podcast 👍
    I love it
  • El chicano 509
    I’m subscribed and follow various podcast that tell scary stories and talk about paranormal events. Today I came across this podcast in particular and it’s the best one out of all of them! Straight to the point and I like that ! The stories are real ! Which make it the best! 👋 keep up the great work! EL CHICANO
  • VeronicaRytting
    Was my favorite late night pod
    and I am SO happy you’re back!! But the most recent episodes are so much louder than your previous ones 😬 I listen on the lowest volume setting and it’s still too loud for any of your neurodivergent / stimuli extra sensitive listeners like me, it makes it a lot harder to listen to which is a bummer cause your podcast is awesome!! Hope hope hoping this is just a glitch or oversight since it’s been a long time since uploading (here)
  • Fly Ride
    This is actually an amazing Podcast
    I listened to all of this podcast in a week. I will tell you, this stuff never disappoints. The sound in the back and the quiet voice are so simple and soothing. Not to mention how interesting each story is. I love this podcast so much and I’m happy he is back. Please make many more, this stuff makes my day easier.
  • biajwl
    Love the horror
    He never disappoints
  • mothgurl41
    Soooo happy you’re back! I’ve been listening to the same ones over and over. Thrilled to hear a new one! Thank you :)
  • krispykreme1245
    Glad you are back!
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was new content posted after awhile of silence. I love falling asleep to this podcast and I would recommend it to anybody, so happy to see you making videos again!
  • Dpa1031
    What Happened?
    It’s a shame this guy hasn’t done an episode since August of 2021. I love this podcast. I would really like to know what happened.
  • michael !!
    Great podcast
    This is a great podcast, good voice and great stories. I highly recommend this podcast.
  • Deestar75
    Love it!
    Please make more! This is the best sleep podcast!! But I’ve listened to them all and now need to find a new one. Can’t afford a monthly subscription. :(
  • kaliland15642
    Great narratives, soothing voice
    I have been under enormous, unrelenting stress for a few years now and don’t fall sleep too well as my mind doesn’t stop racing, even if my body is tired. This podcast helps me fall asleep. In my opinion this is ONE of only TWO of the best true scary podcasts that are out there, without too many paranormal stories as I don’t like those at all-EVER. (Those often seem fake) Your voice is articulate and clear, which I appreciate very much. There are only a few other true scary podcasts that might be great but I honestly can’t understand the heavy British/Aussie accents that are read too quietly (with rather loud accompanied sound effects) without some sort of close captioning, which I obviously can’t get for audio. No offense to all of the lovely people across the pond there as I think it’s my own audible issues. Thank you for being my natural sleep aid!
  • YuhShae
    New Episodes?
    Love the YouTube videos, but I would definitely love to see more of the newer episodes on Podcast. Other than that 5/5
  • Crasana
    Love your podcast
    When are you releasing more. It’s been a bit
  • Saltychicken04
    More please
    Love it. The only thing I would like to see is more of a regular frequency of uploads.
  • Miggytezz
    Great but needs more.
    This is a great podcast for scary stories. But I’ve been catching up on episodes to get to the end and noticing they’ve repeated a lot of episodes.
  • Slothy.v2
    Youtube Fan
    So glad to see he has a podcast aswell. been listening to his youtube videos to sleep for ages.
  • Plzgoaway
    Love it
    Thank you for the show 🖤
    Episode 52. Mmm mmm mmm that ambience!! You can actually hear the rain equally to the voice, WOULDN'T MIND IT EVEN LOUDER!!!
  • lvckychild
    BEST scary story podcast
    LOVE THIS PODCAST !!! i always 7 to it to chill out or even fall asleep - it’s wonderful and the stories are so interesting! i really appreciate that they’re not super cliche as usually these stories can be, they always have a really good twist to them that sets them apart and makes them stick in your mind. as a horror fan AND a fan of a good night’s sleep, this podcast is the all around best to listen to.
  • xxxticktoshyon
    Scary but cool
    It is scary but I like it
  • Nefer Solaria
    I found Being Scared on YouTube .
    My data is spared and I still get to sleep in spectacular fashion. Happiness.
  • Bing no o
    Always waiting
    I’m find myself waiting for what’s next. Love this podcast. Number 1 on my library
  • VoxWasTaken
    Love it
    I wish I could’ve found you sooner.
  • Cfree813
    I use this podcast to fall asleep. The rain noises and the narrator’s voice are very calming.
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