Can't Get Right with Kurt Metzger


Every week, Kurt Metzger tries to find redemption in the awful things he's said the week before. Can Kurt ever get right? Chances are he won't, but you won't want to miss a single episode.

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  • old45K
    Accidental genius!
    I love every episode, but when Kurt insinuated/said woke is the waste produced by the machine eating the counterculture, I was inspired!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!
  • spea75
    Great Podcast
    Great podcast from a great comedian! I've been a fan of Kurt since the first time I saw him. He's one of the funniest guys out there and he also seems to be a nice guy. If you haven't seen it watch White Precious, one of the funniest standup sets I've ever seen.
  • Honkypuertorican
    Great comedian, great podcast
    I’ve been a fan of Kurt’s since his first album. Great podcast!
  • not a persuadeable
    Show admirer
    Love that Jimmy Dore and you too Kurp!
  • ChineseFingerTrapDocking
    1 out 5
    Kurts a DAWG! Louis G Homez should set this man free. 🥠
  • Gene Everett 187
    Rad Podcast
    Good stuff 🤟
  • Jason Perry 0903
    I met Kurt Metzger and Luis J Gomez in front of the independent comedy club in Detroit, not only did they crush it, Metzger shakes your hand like a man. Gomez shakes your hand like a little girl.
  • Scottyout
    Dude!!! He’s awesome! Great comedy and commentary. Just found this and am doing a deep dive.
  • Player Frequently
    80% Kurt Preaching
    Who invites guests onto their podcasts just to spend 80% of the time talking over them and telling them they are wrong? Kurt. How can you have some of the funniest comic friends come on your show and not get more than 3 laughs out of someone the whole time? Probably because you spent the entire time telling your guests they’re wrong about what they think and why you’re right. Wouldn’t recommend to listen unless you’re into long rants about politics, the media and chaos throughout the country and to be honest I get enough of that daily from everyone else on the planet right now in September 2020.
  • Nicknametaken72
    Best bang for the buck
    Every episode is around 2 hours. It’s wall to wall funny and definitely has points worth listening to. You may not agree, but worth the funny that surrounds it. Also, Kurt’s connections in comedy garners the best guests. He’s got some real pull.
  • TalcumX
    Only listened to a few episodes...
    but Kurt’s condescending, “talk to you like a stern dad” vibe isn’t fun to listen to. Bored.
  • Mowo3382
    Dope pod
    Metzger is a real ass dude and a top tier comedian
  • Malcolm-Sex
    Funny and thankfully not PC
    Kurt is hilarious and talks about literally ANYTHING. It’s refreshing to have someone not shy away from things in the age of cancel culture.
  • Snakerattle 21
    Is great
  • @mickeyicebox
    Good one guys! Took me on a ride on this one
  • jets1720
    Great podcast
    This is a great podcast. Smart and funny.
  • KEN_JR?
    Funny & Illuminating
    Can't get right is a safe space from the turbulent world argument
  • smashleysmish
    Metzger Can't Go Wrong!!
    Kurt Metzger is quick witted and the best at improv so of course this podcast is always hilarious- no matter the guest!! Keep em coming...
  • D00mblade13
    Is forcing your friends to listen to this a crime?
  • Borscht 23
    Kurt why didn’t you ask Cernoich about James Gunn?
    Kurt, I’ve always been a bug supporter and fan of yours. Still am. That said I am dumbfounded on why you never asked Mike Cernovich and what he did to James Gunn. Cernovich has on multiple occasions accused people of pedophilia based on completely falsehoods in order to try to ruin their careers, lives and/or as retribution for perceived attacks against him. Remember when Disney fired James Gunn on Guardians of the Galaxy? That was spawned from Cernovich using his hordes of followers to accuse Gunn of pedophilia based solely on 8 year old jokes that Gunn made on Twitter. Cernovich has done the exact same thing to Tim Heidecker, Eric Warheim, Vic Berger and many others. What you guys are discussing on this week’s podcast (I.e. people spreading damaging rumors about rape/pedophilia based on unsubstantiated claims) is exactly what Cernovich has been doing for years. I can’t believe that you didn’t at least bring the subject up with Mike at all. If you don’t know what I’m referring to then do yourself a favor and google “Cernovich James Gunn” and learn about what kind of tactics that that guy has made his bread and butter over the last few years.
  • Aidscake
    Never fails
    Kurt is a comic thru and thru, one of the funniest men on the planet.
  • Doctadialect
    Kurt’s a beast
    Get these ridiculous salty 1 star reviews out of here. That’s pathetic, giving a show you’ve never listened to a bad review, just cause some girl you don’t know, said that Kurt said something he didn’t. This cancel culture is getting out of control. But yeah, Kurt’s one of the funniest comedians on the planet. It’s a shame RaceWars broke up.
  • canniballz
    Racewar redemption
    Kurt with Kyle dunnigan is so funny, I think Kyle is kurts muse... no disrespect to either, keep it coming
  • Cast The Pod
    Guess I’m sorta misogynistic ?
    Same gripe as Derosa’s podcast. Just like Joe, Kurt is hilarious and I love listening to his take on things, but the female sidekick has to go. Saying “like” 34 times in one sentence is enraging & Kurt’s comedy genius isn’t enough to let me look past that. Oh well.
  • A couple ideas!
    Say what you will
    But the guy knows what he’s talking about!
  • Not Tom Selleck
    Don’t support a proud racist like Kurt Metzger
    The dude is a racist in its most blatant form. And he’s not funny.
  • Kris Curls
    Bible stories
    Where’s the Kurt and Ari bible stories series?
  • Arman Aloyan
    Worst Podcast Ever
    Waste of time. You’re better off listening to your garbage disposal... no difference. Why does Kurt Metzger have a career? Which clueless junior agent signed this guy? Lol
  • Lalaker818
    Shame on you!! 🇦🇲🇦🇲 making fun of Armenian Genocide is never a good idea!!
  • hurtkurt
    Whoever is sponsoring this racist garbage can stop now. No room for bigots and genocide deniers in 2020. Kurt and his costars are all perpetrators of HATE and RACISM.
  • CKK123456789
    Not funny
    Not funny.
  • ArmenianSurvivor
    Genocide mockery is not Comedy
    From a descendant of genocide survivors: this unfunny person whose attempt at comedy flatlined at a mocking of a genocide that he celebrates happening, needs to be suspended from this platform that promotes actual comedy and talent otherwise. It’s incredibly unfortunate to see this content still up here, absolutely disregarding the survivors, the families, and those who perished in the most inhumane of ways during the Armenian Genocide and any other genocide as well.
  • Yesik1111
    Not funny at all! Waste of time to listen to this. If i could I’d give him a 0.
  • V3333333
    Boring podcast, host is a clownshow.
  • Jackkooo8989
    Hate Speech
    Disgusting human being you are.
  • Sumgait-pogrom
    Genocide Deniers
    GAS is associated with clowns who mock genocide
  • love4podcast
    Hate speech
    Kurt, you are a horrible human. That explains your disgusting comments about the Armenian Genocide! You’re a disgusting racist!
  • Dhrdjdjdbb
    Kurt is a genius
    Kurt has an amazing mind
  • Douzle
    Bow down to the King Of Feminism!
    Great show! It’s rare to find someone with this quick of a wit.
  • Stump McClusky
    Like, right, like, like.
    Martinez, shut your worthless sewer.
  • KingBlarf
    He dropped the dead weight
    I haven’t listened yet but I know Kurt is funny and this podcast will be better because it doesn’t have that unfunny, ersatz black dood.
  • bmill123456
    Wait, what.
    Noticing things is racist
  • OrliBomb
    Used to be a good pod host
    He’s hilarious and has unique takes but he’s been away from pod hosting too long and forgot how to run a good pod.
  • Poetic-Science
    Kurt is a genius
    His take on social, political, and every other issue under the sun is always informative, well articulated, and unapologetic. It’s the thoughts of a mad genius with a sharp humor that always makes me laugh. Thank you Kurt...thank you for continuing to podcast after Race Wars. I couldn’t listen to Race Wars anymore after Kurt left. It wasn’t nearly as good, and I primarily listened to it because of Kurt.
  • highclassgentleman
    Among the best - unique from the crowd
    Kurt has stepped away from one of my all time favorite podcasts (RaceWars, co-hosted by Sherrod Small - another fave) and has branched out into his own. I miss his classic exchanges with Sherrod but I’m thankful I have this to listen to. Whether on RaceWars or this current podcast, Kurt offers a common sense brand of comedy that obviously pisses off his PC critics. Evidently real comedy is now edgy. That’s why he is among the funniest and unique.
  • Seth pain
    One of the best comedians out
    This man is a legit genius at times.
  • Petite elite
    Apologize or don’t
    I love that Kurt remembers 10 minutes into the show to tell the guest that the premise of the show is that he has to apologize, yet he seems unprepared about what he’s supposed to say after that. Just get rid of this unnecessary bit and keep doing the pod, which is a breath of fresh air during peak cancel culture.
  • tkizy011281
    Soooo honest
    What a breath of fresh air... all the silly “me too”, sensitivity training, transrooms, then, finally the pendulum swings his ding ding the other way, Kurt metzger playing catcher . Ur the best dude. Great podcast
  • Mattj89iii
    Metzger gets it right
    Kurt Metzger is at the forefront of the #resistance to culty woke culture. In this bizarro world where good people are oppressed by insufferable bags of vindictive mental illness masquerading as human beings, mockery will liberate us all. Theatrics aside, it’s an entertaining podcast with diverse guests. I’d recommend listening at 1.50x
  • Rosaleeeeeta
    Really refreshing
    Someone being honest.
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