Black History Year

History #11

Hey, I’m Jay from PushBlack, and this is the Black History Gives Me Life podcast. If you don’t know, PushBlack is the largest Black non-profit media organization in America. We have an audience of over 4 million people like you who get daily Black history stories through Messenger and social media. Now, we've launched a podcast. If you’re already part of the PushBlack fam then you know what you can expect from us. You know how we get down. If you’re new to PushBlack, then welcome! On upcoming episodes, we’ll dive deep into a range of topics. We‘ll get into little known Black history stories. We’ll have interviews with experts about a variety of Black history subjects. We’ll talk about current events and politics and how it all relates to Black history. Because things that happened in history still affect us today. And the actions we take today will go down in history tomorrow. Marcus Garvey said, "a people with no knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots.” So click the subscribe button and get in touch with your roots. Peace.

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