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On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Weekly episodes of "The Evolutionary Lens" are co-hosted with Heather Heying, in which we use an evolutionary toolkit to reveal patterns in nature--including human nature. Other episodes will feature Bret hosting long form discussions. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but all of them are chosen because they have demonstrated unusual insight. The state and future of civilization will be a recurring theme, so buckle up!

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  • hazelbnr
    Listening upgrade
    Appreciate the recent invitation to us, your audience, to put down our phones and make eye contact with other humans. Also, about focusing on what we like. The general focus today seems to be toward the negative. A shift in focus can change that.
  • Ariovistus
    The most coherent take on where the madness of what reality the Frankfurt School‘s critical theory has constructed. I feel sane for the few minutes Bret lays it down. The world is a better place with this guy in it.
  • Nhoneycutt
    Lyme & COVID and the CDC
    I love this podcast. I really wish you would look into Lyme disease, the CDC, IDSA and covid/vaccine because there are some parallels especially with Guidelines and big Pharma. Again that you both for doing what you do. Thank you
  • chazlindholm
    Glad I found you Very enjoyable listen.
    Glad I found you Very enjoyable listen.
  • IndyBoilers
    Don’t tiptoe around the conclusion dark forces
    Love the discussions. Be open and willing to arrive at the conclusion that there are forces at work that are operating against most of our well-being.
  • seesaw70
    Some nuggets of value
    Bret is at best a gadfly, Heather his velvet dominatrix. They both like to sound oh so smart; but are they really? Take what you like and leave the rest. On the issue of the vaccine, they are doing the country a disservice. They need to stop their anti vaccine campaign. I also might add: are these two ever wrong? Smug opinion without admitting error. ZZZZ.....
  • Keri.standinginfire
    Grounded, intelligent, nuanced reason & inquiry
    What a refreshing place of exploration where nuance, respect, and curiosity still reign. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for these two!!!
  • trinityismyname
    Hopefully my first review (negative 1 star) wasn’t mistakenly posted here rather than where it was meant to be, smack dab in the middle of Sam Harris’ podcast. Mr. Weinstein brings life back into the world of objective reasoning for those of us that hope to maintain distance from the irrational rhetoric that plagues mainstream ideology.
  • DavidRyan.Shaw
    Two Educators
    I enjoy this podcast because I appreciate the manner in which Bret and Heather deliver their information. I highly appreciate their evolutionary perspective as it helps me connect the dots in my own understanding of the world around me.
  • summerthursday
    How to save the world
    Please send Steve Kirsch back to his mother to learn some manners. What an immature bully. Loved the episode otherwise, would love a do-over with just the men and without the crybaby.
  • ktmgril
    I found this podcast a few months ago while trying to navigate the “science” of what going on in the world today. I love Bret and Heathers bravery to speak out, dig deep and come up great guests. There is so little civility left in our society it’s nice to hear some on this show. This show is a must for anyone who doesn’t like to follow the herd and can think for themselves and needs or wants more information.
  • Swingchat
    Good source of information
    I rely on this podcast for second opinion and so far it hasn’t disappoint.
  • ttntr
    Words are mightier….
    Rambling pseudo intellectuals with credentials and a microphone like these two are dangerous viruses without cures. Beware!
  • ObjectivismIsNotPhilosopy
    Dangerously Stupid - This podcast kills people
    People have literally died because of the misinformation on vaccines and Ivermectin spread by this podcast. Apple needs to remove it.
  • CrespoSeason
    Good, BUT
    On how to save the world in 3 easy steps, that one guy, forget his name, who kept talking over everyone and demanding that he be heard and share every single one of his stories? He left NO room for organic conversation and completely hijacked this episode. He sounds like an absolute cry baby and bully. Even if he had information to share, he came off as an impulsive jerk, regurgitating second hand intel. Way to eager to get a word in. Don’t ever have that guy come back… dude needs a wake up call on what social etiquette looks and feels like.
  • jk1212
    great science show
    my only complaint is that it takes anywhere between 7 and 23 minutes to actually get going and its a pain to find where the show begins after ramblings and rambling advertisements. i like it when shows just jump right in to the content and sprinkle short ads between segments. to be clear the content is fantastic, but the overall craft is a bit of a mess. hope this helps as id like to see the show grow. very important work being done here
  • Paintitblack77
    Thank God
    The truth served up with no sides. It’s unfortunate that I relate to you both more than 99% of my own friends and family who are glazed and confused and surrender to what is being told rather than asking some simple Socratic question. Thinking is increasingly too hard.
  • Muse42day
    Grounded realists
    I deeply appreciate these two for their sense-making and knowing they exist keeps me sane in a world that is full of insanity and unreasonable leadership. Bret and Heather are courageous leaders in a war that has only just begun.
  • Rusty1919
    Francis Bacon is grinning
    Your two are Boss! Not sure who’s rating you a 1, could be those who are lying to us.
  • Freedomstar12345
    Heard weave well enough alone
    And I think I am hooked
  • Keto Tony
    Thanks guys. I appreciate all your doing and have done. You are the epitome of common sense.
  • Nickname-o
    Censorship is so 1940s
    Thank you for providing the common folk with intelligent discussion about important issues. You are making a difference. When the apologies come years down the road, tell them to go do something with themselves.
  • wild bill kamuela
    Agree in general
    As a medical scientist I generally agree. Except face mask….unless u have fitted n-95, face mask are wishful thinking….. there is just nothing in the literature
  • Christine Marie Lacayo
    Listen to How to Save the World and Three Easy Steps episode right now and share!!
    This episode on what’s happening with the global push for this vaccine and the underlying entities playing puppets with humanity in the interest of billions of dollars is beyond sick and disturbing but NOT surprising. Thank YOU three for presenting this from a data and evidence based perspective, this is the exact information I’ve been looking for to share among those who think I’m “crazy” and a conspiracy theorist.
  • khunstad
    Weekly dose of logic
    Thank goodness for the weekly dose of logic and reason. My sanity was saved these last 17months. Thought provoking conversation. Thank you for your courage to speak out regarding rational solutions.
  • Diesel Dirk Digler
    Intellectually brilliant
    Any of these one star reviews are easily transparent to be bots and/or trolls trying to push the same mis and dis info and mainstream narratives they are accusing you two of. Keep on pushing your waking up more and more everyday…unfortunately certain other “podcasters” are now the very schills they used to be against. Thank you for your work
  • Fotograf4
    Possibly the worst podcast ever
    Their dumb anti-vaccine agenda is literally killing people.
  • peaceloveandrockets
    Redo required
    “How to save the world...” needs a do-over without the loud guy. Robert has some damning information to convey and Bret is fantastic at translating the science to layman’s. Loud guy renders this particular podcast unlistenable.
  • bcb321p0
    Off the deep end
    Everyone should listen to the recent Sam Harris episode about vaccines. Brett is spreading dangerous misinformation.
  • PhonyP
    Medical Misinformation
    Used to love the podcast but once Dr. Weinstein dipped his toe and then entire body into misinformation about vaccines and ivermectin I have withdrawn. I can’t support that at all.
  • Boojiedog
    The information is well-sourced but the delivery is ponderous. Too many sidebars. Too much effort to qualify sources. Just too much blathering. Tighten it up, please. The message is too important to be missed due to poor delivery.
  • C.M. Talbert
    Bret is the one strawmanning Sam
    Have been a longtime fan of Bret Weinstein and Sam Harris. Listened to Sam’s podcast with Eric Topol and was anxiously awaiting Bret and Heather’s response. Was disappointed that Bret and Heather did not engage with the serious points about the need for larger Ivermectin studies. Vaccine and Ivermectin research need not be mutually exclusive. Bret and Heather didn’t discuss the points about overhyping the unadjudicated VAERs reports. If the trend from wild-type to Alpha to Delta continues in the R0 of SARS-CoV-2, we could be facing something that eventually becomes as contagious as measles. Are the mRNA vaccines too risky there? When does risk-benefit analysis change? And why should we wait to find out?
  • scbon
    Bret thinks he’s an expert on everything
    But he’s not.
  • Chi-Town Cubs Fan
    Amazing Information
    The June 11 podcast “How to save the world and three easy steps” is the best 3 + hours I have ever spent in my life. Humanity will think the three of you for the most informative podcast on how to eradicate Covid and for you courage to speak out on what is right. Thank you for all of this!!!
  • River_Green
    Excellent science discussion
    I look forward to these rational and evidence-based discussions on a variety of science topics--covid-19 and also animal behavior, food and nutrition, etc.
  • J5125
    Okay I don’t know who it is in the “How to save the world…” episode that constantly over talks and interrupts, but I couldn’t even finish because of how irritating it was. I feel like that was a super important episode to actually hear, but good god it was impossible to listen to. Would be much better without the constant over talking and interrupting.
  • Sig P320
    Unapologetic truth
    I love the knowledge in this podcast. The unapologetic truth telling! So much good information! Thank You!
  • billrildy
    Rigorous and Rational
    I appreciate how they bring counter arguments into the conversation, although I don’t know that they always give the devil it’s due. I find value in the way that they bring forth progressive thought into the slow moving architecture or evolutionary biology. A rare find, and a pleasure to listen to! Thank you
  • Metal-Guy
    A voice of reason
    Bret and Heather are voices of reason and science in a dark time where lies and corruption reign.
  • MKL12G
    I love your discussion, but....
    I find myself talking back on things that you miss.... for instance, one would think from episode 87 that the only vaccine immunity is for the covid vaccine. You correctly point out that legal immunity changes the behaviors of the pharmaceutical companies. However, you don’t acknowledge that this situation is universal for vaccines. Pharma is subject to legal action for your cholesterol medication, but they are immune for any vaccines you give your children. Couple this with a regulatory agency that is in pharma’s pocket, and the vaccine schedule is padded with unnecessary and potentially dangerous vaccines. Since most vaccines include toxic metals and preservatives, some or our children are damaged by this greed. This was a problem long before COVID. They’ve been practicing the branding and “other-ing” of people who feel differently for decades. The other thing - something that is changing as the conversation progresses - is the assumption that the COVID “vaccine” actually prevents infection / transmission. Yours is still a very worthwhile conversation, and I look forward to seeing you in my podcast queue.
  • Michael Stookey
    Too esoteric at times but still vitally important
    Something strange is happening in the mainstream media, which I try to avoid at all costs. The world needs this (uncensored) podcast now more than ever. I wish Bret Weinstein would speak more like a regular human rather than an academic, but that doesn’t take away from the importance of what he is saying
  • travelinval
    Good but Steve Kirsch…..STOP INTERRUPTING!
    Great podcast with a lot of information. However the one that I listened to had Steve Kirsch ….he kept interrupting and yet kept saying to everyone else “stop interrupting me” It was painful to listen to though I was highly interested in the content.
  • Vernon Farquhar
    You Make Us Better People!
    Well, maybe not Better but at least better informed! Also, you might be the best Podcast Duo out there. While there is no end to recently graduated pairs (mostly girls/women) that want to get into the Podcast game with all sorts of frothy recently acquired Knowledge, the two of you blow them away with your sheer breadth and depth of knowledge and acumen. And you are (at least audibly) the CUTEST couple EVER!! We were doing a Family Chat and I mentioned your Podcast and two of my sons said YES!! In unison and when I suggested Heather should read us all bedtime stories because of her amazing voice, they didn’t laugh. Great stuff. Keep it up. Wee need you!!
  • Nickname 12346790652
    Amazing podcast!
    Great information and great sources
  • Sneeebs
    Credible and Vital Information
    Great podcast. Can you please interview or address the concerns expressed by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche regarding the danger of mass vaccination during a widespread viral outbreak? This includes pressure put on the sarscov2 virus to mutate through mass vaccination with an only partially neutralizing vaccine allowing for immune escape and endless variant creation, further worsened by booster shots for immune variants.
  • OC731
    Great and informative podcast.
    Thank you for this, really enjoy listening to your podcast.
  • RichardHench
    Bret and Heather—heroes of humanity and wisdom
    Ever since the “Evergreen college” episode in 2017, I have been aware of and a random follower of Bert and Heather Weinstein, the creators of the Dark Horse podcast. What that following has shown me is that both Bret and Heather are genuine heroes of humanity and wisdom. But those virtues do not necessarily carry over into making an engaging podcast. In this case, humanity and wisdom are joined by lively talents, simple humility, and engaging guests to make truly rewarding listening. I cannot imagine anyone with the slightest range of mind and curiosity who would not be beguiled by following Dark Horse regularly, even religiously as I now do. Give the podcast a try. You too will likely become an avid follower—and better for the experience.
  • Trainwreck141
    Anti-vax Culture War Propaganda
    Don’t bother with this one. Bret and Heather portray themselves as Mavericks standing up to a fictional science establishment, but their biggest contribution as of late is promoting anti-COVID vaccine hysteria based on junk science and poor reasoning. Another recent episode had then whining about Dr Seuss’ supposed cancellation, but they didn’t even seem to be familiar with the basic facts concerning what actually happened. If you’re looking for a reasonable interpretation of the world around us, look elsewhere.
  • gameistoooldandcrashes
    Ivermectin/fluvoxamine before and during forces vaccination to prevent dangers?
    Thank you for the crucial work you are doing here. My question is: if I am being forced to get the vaccine for work, is there any signal that taking ivermectin/ fluvoxamine prior to and during vaccination might help prevent or reduce vaccine risks/effects? Thank you!
  • Ericlisten0
    A bunch of bogus crap
    Pseudo science and conspiracy theories.
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