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On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Weekly episodes of "The Evolutionary Lens" are co-hosted with Heather Heying, in which we use an evolutionary toolkit to reveal patterns in nature--including human nature. Other episodes will feature Bret hosting long form discussions. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but all of them are chosen because they have demonstrated unusual insight. The state and future of civilization will be a recurring theme, so buckle up!

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  • Real Doctor 14
    Really dumb
    These two make no sense. They criticize “non-falsifiable” claims in other research, which is hilarious. All their nonsense claims are completely ludicrous yet no evidence will change their minds. I will check in again in 5 years and they will still be talking about Wuhan. Who would sponsor or subscribe to this drivel?
  • Durango56!
    I noticed
    #, blunder
  • EveryNameIsTakenRandomCode13
    Bad audio quality
    Interesting and important content (hence my frustration), but terrible audio quality when compared to other podcasts. It seems like the mic is not close to the hosts’ mouth to loudly and clearly pic up what they say. This may appear like a minor thing but over time it’s very annoying and unacceptable for a podcast by such scientists. No other pod sounds nearly this bad in terms of volume and dynamic range.
  • gravel 218
    Very thoughtful.
    I was hooked after listening a single episode.
  • hdhajdbduw
    Only one problem
    This would be an easy 5 star if they would use a tone of voice loud enough that I don’t have to turn my volume up significantly. Otherwise I love this pod.
  • LMecury
    Thank God for this podcast
    Brilliant people. Sane, sound visionaries—tolerant, generous, and self-interrogating. May Evergreen’s loss and shame continue to be the fortune and fame of these luminous and increasingly-influential scholars. Their contributions to the present and the acknowledgment to come of their contributions to the future will long outlive the blindness of a soon-to-be-forgotten institution’s apparently alarmingly stupid percentage of administrators, faculty, and students. Important, perhaps immortal, intellectuals—in the best and broadest definition of that word. It’s hard to imagine the culture of a low-ranking college that could not have appreciated these two as the important thinkers and humanitarians they are, so clearly. No faculty this great will ever darken the doorway of the disgrace of Evergreen ‘college’ again.
  • AMo_Wildcat
    Solid discussions- Thomas Sowell Suggestion
    Week after week the discussions on the Dark Horse podcast appear thoroughly thought out and done so with curiosity. As you recently read from Thomas Sowell’s book “intellectuals and society”, I highly recommend and suggest you read his 1997 book “The Quest for Cosmic Justice” and 1987 book “Conflict of Visions.” You will be astounded by his insight because it perfectly explains today’s cultural battle.
  • south philly lilly
    I was on board... but it's time for other subjects
    Those of us that listen and follow you, I'm so grateful that you took a stand and did Cell with a voice of reason. But, it's 2023… Let's move on from Covid. Brett and Heather are two of the most brilliant minds of today, listening to the same subject week after week after week, is denying your selves and your audience, the knowledge you have to share, that is so desperately needed You were right. The government was wrong and had nefarious intentions ... But let's move on. This isn't doing anybody any good let's look to the future and how to prevent what happened from happening again. My delve into the new biological/viral "weapons" that will be used against the masses
  • 1972Motormouth
    Magic I tell ya💫
    What a gift. I often listen to the same episode several times. I can only hope to come across as informed and reasonable when sharing what I learn here. I love both Bret and Heather. One without the other, still brilliant, but together… magic✨💫
  • Tutu Fries
    Thank you!
    Love the podcast! Such reason. Heather, I have been silently screaming, where are the men!!!
  • P51 Designs
    Great Episode!!!
    Always enjoy the sermon at the Church of Weinstein! Another five star episode!!!
  • brit/ Trump2020
    Dark horse is in my top three. Brett and Heather are quite a team. A bit unpolished, but the content is interesting an at times thought-provoking Evergreen's loss is our gain . thank you both and let not forget Zack.
  • slckaren
    Rational and Respectful
    Updating a previous review, I love your content, but I find myself even laughing through your ads, the two of you are such a hoot! Give that epic tabby a mud water already. I’m a GenXer also, but I wish I could have been one of your students. Thanks for allowing me to “audit“ your classes here. Best wishes.
  • Us1244589668
    Bret is Amazing
    I love his insightful thoughts on a variety of subjects. The podcast would be better if he did it solo as his intellect is why I am listening. I look forward to hearing him weekly. Heather should start her own podcast in which she does her favorite thing: read out loud the work of others.
  • bvanornum
    Covid show on ivermectin
    Wow trump did so much for our country. Name one thing Biden did to make our country better🤔
  • Andrew 674
    I’m mostly captivated by your deep dives. The cat spilling water and constant tech problems with your wife and producer make me change the channel every time. I listen on a podcast. I’m mostly interested in what you have to say.
  • mrspclary
    Love this podcast
    Could you take up Red Tides and put your expertise and knowledge on them? Thank you
  • Fan11230
    One of the few podcasts...
    …that is interesting, even fascinating, regardless of the topic under discussion. Listen in chronological order to experience how real scientists with integrity applied the scientific process to understand Covid and how best to respond.
  • nfykbv123
    Great guest and discussion
    Off is fantastic! Good guests and relevant topics are your hallmark.
  • 3WestiesNow
    So smart and likeable
    Bret and Heather make the complex understandable and entertaining. Bret will interview a guest speaking way advanced geek-speak and somehow when he is done processing it, I can understand it. I am so glad that they are standing up for actual science. Oh, and you have to love a podcast where the cat spills liquid on the tech and Heather just keeps going. It is Thank you, Stephanie
  • Charming frog
    Relationship goals!
    What a wonderful couple! What a team, they are truly inspired and inspiring people!
  • jcmmdm
    Self-Important Gobbledygook
    Did I mention quasi-intellectual?
  • Primusfan
    Love this show!
    Heather and Bret are a much needed voice for scientific analysis of todays problems. Truly an invaluable tool for learning complex systems. Thanks for all you do guys! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇺🇸
  • PU76
    Excellent show. No politics. Real scientists.
    Best biology podcast by far. One of the best science shows. Bret and Heather are excellent.
  • Quite Trippy
    The first intellectuals I can tolerate.
    I love this show. Brett and Heather have such a wonderful and respectful relationship. Both of their voices are so smooth, I often fall asleep to them and must listen to each show twice. In a world full of credentialism, I find that those who insist we call them Dr. are the ones we are finding we can trust the least. Dark Horse is the exception. Instead of using their education to gain power and money, Heather and Brett are fighting for truth.
  • Momowhoyaknow
    I love you guys!
    #161 Which sun am I talking about! Lol. Yes! We are half way there! Closet Preppers rejoice!
  • aihpcfl
    Must listen
    The podcasts are long and there is a lot of chitchat, but there are gold nuggets of information and lessons even in the chitchat. You must set aside time to listen without distraction. It may not be obvious at first, but the podcast is ultimately about how to think. Information is the bonus. Always interesting. Must listen.
  • SnowdogbeatsBytor
    Scott Adams/Logic&Reasoning
    Awesome as always. Adam’s argument over time is that “Do your own research” is flawed we minor exceptions (ie you two) Experts, media, etc. can’t be trusted and we all have bias. My bigger issue is that we have dumbed down education to the point where few develop logic and reasoning skills. Combine that with the fact that assumptions are messed up to the point that one can’t assume that person born with male parts is a man and that everything is racist. This is the explicit version of illiberal brain scrambling that young people have experienced for the last 30 years. We expect non-stem educated people to have skill in deductive reasoning and logic? That makes us illogical. Project this out 30 years…the queasy feeling in your stomach says it all.
  • MaxHealthPoints Coaching
    Best podcast ever
    Love these two.
  • WSturgis
    Rising Above
    The content is topical and unbiased. I’ve learned a lot. Perhaps most revealing about the hosts is their restraint, maybe mercy. A well known podcaster went quite personal a while back with his explanation for why he would not welcome Dr. Weinstein or Dr. Heying back to debate Covid craziness. Although they could have spiked the football, they have not gloated over developments proving them right. They seek no feud with the man who more and more is not Making Sense.
  • The Taxman
    Pod is good-intro is way too long
    The topics are great. The discussion is great. However, sifting through nearly 18 minutes of “support us here”, “buy our hoodie”, “when we were at Evergreen”, “YouTube demonetized us” etc, at the beginning of every single episode, is exhausting. Hit the sponsor spots and get to the show.
  • Bees MacBook
    Dynamic Couple
    I find it interesting that “research” needs to be performed before a drug can be released but a survey of a general population can serve as research. Heather and Bret present the science and all its unexplainable nuisances in a manner than can be understood by all. Thank you.
  • IvyDial
    Kinstantin Kisin
    Although I respect both of you, it’s pretty telling when you have to advertise hearing aids!
  • rockyy702!
    Is there some way to change heathers audio so that I can hear her
  • Hawkesbay1
    Always interesting, occasionally hilarious
    Missing an episode of Darkhorse is not an option for me. The thought of missing one of Dr. Weinstein’s witticisms or one of Dr. Heying’s insights is just too traumatic. Their conversations are always fun, interesting, and enlightening whether you agree, disagree, or are entirely ambivalent. Sometimes they’re downright hilarious, at other times they’re frighteningly prescient. And they are unfailingly likable. Highly recommended.
  • Shar/Jer
    Love all your shows. I forget how I first came to hear of your show. Megan kelly? Glenn Beck? I am half way through #155. I had to stop a couple of times because to be honest the subject I found to be a little overwhelming. How to protect my family/ grandchildren from these little known dangers in our food supply? I am at the point of your conversation Re: conservative versus progressive. Some years back, considering all the labels, I thought myself to be conservative. I want to conserve the fundamental goodness of our country and traditions. That said nothing … if we are alive we want to Create or improve upon. Isn’t That is human nature? Heather You made me think of something. Background: I come from a long line of family that used our skills to build stuff. Well the men folk did : ) We helped siblings and family members build decks etc. Not all the new male in-laws had these skills but they learned a lot from the others. My husband included. Our family size has gotten smaller w this new generation. A couple of years ago in our 60’s we paid the Amish to build us a deck. It felt so odd to pay outsiders do a home project. I have a greater appreciation for the abilities my grandfather, father and uncles had. It was a great experience ( Amish) but I don’t want to lose these skills in our family line. Your shows are always informative & entertaining.
  • Shmalanaz
    5 stars
    Cuz I appreciate these ppl but Heather’s voice is too breathy it’s hard over audio
  • damdick
    Facts do not care about the Weinstein Sisters’ feelings!
    The Weinstein sisters are the biggest megalomaniac snowflakes on earth! 🤮 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • ltbpt
    Audio poor but content rich!
    As a long time listener I appreciate the challenges Weinstein and Heying have faced along with their recent move. But the awful quality of the audio lately-complete with open mic soup making along with dish washing- makes it hard to get thru the episodes. I'll assume it's temporary and keep returning for enlightening conversation.
  • Xluckisonmysidex
    Love Bret & Heather
    This podcast is such a great place to hear ideas that no one else is willing to talk about. Love it!
  • Dr. Ramora
    Mr Wright—except not right…
    The conversation with Mr Wright reminded me of how I felt during the Jordan Peterson Kathy Newman interview. It was frustrating to listen to the Trump derangement syndrome, the allusions to the Paul Pelosi debacle as obvious political motivation (without demanding to see the body cam and surveillance video) all while claiming ignorance and authority at the same time on Covid. Claiming neutrality and authority simultaneously is a common theme I’m noticing amongst those who want participation in the scientific “club” without having done the real work required for credibility (stolen valor- wearing a military uniform without having earned it). Kudos to Brett for seeking truth - no matter how ugly or painful it may be. May God grant you the continued courage and determination to keep looking for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • maria "pia"
    …shiny object
    …I stopped counting how many times Robert Wright contradicts his own “logic” with the tenacity of toddler that refuses to let go of mommy’s shiny bracelet…actually Robert a lot of people “widely share” the transparent OBVIOUSNESS of what doesn’t add up about the veracity of the blue team ramming one solution down our throats…Thank you Brett for all you do and giving miles of rope to this unexceptional creature to hang himself…
  • katie, Hospitality consultant
    Robert Wright has misjudged your audience
    Robert Wright seems to be under the misguided impression that your audience is all blue, left- leaning liberals who are swept up in conspiracy theories and rely on you and Heather as their only source of information. When he outright admitted that he has not really “read up on this stuff“, he revealed his ignorance in full measure and took himself out as a credible voice in this discussion. I am a right-leaning and conservative-bent intellect who SEEKS the truth in a world in which one MUST work at finding it; you and Heather have done the hard work - a great professional and personal cost - in this quest. Your podcast is a beacon of light.
  • Sophie💩💩💩
    Your conversation w/ Robert Wright
    It was interesting how quickly Mr. Wright verbally pivoted within his very own cognitive dissonance. There is very little that makes sense in this world right now and Brett pulls sense from it all. Thank you!!! Keep steady Brett & Heather! I’ve been listening to you both from the beginning and am a huge fan.
  • SatanBurgh666
    Everybody should listen to this podcast
    Heather and Bret are the best. If you don’t know why it’s because you don’t listen enough. I’m going to re-listen to the Robert Wright episode tomorrow as a little Friday treat to myself. Well done, Bret. Occasionally I’ll catch a DH clip on YouTube and I really love how much H&B love their animals. We have a black tabby we adore and a shepherd mix we can’t get enough of who also “chases bunnies” in his dreams while he snoozes next to us on the couch (thought it was funny when H noticed her pup doing it too in a recent clip) :) Dustin
  • SZahratka
    Opposing Views
    This is one of the few podcasts that presents me with both views that I agree with and some that I don't. My favorite episodes are actually the ones that present a view that I don't agree with. I've learned so much, and my logical mind delights in learning the ins and outs of opposing views. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this week after week.
  • Podcast706
    Awesome content but keyboard noise
    Content is incredible....hosts are genuinely open to ideas and being incorrect. I could be happy listening for hours. However,Somebody on set is typing away in the background and it comes through audio crystal clear. Small potatoes but an easy fix id recommend to enhance the audio experience.
  • MomentousLeap
    Insight on Musk Much Appreciated
    Pfizer has additional product nearing final stages…Look for 1) RSV given to pregnant mother, 2) annual combo C19/Flu Audi is a German company? I’m not a Twitter user. But have seen Twitter users receive notice of violating Germany-specific rules.
  • 80'sVillager
    Smooching Butt
    It’s a bit tone deaf to so vociferously smooch Elon’s butt and offer no criticism when Musk endorses a vicious conspiracy theory besmirching 80 year old attacked with a hammer.
  • lovelyoils666
    Thank you
    I just wanted to say Thank You for making your podcast☺️
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