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On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Weekly episodes of "The Evolutionary Lens" are co-hosted with Heather Heying, in which we use an evolutionary toolkit to reveal patterns in nature--including human nature. Other episodes will feature Bret hosting long form discussions. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but all of them are chosen because they have demonstrated unusual insight. The state and future of civilization will be a recurring theme, so buckle up!

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  • Xluckisonmysidex
    Love Bret & Heather
    This podcast is such a great place to hear ideas that no one else is willing to talk about. Love it!
  • P51 Designs
    Another Incredible Interview!
    Loved Bret’s quote: “All great ideas start as a minority of one”.
  • 3WestiesNow
    Strangely addicting. Heather and Bret are so real.
    It is not a very professional production, but that is one of the things I like about it. I like how rational and unshakeable they both are. You can't distract them or deter them from the science.
  • Dr. Ramora
    Mr Wright—except not right…
    The conversation with Mr Wright reminded me of how I felt during the Jordan Peterson Kathy Newman interview. It was frustrating to listen to the Trump derangement syndrome, the allusions to the Paul Pelosi debacle as obvious political motivation (without demanding to see the body cam and surveillance video) all while claiming ignorance and authority at the same time on Covid. Claiming neutrality and authority simultaneously is a common theme I’m noticing amongst those who want participation in the scientific “club” without having done the real work required for credibility (stolen valor- wearing a military uniform without having earned it). Kudos to Brett for seeking truth - no matter how ugly or painful it may be. May God grant you the continued courage and determination to keep looking for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • maria "pia"
    …shiny object
    …I stopped counting how many times Robert Wright contradicts his own “logic” with the tenacity of toddler that refuses to let go of mommy’s shiny bracelet…actually Robert a lot of people “widely share” the transparent OBVIOUSNESS of what doesn’t add up about the veracity of the blue team ramming one solution down our throats…Thank you Brett for all you do and giving miles of rope to this unexceptional creature to hang himself…
  • katie, Hospitality consultant
    Robert Wright has misjudged your audience
    Robert Wright seems to be under the misguided impression that your audience is all blue, left- leaning liberals who are swept up in conspiracy theories and rely on you and Heather as their only source of information. When he outright admitted that he has not really “read up on this stuff“, he revealed his ignorance in full measure and took himself out as a credible voice in this discussion. I am a right-leaning and conservative-bent intellect who SEEKS the truth in a world in which one MUST work at finding it; you and Heather have done the hard work - a great professional and personal cost - in this quest. Your podcast is a beacon of light.
  • Sophie💩💩💩
    Your conversation w/ Robert Wright
    It was interesting how quickly Mr. Wright verbally pivoted within his very own cognitive dissonance. There is very little that makes sense in this world right now and Brett pulls sense from it all. Thank you!!! Keep steady Brett & Heather! I’ve been listening to you both from the beginning and am a huge fan.
  • SatanBurgh666
    Everybody should listen to this podcast
    Heather and Bret are the best. If you don’t know why it’s because you don’t listen enough. I’m going to re-listen to the Robert Wright episode tomorrow as a little Friday treat to myself. Well done, Bret. Occasionally I’ll catch a DH clip on YouTube and I really love how much H&B love their animals. We have a black tabby we adore and a shepherd mix we can’t get enough of who also “chases bunnies” in his dreams while he snoozes next to us on the couch (thought it was funny when H noticed her pup doing it too in a recent clip) :) Dustin
  • SZahratka
    Opposing Views
    This is one of the few podcasts that presents me with both views that I agree with and some that I don't. My favorite episodes are actually the ones that present a view that I don't agree with. I've learned so much, and my logical mind delights in learning the ins and outs of opposing views. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this week after week.
  • Podcast706
    Awesome content but keyboard noise
    Content is incredible....hosts are genuinely open to ideas and being incorrect. I could be happy listening for hours. However,Somebody on set is typing away in the background and it comes through audio crystal clear. Small potatoes but an easy fix id recommend to enhance the audio experience.
  • MomentousLeap
    Insight on Musk Much Appreciated
    Pfizer has additional product nearing final stages…Look for 1) RSV given to pregnant mother, 2) annual combo C19/Flu Audi is a German company? I’m not a Twitter user. But have seen Twitter users receive notice of violating Germany-specific rules.
  • 80'sVillager
    Smooching Butt
    It’s a bit tone deaf to so vociferously smooch Elon’s butt and offer no criticism when Musk endorses a vicious conspiracy theory besmirching 80 year old attacked with a hammer.
  • lovelyoils666
    Thank you
    I just wanted to say Thank You for making your podcast☺️
  • 100envelopes
    Thank you.
    Thank you for truly standing up for human rights with critical thinking and not just virtue signaling. This podcast is a breath of fresh air. Please keep up the good fight.
  • Blakeopher
    Well rounded!
    I do not come from an academic or scientific background. At first, I had to warm up to Heather’s personality. Now, I absolutely adore both Heather and Brett. I think they create a nice balance of points of view and knowledge. I appreciate the passion behind how they are observing the world today. This is definitely in my top 5 podcasts!
  • Emanresu 10011
    Former Darkhorse Listener
    I used to love this podcast and it was one of my favorites. Bret and Heather had great chemistry (and biology), and fantastic perspectives. Now they’re obsessed with COVID and going down endless rabbit holes. Please bring the old Bret and Heather back.
  • sxyhrlymomma72
    Dark horse
    Great podcasters , great interviews ❤️🤍💙
  • The egg whites
    If not now when
    Thanks for these
  • CurtisBear
    Good stuff, so funny!
    Since I listened to my first Darkhorse episode, I’ve listened to nearly every episode since! Can’t say that about Joe Rogan or Lex Friedman. (Or anyone else)
  • sylph444
    Bret is on the front line…
    …Defending rationality, ethics and scientific principles. This is in my top 5 best podcasts.
  • Sagitchick
    So grateful
    So grateful for these two!
  • Jah23
    A consistent nuanced conversation with tremendous depth and clarity. Extremely valuable and timely.
  • avg taxpyr
    Thank you
    Thank you Heather and Bret for being voices of reason in a world gone mad. As a mother of a child claiming to be trans, i find your dialog on the subject to be the only uncommon sense i can find on any media. You are giving hope to grieving parents everywhere struggling to wrap our heads around the insanity. Please keep talking about this. We are listening, praying and holding on by a thread of hope, provided by you.
  • John VerValen
    As a conservative I never thought that I would hear a liberal say stuff that I agree with. But this podcast has shown me that we have a lot of common ground with the two hosts. I find it refreshing for people to understand what science really is, and to call out this junk science for what it is.
    Could not have made it without you
    It started with the documentary that I happen to stumble upon, could not believe it was happening then, and certainly could not believe what was happening during the pandemic. Was it even a pandemic I guess it was but your ability to tell the truth against great, overwhelming odds will always be remembered.
  • mollyollymc
    Listening to these two talk is so funny sometimes because they’re so precise with their language just like my son is. He will go far out of his way to make sure everything that is said makes logical sense. And always finds an opportunity to squeeze in a clever pun. So it’s comforting listening to them in more than one way. The most comforting part however is hearing two scientists speak sense and sensibility. How refreshing. Thank you.
  • wakefoot
    Witty & Courageous
    These 2 are a must listen every week. As a physician, they speak my language. Such common sense when the world is preaching nonsense.
  • Tadada3
    Thought Provoking and Thorough
    I look forward to these weekly podcast. Sometime Bret does one during the week with special guests, which is a bonus. Bret and Heather know a lot and thoroughly explain the facts and why they have the positions they take. I am a Christian conservative and even though we don’t have the same views on everything, I never feel belittled or offended. In fact they are very respectful of ‘religious’ people, as they don’t believe in God and come from the left/progressive stance. I learn a lot from them.
  • Crytik
    Used to be good …
    But now it’s turned into this highly educated and capable couple playing the role of victims and begging for money. This is the most poorly produced show I’ve ever listened to and for goodness sake, Heather, speak into the mic and practice not allowing your voice to trail into silence. I will stop back again with the hopes that you will use your expertise to go back to entertain-teach-ment. I appreciate calling out the crisis of virtue-signaling but you can keep the condescension and sarcasm, it undermines the “mission.”
  • LaTouche MD
    Love this podcast!
    This is like listening to the coolest professors at your university. I always learn something from their podcast and learn to look at the world with a different perspective.
  • SMachen
    Episode 140 about Brandon’s speech is spot on. Dark days ahead.
    Fair and critical thinking is what they are all about. If you are a “normal” you must listen to this podcast.
  • Regular Chris
    Terrific, but maybe
    You both are terrific. Two instruments which I love to listen to. Different tempos and harmonics, I hate to say it feels a little like a practice section. I enjoy debate but get lost when you fine tone your instruments for the first 30 min.
  • trac1118
    Bret has spoken out against deodorant and modern dentistry. He is no authority, moral or otherwise. He has sold out for the $$$.
  • Kawrn1
    Enjoy intellectual discussion
    I am a nurse and, of course, enjoy science especially as it relates to humankind. Dr.s Weinstein and Heying provide an “easy listening” flavor for one who enjoys learning in a relaxed way. Their family dynamics are admirable as they continually demonstrate respect for each other, even when in disagreement. Speaking of disagreement, they are brave and honorable in welcoming (never “cancelling”) guests with controversial viewpoints. Regardless of political persuasion this podcast is a pleasure!
  • jay-rod22
    I don’t agree with a lot stuff you believe however….
    I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff you talk about involving your knowledge about Covid. However I still love listening to your podcast because it gets me to think more heavily. By listening to you I’ve realized that you Need to hear opposite opinions to really learn anything. Also I’m young but I do miss the days of having a different opinion about something and not having to be drug into a loud argument about it.
  • jonathannewman
    Vanilla ice
    Every time the good Dr. says “To the extent…” I immediately say to myself “I rock the mic like a vandal.”
  • JJerseyC
    Golden Data
    These two have been fearlessly providing free information that is life altering and possibly life changing for years. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
  • c.s. vance
    essential listening
    The good doctors Bret and Heather, are insightful, honest and brave. Their courage and intellect are a breath of fresh air in this era of double speak and propaganda. ❤️
  • KTMSG811
    Not engaging
    I admire Heather but Bret is far too self-absorbed for me to enjoy the podcast. Every episode has a long story about an experience in Bret’s life that no one finds interesting except for him. The bike story is just the latest example. He always thinks he’s a offering profound insight, but even if he is, the only person who’s still listening by the end is him.
  • George B Curious
    Actually understand science; best for fellow geeks.
    For overly analytical professional researchers like myself, meandering and thorough podcasts like this are the best. I can understand why others may find it to get lost in the weeds, but it's actually important to fully explore topics. Yeah the bike one was boring to me, but only because I'm a research geek and not a cyclist. It was a way for me to see how their style can feel too slow when you're only casually interested, or not a researcher. Their center-left bias fits my own, so that may be another reason I like it, though they are very good (nobody is perfect) at keeping the science detached from that. Recently I've particularly enjoyed how this podcast has triggered all sorts of cognitive dissonance regarding covid research, in those who simply can't escape their social and political programming. They can't find actual flaws in the podcast or the discussion, but they screech about it anyway because they don't know how to interpret research or change their mind in the face of new evidence. They are even smeared as ant-vax, proving those reviewers haven't listened to more than 1 show.
  • Where a Tree Once Was
    Nuclear Option
    Episode #134…What did I just listen too??
  • Cba33
    Did I just listen to an hour long story about falling off a bike?????
  • cortjezter
    The definitive alt-left conspiracy theories podcast
    Armed with a formidable scientific vocabulary—both hosts certainly qualified to wield them—this is largely a counter-culture, conspiracy theory laden walk through topics facing all of society, but from a just left of centre POV. While not a biologist myself, I've been a lifelong enthusiast and can follow along with the jargon, though I suspect a large percent of the (target) audience is glossy-eyed but impressed enough to believe in whatever opinions are shared here, interspersed with factual content. I listen for the social and biology content, but generally draw the line at accepting their constant appeals to Covid anti-vax sentiments. It's honestly like hearing geologists on YouTube wax ad nauseam on flat earthism. Their professional expertise is adjacent to virology, immunology, and pharmacology, but not enough that I take them fully seriously, especially when they're constantly crying wolf about how the whole world is wrong about nearly every topic and they just happen to have the correct answer, yet nobody will accept or believe them. Once or twice is believable, but every bloody topic? I'm of the camp that if it seems the whole world has the problem, it's likely just you. While I do applaud their mantra to question everything and exercise logic/caution in the absence of data, the neverending litany against vaccines and their advocacy for alternate medicine (also in the absence of conclusive data to the contrary) is both irresponsible and tantamount to professional malpractice considering the aforementioned impressionability of the audience. I keep listening, but it does seem increasingly to get a regular sample of what the alt-left is up to.
    Technical issue
    Great podcast as always. Having a problem hearing you two, more so Heather. I listen to other podcast and don’t need to max out the volume. Keep up the great work and God bless.
  • bkantlers
    Excellent podcast
    Bret and Heather are one of the few people who at least come from the liberal side that are able to see through the smoke and mirrors of the main stream media and our government particularly when it comes to Covid, vaccines, and cancel culture to name a few the things dividing us as a nation. I’m a staunch conservative 64 years old I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to them and progressing through their own story and experiences. So refreshing to hear someone with whom I’m sure have disagreements but would still be able to break bread with have great discussion. Bret and Heather, we’ll done! Carry on searching for truth!
  • IvyDial
    Kinstantin Kisin
    Good job Konstantin! I used to listen to the Dark Horse podcast, but got bored with the constant Covid jabber. I tuned in to listen to how Konstantin would handle the incessant doomsday foreboding, and he didn’t disappoint!
  • Catdog5000
    Konstantin Kisn show
    I can’t believe the show ended up with that question, halfway thru I paused so I could tell my wife how much I enjoy two intellects basically agreeing to disagree without being apologetic and continuing to stand their ground, all the while keeping it civil. Bravo….Great Show
  • lulu8662
    Staving Off Extinction
    One of my favorite episodes of this podcast. I absolutely loved the open discussion, and I appreciate Konstantin’s adherence to his beliefs. I also tend to think that a lot of unqualified people are voicing opinions that hurt, rather than help, the conversation (particularly surrounding Covid). I also hear Brett’s side in that common sense issues should be discussed by those who have common sense, which is becoming increasingly rare. Godspeed.
  • Zawfer
    Mixed results
    I like Heather. She’s thoughtful, and she listens. Bret is an insufferable blowhard. The interview with Konstantin Kisin is a good example. Kisin made his point well, but Bret couldn’t let it go. Bret and Heather wrote a good book, and they were invaluable during COVID, but at least as far as Bret goes, I’m done.
  • Jamehjou
    Kisin episode…
    Quite revealing of the problem we’re all facing. Thanks Bret
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