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On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Weekly episodes of "The Evolutionary Lens" are co-hosted with Heather Heying, in which we use an evolutionary toolkit to reveal patterns in nature--including human nature. Other episodes will feature Bret hosting long form discussions. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but all of them are chosen because they have demonstrated unusual insight. The state and future of civilization will be a recurring theme, so buckle up!

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Recent Reviews
  • Me95691566
    One of my favs
    One of my favs
  • Trischna
    The Struggle
    I want to hear what these people are saying so badly but I struggle with the contrast in the tone and cadence of these two together. I hear Brett articulate clearly and then feel we switch over to whispering turtle. I end up holding my breath waiting for a nugget between the long drawn out points and pointless interjections. If I could just speed up the podcast... it might make Brett sound like a squirrel but I can handle that, cannot handle slow! My husband thinks they’re geniuses...
  • Artandroses
    Kept me sane
    With all the lunacy in our country now. I have found some common sense in this podcast. Listening to people making sense has been a mind saver for my sanity. If only people started using their minds instead of their hearts only and think critically. We can’t continue down this road of limiting free speech & press. Where we are now can not continue or our next election will be worse.
  • Gjfhfgdxdfggdff
    AP World!
    I feel like I’m in the smart class listening to this podcast. Relax everyone. You don’t have to agree with everything. I just like the fact that they don’t dumb down their vocabulary or topics.
  • DCZero7
    Great listen/convos
    Love the convos and guests. One complaint: the lip smacking and swallowing is kind of disgusting to hear so loudly and clearly. Don’t know the remedy/solution, just know I don’t hear it on other podcasts. This won’t keep me away tho. Appreciate the Dark Horse.
  • slckaren
    Rational and Respectful
    I could listen to you two debate breakfast cereals. I find myself audibly proclaiming, “I love them!” throughout the podcast. I’m a GenXer also, but I wish I could have been one of your students! Best wishes.
  • Seahawks440
    I love this podcast!
    Really enjoy each episode. Very honest and intelligent, I learn so much. Keep it up!
  • ai no names left
    Grievance variety hour
    They are intelligent and have some interesting points of view, but they are arrogant and thin skinned, and do most of the things they criticize others for, too.
  • Madon754
    Amazing Podcast
  • Brymeow
    Rogan fans welcome
    Solid gold. Thank you for making this show. So many deep dives, so fun. I'm happy you took Joe's advice.
  • BayBayBay97030
    anti-trans podcast
    🙃not very nice of you be nice to trans people, support them, give them rights because theyre PEOPLE
  • Jeanzin7
    Heather Should Have Her Own Podcast
    I listen every week to hear Bret but I’m often disappointed because Heather talks over him, interrupts and rambles on and on. I think she’s a brilliant scientist and has a lot to offer but she needs to learn how to balance her opinions and give him more time. Or...Better yet, give her her own podcast where she can ramble on and on. He is over accommodating to her bullish approach. Other than that, I do enjoy the information.
  • MKB537
    Favorite podcast
    Balanced, logical, & thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your sane and intelligent voices of reason.
  • soulrockerTLee
    Intellectually stimulated
    They are obviously intellectually attracted to each other and therefore find each other intellectually stimulating. Respectful of each other and encourage dialogue. Refreshing. A good thing.
  • Corinvincible
    Fear-based reactions
    The anti-trans rant they went on is fear-based and not reality-based. Heather decided only “truly trans” people that pass her visual test aren’t a big enough group to provide laws to protect them from hate and violence. She believes that there are tons of men waiting to put on a wig so they can invade women’s toilets and she should be protected from this fictional theory rather than the countless trans lives, especially those of color, lost every year.
  • Blorpal
    More like Dork Horse
    Am I right?
  • AokiGolf
    I love Heather’s point of view and commentary. Her style and straightforwardness is a pleasure to listen too.
  • Gerry Ssip
    my wife
    - borat
  • ad crazy!
    I have no idea why this man has a platform or listeners for that matter. Egomaniac warning. The red flags were there from the beginning when he wrote a letter saying how he was discriminated against while he was a professor at Evergreen.
  • phaedrus pirsig
    Love this podcast. LOWER THE SIBILANCE!!! On a technical observation - maybe put a gate or reduce the high end on Heather’s mic as her S’s are so pronounced her normal voice gets canceled out when the volume is at the safe level for those razor sharp S’s and T’s. Piercing to the point I’m writing a view on a detail so mundane but had to speak up. Happens on Bret’s mic too. More so with Heather. Love you guys!!!! ThankSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
  • nrm5
    Highest recommendation
    Excellent content; nuanced, thoughtful discussions; intelligent; scientific; an escape to reality. Heather is incredibly annoying and rude to Bret, and he is so accommodating of her. Charm goes a long way.
  • Megabeau
    Anti trans
    The sheer hubris of these two crackpots.
  • zhongshan
    Excellent, needed and nuanced discussion
    Thank you so much for bringing some rationality and science to some difficult topics. I’ve been saying for years that we live in a medical inquisition, much like that of Spanish type from several centuries ago. We have swapped the vestments, titles and believe system. “Medical scientism” as practiced today is more akin to religious zealotry than science. Keep up the good work!
  • A meathead
    Thank you
    Just heard you on bill Maher and I appreciate you. I am a physician who has been speaking the same as you since the beginning of this calamity last year — I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist, crazy and a trump supporter (that’s probably the funniest of all). I appreciate people who are willing to stand up for the truth even when it goes against what the idiotic masses (and some smarter persons) spew due to fear and hysteria. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • Joan of AK
    Great Smart Show
    My husband and I have been listening for months and I just realized I never wrote a review. If you want to get smarter and listen to engaging, respectful heterodox conversation, here you go! I listen every Saturday. I guarantee you a richer mind.
  • CandySoda Crusher
    Basics with humor
    I love the intelligence displayed while keeping discussions basic for laymen understanding. Love the humorous natures. Keep talking on COVID!
  • Murgleifca
    25% good science, 75% crazy people ranting
    I took a lot of evolutionary biology and related courses in college, so I really wanted to find a way to continue my learning. Enter: this podcast. While there are occasional crumbs of good science, more of it is unfounded, unsourced opinion. And what an opinion! I’m afraid that less educated people would listen to this, take it as fact, and make decisions that could actually be harmful to their and public health based on these wild conspiracy theories.
  • enough2021
    I don’t agree
    I don’t agree with your talking points, and I believe you serve to denigrate progress by projecting an image of a victim and an intellectual silenced. You are a blunt instrument of conservative thinking. Shame on your academic notoriety and now global fame.
  • shtock
    I respect them, but they are not medical doctors, they are not pharmaceutical scientists... they have no qualifications to talk about vaccines. mRNA vaccines have been studied on SARS for close to 20 years.
  • bonnie brodie
    Intelligent and well informed
    I have heard Brett Weinstein as a guest on other podcasts but only recently discovered this one he shares with heather . The range of topics and the intelligence and generosity of spirit in their conversations is heartening in a world where people have become increasingly self censoring.
  • JohnJ1312
    Great “home made Content"
    Great content from 2 serious “adults” in the room!
  • thelerdwerd
    Worth listening
    I have listened to numerous episodes, and although I may not agree with everything stated, it’s very refreshing to hear intelligence behind other points of views that may conflict with mine. The only topic in maybe 20 episodes that I feel was lacking intellectual conversation and factual proof, was on a recent episode where it was stated by both Bret and Heather that we should not give transgender people equality because it takes from women’s rights. After much research I could not verify Bret’s claims and I feel the whole conversation lacked pragmatic thought. I would enjoy an episode dedicated to this topic for Bret and Heather to go more into depth on their opinions on trans rights.
  • DocSeamus
    “The data ...”
    Data is plural so does not need “The”. *a revision suggested by my PhD mentor. Lol Great show, thanks!
  • Los chicharones
    Refreshing show
    Learned about this show from the Sam Harris Waking Up Podcast. This is a shining example of two professional communicators covering relevant topics in depth with credibility. Well done you two and please keep sharing.
  • ramerman
    Nuanced views from liberals
    Once thought extinct, this amazing discovery of liberals able to discuss issues in a nuanced fashion is something any conservatives should celebrate.
  • NonWokeUSA
    I disagree with your position that Congress should move forward with impeaching Trump. In my opinion, following through with this action will further divide the nation and Trump still has a huge following in the country. When you look at the fact, over 80% of the counties in the last election went for Trump, his approval ratings have not suffered as much as expected after the abomination at the capital, etc, etc. I think if Biden wanted to help bring the country together he would publicly ask Schumer & Pelosi to call off the impeachment. In addition, impeaching Trump would set a bad precedent. Look at how many Democrats have made very incendiary remarks over the last few years, especially during all the violent looting & rioting in 2019. The media has been a huge part of inciting and driving partisanship. The media push for forms of censorship, especially on conservative views & people who supported Trump is more dangerous than anything Trump has done. Again, a different point of view which doesn’t negate that I enjoy listening to your podcast and believe that if we as a country would look at true facts, most Americans would find that we agree on more than we think
  • Profit Prophet
    🦊 Bad Actor? 🦊
    Though I appreciate Bret’s point of view on certain topics, he seems very ill informed on others. I suspect it’s out of ignorance and personal bias/ego, but it sometimes seems knowingly deceptive. @Bret - you glow in the dark
  • Don's biggest fan
    Great Podcast!
    Timely, informative and wicked smart. Keep up the good work.
  • almondbob
    Listen to your show...
    ...and then listen to other popular podcasts. Great content and information, but you keep talking over each other and interrupting. There were points where one host would be mid-sentence, introducing something new, not in the back-and-forth discussion phase and the other host is interrupting. Again, good content, but listen to other shows and practice not talking over each other.
  • popc4
    Thank You
    I have been following you both since 2016. When people speak of silver linings I usually get irritated, thinking how could you find something positive in this terrible pain. And yet if not for Evergreen, we would not have had the privilege of hearing your thoughtful insights, challenges to our comfortable narratives and of course being lulled and calmed by Heathers reading, of literally ANYTHING! I am grateful to you both for your clarity and wisdom. I wish you well. Thank you. ☺️
  • Eddie610267
    Good Podcast
    Interesting discussions about relevant topics. The negative reviews can be summed up as, “that’s not what MSNBC said”. Keep up the good work.
  • Bruks
    Honestly, I hate this guy and his warty faced brother, ...
    ... but, that said, before I knew anything about either Weinstein I thought they might be pretty cool because they claimed to be about science and a kind of political objectivism that from the initial sound of it appealed to me. So after listening to both brothers I found their points of view dishonestly and repulsively far-right with the basic motive of these podcasts to embed a payload of right-wing nonsense into skewed and disingenuous discussions of science, trying to use the science meme as a kind of club of authority. It is so repugnant, and blatantly dishonest, this is how I came to my opinion and this review. Brett Weinstein's appearance alone is plain creepy ( not to even mention his groteque looking brother ) but Brett's claim to fame is that he chose to work at a school that he later stabbed in the back under the pretence of being against political correctness. Maybe there was a speck of a point to his opinion, but not much, and certain not much to try to jockey into right-wing heroics. These two and their dishonest podcasts make me want to hurl. 1/5 ... not worth wasting time on. A toxic by-product of the Trump era.
  • SLP 007
    What a Reflief
    Thoughtful and insightful commentary and conversation. Like drinking cool water in a desert ....thank you, Susan
  • DokturJhey
    Their algorithm works
    Solemn, unifying, reasoned dialogue. The weak need not listen. The strong are among us. Next against the wall.
  • 5TuIz4bjN18K
    Only sympathetic for the right ...
    ... while pretending to be balanced and using his supposed left wing creds to gaslight his “audience” and to deflect criticism of his one sided “the right is right” take on things. This is essentially Bret’s podcast and he’s the draw here so I’m mostly focused on him — there’s something off here. Disingenuous.
  • Cluigi
    Tries to be more than it is
    The topics they cover are timely however in my opinion they spend more than half of the show drifting aimlessly around topics instead of directly discussing. For me about 2/3rds of the dialogue is out of sync with the point they are trying to make. There are better venues out there that do the same in 30-40 mins rather then tying you too nearly 2 hours.
  • vwinters
    First time I have ever had to turn off one of your podcasts
  • Slewzeus76
    Arguing about the term ligand...
    This was a real put off. Clearly the term ligand implies a substance the evolution prepared for the receptor however the evolution was not necessarily instantly determined. Moreover the physiology of the organism may change the ability of that ‘ligand’ or indeed promote ‘ligand-like’ properties to a related bio molecule. Just use ligand as you see fit and move on.
  • ri897098
    Actual thought and analysis. My only complaint is this is once a week.
  • Where a Tree Once Was
    I am a Christian and love listening to you guys ...err I mean gxys...maybe? I love the intellectual honesty.
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