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On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Weekly episodes of "The Evolutionary Lens" are co-hosted with Heather Heying, in which we use an evolutionary toolkit to reveal patterns in nature--including human nature. Other episodes will feature Bret hosting long form discussions. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but all of them are chosen because they have demonstrated unusual insight. The state and future of civilization will be a recurring theme, so buckle up!

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  • seesaw70
    Some nuggets of value
    Bret is at best a gadfly, Heather his velvet dominatrix. They both like to sound oh so smart; but are they really? Take what you like and leave the rest.
  • Momma big Heart
    Belligerent guest Steve
    I wish someone would have facilitated the conversation a little more with Steve on How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps. Because their are so many great points and such a good scientific talk but Steve makes the talk sound too emotional and too opinionated and not factual enough.
  • Supreme Lord
    Q&A episodes
    Please upload the Q&A episodes to the podcast channel. Odysee’s constant buffering is unbearable.
  • Sevenspine
    Wonderful podcast
    You have honest and open discussions about the affairs of the world during Covid crisis. These doctors are highly educated in their field and should be considered.
  • Thee Truth!
    Looking for your 3 Hour Save the World video/audio
    Please cohost your 3 hour Save the World here and in Odysee. Excellent work, based in the data!
  • HVC_12
    Intelligent and honest
    This is by far the best podcast out there. Brett and Heather are brilliant. They approach topics with humor and intellect. It is refreshing to hear them tackle very complex topics and educate the listeners.
  • 80'sVillager
    Lurched Right
    Good folks. What happened to them at Evergreen was very wrong but they have unfortunately lurched right and aligned themselves with people like Douglass Murray. They’re better than that. Come home.
  • LittleMarlin
    Wrong think at its best
    While the most recent episode seemed chaotic it reminded me of what most would call conspiracy theorist. But the energy and eagerness to spread lifesaving information is touching. Meanwhile media would convince you that protesting for “social justice” during a pandemic is required, but someone walking down the street massless is attempting to kill you and your family.
  • +listener
    Save the world in three easy steps
    Excellent presentation. Listened to the entire podcasts and then listened again to major portions with my husband who is a scientist.I agree with plan to save the world. Offered this podcast to family who are left leaning, but they had no interest in listening. They accused me of trying to undermine the Biden administration and Dr. Fauci. I am a centrist and feel so frustrated by these invalid accusations. Difficult for the average person to have much impact, especially as an older person.
  • not a persuadeable
    Love the science discussions.
    Love the science discussions, especially surrounding Covid and treatments and censorship...not a fan of the social issues opinions discussions. (BLM, cops, etc.)
  • hwlingmadcoyote
    Mr. Mouth
    I listen to em all...very enjoyable on a bike ride to hear level headed conversation and thoughts on the issues of the day. That being said I would have like to be able to get through the “saving the world” podcast but could not suffer the one guest on there that felt he needed the spotlight. You were addressing some important things. Keep up the good work! And thanks.
    Confirmation bias???
    I love the podcast and appreciate the effort put in to unpack the details. The episode with Dr Rob and Steve fell short. And the episode smack of your own confirmation bias and assumptions about data that has been mis-reported or even not reported at all. That said the evidence is mounting and the truth is becoming more clear. Steves delivery of information created most of my internal noise so I’ll just admit that out right. That said your still a 5 star podcast…god bless and keep on fighting the good fight!
  • Always have hope
    New listener
    Thank you for your courage. I am praying daily that the word gets out. The suppression is mind blowing to me. I am from the Midwest and accidentally stumbled on your podcast. It is reassuring to me that those of us who don’t align ideologically can look at things with reason and intellect. I am a nurse and the pressure to get vaccinated is immense. No mandate yet but I am afraid it’s coming. Also our providers recommend everything but the Ivermectin or HCQ in the FLCCC protocol for early treatment of covid. Very frustrating to me. Still using Remdesivir if that tells you anything. If you ask them why they are not using Ivermectin, they say because it doesn’t work! Yet they are not willing to even try because it has not been recommended. Thank you again for trying to get the message out!
  • dswunsch
    How to save the world
    Wow, really enjoyed the conversation but Steve was a challenge. We used to say that two scientists in a scientific seminar arguing to what ended up being the same point were in “ violent agreement “. This podcast was full of violent agreement - but Steve struggled to recognize it.
  • FunGame1952
    So Chaotic
    A long time listener to Dark Horse and really appreciate your and Heather’s thought provoking insights. The podcast on Friday with Dr Robert & Steve felt very chaotic - all the talking over each other and Steve’s very frantic & loud delivery of information was not inspiring of confidence. Such important information that should at the very least inspire more discussions may not because of that chaotic delivery. Please try again with just Dr Robert.
  • Led Gozeppelin
    Sometimes funny but mostly smug and naive
    I’ve listened to 35 of these and I just can’t anymore. First, the good. Weinstein can be pleasant and endearingly irreverent. Heather, a bit less so on both counts. They’ve spent weeks railing against the tyranny of the left and the slippery slide into authoritarianism inherent in terms like “anti-racist”, while completely overlooking the past 4 years where we were truly on a luge ride into authoritarianism. They like to rail against social tropes, which is fine and occasionally funny yet Weinstein has called Biden “planktonically” corrupt and Harris “manipulative and opportunistic” and they don’t seem to get the joke that they are basically repeating tired oppositional tropes. Biden is planktonically corrupt? Harris a ruthless climber? Any proof besides their own skin crawling when they see Biden? Tucker Carlson, much? In their desire to prove to the world that they are some kind of Nietzchian Uber-liberals who can hear the wisdom of the other side, they end up repeating some of their most exhausting and idiotic tropes Their premise that evolutionary biology can basically explain all of mankind’s flaws and strengths as some kind of Hunter gatherer response to the unnatural stimuli of the post Industrial Age sounds intriguing but in the end, it leaves one a little queasy. Haven’t totalitarians always had a knack for couching their ideas as evolutionary biology about the superiority of some and the inherent traits of others? In the end, railing about anti-racism and cancel culture in a world and country on fire, feels like the most elite thing a person can do. Rioters, organized and abetted by the executive branch, just stormed the Capital. It was in all the papers. Maybe that’s a bit more of a thing than a violent protest of oppressed angry people in Portland, their hometown. I’m sorry Bret and Heather that you can’t get to your favorite Whole Foods. There’s more than a little curmudgeon in their takes. Sometimes it mirrors the worst of talk radio: they have everything figured out. Let’s talk about newts. I can’t help but think that listening to one’s self talking for hours at a time can give any person a certain moral rectitude about their positions and certainty about their rightness and priorities. There’s an intellectual laziness here and they have created their own echo chamber with each other and their fans For all their impressive academic credentials and obvious intelligence, they take same approach as a Joe Rogan - basically, Everyone is stupid. Except us. That’s all you need to hear. Let’s talk about beavers
  • emptying mimd
    Undiluted truth
    Bret is one of the few people out there making content with a central focus of presenting objective information that is attempting to get to the truth on various important subjects. His interview of Dr. Pierre Kory was highly enlightening. Thank you so much Bret for all that you do!
  • tntspiritworks
    Telling truths that we can’t talk about freely
    Thank you Bret and Heather for your amazing podcast. Each episode is filled with truth, wisdom and scientific backed data. I love each episode and resonated from my heart with what you say and how you bring the information forth. In regards to Covid I have felt from day one that this is not something I want in my body and your episodes have validated what my intuition has been telling me. Your episodes about Ivermectic have been great. Thank you again and please keep up your amazing work.
  • AggyK
    Thank you
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge for your courage and hard work! We are listening.
  • Erik Fleming
    5 Stars
    Great podcast
  • Anonomyssy
    Smart. Fact based. Reasonable. Relevant.
    Calm voices and fact based information and discussion. Highly recommend.
  • Loistener!1
    Bret and Heather are amazing.
    I love listening to these two. They walk through complex topics in a clear,scientific non-emotional manner. I am able to understand topics that are way outside of my current knowledge. Bret is somehow able to get guests that are amazingly credentialed in their topics. There is one exception, guest Steve Kirsch. The episode ‘How to Save the World…’ had two guests, one of which was Steve. The episode was good, but Steve diminished it a lot. He was an obnoxious loud mouth who interrupted scientific discussion by talking over the scientists and repeating information that has already been stated with tremendous emotionality. Very annoying and uncharacteristic of the guests on this show. Clearly the dumbest one on the room.
  • soulrockerTLee
    Steve Kirsch is hard to listen to
    Sounds aggressive, opinionated, loud, rude and annoying. Almost had to stop listening!
  • ObjectivismIsNotPhilosopy
    The Alex Jones of Science
    We have a record of predictions Bret has made. It is not a good one. Bret has made the anti-vaxxer claim that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are like holding a loaded gun to your head. He has also claimed the AstraZeneca vaccine is safer. AstraZeneca is still not approved in the US and European countries have now stopped the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine because it causes blood clots and other fatal side effects. His citing of mice studies in his personal war against Covid vaccines belies the fact that he has long claimed that lab mice, because of long telomeres, cannot be trusted to provide accurate lab results. His irrationality, intellectual dishonesty and shameless embrace of conflicting theories combined with his claim of scientific infallibility should be disqualifying. But his mistaken interpretation of the Salk institute study (which relied on said long-telomered mice) might be the height of his scientific incompetency. The contradictions, the disinformation and the fear they spread through their misrepresentation of this theory makes them dangerous. As far as politics, he is a bigger idiot than his brother. His comments about the George Floyd murder being a legitimate use of force are incredibly disturbing in the wake of evidence presented at trial. He also found “statistical anomalies suggesting voter fraud” in the 2020 election. I used to feel bad about what happened to Bret and his wife at Evergreen, but now I think it’s more likely their students knew something we didn’t. They are bad actors.
  • Sneeebs
    Credible and Vital Information everyone needs
    Thank you for this incredible podcast with Pierre Kory! Straight shooting from real experts with first hand front line experience and without a hidden agenda! Thank God for you both! I hope we can find our way out of this toxic quagmire. It feels like the odds are against humanity, but I hope the truth will come out. You are both heroes speaking the truth in a time when truth is being silenced and most don’t even want to know. Your courage is much appreciated!
  • pal24
    Smart on so many levels
    The interview with Dr. Pierre Kory was outstanding! It should disturb and alarm everyone that the practice of medicine and medical science has been superseded by government agencies and the careerist bureaucrats that staff them.
  • Psy4life
    This show is listed under science and comes up as one of the top recommendations. Not only are the claims not based in the scientific method, they are also racist and ethnocentric. If you listen to this, be sure to read up on what the scientific community and peer-reviewed research says. Unfortunately, the falsehoods they are sharing are not based on the facts. Their claims about the perils of equity, or untested “cures” to treat covid are damaging humans ability to think critically. Use your critical thinking skills. Get information from a wide variety of sources, and never put your faith and beliefs in the words of a man, but rather on a substantive body of evidence.
  • EllenMcCarthy
    always excellent
    Much needed discussions! Thank you!
  • aussienyer
    I just need to say WOW!!! That was one of the most if not THE most powerful podcast I have listened to about Covid, ivermectin, the vaxx, World and more specifically the US reaction. Just mind blowing. Sharing with everyone I know. And plan to listen again. My new go to: if you have not heard of ivermectin you have not done research. Thank you so much!!!
  • shyla313
    Thank you, Darkhorse.
    I found this podcast in late 2020 and I want to say how GRATEFUL I am for both Heather and Bret. Their ability to break down very complex topics and explain them in a meaningful way is not lost on me. Their courage to talk about topics that others won’t touch is quite legendary. Frankly, this podcast never disappoints. I’m much more informed and better off because of their insights. Thank you, Heather. Thank you, Bret. Keep up the good fight.
  • bribro earned my full attention
    I am hooked age 68. You two proved Higher education or seeking those who seek the excellence of it is well worth it. It took me a little while to overcome my bias because of many who boast it are just worth my time. I’m glad I stuck with you. Please tell us listeners about your Jewish views; if you have them ? Also has Heather come aboard to join u yet? Your thoughts about the messiah Yeshua and what are you instilling in your children about faith. How you blend it all really matters that’s why ..thank you in advance
  • Yarmading
    The recent podcast with Dr Pierre Kory was (1) outstanding, and (2) courageous. It blows my mind that world health leaders are refusing to acknowledge a safe and effective preventative and effective treatment for COVID (that isn’t a vaccine) after so many in the world have suffered. I deeply appreciate your efforts with helping educate the world on this life saving topic!
  • Refelector
    Love this podcast!
    I stumbled upon this incredible podcast yesterday, and I’ve been binge listening. Bret and Heather are articulate and wise, and the information they share is so needed in the world right now.
  • Sonos is genius
    Marik and Kory
    I am a practicing Intensivist, unfortunately anything that comes out from Paul Marik and colleagues has to be highly scrutinized. This isn’t the first time they sounded the alarm, a few years ago they had the “cure” for sepsis. Marik reported Vit C, thiamine and hydrocortisone significantly affected outcomes in septic patients. They were so confident in there message they had convinced multiple Intensivist to change there practice. Fast forward years later, the research was done and there was no affect. No benefit! Now it’s ivermectin. I have never seen a group of physicians doing research so confident, insisting Intensivist change there practice and there is no evidence other than observational data. Adaptive trials can be done quickly. Where is the evidence! In my opinion this group of physicians is irresponsible. Stop the rhetoric. Hold it .... Just listened a little further and hearing the anti vaccination comments by Weinstein. These two should rename the show, Dumb and Dumber!!!
  • lrfolkins
    Living in a post-truth world,
    Heather & your systematic approach to questioning, researching, concluding is refreshing. Starting with “knowing thy biases” & how to deal with them, is great modeling.
  • j11thAll
    Absolutely brilliant
    Bret is an intellectual giant. A bright light , a beacon of reason and logic in the stormy seas of chaos and ignorance in which we currently find ourselves. Thank you Bret and Heather
  • Highlight portions
    Ivermectin Saves Lives!
    Can’t thank you enough for interviewing FLCCC’s Dr. Kory!
  • Seahawks440
    BurnerCat said it best
    I love this podcast. It really is the best. I am so thankful for this wonderful family. We need more people like this running our country. Honest, thoughtful and always from the right place at heart. Thank you for every episode.
  • Burnercat
    Exceptional Pod Cast
    This is my favorite pod cast by far. The show is a refreshing take on many topics without out all of the left or right biases - just common sense. Intellectually entertaining Funny at times Very educational Nicely done! More frequent shows is my only suggestion
  • Jake from Cincinnati
    Maybe they have a point but good lord are they annoying about it
    This podcast is mostly two people complaining about how nobody has been listening to how very smart they are until some recent event reveals their flawless logic to the world.
  • Stevemazich
    My Favorite Podcast
    The intro music is weird, it always starts in a different spot sounding off rhythm, speeds up and then slows down, sometimes lasting seconds, other times over 5 minutes. I love this show. My only complaint is easily fixed. Better audio on the shows with guests. This is challenging as they are remote interviews, but not impossible. I love the way Brett and Heather interact during the livestream shows. And I love people on the Left that are frustrated with the extreme actions of the people on the Left. Holding his own accountable, speaking reason against the short sighted woke movement.
  • khunstad
    Weekly dose of logic
    Thank goodness for the weekly dose of logic and reason. My sanity was saved these last 14 months. Thought provoking conversation.
  • WEEDriveThru - Shane Smith
    I love this guy and I’m glad he is doing a podcast. Reason and truth is the only way. Thank you
  • bbbbbbbbccccccmmmmm
    Cognitive dissonance
    I love the podcast, but it’s hilarious how you can approach some things with disciplined scientific methodology but use anecdotes as gospel for others.
  • kMaxRx
    Totally charming listening to these two
    I love the content, but mostly I love the way these two talk to each other.
  • PeterGPodcast
    Great intellectual dialogue and good humor
    Bret and Heather are informative and easy to listen to. On Dark Horse podcast they discuss fascinating topics in depth and help ensure complicated information is understandable. As a conservative (and former liberal) I find it so refreshing to listen to thoughtful and engaging liberals who have balance, common sense and a sense of humor. I sadly thought those traits were almost extinct among liberals but perhaps Bret and Heather just have the courage to say the truth regardless of the implications of which political side appears to “benefit”. That is not to say this is a political podcast. It is not. They just seek to find the truth about interesting topics: political parties be damned. Really enjoy it. Thank you.
  • Orin M
    Honest intelligent truth seeking
    These smart peeps go hard and in good faith on trying to actually get at what’s true and real.
  • beemovie3846
    Why is there almost 6 minutes of music in the Beginning
  • gr8ape73
    More of this please!
    Honest discussion of a topic by intellectual people is what the world needs more of.
  • mdp2999*~{
    #79 Q & A in clean meat
    I lost confidence in these guys after watching their reactions to a question about clean meat. That they not only condemned something which they never tried, but also pronounced its failure seemed an awful lot like the behavior of the msm which they rightly criticize. Bret has more humility than Heather, but i don’t believe he’s thought this one through. Do they really believe that 10 billion people can eat animals raised in backyards or regenerative farms, simply by eating less of them? And HH’s concern for the American farmer? Farmers will not go away if we stop eating animals. We will still need to eat. I wish they would address the reasons from an EB standpoint as to why people don’t care enough about the atrocities committed against animals, poor communities and the environment to stop consuming animals, or even cutting back a little. Meat consumption is soaring, and not just in China. The way that they clearly love their cats, and a little less so their dog, but seemed visibly threatened by the idea of clean meat (don’t eat it-it’s that simple) reminded me of the reactions of so many of my neighbors here in MI to the topic of gun control. “They want to take away ALL our guns!” Why do people love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows? Why do people get upset over the blow torching of dogs at the Yulin festival, but not the confinement of sows on American factory farms? How can these guys caution against torturing sugar ants, and go in to not give any consideration to the rich lives of farmed animals?
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