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A podcast that helps you understand the fascinating chemistry hidden in your everyday life.Have you ever wondered why onions make you cry? Or how soap gets your hands clean? What really is margarine, or why do trees change colors in the fall? Melissa is a chemist, and to answer these questions she started a podcast, called Chemistry for your life!In each episode Melissa explains the chemistry behind one of life’s mysteries to Jam, who is definitely not a chemist, but she explains it in a way that is easy to understand, and totally fascinating.If you’re someone who loves learning new things, or who wonders about the way the world works, then give us a listen.

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  • Reed Spaulding
    Too long
    Ok, 48 minutes to answer a 10 minute question? Really? Then your ignorance about the Alaska pipeline tipped the scales for me. Educated but ignorant at the same time. Sigh.
  • Jg128534
    Fun and informative
    A great duo! They make chemistry fun! Just like the best educational podcasts out there, there is some conversation that is unrelated to the topic; but that is what makes it relatable. If they didn’t then it is just a lecture! Keep it up guys! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Ps. Having Jam explain things back to you, has made me a better trainer at work, and oddly enough, helped me in my marriage by doing that with my wife in important conversations.
  • LUCYLOCA0519
    I love informative and educational podcasts , I could not make it past the first 10 minutes of idiotic babble and ego centric millennial whining .. what a shame I had higher hopes . The topics looked compelling
  • Nazhipanjeshahi
    Hello from Iran😂👌👌👌
    I’m a chemist lets say chemist to be from Iran binging your podcast from University of Tehran
  • BarclayBabe
    Bonding with my Partner
    This has been an extremely informational and exciting podcast to listen to as my partner is a chemist, and I didn't usually know or pretend to care about what she was talking about. But now I'm constantly fascinated and am learning more about what she's talking about, and get to have more in depth conversations about chemistry in everyday life.
  • MSUcatz1
    For the podcast algorithm gods
    To future podcast lister. If you read this, and listen, after enjoyed the show you must comment and 5 stars. Give ‘em a reward for the hard work they put into the episode.
  • BluedragonOne
    Lost a listener. Sorry. A master bedroom is just that. The biggest bedroom. Sorry society forced you to spilt hairs.
  • A Illig
    This is how science should always be taught!
    I absolutely love this podcast. Melissa & Jam make chemistry fun - as it should be! I binge-listen to this podcast while working from home and genuinely feel like I have learned more about the world around me as a result. You can tell that Melissa puts careful preparation into her content, and she has a way of communicating difficult concepts in a way that is easy to comprehend - which is hard to do without visual aids (especially with chemistry). And the dynamic with Jam is so fun. He makes the show so light and fun and is such a relatable layperson for Melissa to bounce ideas off of. I don’t know these hosts personally, but at this point I feel like I do and I have so much respect for them. This show is perfect for those who love science AND those who don’t!
  • endrne
    love this!
    I love the well delivered, conversation but informative style of this podcast! A must-listen for anyone interested in chemistry (like me) or anyone curious about the world (also me). Keep up the good work!
  • AndyMichel
    Too much interruptions
    I like the podcast, but I strongly recommend to Jam stop interrupting Melissa with things like “ok”, “hmm”, “alright”, “interesting “. Do not add to the show and is difficult tokeep listening in this way :(
  • dd123mw
    I love this show!
    I am a fan of this show because it offers bite- sized, easy to understand information about Chemistry. The topics are relevant and engaging. If you haven’t been listening; you are definitely missing out!
  • pookatpookat
    Melissa is great, wish it was a solo podcast
    Melissa is fantastic but Jam makes the podcast difficult to listen to. I stopped listening after a few episodes because the constant interruptions of “really”, “mhm”, and “yeah” got in the way of Melissa’s well delivered, accessible explanations of chemistry in our everyday lives.
  • axtabay
    Last episode of caffeine
    For some reason when she is talking about what caffeine does to your brain she got silent but you can hear the guys voice very clear.
  • jko5cc
    Just what I was looking for
    As an aspiring biochemist- this is exactly what I was looking for- as I am a slower learner and not super well versed at all in chemistry, and I am also a high schooler- so the back and forth between a chemist and educated listener is informative, easy to listen to, and funny! Honestly- this podcast calms me down and puts me in a good mindset- and the info is so cool and the hosts are great. Definitely will recommend to my friends.
  • Baldauff Family
    Curiosity Level Achieved
    HS Teacher here (with Masters in Chemistry): I love assigning my students to listen to topics here related to our general Chem course to make real-world connections. Thanks for all the resource.
  • DynasticList414
    Thanks so much!
    I love this podcast so much! I frequently use it to explain things I found difficult in my chem class. Thanks so much!
  • LeyniaL
    I would love to listen to your podcast. Would you please enunciate more clearly? It's a strain to follow you. Thanks for considering this. I would really like to listen.
  • Tee-Kay-oh
    Love it
    I love this podcast. Could u guys do an episode on why it’s so hard to make diamond??
  • JunkerTheRobot
    Great for anyone!
    This is the best chemistry podcast I have listened to. Having Jam there to ask questions is great for non chemist listeners. Melissa and Jam’s banter is also great to listen to. Melissa really makes these concepts easy to understand to the average listener.
  • boloite
    Never studied chemistry academically and now my daughter is remote learning this subject. I am enjoying learning from Melissa and Jam. It is super fun to listen and learn. Melissa is enthusiastic and easy to understand. I now have a little chemist commenting as I go about my day. As they say “ everything is chemistry “ . Even better I’m able to pass along the podcast to gem ( my daughter ) and support her better than before in her studies . I love the logic and the systems of Chem and the shiny personalities and cute voices of these talented Gems ! Thank you
  • Kyliegraseten
    First Time Listener
    Hello! I’m currently a college student. I ended up taking chemistry this semester during this unfortunate COVID19 pandemic. I didn’t entirely enjoy my class, but I knew understanding the concept of chemistry in life is very important. I decided to search for a chemistry podcast and yours definitely stood out to me. I like the idea of including people who are also trying to learn chemistry because they ask the same questions I have throughout the podcast. That definitely helps the topic make more sense! Overall I really enjoyed this first podcast about soap and I will certainly be catching up on the following podcasts!
  • judahrob
    Answers for those curious questions you have!
    I love this podcast! Jam and Melissa have done episodes on things I have literally asked myself in a normal day but felt the answers were too beyond my intellectual level to understand. Things like: how does soap actually clean? or what does baking powder even do? Not only so, but they keep it light, entertaining, and incredibly listenable. If you’re like me and sometimes can’t decide between a podcast that is intellectually stimulating or one that is just darn entertaining, this one is right down the middle of the road for you.
  • Caleb Harvey
    CFYL Revue
    Salutations, cadets! The following paragraph is full of words, words tat I wrote, about the podcast, “Chemistry for Your Life”. Some would say I’ve written a review, but because I love to sing, I’ll call it a “Revue”. Science. Who is she? And even more to the point, who is her red-headed step-daughter, Chemistry? As a youth, I pondered questions such as these, and more. To me, Chemistry was a mystery. A dark lady, the kind you might see leaving a seedy piano bar via the back ally fire escape, by the harsh early morning light, knowing she was the headliner from the night before. She was always just out of reach. Ethereal. Ephemeral. Fleeting. Otherworldly. Long did I observe the shadowed-streets of Silicon Valley in an attempt to catch even a glimpse of the hem of her outermost garment or hair, as she turned quickly around a sharp corner. For ages I chased her. Longed, learned, lusted. And yet she evaded and eluded me. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to gain any footing or knowledge of her world. Biology and Physics - these were friends of mine. We had lived, loved, and laughed together over the years. But Chemistry? She was a secret unknown. I sat, I despaired. And then I stumbled across “Chemistry for Your Life”! A friend had recommended the podcast to me, but since I had been “off the grid”, first I had to buy a cell phone. Since the demise of Cellular One in the late 90’s, I’ve been adrift at sea. Once, I found a used Blackberry™ on eBay, and I thought I was in the clear! It turns out, however, that a 2009 Blackberry™, despite its vast intelligence, is not a “smart” phone. Next I had to find a real Podcast compatbile device. Since China Town is closed during the war, this was a very difficult task. Finally my great uncle, who is a dirty cop, sold me an iPhone from his precinct’s evidence locker. Now I have C4YL and understand Chemistry so much better! The elusive maiden has finally been won, and we shall soon be wed! Much revelry shall be had, and the celebration of our love will be taken down by the poets and priests to be recounted to the masses for years to come. Thank you, Chemistry for Your Life.
  • high b1
  • Niles girl
    Guy say yes after every sentence
    I really wanted to like this podcast. I was looking for something about chemistry and this looked perfect. BUT there’s a guy who comments after every single sentence that the girl says. He says yes or uh-huh or really..... But every single sentence has a positive comment and it is driving me crazy. I can no longer listen to this podcast. Please, just let her give the information ! If his comments were softer or more subtle maybe it would be doable. It just interferes so much with the flow of information that I have to delete this podcast from my library.
  • jrivvbjj
    So Glad I found You
    Just started with the antioxidants episode and I’m instantly in love! This is my next main ear squeeze. Thank you for your brilliant work!
  • Isabel & Michael
    Amazingly fun and informative*****
    Melissa and Jam have such wonderful chemistry. They blend their talents and wit in an amazing podcast. I learn so much from them. The quality of the content and sound quality is superb. Thank you both. Michael PS could you two explain organic chemistry?
  • jsduncan92
    Awesome podcast
    Thanks for putting together such a great show. I love the material, and I’m looking forward to hearing more!
  • Jessica2519
    Really enjoy this podcast!
  • BigAl050
    Fun and informative
    I’ve learned something new in each podcast. Surprisingly, I come away from each episode feeling a little excited about chemistry and how things work. I like the interaction between the hosts. It’s a good way to learn and get the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Seems it would be good for chemistry students.
  • yesmore30
    Fun and easy to understand
    I love how simple and fun topics are explained!
  • CNicole B
    I love it!
    Great podcast!
  • Josh Capey
    A simple relation between chemistry and life
    The two hosts bridge the gap between advanced chemistry and our daily activities. I can enter the podcast with zero knowledge on the subject and will walk away with a greater understanding of chemistry, one show at a time.
  • smackin cool
    So easy to understand
    Melissa does a great job of explaining technical things in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand even if you don’t have much of a science background. The topics are quite interesting and you’ll learn a lot!
  • Jdonaboat
    Amazingly awesome
    Melissa (the knowledgable chemist) explains in a relatable everyday way to Jam (non-scientist) of how things that surround us interact or react because of chemistry. Post explanation Melissa quizzes Jam on his comprehension (thats my favorite part) and on his thoughts. Enjoy!
  • sierraqt97
    🎵“And then I saw (chemistry everywhere), now I’m a believer” 🎵
  • Ksmoovestar
    Chemist Approved
    Chemist here. This podcast is so fun and informative! Melissa and jam do such a great job of making chemistry and other scientific concepts digestible for people who might not have much of a scienctific background. They are entertaining and informative! I love this podcast!
  • Zedpro 11
    Yay science
    I never was a chemistry fan in school but this podcast does a great job breaking down the concepts. I isn’t know chemistry was all around us.
  • viatheinternet
    Love this show!
    The hosts are super fun to listen to, and I’ve learned so much already. I had a ton of questions after listening, reached out to them about it and they were so great in providing me with answers. Definitely adding this show to my podcast lineup!
  • ViolasRock
    Listen to this podcast. All the cool kids are.
    Top notch podcast. Now I finally have interesting science things to talk about when I’m out and meeting new people.
  • ASquared713
    My Friends Think I'm Smart!
    This podcast is so fun and so well done!! I love that it makes me realize how complex simple things actually are while explaining it in a way that I can understand and remember. After listening to the first episode, I was excited to casually bring up soap with friends and impress them with my newfound knowledge! Highly recommend!!
  • Nicki.New
    Fun and comprehensible! Even my baby likes it!
    I’ve never been the type of person really into science and I’ve always assumed it is a topic that would always be a bit over my head. Melissa does such a great job breaking down complex topics into bite sized pieces I can understand. Jam also is so helpful to ask the questions I would if present and I like hearing his breakdown of the topic back to Melissa. I was listening on the couch with my 2 week old who doesn’t stay awake for too much yet. While this podcast was playing she stayed awake and so chill. Nice to have something I can feel good listening to even with little ears around.
  • Musiclovepeacee
    Melissa is so great at explaining the science behind things we see in every day life and Jam has great questions and responses that add to the conversation. This podcast will definitely help the every day person/listener gain a deeper understanding of chemistry and how it can be a fun (and totally not scary) topic to learn about! Recommended for all!
  • RoxieTuna
    Loved it!
    I listened to the podcast about soap, and found it really interesting. Melissa comes at us with the science facts, and Jam asks all the questions that we non-scientists are thinking. I love that they go at a slow enough pace for anyone to follow, and re-iterate what they’ve talked about. An easy, entertaining and educational podcast! And now I know how soap works. Feeling like I understand the world a little better :D
  • Aurora Del Mar
    A Fun Way to Learn about the Chemistry at Work Around Us
    I already really enjoy this podcast! I have always appreciated other sciences like astronomy because it was easy for me to be fascinated by it and understand some of its simpler ideas. Once you get into the hard stuff, however, I’m lost, which is why I’ve never particularly liked subjects like chemistry. This podcast is allowing me to begin to appreciate chemistry now that I can see how it plays out in everyday life. It’s exciting and encouraging to finally understand why exactly you can’t mix oil with water or realize that you actually know what specific heat is because you’ve witnessed it all your life and now have a name for it! I love the examples they use in the podcast to really help you understand and visualize the concept, and I love that I get to learn and understand something new!
  • Naybie Baby
    So excited!
    I have only listened to one episode so far, but I loved it! It’s fun, quick, and entertaining.
  • A_Town0789
    Amazing new listen!!
    I’ve always been a fan of the sciences, except chemistry. But now I can see how chemistry can be fun and is all around us. I’m so glad I found this podcast. Also the sound quality is amazing for a brand new podcast and the opening theme music is super fun!!
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