Passenger List

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Atlantic Flight 702 has disappeared mid-flight between London and New York with 256 passengers on board. Kaitlin Le (Kelly Marie Tran), a college student whose twin brother vanished with the flight, is determined to uncover the truth. Passenger List is a mystery thriller podcast from PRX’s Radiotopia.

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  • Karissima
    season 2? Bring it on!
    Where is season 2???? The suspense is driving me bonkers. Bring it on!
  • calilah westley
    wow! i just binged the first season yesterday and i realized that’s it!? season two isn’t out yet :( it’s okay though, this show is fantastic!!! the script, audio engineering, cast- i love it all! i’ll be on the lookout for season 2...
  • listener80525
    Annoying main character
    The storyline is good. It’s a great podcast but unfortunately the main character can be so annoying. It is surprising to me how everyone she talks to is so patient and tolerant with her rude and childish behavior. She is just really hard to like.
  • stylinsue5
    Where is season2 ????
    Where is season 2???
  • HoustonGay
    From the opening montage, to the actors, to the storyline… I am really loving this podcast!
  • Rey Bel
    Raw, intriguing, begging to find out what's next!
    I keep checking back for season 2. Want to know where this story goes! Super interesting elements, fun twists, very DIY audio production and not super sympathetic main character but can't get it out of my head nonetheless. Give us more please!!
  • Future Queen Luxa
    Great podcast, despite unpleasant main character
    I loved the bright sessions, written by the same person who made this podcast, and while this is my no means as good as that one (I am lowkey obsessed) it is very good! Stellar acting, great production quality, and intriguing storyline. Though the main character is a rather unsavory and frankly shady person, it is clearly intentional and though I wouldn’t support her behavior I would support her cause and am excited to see where season 2 takes the story
  • Marty Melanson
    Holy Cow, when is season two¿¿
    Just binged the series, I didn’t realize this was just season 1. Please upload season two pronto :)
  • 12blenders
    It’s not just me
    I got partway through the second episode and came to the reviews to see if anyone else also found the main character super annoying. It’s too bad, the acting is good, I actually like the found footage sound effects, seems like a well-produced podcast, but the writing is just bad. I don’t care enough about the story to continue enduring the main character. The actress has a great voice, but that can’t overcome the script.
    Great listen
    This show was veryIntriguing from the very beginning! I loved all the twist and turns . I can’t wait for season 2!!!
  • Alpha boys
    Too bad
    Like the story line but main character is insufferable. Wanted to continue but couldn't. The writing for the main character was inferior to the rest of the production
  • patrickdallas416
    Love this story!
    Great story. All the voices are right on. Can’t wait for season 2!
  • a real doc
    No substance
    Too fragmented and gimmicky- overdone with audio effect to the point of repetitiveness and lack of coherent story telling.
  • Roxysparkle
    Enjoyed !
    Had fun listening. Will listen to next season once it’s available.
  • ncogbno
    All of us are lying liars
    The suspence and the trail of clues dragged me along so I binged it. However, it resonates with all the conspiracy theories and distrust in government so much that seems to affirm both. That concerns me. That concern is why I give it only 3 stars
  • 1000284
    Can’t wait for season 2
    Just binged the entire series. So well done - thank you. From a podcast devotee.
  • ElK969696
    Great premise: lousy actress?
    Snide delivery, never ending pauses, and I don’t think it’s 100% her fault as the character seems written this way. Are we supposed to sympathize with her or root for her demise?
  • JefDavis
    Story intriguing
    Would like to know the story. Very hard to listen to the slow pace, whine, and ineffective questioning by main character. She needs some balls.
  • Nykkylodeon
    A really fun listen!
    I enjoyed listening to this audio drama a lot and pleasantly surprised at the ending of season 1. Excited for what’s to come in the next season!!
  • nickbissel
    Fantastic sound design! Fantastic voice acting! Hands down one of the best podcast dramas that I’ve listened to!
  • EddieBelle's Studio
    Good Listen!
    I enjoyed the storyline, although predictable at times, I will listen to season 2 when it comes out to see how the rest of the story unfolds. Like other reviews, I was fooled more than once, thinking a commercial was a part of the story. The way Katelyn’s dialogue is read could be refined. I got tired of the way she spoke- there was not a lot of variation in her tone and always a lot of space (or hesitation?) between words or phrases.
  • marclouis
    Difficult to recommend
    Main character can be really annoying and obnoxious to listen to. Is this the end or will there be a season 2? Also couldn't stand ads masquerading as phone messages or "this is your captain speaking...".
  • Wilmerdong
    Great story telling
  • phylliebee
    Loved every minute
    Great mystery, great characters and dialogue. Really had me transfixed. Can’t wait for next season!
  • Zazou407
    Unbearable lead character
    Good audio drama, really hard to get past how vexing the lead character Kaitlyn is. The way she disregards everyone else’s pain and safety as she barrels on is REALLY hard to stomach. If you can get past that, it’s a a good listen.
  • Wendi Ann
    Great story
    I loved this story, excited for a season 2. The only thing I didn’t like is how the ads were put in. I don’t mind ads it was just kinda weird.
  • Tarinae
    Fantastic and Riveting
    This show absolutely captured my attention from the trailer and I feel that is a true feat of brilliance. The story is compelling and the ads are obvious but not insufferable. They are cleverly woven into the fabric of the dialogue. It is important to note that their are racial stereotypes that are present but they are crucial to the immersion of being set in 2019. The results of the investigations that Kaitlyn goes through are worth sitting and listening to. Still anxiously awaiting season 2.
  • Arkanfornia
    Great Quality
  • Wootsy1
    Chilling realistic potential
    I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature but in this day and age, in the right circumstances, I can see how any of these storylines can be plausible and how some people can get lost in their own delusions. The only thing that’s hard to believe is the level of success the main character had in chasing down leads, gaining access and getting information. Provocative storyline. Looking forward to season 2
  • Kendyluv
    Bring on Season Two
    It’s funny to read the reviews saying the audio is terrible and the lead actress is annoying — I am normally super noise sensitive and easily annoyed, and I thought the show was great. Interesting twists and turns... can’t wait to see where it ends up. The only thing I didn’t like was the ads. Having them be like pilot announcements just kept confusing and frustrating me. But whatever... they’re ads.
  • Kriol Bwai
    This show is so intriguing it’s awesome ... Season 2 I look forward to
  • Hilltopper2k
    Impressive...most impressive
    Kelly Marie Tran is outstanding as Kaitlin. She’s a phenomenal actress. The supporting cast was great too especially Patti Lupone and Colin Morgan. This is the first radio drama/podcast I’ve listened to and was not disappointed. Well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. The sound design, even down to the commercials, was clever and well done. Left on a cliffhanger and I’m looking forward to the next season.
  • Reporter-3854
    Lead actor hard to bear
    Well written, good sound, but you have to overcome but the lead actor. She uses exact same breathless, tortured emotional pitch in almost every line she reads. Too bad. Bc other actors are good.
  • macky32188
    Great Podcast!
    Very exciting story. Easy to listen to. Great acting. I am ready for more!!
  • trjvbp
    Bad acting
    Oh lord this is terrible! Over acted.
  • Kna52
    Great acting!
    I am so impressed with the acting in this podcast - some of the best I’ve heard, and I listen to a lot of podcasts! The story is compelling and I can’t wait to see where it goes! Thank you!
  • IvySanderson
    Listen Now!
    I loved this podcast. I listened to it all in one night at work. The ending just left me hanging!! I really hope another season is coming.
  • PgBrook
    I liked the story but I would not have started listening if I had known it was not going to end this year. I know TV series usually don't but it is expected. It is not expected from a podcast. It doesn't even label the shows as season 1. I won't listen again.
  • TrungMasta
    I enjoyed this series quite a bit. It added a nice touch when Kaitlyn started talking in Vietnamese. To me, it added a bit of authenticity and realism. Great voice acting by all involved and enjoyed the music and ambience of the series. I am excited and can’t wait till Season 2 if they come out.
  • LaCosky
    I listened to the whole 1st season and it’s so so. Great storyline but it just didn’t go anywhere. I’ll listen to season 2 if it comes because I want to see where the story goes but I won’t go looking for it
  • pickledbeatle
    Good podcast- but I have two problems
    The best podcast is good, but I am disappointed with two aspects of it: The plot of each episode is exactly the the same- the main character explores a new lead which eventually grows cold. The main character can get very annoying at times to listen to- especially when she is scared or overwhelmed. It is basically just listening to heavy breathing which to me is not very convincing OR enjoyable But, I did like all the of the twists that arched over all of the episodes. I can’t wait for more!
  • Ssdogmg
    No ending or conclusion
    Enjoyed episodes but the ending was an abrupt stop as if a final episode was missing - weird and disappointing
  • confusedlistener2
    No ending?
    It’s hard to give 5 stars when it just stops. Frustrating for listeners.
  • MangyCat
    Mysterious, compelling—but where’s the ending?!
    Loved this and enjoyed the slow burn on the story. Where’s the ending though?! You can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that. 😅 I was excited to hear that Lauren Shippen was one of the writers/producers and that she’s involved with the indomitable Radiotopia now. (The Bright Sessions is phenomenal.) Looking forward you more of her work!
  • sam654987321
    Okay podcast, there’s better out there
    It’s not terrible, I listened to the whole first season but I didn’t love it and would not recommend it over some of the amazing podcasts out there. The main character is very annoying and totally unlikable. Makes it hard to listen to at some points. The season basically went nowhere as it ended pretty much how it started. There are better scripted podcasts out there such as Wolverine and Marvels.
  • bannanachan
    Great premise, optimistic about execution
    I loved this show’s premise and was so excited to hear about it as I’m very, very into audio dramas, but I have to admit it struggles a bit with pacing. While I think the main character is compelling and I'm intrigued by the mystery, I think the format of the first season (interviewing just one person at a time) hinders the plot’s ability to develop at the pace I’d expect from a suspense/mystery. That being said, I’d still recommend it to anyone who enjoys fiction podcasts.
  • Shenny156
    Layered and real
    Love how this story is so layered, and full of twists. You’re constantly deciding whether to believe the next lead or go back to an older clue. Very engaging and feels real. Love the music and montages at the beginning. Lots of clues in there. Thanks for creating- can’t wait for the next season!
  • menamehere
    Selfish, Inept, Unlikable Character in a poorly written plot.
    This podcast follows a wholly unlikable character throufgh a pointless plot.
  • Me-more
    No ending
    What is up with all these podcasts with no ending. Seriously stupid. Don’t waste your time
  • thepck43
    Lack of attention to details
    The script of this episode mentions that Atlantic Airways is a 737-800. The max range of this plane is 5,436km whereas the distance from LHR to JFK is 5,554km. The maximum capacity is 184, but flight 702 had 256 passengers on board. Flying west, over capacity, and 100km beyond its usable range. That’s why the plane crashed. I’d expect the creators to pay attention to some of these details.
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