We Got The Chocolates

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We have travelled around the world dreaming of playing sport professionally... and we never made it. However, if there is one skill we have acquired it’s the art of being a great team-mate.

We create content for the kid in every adult! There are Dad Jokes, fun games and plenty of chat about the things that made us laugh this week. 

We know life gets busy, so this is our way of bringing you along for a chuckle. So grab a beer, coffee or glass of wine and join us for the fun. 

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  • Jackelope77
    If you are looking for a podcast of Australian friends talking about cricket and what they did on the weekend, then this is by far the best one I could find.
  • SassyMCfrassy
    Don’t they do dad jokes?!
    Brilliant. Try it out
  • Jobahn
    Elite podcast
    Isaac here, a listener/viewer from the US. Comfortably my favorite podcast. The comedy is gold and I’ve begun to get interested in cricket thanks to the boys’ commentary. I would have given the show a 10 out of 5 stars but then Gode might’ve said it was over-rated, so 5 of 5 it is. Keep on the tools fellas!
  • Slider2500
    Entre Agassi
    It smells funny in here….but in a good way. Keep it going
  • JEVerges
    I’m (Not) Leigh
    Mighty great show and reprieve from the day. Always a laugh -- cheers boys. Now you review one, Skin.
  • KayGeeRuiz
    Cheers from SoCal
    Absolutely stumbled upon this podcast, but stayed for the laughs. I know nothing of cricket and many of the Aussie-specific topics discussed on the show, but I absolutely adore the jokes and the laughs. I feel like I’m getting the chocolates when I listen with you guys. Honestly, no, the podcast makes me laugh as hard… and with an Australian accent.
  • Hunter K Huston
    Stayed for a laugh. Still here.
    This came across my IG feed and despite the other bizarre crap that seems to float through like unseen flotsam. This was real gem. Hilarious banter and the jokes are epic. Keep it up. Chapeau from the states.
  • Adsbain
    Following Darren”s lead here
    Great effort from these lads. Listen in Seattle every week on my way to work. In the spirit of Darren, happy to change to 5 stars if you can tell me how to un-geo track my TAB app on my phone so I can chuck a few multis up on the weekend. Love ya work Legends.
  • Arcaned Rame
    I think I have seen all the instagram reels youtube videos. Started off with the podcasts now and I am enjoying every one of them.
  • Allen Woffard
    Listener in Tennessee
    Guys - love your stuff! I was putting my podcast on TikTok when I found yours. Absolutely brilliant! Allen Woffard - New Market, TN
  • MPDdarren
    Great job
    Great job Darren
  • Trdrrd
    Cheesy entertainment
    Just a fun gathering with the fellas once a week that I look forward to each Wednesday. Only complaints are (1) Jana is not on the show often enough, (2) no tribute show for Olivia Newton-John, and (3) Crocodile Dundee, who after ONJ’s death is the only Aussie known to Americans, gets no love at all. Frank in Hampton, Virginia
  • word_of_the_day_is
    The gents got the Chocos for sure. Fun jokes, great talks & stories, & even better jingles. As an American I know almost nothing about the sports they talk about, but they are top notch and I enjoy every nonsensical thing they say about Cricket. I told my girl one of the jokes from the show. She got up, looked back, said, “that was the worst dad joke I’ve heard.” Absolute legends.
  • jdd000032
    Came for the jokes, stayed for the fantastic banter. Don’t know anything about Australian sports but these great people are piquing my interest! Keep up the good work!
  • Shastin1
    Comedy gold
    American listener here, I have no clue what does on with cricket but I do know that Leigh is apparently no good at it. You don’t need to follow any Aussie sports to enjoy this, the banter back and forth between the boys are great fun. Mrs. Seymour bit was great. And Janna is always a pleasure to listen to! Cheers lads!
  • i love poop kabdkdbdkdnsh
    New listener
    American listener here. No idea what y’all are talking about most of the time but it’s strangely addicting. It’s like when you get a rogue tater tot in your order of fries. Pleasant surprise.
  • ssmoore39
    Fricken Hilarious
    American listener here, new to cricket (watched Leigh’s quick cricket rules vid on YouTube, great people) so don’t fully understand that yet, but the general banter, tangents, and segments are hysterical.Must or dust is my favorite, tights no shorts is absolute DUST. Can’t wait for future episodes, keep up the great work. Cheers gents!
  • Ty Warber
    Star Wars
    Star Wars 5 stars
  • Notignorant
    Goofy fun with some witty guys
    It’s the chemistry among the guys and gals that makes this a fun listen. I mean you can learn something too but it’s not work
  • Fronnie19
    Reminds me of all my time playing soccer in the USA and Belgium and England. The after game or practice conversations. Nothing but class from the guys.
  • Where’s my bumper sticker
    More excited than a dog with two..
    Some hit moments of the podcast include: sex ed from Leigh, calling an office max for questions about the friend of the show card, Be Goode’s Guest theme song, and an accidental apperance from their mom. If you want something to listen to that will keep you laughing, but you’re not always sure what they are saying this is the show for you. 11/10 would recommend.
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