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Advantage Connors is an ongoing conversation between Tennis legend Jimmy Connors & Brett Connors. Follow along as they cover the worlds of tennis & gambling on a weekly basis along with whatever else pops into their head that day. Jimmy Connors is a tennis legend having played professionally for over 30 years. His record 109 ATP tournament wins still stands today, & includes 8 grand slam singles titles. Brett Connors is a producer for Tennis Channel and has worked in live tennis production for 14 years. Having also traveled the tour with his father in the 80’s and 90’s this gives Brett a unique view of the sport.

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  • crazy4jj
    Tennis fan must listen!
    Jimmy & Brett break down all of the current tennis news; when Jimmy played with Q&A, world events in the news & have guests from all sports from time to time. I never miss a show. Keep up the great work Brett & Jimmy, much appreciated!
  • ADT & .223
    Amazing Podcast
    What great insight on hot topics The father son dynamic is awesome!!
  • David Chicagooo
    Love the show boys
    Great to hear Jimmy’s opinions and viewpoints and love hearing you guys chop it up about the game today.
  • IvannaGolfer
    What Jimmy told me…
    I was a top ranked junior at age 12. Jimmy came to our club and held “court” with all the juniors. He looked me in the eye, pointed at me, and then pointed at the PAC Man machine in the break room the summer that PAC Man came out. He told us all “don’t waste time playing video games, get on the court…” I wish I had listened. He was so right. He tried. He cared. He’s a good man.
  • Richie Breezer
    Highly entertaining podcast
    Love Jimmy and Brett’s mix of tennis and life. Growing up in St Louis I’ve always followed Jimmy throughout his career and I enjoy getting the chance to hear from him every week with the podcast.
  • Marty Castillo
    Top Tennis Podcast
    Brett and Jimmy are a great listen. I love how they mix tennis analysis with general news topics. I was an occasional listener when they had guests I was interested in, but recently became a subscriber and avid listener, as the content is top notch and not to be missed. Keep up the great work!
  • ExplainerVoice
    Michael James Lorin Voiceovers
    Jimmy found his niche!
  • DN4486
    Connors is an idiot
    Save your time and avoid.
  • ksp1113
    What about the US Open experimenting with coaching during matches for men and women in 2022? It seems unfair - players used to go onto the court with a few rackets and some tennis shoes and it didn’t matter if you were world #1 or a qualifier because anyone could afford basically the same equipment. If coaching is allowed in the future the top ranked wealthy players will be able to bring a world class coach to their matches and junior low ranked players will be lucky to have a coach at all. So the established wealthy players will always have an advantage over the lower ranked players who can’t afford top level coaches with world class experience.
  • Samisssh
    Great Podcast - MUST LISTEN!
    Loving the gems of NFTs info they are sharing in their recent podcast. Brett and Jimmy are an amazing duo and love hearing their insight on Life, Sports, Gambling and NFTs!
  • Fallburger
    Advantage Connors
    Brett and Jimmy are awesome podcasters to listen to!! They get really good guests and provide outstanding content! The future is bright for Advantage Connors!
  • Planet Mule
    A Great Podcast about a fantastic sports era
    Jimmy Connors talks with and about the great sports figures from the great eras in sports. He started in pro tennis when the greatest generation (Laver, Rosewall, Stan Smith, Emerson, King, Court) was peaking and the greater generation (Borg, McEnroe, Lendl, Evert, Navratilova) was emerging. It’s not Connors just talking about himself- it’s about the people who built the modern sports world. The Mike Tyson interview is the best ever about who is was and who he is. Each episode offers up great stories presented from Connors and others who lived them.
  • AubsCons
    Family matters!
    Not like I haven’t heard all this before since they are my dad and brother 😉 but I always love tuning in to hear what their guest bring to the table. Their podcast is definitely enjoyable and worth listening to. And now that I live 3,000 miles away it’s always great to hear their voices. So subscribe now to Advantageconnors!
  • Chuck in San Diego
    Love the banter
    Advantage Connors is an awesome podcast. The banter between Jimmy and Brett is entertaining and informative and keeps me up to date on tennis. Always looking forward to the next episode. Keep up the great work guys! Two requests: 1. Do more ‘Connors in the kitchen videos’ 2. Devote a future episode to discussing the doc ‘Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score’
  • Ted Sleder
    Where is Dennis?
    Love the podcast. When are you going to have your friend Dennis on. Would love to hear his side of the story.
  • wadnama
    Really Entertaining
    I love the exchange between the two hosts. They both know the game inside and out and obviously love tennis. Guests are an interesting collection of tennis and non tennis personalities but so far all have been good. Hopefully they will keep this going. I could definitely see a once a week episode being a necessity!
  • Stormcat2
    Jimmy was a great player and I was a big fan but his interviewing skills are lacking and the show is not very good. I wish him well and hope it improves.
  • scottysmo
    Better than a hangover
    From a tennis insider, this is money!
  • The Counselor III
    My two greatest living sports figures of all time (Mr Conners & Mr Player) talking to each other!
    What a “get!” Gary Player is a towering leader in the game of golf, just like Jimmy is in tennis. These men are very, very smart and their life advice and attitudes about human freedom shine like a beacon to all the world. Thank you. Bret, Jimmy and Gary, for an epic conversation between two fascinating people.
  • Gnm98
    Well Done
    Great hosts and great guests, you don’t have to be a tennis nerd or even a fan to like this interesting entertaining podcast. Well done!
  • TheMan440
    Jimmy Connors is AWESOME
    Jimmy and his son are great people and very intelligent! Just found the podcast and love it!
  • shaniac888
    Very good show
    Unique perspective on American sports culture and the nature of sports, competition and many other things.
  • LC Shez
    Really enjoying it— great father son combo!
  • monsoongolf
    Great Shows
    Very well produced podcast with great topics and insight into what's happening in the world of sports as well as other topics. It's also great that Brett can get Jimmy to open up about some great moments he had that otherwise is hard to do
  • Piratepete00000006777
    Gary Player
    The interview with Gary Player was great! Keep up the great work guys. And Jimmy I loved watching you play when I was a kid.
  • kingbrody05
    greatest podcast
    I look forward to hearing what these two have to say every week! This podcast is a must listen.
  • RDPitunes
    Brilliant podcast
    Great insights from a legend and someone in the know. The fact they are father and son is icing on the cake.
  • qowkekwkdd
    Love it.
    Jimmy Connors rules, end of story.
  • Jovi L
    Well done father and son!
  • George Obertubbesing
    Blunt, Direct discussions
    I’ve been really enjoying the dialogue between Brett and Jimmy. Nice to get thoughts from one of the greatest legends of the game. Having had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy a few years back , I’m not at all surprised at the style and substance of the discussions
  • EMcP13
    These two keep it real. Gives unique, inside perspective
    This listen makes me feel more connected to a sport I love. As a host, Brett doesn’t shy away from hitting important topics....has opinions but is also objective. Needless to say, Jimmy has legendary experience and insight most people would never have access to., intriguing, fun entertainment.
  • Jimmy Detroit
    Detroit Jimmy Loves you guys
    Brett and his Dad Jimmy are amazing together. Their on air chemistry couldn’t be better. Brett is the perfect host then Jimmy’s color and story telling makes this a must-listen in my opinion. Love each episode so far and always looking forward to the next!!
  • LC10S
    UTR Re-Open
    Great conversation. Always interesting and entertaining. Loved the Nike vs Converse story and the Paul Anka/Lionel Richie bits! JC - hope to catch you again at the Boca Resort or with Vij when things get better. LC
  • Easy Service
    Great dynamic between Brett and Jimmy. Good combo of old and new subjects
  • Rach Alex
    Fun and informative
    Passionate, engaging, entertaining - very fun podcast about tennis and life. Great listen, never boring. Excited to see where this goes when tennis is back!!
  • FundaySunday
    Fun with the son and father dynamic
    It is fun and entertaining mix between Jimmy and Brett. I love the father son dynamic. I love hearing Jimmy's thoughts on tennis today and his stories from the time he was playing. Brett is a charismatic and funny. The mix of Jimmy's old school ways and Brett giving the younger perspective give is a great mix of old and new and I I really enjoy listening to them.
  • sirchicken nugget
    A must listen for tennis lovers
    Love all the behind the scenes info and entertaining talks with one of tennis’s greatest players.
  • Rettezilla
    Insightful take on how to live a life in sports and in the day to day. Interviews are thoughtful and well executed. Conversations remind me of how interesting we all are in very specific and unique ways.
  • @itslajbird
    Ball boy
    Absolutely love this cast & podcast. I had the pleasure of being Mr. Connors ballboy back in the late 70’s. He was my Michael Jordan long before MJ came along. So good to hear father & son relate over life’s adventures. Jay
  • Jancat1164
    Great podcast!
    I’ve really enjoyed the first few. Brett has a real talent for broadcasting, and with Jimmy’s experience as a tennis legend and commentator, it is a winning father/son combination. I look forward to more guests and more tennis talk on their show.
  • Gman787878
    Great podcasts! I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have been waiting 20+ years to listen to Jimmy Connors talk tennis and this definitely fits the bill. This is the perfect combination of Brett’s knowledge of current tennis balanced by Jimmy’s perspective and experience from the tour. Keep ‘em coning!
  • FedererAddict
    Two Times the Connors, Two Times The Fun!
    Love the back and forth on this. Seriously great insights into the tennis world, which has been missing in podcasts for too long. Even 10/10 dentists agree, this is great.
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