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As a parent, do you ever wish someone could just whisper some realistic and trustworthy support in your ear? And not make you feel awful for not having all the answers? Well, that’s what I’m here for. I'm Dr. Aliza Pressman, developmental psychologist, parent educator, asst. clinical professor, and co-founder of both Mount Sinai Parenting Center and SeedlingsGroup. And I'm a mom... trying to raise two good humans myself, so I'm in this with you! In each episode, we'll go deep (but brief) with both experts and parents to share the most effective approaches and tools and talk about the important bigger picture of raising good humans. My goal is to make your parenting journey less overwhelming and a lot more joyful! Please join me every Friday for new episodes of Raising Good Humans.

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  • Adventurewdad
    Best Parenting Podcast - By Far
    Listening to Dr. Aliza Pressman has been a weekly routine of mine since season 1. She no only helps me to become a better parent and understand my son and how he’s developing, but she help me to better understand myself. I always say child development is everyone’s development because we were all children. She only speaks on topics she is familiar with and invites guests who are experts in the field. Every show is based in science, not empirical evidence. But she does connect science with her own experiences of being a parent. I could go on and on, but it’s better to listen to her podcast than read my take on how great she is. Give it a listen, one episode and you’ll be hooked and better for it.
  • heocon146
    Very informative and helpful
    I’ve been loving Dr. Aliza. I especially love the episode with Dr. Brackett. I love that he actually shared the strategy for parents to deal with their own anxiety/emotions, instead of just with our children’s. It is helpful for me because I never learnt this, and I want to be able to model it for my kids. Thank you so much!
  • Princess Darby
    Emotional Scientists
    I love this podcast so much. It helps me reflect on myself as a mother and gives me the tools and knowledge I need to improve. But this specific episode has been my favorite. I’ve listened to it twice because I wanted to take notes because I felt it was so important.
  • Lkjtfs
    LOVE this podcast
    I’ve been working with the seedlings team ever since my son was born 10 years ago! They have guided me through so many difficult parenting scenarios, including my painful divorce. Thanks to Aliza, I felt empowered to speak to my children on this difficult topic in an educated and confident way. There is a lot of parenting advice out there but the advice they give here is grounded in data so you feel truly certain that their guidance is appropriate and sound. I love this podcast and am so grateful for their these brilliant ladies!
  • allib282282
    Such a great podcast! Highly recommend!
    Dr Aliza is amazing. She is compassionate, reasonable, and relatable. Her guests are some of the best in the field and extremely knowledgeable. She is my go-to for all things child development and parenting. I’ve learned so much from her. Thank you Dr Aliza! You’re the best!
  • Jess0143
    I only WISH i could fully explain how amazing this podcast is. I am a young mother, who comes from a very traditional disciplinary family background, in all of my relationships (daughter, employee, gf, etc) i struggle with setting boundries or making any confident decisions… ever. im also a christian for context. Growing up my parents would always excuse away toxic behavior as “theres no parenting handbook” and now in 2022 this by far is the EXACT parenting handbook EVERYONE should listen & read and try their HARDEST to put into practice. I came to this podcast for parenting advice/knowledge but learned shortly after you don't even need to be a parent to have take aways from this. And if you're spiritual and find it conflicting bcuz its heavy in science you can also find it valuable bcuz it shares so many values. So its science & knowledge you could add to your tool belt & not in place of. its so nicely explained that anyone can understand and put into practice. its a positive & nurishing podcast that i would love to just add to my perception . the whole podcasts focuses on mindfulness to raise confident resilient, kind, self motivated, self regulated children . l don’t use it in place of God but rather like additional knowledge thats based in science of cognitive and neurological development. And on a more personal level this podcast has helped broaden my level of self awareness, helped me parent my own inner child. It has helped me become more assertive while remaining compassionate. It has given me EVERYDAY practical nuggets i can not only use with my two year old daughter but even help other mommies who struggle with understanding what they’ve coined “gentle parenting” Dr.Aliza even has the best guests on this podcast too. She has definitely built strong relationships with other qualified and renowned doctors & professionals who offer even more insight who offer their factual data, research or even perspectives. I always wanted understandable yet factual data that explained research and statistics and ive finally found it. Listening to this podcast started off as my parenting journey but slowly poured into MANY relationships in my life. 10/10 i really wish aliza was on TIK TOK ik she would THRIVE on an app with that much outreach!!!!
  • Casnh
    Just trust yourself
    Why let some stranger tell you how to raise your kids?
  • abbyrosegreen
    Best mama coming right up
    This is the podcast that makes me want to be the best mama I can possibly be. Tangible. Real. Honest tips on how to make small changes to make big impact! Thank you for doing what you do!
  • emtj15
    Positive reflection
    I am a new mom and a “recovering perfectionist”. This podcast is so positive and allows you to examine the way you think about raising kiddos, with a self love mindset!
  • MychalPink
    Raising Good Humans is my Rock!
    Always my go to for self help as a parent and as a human! Dr Aliza just has the right stuff. I never tire of her topics— they are always relevant. Part of what makes these episodes so appealing is her natural ability to bring out the best in her expert/guests. Her two part series on Internal Family Systems model has been incredible for me to discover. Thank you so much for all the work you continue to do for us, Dr Aliza! With love and gratitude from Victoria BC - Mychalpink
  • Cooksallthefood
    Just the best
    Like getting advice from your best friend, if your best friend just happened to be a brilliant psychologist.
  • IJH2022
    Amazing - mom friendly!
    She offers practical and reasonable advice on parenting , with empathy and respect for all of us moms / parents out their doing our best! Judgement free and always helpful!
  • sewage trash
    Why does she look like my teacher but younger
    ?????????????????? I’m in 5th grade
  • denisearts
    A terrific podcast!
    This is one of the few podcasts that I subscribe to, and sometimes even listen to *twice* (on purpose) … Dr Pressman asks just the right questions of her wonderful guests, and I’m usually left reconsidering not only my parenting but my parents choices as well - not a bad thing. She’s kind and smart and gentle, like a great therapist should be, and doesn’t ‘oversell’ either the topic or the sponsors, like some other podcasts do. Her love of her work comes through, and I’m very grateful to have stumbled upon her. I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
  • Lunchbunch
    Podcast Review Raising Good Humans
    A great podcast!! Absolutely love every episode!
  • megallf
    So glad I found this podcast!
    This podcast has helped me in so many ways while raising my 3 (very different) children. Dr. Aliza covers so many topics and puts them in practical and realistic terms. I find her advice so helpful and I really enjoy listening to her.
  • esther((
    Love this show !!
    I love the practical, tangible and concrete advice that Dr Aliza offers. This show is empowering as a parent, and helps me put the big picture in perspective. This show also helps me get real tools for being the best mom I can for my kids - all the while helping me feel that my identity as a person (and not just a mom) is important too!!
  • chelsebee77
    Excellent parenting podcast
    This is my favorite parenting podcast. The right combo of realism, ideals, and research. I am a therapist and I feel like it is so helpful.
  • Bek Schrec
    Five stars
    The closest thing there is to a handbook for parenting. I find the content applicable and practical
  • Rachel8970
    The best parenting advice!
    This podcast has helped me tremendously as a parent!! The episodes are the perfect length, having enough time to dive deep into certain issues, but not too long with unnecessary information. It’s all backed by science, and the tips/advice just work!
  • jmcj366
    Always relevant
    Dr. Aliza seems to anticipate my current parenting need and provides a relevant podcast week after week. She’s one of my very favorite follows for practical parenting advice.
  • drsinglemom
    Balanced and Awesome Parenting and Life
    Fantastic podcast! Listen to this podcast for science and reality and a sense that you’ve got this parenting thing down (and have help when you need it!)! Expert content with levity and practicality.
  • That_one_girl
    Informative and helpful
    My only complaint is I didn’t find this podcast sooner. There are episodes about so many different parenting topics - something for everyone.
  • barre mom
    Love This Podcast
    I can not say enough about this show! Every episode I listen to is so informative and such a huge benefit to me! Love Dr. Aliza Pressman.
  • to.ri.la
    Teaches me so much
    Dr. Aliza is incredible and dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of her listeners and their families. I’m so grateful I have found this resource and can’t thank her enough for the advice she offers!
  • Swimmwrgirl
    Love this podcast!
    Calm and wise guidance! I trust her and like her interview style. Keep coming back to it.
  • must have for new moms
    My favorite of all the parent podcasts out there. Aliza is well educated and thoughtful about her topics and conversations, I genuinely consider this free therapy as a mom. I am so grateful that this podcast exists along with several others but this one is my favorite. I’ve been a mother for 4+ years and have learned incredibly helpful tips and feel support when I listen to these topics. Update, mom of two now going into year 6 of mom life and still this is best parent show out there. Thank you dr Aliza! Ps I would rate this higher and more often but I have such challenge finishing the route to place a review!! User error.
  • Geegyujvdwwtt
    Amazing parental support
    So much great advice on this podcast that has helped me become so much more confident as a parent! Highly recommend!
  • SalemRiffle
    A+ advice and application
    Such great and simple advice. There is a take-away from every episode that will help you love on your children more.
  • That.Nickname.Is.Taken.?
    Great podcast!
    Dr. Aliza makes complex problems so simple to understand. And her advice is very reassuring especially because she sites the research. Must listen!!!
  • BStar2016
    One of my favs!!
    I so appreciate Dr. Aliza Pressman and her realness on the show! She comes off truly authentic, doesn’t back away from showing her vulnerability, and is always willing to share her own parenting “mistakes”. She’s such a great model for learning and growing and giving yourself grace along this parenting journey.
    The best for parents!
    I always find your episodes so helpful. Thank you for your work!!
  • Tina Payne Bryson, PhD
    Dr. Tina Payne Bryson
    One of the best parenting podcasts out there. Science-based, authentic, relevant. I recommend it all the time! Dr Aliza Pressman is the real deal. I trust her and love each episode.
  • Tribecagal
    A gift for all parents
    As a busy Mom, I don’t have the time or the attention span to read child rearing books and the the latest research and news about children and teens. Luckily, I have been following Dr. Aliza‘s advice for years and she does it all for me. A must listen to for all parents, either first time or old pros.
  • Bhamfam123
    Helps build relationships with your children
    I love the advice I get from this podcast!
  • megclinard
    Look forward to each episode
    I love these episodes. They help ground me in my parenting journey as I head into the teen years. Great topics discussed. Very valuable. I share them often.
  • Rembem17
    Incredibly helpful
    This podcast has been such a welcome addition to my parenting knowledge. Literature-based, approachable, implementable advice.
  • HK Tega
    Fantastic podcast for parents and professionals!
    I’m a parent and a child psychologist who thoroughly enjoys listening to Dr Aliza’s podcast. She has a great variety of professionals who share their expertise to help everyone through their parenting journey!
  • Kaiti Marston
    My favorite podcast.
    Dr. Pressman presents the information in a way that is so relatable. She interviews amazing experts and only uses peer-reviewed factual information. Really cannot recommend enough.
  • Czmrz
    One of the best!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Dr. Aliza Pressman is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. One of my main weekly resources for parenting help/guidance! Thank you Dr. Aliza!
  • Caseyy
    The Best!!
    I wish you were around when I had kids, I really feel I would have been a better parent!
  • Drakegrad4
    Relatable great content
    I am so glad I found this podcast! Especially when I am on road trips it has been really great to listen to. I have gained some awesome advice on real parenting issues. My kids have even listened to it and asked me questions. Keep up the good work!!
  • parentoflittles
    Incredibly helpful info
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast! Dr. Aliza Pressman’s way of explaining child development info is very straightforward and practical. She’s helped me understand the “why” behind several of my kids’ behaviors which has totally shifted my expectations of them. I’m so glad I found this podcast while my kids are little!
  • brown/gigi
    Wonderful content! Very helpful and your delivery is so kind and calm and thoughtful!
  • MTA traveler
    Always helpful
    Such easy, possible, logical and calm advice to follow!
  • jamarcus jibgle berty the tird
    Best parenting podcast
    Truly one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve recommended it to many moms!!
  • jessthornhill
    Great for educators too!
    This is a great source, for anyone who wants to raise good humans! I personally do not have kids of my own, but I am a 3K teacher! Instilling morals and values is so important to me besides the rigamarole of day to day curriculum…yes even in 3K! I came across the host through instagram and so glad I did! It’s a great resource!!
  • 547Ginger
    Always Helpful!
    This podcast is always a game changer and n a very positive way, or reassuring on pieces I’m already doing. I love how Dr. Aliza keeps it real and PRACTICAL!
  • JLP_123
    Science-based, easily applicable concepts!
    This podcast has been hugely helpful for me! Dr. Aliza Pressman offers science-based concepts while also giving everyday applications and examples. Very accessible and applicable ideas! Thank you Dr. Pressman!
  • Kait Eason
    The Best
    Dr. Aliza Pressman has genuinely changed my life!
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