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This is Plant Daddy Podcast: serving you intersectional horticulture. I’m Matthew, and I’m Stephen.We are Plant Daddies living in Seattle, WA, podcasting about our passion for cultivating plants. Since our identities are intersectional, and [we'd like to think] include much more than just being gay millennial Plant Daddies, we'll also get into pop culture, LGBTQ+ content, current events, and our own personal stories. We chat with such guests as gardening, botany and horticulture experts, amateur potted plant hobbyists, professionals in the houseplant industry, and some of our unsuspecting friends. We are going to teach, learn, and share. Up to 30% non-botanical content by volume.

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Recent Reviews
  • Hrefna
    Soothing and Informative
    I’ve turned to learning about houseplants as a way to get through this winter of pandemic and political crises. I’ve found the Plant Daddies to be excellent company when I’m down to my last frayed nerve. They are well informed and interesting talking about plants, and their voices are pleasant to listen to. The episodes teaching about specific plants have been especially good for me, my plants are already looking much better!
  • easkaldi9
    My new favorite
    Binging this podcast got me thru a hard time. I’ve learned a lot and am excited about new plants I either didn’t know about or wasn’t interested in before. Especially love the plant profiles for this reason! Thank you!
  • savannah.8123
    this pod brought my inner plant lover back
    I used to work at a greenhouse for two years as a side gig and become completely obsessed with growing, collecting and thinking about all things plants every chance I could. Since covid, I’ve really lost my drive and interest in this topic without my awareness, it just slipped away. Finding this podcast brought that care giving and growth inducing feeling that I’ve been missing back into my focus. I now look at my plants with that nurturing aspect I thought was gone forever. Matthew and Stephen provide so much information and honesty that is careful crafted in their delivery on this podcast. For plant lovers, for those who want to learn, for those who enjoy hearing people talk about their passions, or for those who need to be freshly watered - this podcast is for you! 💚
  • WestTexasJungle
    Definitely recommend!
    This podcast is both entertaining and educational! So glad I found it!
  • mikemo812
    I like the podcast, but they keep cursing, but not like every other sentence. Otherwise good.
  • Pretentious cat
    my favorite!
    Had to choose a podcast to dissect for school and I chose this one!! Love it!!!
  • AgressiveScritches
    Informative and chill
    I love the educational content and the mild banter. The show has personality but it is packed with useful knowledge. The aroid substrate episode was exactly what I needed. I also find the succulent and carnivorous episodes helpful, because I raise begrudgingly them for my boyfriend. Also, it’s just nice to listen to something so peaceful during this time.
  • RT_McFly
    Exactly what I was looking for
    Really helpful. Good level of knowledge and able to communicate concepts well. Clearly highly professional hobbyests with a depth of knowledge. And they outsource knowledge gaps to brilliant guests.
  • Keeowee Key
    Fun, informative
    Stephen and Matthew are convival, entertaining, and most important for a podcast on growing plants, a wealth of information. You will not be disappointed.
  • jpzang
    Top Notch..or node???!!
    Great resource for houseplant education but also very entertaining. Love the perspective to collecting that each daddy brings and the audio chemistry that transpires.
  • Love heart 2
    I just mounted my orchid
    😉 I was so inspired halfway through episode 3 I collected some material and immediately mounted my old Trader Joe’s orchid. Maybe it will finally bloom for me. Great podcast and I think you both are knowledgeable and amusing in equal parts.
  • Shanonymousatx
    So much wholesome plant edutainment
    I no longer use apple podcasts, but Spotify won’t let me rate and review so here goes! These boys are so knowledgable and relatable. With their different house plant preferences (carnivorous vs Tropicals), I feel like it’s a great spread of content that is applicable for any houseplant lover. This has become my other go-to planty podcast (in addition to On the Ledge). Thanks for making this, and SO glad you’re back from your break :) you were indeed missed.
  • TabbiQ92
    Just started listening and I love it!
    Found this podcast while looking for care tips for a Monstera Adansonii I just acquired. Thanks to PlantDaddies I’ve impulsively bought two new plants and I’m so excited for them to arrive!
  • Vectors4Prez
    Charming and wonderful
    This is my cheer-up podcast. The hosts are delightful and their conversation is casual, informative, and fun to listen to. It’s like sitting around geeking out about plants with friends, and listening to this makes me low-key wish they were my neighbors.
  • ACY215
    Like a conversation with friends
    I love listening to these guys the conversations are casual and informative. And I think it’s cool that they are honest about disliking certain plants because let’s be real we all have plants that we don’t like (cough alocasia cough). I suggest they ask billy porter to do their introduction for season two “serving intersectional plant real ness”
  • cupcakej929
    Favorite House Plant Pod
    So this is saying a lot, but this is my absolute favorite podcast about houseplants (and I listen to several). Matthew and Stephen are not only extremely entertaining and informative, but also “real life,” talking about different scenarios that would actually exist in someone’s home, as well as their mistakes and how they corrected them (their IG account is awesome as well)! Please keep the episodes coming! I am a fan!
  • fossilsmoon
    5 stars
    This is an amazingly informative and funny podcast. Both hosts are very charismatic in different ways. A great aspect of this pod is that the two hosts have very different plant preferences so you get two well educated perspectives in one. I’m so glad this pod exists, there are so few good plant podcasts out there!!! Definitely don’t sleep on this one
  • Daisy Mae Mae Gurl
    Good Chives Only
    Great podcast and I love the different perspectives from the hosts. The differing opinions help me learn about plants I normally wouldn’t be interested in. Thanks guys! 🙏
  • Alysssaafooo
    So fun! But...
    Please work on mastering the volume. Sometimes you guys laugh into the mic and it’s ear piercing and other parts you can’t hear at all. Other than that. Fantastic.
  • MRSullivan
    Love these boys
    Definitely take the time to listen. Great LGBT gardening podcasts with super informative and friendly hosts. I’ve even chatted with both of them through social media and now it’s like listening to friends across the country each week. Their plants and the hosts are both easy on the eyes too! ;)
  • Ben Dot Bruh
    Hear them mispronounce science terms all day long
    Especially aggravating for an audio-only medium for the hosts to not make an effort to pronounce their terminologies correctly. I’ve listened for all of 5 minutes and I’ve already heard “etoliate” and “PRO-venance”
  • thepreymusic
    So fun
    I’m a newbie plant dad and when I found this podcast I was like “Yaass, a podcast for my hyperspecific gay PNW Millennial plantdaddy demographic!” Intersectional indeed. Keep up the great work!
  • BmoreRach
    Love them!
    This podcast is so unique and chill to listen to! I love their personalities and humor! It’s still very informational but makes you feel like you’ve pulled up a chair and are relaxing with friends who are talking plants.
  • Whit412
    Gay plant people are the best!
    As a fellow queer plant lover this podcast fills all my podcast requirements. Plus these guys have the best radio voices. So soothing and informative.
  • Letter nut
    I love your podcast! I have a botany degree and Ive been working as a horticulturist for the past 16years. Plants are apart of every aspect of my life. My work day revolves around plants and my personal life does as well. However I am almost always engrossed in outdoor habitat, and ecology. I’m always trying to improve soil health and promote native pollinators -I can grow almost anything outside in my zone 6 area of Washington state. But my poor houseplants are always barley alive... the two of you have inspired me to be a better plant ( mamma?) to my struggling houseplants. Keep up the great work! I feel like the more I know the more I don’t know! Even though you are both relatively new to plants I learn something from every podcast- granted sometimes not plant related. But always informative and entertaining 👍🏼👍🏼
  • plantsidechat
    They know what they’re talking about!
    They give great information, for the novice to the advanced plant daddy ( or parent!). They get pretty detailed too.
  • acee15
    Fun and Informative
    I was considered a houseplant expert back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was a teenager, but moved away from houseplants as I got older to focus on my outdoor garden. Anyway, now I’m in an apartment, in my 50’s, and having a great time resurrecting my houseplant hobby. I heard the guys when I was listening to On The Ledge and became a fan! My millennial son is also a houseplant collector, so it’s an interest we share. Can you do an episode on indoor ferns? I’m trouble shooting on about 15 different varieties and, of course, struggling the most with the Maidenhair. The foliage has turned a light green, but they continue to grow new fronds. Oh, I loved your episode on Begonia maculata. I like Begonia’s and ferns because they take a little more effort. Thank you! Allan Laird (Instagram: allanfrancis)
  • Hannihooni
    Plant lover
    I really enjoy listening-I have always enjoyed plants but recently became obsessed and this had been so helpful. My obsession currently are hoyas.
  • Odnamra35
    Incredibly entertaining and informative!
    Matthew and Stephen really add a lot of amazing information on all the plants they talk about. They’re also incredibly entertaining and know how to keep you engaged at all times during the show.
  • mcstarshine
    Informative & entertaining
    I love that they cover common plants but bring light to plants that you don’t see all over Instagram. They’ve introduced me to a lot of different houseplants I’ve never known about. Can’t wait to see or hear? Future episodes!
  • timjgay
    This is the perfect podcast to listen to on your plant care days. I love hearing how others plant care habits and methods differ from mine own. Every episode teaches me something new about my plants and myself! Highly recommend this for everyone regardless of how green your thumb is.
  • Edme
    Want to listen to people hate on houseplants for an hour? Or just get vitriolic about their burning hate for variegation? Then this is the podcast for you. I just wanted to listen to people talk about the love we all have for plants, not listen to the hosts just put plants on blast for an hour.
  • sarah0900
    Love my plant daddies!
    Love these two. Also — no annoying music or accents (sorry not sorry!)
  • franckittens
    Great houseplant podcast!
    There aren’t a whole lot of podcasts dedicated to houseplants. This one is great!
  • zane_66
    Best houseplant podcast.
    Incredibly easy and entertaining to listen to. I’m always excited to see a new episode is up.
  • gaydude206
    Fun gay podcast
    I actually have learned a lot about plants and used their suggestions. Not a big gardener myself but been helpful for what I want to do.
  • tyfortyler
    5 🌟
    Love listening to these two when I’m relaxing with my houseplants. Super knowledgeable, FUNNY AS HELL, and entertaining to listen to
  • MandyPants1234
    So informative — my favorite podcast!
    Listening to this podcast has inspired me to take my houseplant care to the next level. I hope you guys do one on aquaculture soon!
  • DrewKM
    Highly Informative and Entertaining!
    So glad that Matthew and Stephen are sharing their passion and knowledge about plants. People like me who are new to this hobby need all the help we can get, and these guys are happy to oblige.
  • The2ndGeneration
    Loving listening to this podcast lying in the sun in my backyard realizing how much better I can be as a plant daddy myself - so engaging and encouraging. Excited for more content!
  • francielo18
    Listening to Matthew and Stephen was entertaining, informative and simply fabulous! Thank you both! I look forward to future episodes from Plant IS an enjoyable “thing” to listen to!
  • Kat Tastic
    Plant passion
    These two guys are charming, knowledgeable, and fun. Also don’t make me feel like a loser for the obscene number of plants I’ve accidentally killed. A show for plant parents at all levels and interests. Looking forward to future episodes!
  • Minnie Van Driver
    Thank you, Daddy
    Plants. Daddies. Information. Sultry voices. Finally, a podcast that finally combines all of these into one. It doesn’t get any better than this. So, do yourself a favor a subscribe to these plant daddies!
  • Nomator
    Entertaining AND informative! Looking forward for more to come!!
  • plantboi1010
    Oh, daddy!
    I can’t wait to see how this podcast continues to grow.
  • MattKJackson
    Is it tacky to review your own podcast?
    This Seattle-based show is for anyone whose identity includes, but is not limited to, loving plants, being LGBTQ or an ally, and enjoying the experience of listening to guys like us talk about the stuff we talk about. Hope you enjoy it!
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