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Eric Roberts is a Fitness Coach who pledges to cut through the fitness industry noise to be the #1 source for no BS fitness information. The goal of the Eric Roberts Fitness Podcast is to inform people about REAL, actionable fitness information to start seeing results. Eric tells you what you NEED to know not only to get the body you want, but keep it for the rest of your life.

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  • 989797799&&8
    Podcast person I was not until now!!
    I absolutely love this podcast/the fitness group everything!! I found Eric on Instagram about a year ago and started to sit and pay attention to what he was posting. I am not much of a “podcast” individual I maybe listened to 3 other podcast prior to finding Eric and honestly didn’t care much for them!! Then Eric mentioned or tagged one on his Instagram and now I’m hooked!!! Always seems to hit the issues I am currently dealing with and love the blunt approach!!! Great listen and I have been going back in time to listen to them all!!
  • KimFL13
    I am HERE for Episode 518
    First, it’s your podcast - talk about whatever you want! Second, thank you for thinking big and talking about other aspects of our lives that ultimately affect everything, including fitness! You’re the jam, man!
  • mercedes.navarro7
    Meal prep buddy!
    I love this podcast. I listen to it before I start work and when I meal prep on the weekend. I love how Eric doesn’t sugarcoat things, it helps me feel inspired + accountable. 10/10!
  • appt1001
    He’s so knowledgeable, and just tells us how it is. No bull crap I love that! I could do with a little less cussing, but hey, it is what it is!
  • Aiza Y
    Amazing podcast!!!
    Eric…you are so smart and genuine. Your podcast is one of the best things I’ve discovered in my life. Not only I am obtaining so much precious knowledge about fitness, but also my mindset is being changed. Your impact on my life is tremendous. Your podcasts give me so much motivation and inspiration. Please keep it up with podcasts with real clients. I am extremely interested to listening to those stories. I feel more superior than an average person because I’ve gained so much knowledge listening to your podcasts. I’ve been religiously listening to them from the very beginning and devouring so much info! It’s crazy how you do that all for free! But I am sure you are becoming very successful coach and businessman. You deserve it - a huge huge thanks for all your effort and work. I am beyond happy to have cyber-met you! ❤️❤️❤️
  • redrose36
    Information for average people interested in improving
    Great Podcast! Eric simplifies things for the average person that isn’t a gym rat without being patronizing.
  • crys1586
    Love his podcasts
    Listen to them every morning during my walk
  • emarv88
    Love Eric and love his podcast! The man is out here helping us all to realize our potential and change our lives for the better. When he says he wants you to win, he truly wants absolutely that! Look at all the amazing FREE content he pushes out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. He is doing what he was put on this earth to do and I cannot thank him enough for doing it!
  • mirday83
    You need him in your life
    Eric is hands down the most passionate, caring, informative, and results driven fitness coach I’ve come across. He and his team literally want nothing more than to provide you with the most valuable, raw information that you need on your health and fitness journey. His podcasts and you tube videos have given me a new outlook on life, you need him in yours too!! ❤️
  • Herman_Doe
    Some of the best fitness, health and even life information out there. A great listen!!
  • Nely713
    Life changing fr.
    He’s the 🐐 that’s it.
  • bobbi.ish
    Life changing
    I can honestly say that ERF Podcast along with being part of the clubhouse has played apart in changing my life both mentally and physically. I am forever grateful for the wealth of knowledge that is shared by Eric!
  • Jm1022
    Wealth of knowledge
    What an amazing person! Straight forward and to the point. As a coach, expect one on one correspondence and he truly goes above and beyond. He makes a personal connection with each and every client. Phenomenal podcaster, coach, and person!
  • trishdozier
    Great insight!
    I feel like Eric is the most down to earth , realistic coach/motivator I’ve listened too. He tells you like it is, not only is “that the way it is” but it’s also helpful. I’ve lifted for years & his words are reassurance.. when I have questions answered I always seek his IG .. today is my first day on his podcast. Thanks man!
  • Jess333334444
    Best fitness podcast in the game!
    Best fitness podcast out there! Always incredibly motivating, I love that he puts out 3 podcasts a week. So much great content and always a new episode to listen to.
  • Sagelake
    Great motivating and informational podcast!!
    I listen to this podcast every week and sometimes go back and listen to old ones. Because of this podcast and other social media that Eric posts I have incorporated strength training into my workouts.
  • jnewton0518
    Real, Honest, and Motivating!
    I absolutely love this podcast. Eric is very straightforward and honest about what you need to do to see a change in your health & fitness journey. He’s knowledgeable, motivating, and inspiring!
  • Jayna H
    Just listen
    I love this podcast so much! I find myself listening to past episodes just because it’s fuel. Let’s freaking go! 💪🏼
  • Suzz0420
    Eric Roberts
    This podcast is so wonderful at so many levels. It is full of useful, educational information. Eric also mixes quality training information with the emotional side of physical fitness. He teaches you the path to fitness while still having a “life”. If you are interested in fitness this is the podcast for you. I am literally waiting for the podcast to drop so I can listen immediately. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Victor_Van_Dort
    To each their own
    Eric obviously loves talking. I think when he is just speaking about the core topics, it’s a great listen and he can provide value, but his ego and profanity detract heavily from the professionalism and credibility. More professional = more listeners.
  • kwilliam423
    Love every podcast!
    Every podcast is so inspiring. Even though this is a fitness and health podcast, so many of the principles he teaches apply to every other aspect of my life too. His “never give up, no excuses, push through even when you don’t feel like it” discussions have made me more present as a parent and also have helped me with stressors at work. I listen to the podcasts every day when I work out. Thank you for all that you do, Eric!
  • Nikapger
    Inner thoughts
    I personally enjoy Eric's inner thoughts. I find them entertaining, some times funny, and I always manage to learn something that I can apply to my life! Thank you Eric
  • clauroj19
    The best!
    Eric shares sooooooo much, easy to digest AND easy to apply information! I have learned a ton in just a few month. He is also hilarious which makes listening that much more fun!
  • stellaizkool
    Inner monologue
    Appreciate Eric sharing his inner monologue— always so many nuggets of gold and takeaways.
  • LetiR33
    So thorough
    If you haven’t been listening to this podcast, you are missing out. You will Get inspired, educated and you will work on your mindset to get things done! 100% recommend!
  • tinabama
    This Podcast Full Of Awesomeness!!
    Eric is so incredibly knowledgeable and real! He explains things simply so even a newbie like me can understand. I listened and followed him on Instagram for several months before joining the ERF Clubhouse. Wish I had done that sooner!! It is such an amazing group! Simply can’t say enough positive things about Eric, the ERF Clubhouse and this podcast!
  • R Cibbs
    Must Listen!
    This podcast is a necessity for your fitness journey, no matter your goals. Creative, no nonsense fitness truth.
  • Alisha62414
    Rambles without any structure
    It’s hard to keep up. He jumps from topic to topic. I struggle to listen to my own in we monologue let alone listening to someone else’s in we monologue.
  • jesseyebrow
    My guy Eric!
    Amazing Podcast!!! Always listening to it on the way to work and the way back home. Everything explained well and i love that he’s 100% real and that matters to me so much! Thanks to him I am learning so much about losing fat and gaining muscle, i love him as a fitness coach!!!
  • dncr59
    Podcast review
    Everything is explained clearly. Appreciate the content and his IG is also fantastic
  • The _ Coach
    Great Podcast
    Eric does a great job breaking things down and explaining the process for a healthy journey! Thanks!
  • iSubha user
    The best workout podcast
    He explains things so well and is so helpful no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey. Highly recommend!
  • ginspencer
    Working sets vs warm up sets
    Hi was hoping you can spend some time on explaining warm up sets. Are they only required for very heavy compound exercises or can they also be done for dumbbell exercises ie bicep curls, shoulder press, lateral raises? How are they performed ie how many reps and how many sets and weight? How many reps in the working sets? Sorry for such a silly question but I am confused. Can you give examples for the heaviest weight being a DB of 20 lbs? How do you progress to 20 lbs ? Thank you A video would be most helpful - Nancy
  • mistyhinesley
    The best fitness and nutrition podcast hands down!
    I listen to a lot of fitness and nutrition podcasts and Eric’s is the best! He says more useful information in 10 minutes than most podcasts cover in a whole show. You will learn a tremendous amount from him. Strength training and macros/calories, he knows his stuff! Highly recommend!
  • Alexander massen
    Your awesome
    Great episodes as always I love all your episodes I recently started going back and listen to your very first episodes You sound so much more confident in yourself now your content is great you and Jordan Syatt and two of my faves I love you enthusiasm and how much you care and how much you don’t care who someone is you just want to help them no matter what or where they are in life!!! Keep doing your thing!
  • Juicy243
    Great content
    So much great content provided. I have learned so much from Listening to Eric. Especially love the Q&A podcasts.
  • BCQuick
    Great Teacher
    Eric Roberts is a great teacher and has a way of putting a subject in a way anyone can understand. I believe if you would give him an opportunity, he will get you the help you need. He is extremely well rounded in the area of fitness and nutrition, just spend a few days listening to his podcasts and watching his YouTube videos and see for yourself.
  • Loudaaaa12122
    Amazing podcast
    Just discovered you from a friend Happy to listen to someone who has same point views as me. As I am a coach too and it show how well rounded and much knowledge u have. Thank u and keep it up
  • mizVsquared
    Favorite podcast
    Eric is very knowledgeable and motivating. I have learned so much from listening to his podcast and he helps keep me motivated to consistently improve myself everyday. Looking forward to the next episode!
  • kiaabobiaa
    Eric is the GOAT
    the content he puts out is sooo helpful. And it’s like he literally reads my mind with the stuff he puts out is always something I’m wondering about! Don’t ever change
  • jskapens
    The best of the best!
    Erick! Thank you so much for your podcasts! You are so on point and motivating. Every time I take time off the gym, I listen to your podcasts and I can’t wait to start going to the gym again on Monday! I have gotten so much more confident lifting weights at the gym and I have learned so much from your videos, advice and podcasts. Thank you for all you do!! Highly recommended!!
  • SweetP7412
    Knowledgeable and Unique
    Eric knows his stuff! His podcasts provide a ton of information but in a manner that is easy to digest and apply. He is unique in his ability to find fresh topics to do podcasts on and oftentimes provides a little different take on common fitness subjects. He provides a TON of information for free. I credit him with helping me get on a 15lb weight loss journey and a switch to progressive overload training. Thank you, Eric! Keep up the great work!
  • Alene1
    The best!
    Love this guy and his no nonsense approach. Great info delivered with humor, passion, and heart. I’m so glad I found his podcast and Instagram account.
  • supergrlaz
    Such GOOD information!
    This guy is legit! I have been following him and listening to his podcast for a while. He tells you like it is. No secrets. Straight up what you gotta do to achieve your goals. He is always offering info on how to do an exercise correctly or cardio. Just listen to him! You are not wasting time.
  • shane618492
    Fav fitness podcast!
    Finding myself religiously listening to Eric’s podcast! Gained a lot of knowledge about fitness & just having a more positive outlook on maintaining my health & fitness journey. Mentioned your IG, tiktok, and podcast to a couple of friends and they love the content as well! Thank you, Eric! I will keep listening!
  • Kounty Line
    Great Podcast, Common Sense Approach
    This is Eric Roberts, if you don’t know him or what he is trying to do, go to Instagram o tree TikTok and check him out. Absolute straight shooter, tells exactly how it is. If your toes get sore easy, you may want to put some shoes on. Listen and decide for yourself. He’s an great coach that really cares about his clients.
  • Jward12608
    Truth hurts
    The title says it all. Not only does Eric tell it like it is he’s spitting facts that cut deep sometimes. Yea it can sting, but it’s what I need to hear. Keep it up, Dude.
  • Charlie Spitzner
    Loving this podcast.
    Been listening to Eric for a few weeks and he is awesome. Very knowledgeable and super positive. I like his straight to the point, tough love style and attitude. If you want to be motivated in your health and fitness journey Eric is the guy to follow.
  • Queen Bee Mendoza
    Absolutely love this podcast
    I have recently started from episode 1 working my way to the most recent and let me tell you this is AMAZING! I have learned already so much! Let alone everything you say is 100% true on all excuses and your the ignorant mentality we sometimes have. Eric you are amazing. Thank you and I really hope you never change how humble you are. Remember that’s what makes you unique! ❤️‍🔥
  • kddank52720
    Eric is the man
    Love all of your content! Thank you for sharing your positivity and knowledge with us ❤️❤️. You are a prime example of how the fitness industry should be. You are changing the game keep it up man 💪🏻 we need you!
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