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Join Shumita Basu every weekday morning as she guides you through some of the most fascinating stories in the news — and how the world’s best journalists are covering them.

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  • Orangeola dsdfdsafasfda
  • JZhukovsky
    Bias news reporting
    Used to listen but enough is enough.
  • Whenkey
    No yasmeen khan, please
    Everything is good except Yasmeen Khan filling in for Sumita Basu. Yasmeen Khan’s voice is painful for my ears. Anyone else but no Yasmeen Khan please.
  • Cello Lucy
    Please, no celebrity news!!
    I agree with the others who want only serious news! No Tiktoc, no social media “news”!
  • PeabodyNsherman
    I listen everyday, it’s a quick summary of news, but:
    3/31/24 why are we still talking about Beyonce? Is the this the new norm? Log into tiktok, fill up on celebrity nonsense and legitimize it as ‘news’? 2/15/24: please please stray away from pop culture, it comes out as lazy work. Some of us don’t give a sht for Beyonce’s music. All I learned in this episode, and all over social media, is that she is a terrible country singer. correction 10/7/2022 episode- the Astros did not “beat” the Dodgers in 2017 World Series, the Astros cheated and their actions have been recognized by the league. Cheaters shouldn’t be considered winners. posted years ago: Everytime they mention the Kardashians or celebrity break ups they loose a star. I want news not gossip!
  • Coolfizz
    Great coverage of big stories, but too many sports
    There’s actual important things going on in the world right now and yet somehow it feels like this show talks about sports for half the show every day! There’s always going to be time to talk about sports, so maybe don’t talk about it nearly every day. I’d rather hear about current events than the fact that baseball season is STARTING again. Like, that’s not important! It starts again every year! We don’t need to hear about it!
  • Charm8er
    This jackass says Ha-Mass when talking about Hamas
    Can’t stand the way this guy talks.
  • fried_potatoes_0i
    Don’t love the politics and propaganda from AAPL…
    This show initially caught my attention with the solid hosts, condensed format, and good pace. After listening daily for a few months, though, I’ve turned my focus back to WSJ What’s News in the mornings. I like to think of Apple Inc. as an apolitical organization focused on fundamental human rights like privacy. This show and their News app makes me think they’re too unbalanced.
  • Floormat212
    I listen every morning. Wishing regular host the best on MAT leave.
  • stanislavia
    Vocal fry – impossible to listen to
    Presenter Yasmin Kahn speaks with such a significant affected vocal fry, the news is sadly, frustratingly, simply impossible to listen to. .
  • faurotk
    A misstep
    I have been finding the Apple podcast informative until this week. The reporting on the Robert Hur testimony before Congress was incomplete. It did not identify Mr. Hur as a Republican and it did not discuss the inconsistencies between the transcript and his report. His report, like Bill Barr’s presentation of the Mueller report was designed to obscure the truth. In Mr. Hur’s case, all he needed to report was that he found no reason to charge President Biden.
  • make me you fool
    What a complete trash show this is. All lies and twisted truth. No thanks
  • Chernoff
    Inadequate research
    Need to check sources. Reference to Al Jazeera is a support of terrorists.
  • evb24
    Do better
    I listen to this podcast religiously. I’m in central time and most of the time it’s available to listen to when I’m getting ready in the morning at 6a. What has recently bothered me is that the war in Ukraine and the Israel/Gaza war have received incredible amounts of attention with most episodes leading with these stories. Seemed fair at the time since both are horrific. However, on 2/15/24 they FINALLY spoke about the war in Sudan! They report that it’s been going on for 10 months and they don’t mention it until nearing the end of the episode. They report that this war has been horrific for this community and especially children, as children are dying at insane rates. I need them to explain why they didn’t feel this war was as important as wars happening in lighter skinned countries because right now I can only believe that it’s race related. Therefore, do better, Apple News!
  • Charlie l'Rajul
    Sooooo left.
    It’s pretty incredible how far left you can be when you’re trying to sound bipartisan. Sad. Was hoping for something more balanced.
  • Aron Kazz
    To the point
    Excellent reporting , short and to the point
  • anastasb
    I like this show but it’s been leaning way too heavily into sports lately.
  • Face on face
    Good updates
    I am sorry for this war … but Israel did not start it ! How come you don’t talk about the atrocities and killing of civilians and babies in The First attack on the Jews ! Well the Gaza people can thank The Hamas government for attacking Israel!! Not really but the terror of Hamas have killed thousands of them , what no news of this ??
  • opswatches
    Apple News Today
    I really like the daily recap but I think it is too short. Needs more content.
  • Cool is 1234
    It is sooooooo confusing
    I can’t fine good stuff You can’t listen to everything It is boring And I don’t like it
  • CosmoHills0
    Not a fan
    If you truly pay attention, all the stories they pick and how they present them seem very cherry picked. and the vast majority of the stuff doesn’t resonate with me
  • Maiuielo
    Good except for the leftist propaganda
    There might be a famine in Gaza!
  • Rich465
    Excellent Speaker
    Love Sumita’s news casts. She has such a calming voice to listen and her News In Conversation programs are wonderful. Keep up the good work! Rich
  • mojozmyth
    Concise and to the Point
    I love the way news headlines are presented. Thank you Shamita and your crew for sorting out what are relevant issues. And, congratulations on your pregnancy! Have a great holiday!
  • danwagner01
    A Trusted Online News Source
    I built an iPhone shortcut that plays Apple News Today every morning when I get into my car. The podcast’s ethical journalism is a rarity in today’s toxic news environment. Its format is informative, intelligent, and non-biased. Shumita Basu is quite possibly the perfect host. Her intelligence drives her curiosity. I love her relaxed, probing interviewing style. News is very much a team effort and Apple News Today’s production staff clearly includes several talented news writers, researchers, and producers. Every news story is balanced, varied, and uniquely informative. Apple News Today has quickly grabbed a spot among my most trusted online news sources.
  • MWH85
    Progressive bias
    Apple News is tacking hard left … and is becoming obsessed with Gaza
    Impeachment Farce
    The last person gave a review of Biden’s inquiry of impeachment by the House of Representatives, but forgot to say they do not have any evidence, the Republicans of the house is “Winging It”!!! What a sham of their duties to the American Voter!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • DaIshman
    Woke propaganda
    So sad that they sold out.
  • graysjxo
    You only get roughly ten minutes to give an impression on worldly events on the day, and too much time is spent delivering puff pieces on the back end. Not to mention Apple has established itself as a blatant left-leaning news source, thusly adding to to informative divide that’s plaguing this nation. That is very dangerous, especially during a time of a Democrat president who is under impeachment investigations & on the eve of an election.
  • TheFeralG33k
    Calm delivery, mindful reporting
    In a world overstuffed with angry alarmism, overly emotional shouting hosts using fear-tactics and hate to drive their echo-chambered membership, that in-your-face style of deliberate offensiveness is tiresome. The calm delivery of Shumita Basi’s newscast for Apple is a refreshing and intellectual stop on the information superhighway, it’s like a breath of fresh air.
  • KeejoChamp
    As crappy and unhappy as news can be, it’s really not all that bad listening to it on Apple. It’s rather relaxing listening to the pleasant but professional narrators.
  • carlojav
    Why Apple News are so biased?
    Apple probably doesn’t know they need consumers from all sides of the political spectrum. Liberals alone can’t buy enough iPhones. As it has been shown, China is no longer a reliable source of growth for Apple. So, just report the news objectively without so much bias. The least you can do to respect your customers. And saying the term “white nationalist” is very racist, stop contributing to the political polarization in US.
  • TimD10
    Biased story choices and coverage
    Apple news has chosen a progressive bias to their choice of podcast content ignoring other popular viewpoints.
  • lost listener 1
    Beyond Biased
    They have shown their true colors.
  • lazylinguis
    Who exactly
    Is the economy looking good for? What does looking good mean? What does a stack of cash over $500 even look like? Anyways…
  • Old spotttt
    Pretty good if you just want smth to listen to
    I honestly only listen to this podcast whenever I’m bored lol
  • chenz23
    Was Once a Source of Unbiased News
    It is sad that Apple News has become completely biased in more recent times. This was once a great source of unbiased news that just reported the facts. Now every day when I tune in I get a daily dose of one-sided journalism. Definitely a bummer hoping that they go back to just reporting the news.
  • Kinglarson
    Too much opinion in the news
    They present news stories but are painfully biased in almost every story. They’ll only give the information that helps their viewpoints.
  • johnprowellll
    Clear and Concise News; Wish it Could Be Longer!
    It’s a great way to start the morning to commute, and Shumita has such a soothing voice! My only complaint is that the podcast should be longer!
  • solid investor
    Average Joe
    Great quality audio and presentation, I just heard them site Politico as a news source, kinda makes me question their reliability.
  • Rootiekazoo
    Apple 🍎 a day!!!
    Thanks @Apple for all you do, I’ve been thinking and praying for Steve Jobs the rockstar! May he rest in eternal peace…. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Y’all must be missing him dearly…. God Bless you all:) 🤗 hugs galore… FB, Instagram and WhatsApp down and out, go figure… in the settings ha! Very interesting, I don’t participate am grateful for you both for the sharing of the information and crash go boom! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 by the way you both have a sure talent for newscasting and both of your voices are quite attractive:) God Bless. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 woot woot, space bound! Happy New Year almost to “The Apple Team.” 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Teehee, what a great idea for a snowball cone, yum… we always used to say “watch out for that yellow snow though… LOL 😂” Go Cincinnati Bengals! Teehee, 🦶- 🏀 you bet;) #PrayersForUkraine and May God be merciful to the power hungry. #KlingOnBastads Amen…. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Many prayers mostly for the Ukrainian families that have been torn apart, invaded by power hungry mongers. In our prayers our brothers and sisters. 🙏🏻🙏🏻. 😂😂😂 Listened to the “Taylor Swift”episode. I agree that all this old album hype be put to a stop. Y’all already made plenty of bank. Let it go and forget about “greed.” Enough is enough lasses !
  • CaliRya
    High quality news show
    Informative and enjoyable to listen to. It’s a well made podcast with a nice blend of important news, with a friendly, approachable feel. I like how sound clips are weaved throughput the episodes. I like that the episode notes links to related articles, almost like reviewing the podcasts sources. I appreciate the transparency and unbiased reporting. It’s currently my favorite podcast.
  • Jbica001
    Apple Propaganda Today!
    This Podcast is clearly a left leaning, political trash dumpster fire. Their views could even be considered racist! Please stay away from the propaganda machine of Apple News! In multiple episodes, they claim the greatest danger is “white conservatives”, that’s racist! Update: on 10-30-23 a fill in host was on and he was much better. He seems more down the middle and I would give a better review if he was made the full time host.
  • bjdhirhd
    More biased news
    Until recently, this was my go-to news news each morning for an overview of the major headlines. It is very much left-leaning and will leave out details to fit the narrative that suits only one side.
  • Victoria La Habra Heights
    Bias reporter
    Why hasn’t this biased reporter been replaced? She is terribly bias and has said many offensive things. Please fire her. Shamita Basu needs to be replaced. Apple News can do better than an opinionated, bias malicious reporter. I’ll resubscribe once she is replaced. I won’t listen to the show until she is replaced
  • gbs3232
    Wasn’t a podcast person until I started listening
    I love that episodes are short and cover a plethora of topics without being too one-sided. I didn’t think I’d be a person who listens to podcast everyday on my way to work but here we are!
  • Keith Waddell
    Love This
    Clear, concise, factual reporting on current events. I could listen to Shumita Basu all day!
  • Tristen2024
    I think this is a very fair podcast to “both sides”
    I see that plenty of people have written that this is left leaning or something to that nature. I think Apple has done a good job in trying to explain what’s happening and the nuances. The conflict in Israel and Gaza right now is very complicated, and I think they’re doing the best they can to acknowledge what is going on, regardless of your ideology. The accompanying podcast that explains the history of the conflict is also helpful. In my job, I’m often trying to strike a balance in sharing information, and it’s really hard. If you have a problem with her description of events, you should reexamine why you’re so furious about what she’s saying. This isn’t Fox News or msnbc, and I appreciate that.
  • Something Improbable
    Better off not listening to news
    Poor production values (e.g., music louder than voice in intros), and biased reporting (e.g., trust us but not social media).
  • JudgeArt
    Moderator puts me to sleep. Nowhere as good as Up First
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