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Join award-winning neurologists and researchers, Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, for a fun, innovative and inspirational approach to brain health and all matters concerning the remarkable human mind. This is the century of the brain, a time when our insights into this incredible organ are exploding at an unprecedented pace. Explore ways to take control of your own brain health, avoid chronic diseases that are devastating communities worldwide, and expand your mind's capacity beyond anything you can imagine.

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  • Loves good writing
    Excellent podcast
    I really enjoyed your interview with Lisa Genova, and I found her books and marked them to read. I greatly enjoy your podcasts—the fact that you don’t talk down to listeners, your natural conversational style, and especially the banter between the doctors. How about a show on care taking and brain injuries/illnesses?
  • Airport Runner
    Absolutely love listening to your show. Enjoy the scientific approach and high level of instruction. One observation I have has to do with your technique of interviewing a guest. You do seem well prepared and are very knowledgeable about the subject but Dr. Dean seems to get so excited about the topic that he doesn’t allow the guest to teach your listeners. Not to be offensive but he talks as if he is the interviewee rather than the interviewer. It is a real skill to direct a conversation without taking over and talking too much. Please know that what he says is interesting, helpful and important but I would like to hear the expert you have invited. Thank you again for your podcast and I would love to see your show on youtube!
  • Elizabeth 8830
    Autism is not a “disease”
    My god…
  • DavidVladimir
    Simply the best
    The Sherzais bring together different threads like a tapestry when it comes to brain health. I listen to several doctors who talk about heart disease, cancer, and other diseases that can be prevented and reversed with a plant based diet, but the Sherzais bring expertise in all things brain-related to the table. Their YouTube videos and this podcast are great.
  • ColtsFn1
    Truly the only two you can trust!
    In a world full of information about Alzheimers & dementia, Dean & Ayesha Sherzai are the only two you can trust to provide you with accurate information backed by scientific data. It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest & greatest trend or so called cure. In all the noise it’s comforting to know these two have your back! Very professional & personable! You can tell they truly care about you & your brain health!
  • Diane zhi
    Clear light on evidence
    Thank you for analyzing joe rogan’s interview with max Lugavere . It was weird to hear max starting a lot of his answers to rogan’s questions with “ I am not an expert…but” or “I am not sure about the details in data … but…” . It’s so dodgy
  • Acting Bug
    Thank you!
    Thank you for your podcast. I appreciate that you do not talk down to your listeners, but instead provide an incredible amount of detail that is valuable and lifesaving.
  • succulent2
    Really appreciate this show, relevant important issues BUT please be careful not to talk when guests are talking, as in agreeing with something theyre saying …it can be hard to hear what guest is saying Other than that thx for terrific topics !
  • Brzzy
    Do you want science that helps your brain?
    Here’s a podcast that will actually tell you what the science knows (and doesn’t know) about preserving your cognitive abilities. Too many podcasts just speculate and/or repeat other people’s speculation. Useless! Here’s the real deal. Plus they’re enjoyable to listen to.
  • simplybren65
    Thank you!
    I greatly appreciate the Sherzais ability to nerd out on the science of brain health and then present it to me in a way that I can understand. I value that they want to stick to the science and still give options for all of us no matter where we are in our health journey. Thank you for your dedication to promoting prevention options that every age and walk of life may benefit from. I look forward to each episode. Again thank you.
  • sleep evades me
    Current and Authentic Information
    I’m so proud to be a part of this brain health community! The Doctors Sherzaid provide their audience with the latest research in a factual, honest, unbiased, easy-to-understand fashion. Their transparency lends to their authenticity. While they are forthcoming about the fact that they are “Whole-food, Plant Based”, they are never condescending or judgmental about those who choose an alternative way of eating. They truly care about the health of their audience and are open-minded with respect to new research and studies. They are willing to share the latest evidence, even when it doesn’t completely align with their lifestyle and I love them for it! I highly recommend becoming a part of their online program. In it you will find more information pertaining to brain health than on ANY other site on the internet. The best part is, they set aside time each week to answer your personal questions! BEST PODCAST, BEST INVESTMENT OF YOUR TIME! PERIOD.
  • Cassandra Whetstone
    Brain Health Revolution Podcast
    My family loves this podcast. Drs. Sherzai have an ability to both give evidence based information while also meeting people where they are at. They are compassionate, humble, and super nerdy about data. The episodes are a great length and the information in presented in a way that everyone can understand. So grateful for their knowledge!
  • Nenuchi
    12/2021 Interview with Brenda Davis, RD
    How wonderful that top professionals such as yourselves are encouraging lifestyle as a major component to our overall well-being. Your work with patients at Loma Linda and Brenda Davis’ work in the Marshall Islands are concrete examples of ways medical providers (and in my opinion public servants) provide value to underserved and neglected communities/peoples . We Can begin to build agency towards self awareness and empowerment in the area of health. Thank you for this interview and this particular podcast.
  • Happy calc app
    Unable to play episodes
    I have really enjoyed the first several episodes I have listened to, but for the last several days, when I click on an episode to listen, it says the podcasts are unavailable. Have they been removed? Still many I had hoped to listen to.
  • Dwayne505
    Fantastic podcast!!!
    I’m currently on episode 11, and am playing catch up! What I really love about this podcast is that many times the host which are doctors end up interviewing other doctors, super credible. I’ve been paying attention to the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) health message (which began in the mid 1800s) for the past 20 years and I believe that by paying attention to their health message my overall diet and health has greatly improved. What I find fascinating is how the SDA faith appears to be the only Protestant Christian faith that teaches and keeps the original biblical diet (which was a whole food plant based diet)! What history has shown is that God had always had a remnant group of followers, and currently that group, SDA, is blessed with long life and good health! Don’t believe me? Go read the science and study the blue zones. 😉
  • rolfesinga
    Thanks so much for this podcast!
    I just listened to your conversation about the new Alzheimer’s drug—I love your dedication to scientific honesty! You inspire me, I’m one step forward and occasionally two steps back, but making progress on my lifestyle changes. Both of my parents have suffered from dementia and I’m terrified!
  • Panienka Bogusia
    My Favorite Podcast
    The MD Team Sherzai is the best. I love the passion and dedication to public health. I am pursuing PhD in Occupational Therapy, and I am also passionate about public health. I love your podcast because it is sincere and informative. Trustworthy 100%. Thank you for being advocates and for bringing scholars and clinicians who are like-minded, dedicated to public health as well.
  • ciodz
    Amazing información!!
    Thank you both for your work, I have seen your videos and cook some of your family foods. I ride a bike for transportation and produce is bulky , and I saw you buy the broth cubes , which is less heavier than the low sodium veggie broth boxes I was buying (I like engine two) but then I saw that the cubes contain palm oil/kernel oil?? I was shocked, back to the boxes, i don’t know if you know... Well again ,so important to read ingredients in all products, vegan doesn’t equal healthy, I learned. Thank you again The bean soup is like Sophie said “out of this work” !!!
  • KaMD10
    So much respect for these doctors!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the partnership that this couple has and I love the information they provide, which is based on scientific research and data. As a daughter of a cardiologist, who believes in a WFPBD approach, I must say it’s hard to find reliable information in podcasts, and I really appreciate the Sherzais’ approach to their audience. It’s kind and realistic. I am also enjoying the recipes in their latest book “The 30-day Alzheimer’s solution”. I highly recommend this podcast.
  • tashaherlfosky
    So fantastic, powerful and motivation. Thank you 🙏🏼 will be back for every episode
  • marikmac
    Love the podcasts. Very informative. Just had my local library order your new book due out 3/21!
  • Nuts about Plants
    Old age in America is too often a nightmare of slow painful decline in physical and brain health - but it doesn't have to be, and these podcasts show how to escape that fate. They contain so much helpful information spiced by a lot of humor and guest experts! I was so glad to see them back this year and looking forward to more.
  • LetyJean
    Thank you!
    Thank you for these credible, in depth conversations that help me understand my brain and health needs better. I teach a community class about Brian health to older adults and I learn so much from this podcast.
  • homer_az
    Great for my brain
    I enjoy the information presented. I believe in the doctors sharing the best information they know today without any real products driving their positions. Great for my brain in so many ways. Thank you.
  • KaleyOne
    If you are the owner of a brain, you really need to listen to this amazing owner’s guide podcast!
    Drs. Sherzai are evidence-based, brilliant, and fun. So is their podcast. Boom. What more do you need to know. Give it a listen. -Submitted by Jen Drost
  • Treeflower234
    Brain health and beyond
    All episodes are high quality, best brain health information that I’ve ever heard!There are lots of evidence based information. Thank you, Both Dr Sherzai! your contribution to the community we greatly appreciated!
  • VeggieRN
    2 Amazing Docs on one podcast!! 😍
    I highly recommend this podcast!! Not only are these doctors brilliant.. but they are 2 of the nicest people I have met! I had the honor to see them live and meet in person. I’m in awe of their knowledge and compassion..and they truly love what they do. I learn something new every time i listen to their podcast..
  • MZ and MZ
    Love you both so much
    Hope my husband and I can meet you one day. Very difficult to find likeminded people outside of California. We’ve both been eating plant-based, low sodium, and organic for over 5 years. Love you both!
  • kara0806
    I really enjoy this podcast! Thank you so much!
  • xflyingtiger
    The Why
    I totally enjoyed this podcast. For a time, your comments and observations were dancing around, for me, the subject of meditation. So I was super happy to hear it mentioned. I really enjoyed you sharing how you met. You guys are a great team. Recently I heard a podcast with Dr. B, the man who wrote the new book Fiber Fueled. This is an area of fascination and interest for me. I think that I must buy your book. No, I will buy it. I started down the path of what is now broadly referred to as a Whole Foods Plant Based diet in 1999 after reading Dr. Dean Ornish’s book on reversing heart disease. Guys! You are doing really good work.
  • NBCT1951
    Each podcast becomes my favorite. I love everything from the delivery to the content. I am so grateful you are doing this!
  • D12SOCCER™
    The Best Podcast!!
    What an amazing couple and family! Such an intelligent couple sharing their wealth of knowledge. I love their interview style and passion. Thank you for sharing the personal details of your family life. I had all 4 of my kids listen to your podcast where you interviewed your children. My only complaint is I have run out of episodes! Please more episodes!!
  • Monika Sz.
    Highly recommend!!
    One of my favorite podcasts! Doctors Sherzai are amazing human beings, brilliant physicians and researchers. The information provided on their podcast is easily understandable for the lay person, and it is delivered with empathy and thoughtfulness! Brain health is a very important topic that everyone needs to pay attention to! Love team Sherzai!! ❤️✌🏼🌱
  • dogwhisperer40
    My favorite wfpb podcast
    I love this podcast- they are so intelligent and informative, but not over your head, as some doctors can be. I find it so encouraging as I seek to improve the food I eat and the lifestyle I live. Thank you!
  • SSSusan29
    You two are amazing!
    I love your podcast and always look forward to new episodes. Always very informative. Thank you for your work 💚🌱
  • wellena
    Thank you!
    Wow! Thank you for the information for inspiration and love that the both share.
  • christina in WA
    Thank you so much!
    I so enjoy your podcasts. They’re informative and fact and science based. Your guests are so knowledgeable as well. I’m looking forward to your interviews of Alex and Sophie next!
  • AnninFlorida
    This podcast is a gift
    How fortunate we are to be able to receive evidence based information from two brilliant physician/practitioners. And they present this information in such an approachable and interesting way. This podcast is one of the most valuable one I know of. With Gratitude.
  • cilantro54
    Thank you 🙏🏻
    Grateful to Ayesha & Dean Sherzai for their scientific work in saving us one person at a time to save society. Saving humanity especially during these dire times is noble service.
  • 62 YO in SC
    Informative & Up to date
    This wonderful podcast invigorates and motivates me while I am out for a run. I return to feed & nourish my family in many beneficial ways. Well worth my time & yours!!!
  • Chart97
    Best science-based brain health podcast
    Definitely recommend to anyone interested in the science behind a healthy lifestyle. The team takes the time to explain where data comes from and the methods used to draw conclusions from the data. In this way they help us understand the data and teach us how to draw our own conclusions from it. The team has inspired me to change my lifestyle, and I’ve seen the results in my blood tests. I love when they debunk junk studies, i’ve learned so much about how data gets manipulated or completely ignored. I’ve started to look at studies in other fields differently now and I’m getting better at identifying manipulative studies.
  • Gizzabel
    These two doctors are incredible. One of the reasons I began to follow them was because I became very sick in 2017. Following their peer reviewed plant based knowledge coupled with brain health, I have never felt better. Thank you thank you thank you. Incredibly grateful to have found you guys.
  • JodaF
    Amazingly entertaining and informative
    This podcast is one of the best I listen to! Not only are the hosts brilliant but they are able to make the information relatable and understandable to even those who may not have a lot of science background. I love the range of topics and wonderful guests! Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai find a way to connect with their guests and bring the listeners along for an enjoyable and knowledgeable conversation. I highly recommend this podcast for those seeking health and science knowledge!
  • Amy Dane
    Great podcast for information on how to improve your health
    One of the best podcasts regarding health. It is incredibly empowering to hear the science behind their research and learn ways that you can improve your own health outcomes through diet and lifestyle. I’ve used the information from this podcast to completely reverse all of my lupus symptoms and be in remission for going on two years now. I can not thank them enough for what they give to the community.
  • Febwa
    Working Tirelessly to End Unnecessary suffering
    The Sherzais are brilliant doctors who present the truth about how to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. Unfortunately, not everyone likes what they have to say because it doesn’t fit with their own personal biases. It may not be sexy, but whole food, plant-based eating is a major, critical factor in preventing these terrible diseases. Open your mind and listen to what they have to say—you won’t regret it
  • @TheWattsGuy
    Getting science based Information that’s digestible for anyone is so great to find. Thanks for such a great show
  • afranz5
    A podcast you’ll want to follow!
    I’m so grateful for the opportunity to hear the wisdom from this dynamic doctor duo! Dr. Dean and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai bring us scientific based health information with such charisma and passion! In a world full of conflicting health data, they bring us truth and hope for a healthy future! What a privilege it is to learn from them!
  • SRDrishti
    A podcast to share with all your loved ones
    As an ICU Nurse, if I imagine a world where the majority of people followed the Sherzais’ evidence-based advice on diet and lifestyle, I would be out of a job. Their presentation is kind and not preachy. They bring years of research combined with time spent with real people and real patients. Share this wonderful knowledge with your loved ones. Let them know that more is possible in their lives. The Sherzais are a treasure!
  • Fogbog
    Science Based
    I appreciate that they are science based and are putting out important information.
  • Jess Padua
    Amazing, evidence based content!
    I love this podcast! They explain everything in simple terms and I enjoy listening to the science and their guests. My husband is not into this type of podcasts, yet always asks me about this one in particular because he is fascinated by the information you provide. Whenever I’m listening to you he’ll stop what he is doing and pay attention. You share evidence based information and in a world where everyone believes that they can tell you what to eat or not, it is refreshing to see you promoting a simple approach that goes back to nature, which ultimately is the key to everything, keep doing this amazing work. Everyone can benefit from adding real, whole foods to their plates.
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