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You might think you know what it takes to lead a happier life… more money, a better job, or Instagram-worthy vacations. You’re dead wrong. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and found that many of us do the exact opposite of what will truly make our lives better. Based on the psychology course she teaches at Yale -- the most popular class in the university’s 300-year history -- Laurie will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness. iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries.

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  • athoma24
    I am a Dr. Laurie Santos Fangirl
    I stumbled upon this podcast years ago, and ever since I have been listening to Happiness Lab almost religiously. Some of the episodes have shaped my life perspectives, such as Laurie’s interview with David Yeager about Growth Mindset. The episode that was released today on the Happiness of Being a Fan struck a chord for me in that I have become a huge fan of Dr. Santos. I took her Science of Happiness class on Coursera last fall. When my sister in law got a job at Yale FAS, I asked her to take a selfie with Laurie if she ever has a chance. When asked during an interview if I could have dinner with anyone, my choice was Dr. Laurie Santos. This podcast and Dr. Santos have taught me so much about myself and I believed help me improve my emotional intelligence greatly. I am her biggest fan!
  • idgit77
    So interesting
    I am a recovering burnt-out teacher. On my journey to heal and reclaim my identity, my passion for my calling, and my happiness, The Happiness Lab has been there to guide, teach, and give me lots of interesting food for thought that is helping me heal. Thank you! I highly recommend listening to the Happiness Lab!
  • Wade FC
    Valuable and needed topics with ways to deal with life
    Timely episode about friends and loneliness. Great information! Thanks.
  • Tfayter
    Not for everyone…
    I’m interested in psychology (and happiness, as luck would have it), and I’ve picked up some good tips for breaking bad habits and creating good ones from THL. That said, this show started in season 2 to feel like a very New Age-y self-help show (and Dr. Santos is the poster child). I am an academic and I respect the view that psychology is a valuable field of study that can help us improve our lives. But this show isn’t just about that. It’s about being politically correct and fighting all the right fights and being on the “right side” all the time. (If I hear the term “cis” one more time to remind me that my very average human experience automatically disadvantages everyone else…well, sadly, this is what I’ve come to expect from higher ed.) Stay in your lane and stop politically evangelizing and I think this show could be really good.
  • Music Tiles Master
    The amazing positive talk on the show is great!! It helps me be a better person mentally and physically. Thank you so much for helping sort out stuff and helping me learn how to be a better version of myself! On top of that the outcome of the podcast is that you start your day out with an amazing note!! Ten out of ten would recommend!!👍🏽😄😁❤️
  • August Consumer
    Two professors & poor quality American Higher Education
    Sad display of American academia. One can more yield with their time with Wikipedia and YouTube. A philosophy professor who was a philosophy major in college and didn’t hear about stoicism. I was not a philosophy major in college, I was a zoology major, took a course in Greek Philosophy, and I heard about stoicism. And I read about stoicism for decades there after via the “Meditations”, as many have. The Stockdale story was superficial, yet seemed for them to represent it all in that. An academic expert who wrote a book on stoicism using the most common example of stoicism. A college student would expect a bit more depth. But then again this is American higher education. Since he is a stoic this is not meant to be offensive just an opinion. A would break his jar of lentils , but it is probably a plastic one. This one star rating is given because the host of the show is also a professor. Again , a college student would expect a host, an academic one, to delve deeper with their questions. Podcast & popular media. There are much better podcasts about philosophy on the Internet, and they are much better (academically & for the popular audience) including talks of stoicism. Sad, currently, American students pay outlandish amounts of money for a poor quality education in America—this interview on stoicism is an example.
  • Seven Ish
    Too many Ads and directives
    Loaded with Ads. Politically aggressive. Does have decent content aside from this. But there are soo many ads now.
  • chris_ 1845
    Brilliantly put together podcast.
    We are not post pandemic…we are in a different form of the pandemic still needing masks and other precautions indoors and outdoors
  • jaydolli
    I love this podcast, Dr. Santos really knows her stuff and she always has qualified guests on the show. The only thing that makes me unhappy is the frequency of ads, it really throws me off and I wish they were all at the begging or end of the show so as not to interrupt the flow.
  • @MichaelUnbroken/
    Insightful and Impactful
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • Suzanuka
    I am so grateful for having found you, Dr.Laurie Santos! Your knowledge and skills to share it with us are essential for better living. I share my findings freely with anyone who will listen to me. Your teachings are so valuable! Keep them coming.! Suzanuka
  • queuea
    Used to love - ads killed the vibe
    I have never listened to a podcast with more ads. It is really hard to follow the interview or through line of each episodes because of constant interruptions of repetitive and uninteresting advertising content.
  • MTC63
    What a beautiful gift
    Listening to this morning’s episode on internal chatter was spot on what I needed to hear today. It’s so helpful to have concrete strategies for managing those unwelcome thoughts that sometimes visit me.
  • Hdizjnedjsj
    Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this podcast. I’ve learned so much already and I’m only three episodes in. Love it!
  • NastiaFe
    Ads Greedy
    Maybe you guys should slow down with trying to sell us all kinds of garbage? It became impossible to listen to you.
  • klajck
    Good content, but lost in the ads
    I wanted to like this so much, but the amount of ads is overwhelming.
  • jennibeck3003
    Happy Learning
    How refreshing! I just heard this Podcast for the first time, and listened to Happiness Lessons of the Ancients: The Torah. A entire faith opened up to me like never before, by a wonderful teacher/ambassador, Sarah Hurwitz. I have already shared it with another person that will love it also. There is so much about happiness and mindfulness that can be applied through an understanding of another person’s journey and faith. It really is true, it’s always good to enjoy light, no matter what window it shines through. Thank you so much for this interview, and for you podcast!
  • i love hm
    MUST LISTEN- therapist orders :)
    As a mental health therapist, listening to anything outside of my clients can be really exhausting and I usually find it so hard to focus. This podcast has revived my ability to take in new information and actually use it in my daily life. I can honestly say I’ve recommended this podcast and specific episodes to every single one of clients- and I meet with people ages 17-56. Lori really engages the listener and tells a story about what she wants you to be thinking about. Having those stories be heartfelt, applicable and digestible makes it all the more awesome. Plus, the speakers she has on are SO interesting and that has piggybacked me into finding new accounts to follow, skills to use or books to read! Thank you Lori, for giving me this gift. I am so grateful and can’t wait to catch up !!
  • Happier person
    I just found this podcast and it is terrific. I could binge listen without any trouble. What I like the most is how down to earth Professor Santos is. She is very relatable, as are her guests. She uses everyday language and not a lot of technical terms that one can get caught up in. Has Professor Santos written any books,I’d love to read them. I haven’t been able to locate any. Thank you for such an uplifting podcast!
  • Aebrunner
    It’s one of the those podcasts that always leaves you feeling hopeful about the world, while also being realistic. I learn something through each episode and it uplifts me on this crazy journey we call life.
  • Harare Aggie
    Fantastic Podcast!!
    The Happiness Lab is one of the best podcasts out there and is full of useful advice and comments on how to live a happier more present life. If I could make one suggestion it would be to include a list of guests you have on the show and the books discussed. I often listen on the way to work and want to read a book that was discussed on the show, but forget about it until later and can’t remember the actual name of the book.
  • loveStroudpreserve
    Definitely check it out. Always worthwhile
  • Flybynight84
    Maybe there’s a problem with how and why we set goals
    People are miserable because we live in a narcissistic workaholic capitalistic materialistic society and we are bombarded with images of other people‘s success and we have to learn how to completely unplug from all of that. Accepting ourselves as we are is the first step to happiness. This doesn’t mean we don’t expect ourselves to change but we accept the changes too and we know there will be more changes the second step is gratitude for who we are the third step is to stop expecting so much more of ourselves and everyone else The fourth step is to truly align your actions with what your true purpose in life really is and that’s the hardest part by the way this is a good podcast
  • ChristineMadeline
    Love love love
    Captivating and absolutely life changing!! ❤️
  • Trevortevel
    Enjoying Season 1 and have started season 2
    I’m a fan of all the Pushkin podcasts, but this one is my favorite. It reminds me of this American Life where I might laugh, cry, or tell my friends about it after each episode. I hope this review helps you listen to this podcast so you can begin your journey to a happier life.
  • nausetmarsh
    Empirically based information on how to be happy This show really gives you the tools, but the “dirty secret,” as Dr. Santos says, is that being happy takes work.
  • K.2000
    Life changing!
    I had been struggling with anxiety (and having a general existential crisis), so I was desperately reading self-help books and looking online to alleviate these feelings. However, I found most of the information to be redundant or lacking long term impact. This podcast has been the first source that has completely changed my relationship with my feelings, and given me tools to improve my mental wellness going forward. The Information is presented via fascinating stories, personal accounts, and professional studies. This podcast is great at being both credible and entertaining. It has been the reason why I have been calmer and more present for several months now, and I am so grateful for that. Please keep up the great content!
  • Ddub417
    Burnout - great episode
    I am struggling very bad right now and have been for some time. This episode helps. Burnout is just so bad and it’s hard to find Hope at all
  • GiaMeg
    PAID for commercial free subscription - Still ADS
    Reimburse your paying customers!! Use your proceeds to fix your software bugs!! Terrible!!
  • Ofidkvkgfg
    Fascinating and provides guide to happiness
    A happy podcast that talks about the little things you can do to live a happier life. Discusses some of the myths we have about happiness.
  • 1 big foodie
    Excellent app!
    This app has been a life changer. Thank you, Dr. Laurie Santos!
  • lag9414
    Laurie is a bonafide gem dropper!
    I’m here for it, and I pick up all that I can!! I have been a listener since this pod debuted and I have honestly learned so much from Laurie and her expert guests. Her calm demeanor, humility, and upbeat attitude have helped me through some tough mental health ruts. I also appreciate that she provides strategies to live a more fuller, happier life. I will forever be grateful for this podcast and it’s gracious host. Thank you Laurie💙
  • update trap
    The Happiness Lab
    I’ve been listening to this podcast while I get breakfast, dinner, and doing workouts. I absolutely love it. It’s uplifting and educational. The shows are filled with guests who have such insight to share, not just the often chit chat you find on many podcasts where you wonder what the objective or take away was in the first place. This is a podcast worth listening to for personal growth and feeling happier. I enjoy it so much.
  • Blessed in IL!
    Great Podcast!
    Love the transparent conversations and the subject matter expert guests!
  • lrbard
    Sped up?
    Hello! Learned of Dr Santos through We Can Do Hard Things, which led me to this podcast. Started listening to the episode on anxiety and it sounded like the voices were sped up. Perhaps to fit a certain timeframe? Too fast for an anxious person to listen to! Still, I am impressed with Dr Santos and her work.
  • Dr lancha
    dr laurie santos rocks
  • SarahAlldayuhh
    Love, love
    Love, love, love this podcast ♥️ thank you for all the incredible topics you cover!!
  • Mia and Michelle
    So helpful!
    I just discovered this podcast when you were on Glennon Doyle’s podcaat and I have been binging ever since! The information is so helpful and it helps me combat irrational thoughts in my mind with research that you present. This podcast is such a lifeline!!!!! Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • Stella 🧘🏻
    Loving this!
    I heard your interview, Laurie, with Glenn and Doyle on the podcast We Can Do Hard Things and immediately found you and subscribed. So far I’ve listen to the first episode and I’m hooked! I am excited to begin this journey with you :-) thank you for all your hard work on this!
  • rheizncofhe
    Starting to feel like long ads
    Loved it but so far (2022 season) it’s starting to just feel like really long advertisements. Less talk about peer reviewed articles and studies and more interviewing people talking about their book or app. Hopefully as the season progresses we get back to more science and research. Sharing research that laypeople don’t have access to- that’s what has value. Not a book we can get on Amazon.
  • Brendan Bellavia
    I can’t say enough wonderful things about this podcast! I’m a grad student studying to become a licensed counselor and the podcast not only has done wonders for my own mental health, but has taught me strategies and techniques I can pass down to my clients. I am a big believer in positive psychology and know it has the potential to change the way people think about mental health. I am so happy (no pun intended) that this podcast exists and is impacting so many people’s lives. Keep up the great work!!
  • Nerf Dude 4
    One of the best!
    I first heard Dr. Santos when she was a guest on 10 percent happier. I am thrilled that I found her. Not only is her podcast giving me great tools to use personally, but her content is full of material that I can use in the communication classes that I teach. (Where we talk about emotions, language, self talk, etc). I have referred many friends to this podcast and look forward to every episode. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and research with us Dr. Santos!
  • JDR789
    Awesome, actionable, and science based
    I’ve learned so much from Dr. Santos and her guests!! A phenomenal podcast
  • Marcia K Rios
    Dana Goodyear knocked it out of the park. So well done! Can’t wait to see what’s next with her!
  • Ipster Lou
    A nice pick me up!
    I was recommended this podcast from my therapist. She mentioned one episode in particular but I was hooked after that! Dr. Santos has such a layman’s way of explaining things that make you excited to try new things! I definitely recommend this podcast!
  • tmg in pdx
    A way to understand and climb out of sadness
    The Happiness Lab podcast is a continuation of Dr. Laurie Santos’s most excellent “The Science of Being Happy” class on Coursera.
  • bethgrace2020
    From someone who believes everyone needs therapy, everyone needs to listen to this podcast
    From listening to the first season in order or just picking up an episode that looks very relatable, this podcast has hit on emotions and experiences that I absolutely have felt or been through. I can NOT wait for season 4. I have recommended it to my friends and family members. It is the most underrated podcast because everyone should be listening to it. Dr. Laurie Santos has an amazing voice and tempo in how she talks that keeps you engaged. The content is well delivered. And it is just SO well done. I have brought it up to my therapist and she loves the messages it spreads. I have implemented some of the advice like talking to more people when our in public, choosing what matters to you, and being more realistic about outcomes and it absolutely has made a difference in my life. Please listen to at least 3 episodes today.
  • KellyMcCaffrey_Seattle
    Best therapy
    This show is so important AND worthwhile, tangible, interesting, and therapeutic. I’m sharing it again and again as I feel like it’s a little gift I can give and it can only bring happiness. Thank you to Dr.Laurie Santos for recognizing the under researched and under valued study and understanding of happiness.
  • mischiefbeau
    Unsubscribing. I listened to the developing empathy one and gained no knowledge. I tried to go back to midpoint to listen again, since maybe I hadn’t been listening well. It wouldn’t let me do that without hearing an ad first (and I’d just listened to the long Van Guard ad.) No thanks. Good bye. Good luck.
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