Dam Internet, You Scary!


THE BOYS ARE BACK!! FROM THE ALL DEF PODCAST: "THE INTERNET IS UNDEFEATED" COMES A NEW SPINOFF SHOW CALLED "DAM INTERNET, YOU SCARY!!"Hosts Tahir Moore and Patrick Cloud break down the hilarious yet horrifying things we see on the internet every day!! Then close the curtains and get into some creepy conspiracies!!

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  • B City
    The chubby dude with the freckles be lying but he cool tho
  • sharae.c
    Less talk of d*cks PLEASE
    Long time listener since even Doboy was on, as of lately it’s seems there hasn’t been an episode where you guys don’t talk about d*cks or sex in some way. Not every conversation has to go that direction. It’s getting uncomfortable to where I just shut the podcast off.
  • nunu11nunu11
    No interviews
    We don’t want interviews from random ppl, we want internet stories. Other than that I enjoy!
  • Lomilo92
    Tahir’s Sex/Sexuality Conovs
    I’ve loved this show for a loooong time! As of late, however, I’m really tired of Tahir going on and on about his sex life. It seems to consume so much of the episodes. Sex and sexuality are fun to talk about ABSOLUTELY but I feel like he gears the conversations there ALOT. If this comment is ever seen just know I love you guys and can’t wait to listen every week!
  • Browne592
    Fire! 🔥🔥🔥
    I only listen to two podcasts on here. One is DIYS and the other is SquADD cast! You guys are really entertaining!
  • DeeI2
    Funny Podcast
    Pat and Tahir’s podcast is always a great laugh and the interesting stories get me through my work day. My only criticism is sometimes Tahir talks way to much about his sex life and they stray sometimes from crazy internet stories which is what we tuned in for. But despite that I still love their energy and the guests tend to be fun and engaging.
  • MiaNicoleAllen
    My guys!
    Listening to DIYS is like hanging out with my crazy boy cousins who crack me up! Love this podcast!
  • Sheisfrenchyyy
    I guessed Pat was a Virgo 💪🏽💪🏽
    LOVEEE THIS PODCAST!!!! It gets me through my week yessss 🫶🏽🫶🏽🥳🥳🥳🥳
  • khapo1001
    Please don’t let these people make another episode.
    I understand Pat and tahir need a break but the folks y’all had on this last episode should be fired, they killed the whole vibe of the show I couldn’t even listen too 10mins of this episode they’re really trash 🗑 BRING PAT AND TAHIR BACK !!!!!
  • Nay_Nay_Y
    All you do Tahir is talk about sex! It’s so annoying. I wanna hear internet stories.
  • FireCracker0820
    So funny
    I love this podcast! Pat’s laugh is so contagious 😂. Also I love when CP drops by!
  • I'm AdrianLF
    Love Pat and Tahir
    Great listen, I enjoy all things that create laughter
  • Dz noodlez
    Love the show
    Love Pat Cloud and the guests. But sometimes Tahir likes to drop little hints then say we not gonna talk about that. You gotta stop fishing bro
  • 15_vs_15
    Great Podcast
    I enjoy the banter between the host & their openness.
  • BonkaTonkaToy
    Love the podcast
    Would've been 5 stars if y'all would PLEASE not chew ice on the mic. I've turned it off 3x now and just skipped to the next episode even though I want to hear the rest just because I can not stand hearing it. Love everything else tho
  • FoxxxWith3Xs
    Intro song
    Y’all need new rhymes…. The WHOLE song doesn’t have to rhyme with Scary. Hairy, Berry, Mary and Larry are done. Tahir, they’re done. Pat, they’re done. More rhymes. New rhymes. Love y’all and tune in every week.
  • B3Junkie
    First Episode I’ve listened too
    Episode 101. Was my first episode to listen too when I decided to search for more podcast to start listening too. And the natural flow of conversation and comedic flow are spot on and super enjoyable to listen too. You guys have pulled me I and will be a full time listener. Love the vibe 🙌🏼
  • Joya b
    I listen to these guys everyday while I’m at work ! With the world being depressing , this is an awesome way to keep up with the current events . I feel like I know them . Like as if I’m listening to my hilarious cousins.
  • focjkekpfoekekfkeofnf
    This podcast is fire from episode one. A MUST LISTEN
  • AveryBrown1994
    Amazing, and hilarious too!
    Patrick and Tahir have a great podcast, here! Filled with comedy, serious topics and everything in between. Subscribe, today! It’s worth it!
  • Onelove4BK
    Funny Show
    I just started listening to this show and I love it! It's hilarious and I'm always reduced to tears because these two are so funny. Keep going!
  • peaceandlove1984
    Awesome Show
    Guys, thanks for the wonderful episode. Tahir and Patrick are our modern dynamic duo of Indica comedy.
  • halljoc12
    Y’all some fools
    I rate and listen every week stay safe yall
  • KierahP
    Great, entertaining podcast
  • Jfsnovc
    Fresh Podcast
    These guys are hilarious. One of the dopest podcasts out
  • gooberrgooby
    audio is too quiet
    Patrick bro please, fix the audio master volume across the board. your podcasts are so quiet and i can’t hear them at work, especially the zoom ones. i love this pod so much just want to hear it.
  • Chunkyboi
    Pat gotta chill with the gum in the mic
    My favorite podcast hands down. But yeah. See the subject line.
  • GrilledCheeseKiller
    Love y’all!
    Tahir you just had me spend $50 on candles from Rhythm and Flame. I really didn’t even need more candles 😫😫😫
  • oseph33
    Y’all realize 1789-97 is only 8 years 😂 love the show tho!
  • Babbyblue
    Love it
    I love the show but could yall tap into the soundboard and turn it up a notch
  • shungngfv
    Lake Lanier
    Im from Atlanta, Lake Lanier haunted as HELL!!!
  • Skizzy12
    Best to ever do it!
    I love these guys!! Podcast is great, and they speak on a little bit of everything I love it!
  • Rob5oh
  • xay_szn
    these guys are funny, informed, and just all around dope
  • Cristinb81
    My Favs
    You guys keep it up. Tahir and Patrick are the perfect combo from the All Def family. Please don't ever make an official intro song!! I love the freestyles.
  • Coiś
    Love you guys
    This podcast literally gets me through my work days. I am always cracking up laughing listening to how you guys go back and forth etc.. thank you so much for getting me through my days and giving me light when I’m in the dark! ❤️
  • Agh dab
    Don’t Stop
    Literally one of my favorite podcasts ever. I LOVE Pat and Tahir! This is the only podcast that I can go back and re-listen to episodes and still laugh like it’s my first time hearing it! Y’all keep being great and don’t ever stop the podcast lol love y’all!
  • Dom 95
    Conspiracy Corner Episode
    Dope podcast... but we need an episode full of nothing but conspiracies 🔥
  • dre816816
    Love this show
    I love what y’all doing please keep it up
  • Cor.16.nsemith
    Dopeee podcast
    Please keep it up lol
  • steven josephs
    Great but
    Love Pat but honestly Tahir ain’t that funny
  • Tygds
    Great pod cast
    Can y’all do some thing about the audio it sounds compressed
  • Dahveed Mehndohzah
    Needs audio improvement
    Great cast and topics but the audio peaks A LOT every time they have a hearty laugh. It gets annoying as a headphone user. Also when they play videos you can barely hear it, leading to more ear bleeding. Would be 5/5 if adjusted.
  • Carlosvip91
    Love this podcast
    I rarely leave reviews, however this podcast has been my daily fix for comedy and deep thoughts. The conspiracy corner is such a sick experience every episode. I’ve loved these guys since the start of their All Def careers and look forward to supporting them for any of their projects.
  • tsunami069
    my FAVORITE podcast!
    the conspiracy corner segment is brilliant! and i love the smooth flowing banter, it feels organic & not forced keep it up y’all ❤️
  • mf_goat
    One of the guys
    It’s just like hanging out with the boys and the time flys
  • Ellie Oliva
    Love yall!
    Started watching you guys at the height of All Def Digital back in 2017 and been hooked since. Ashamed things didn’t work out with that company but you guys haven’t lost a step. Keep the hilarious content coming!
  • grizzly money
    Big Fan
    I love you guys so much! Keep the pods coming cus I can’t watch y’all at work 😂😂
  • .C.J....
    Patrick played catwoman. Tahir ready to gum ya down
  • lueaze
    Love you guys
    I can’t seem to hear the new episode
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