Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Living

Leisure #139

Living ethically should be easier. Curious about a zero waste lifestyle? Want to know what the “circular economy” or “slow fashion” really means? Each episode, brought to you from by ethical experts Laura Alexander Wittig and Liza Moiseeva, features daily, actionable tips to help you live your life more sustainably. Start changing the world by listening to a new, bite-sized episode every other week. For more info, visit

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  • shaynaskater
    A wonderful listen!
    I really enjoy this podcast!! Liza and Laura are so encouraging, and they don’t shame anyone who isn’t fully eco friendly! I love that they emphasize transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle, and they break it down into steps so it’s so obtainable. They’re so entertaining as well!
  • RonsonMerc
    Informative and Relatable
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast because they offer real world narratives on how to live just a little bit more sustainably on your everyday life. Nothing they talk about is too abstract and everything they discuss can be incorporated it into one’s daily practices.
  • Kersty B
    My people!!
    So happy to have found a podcast to listen to that supports my morals and beliefs. Thank you for inspiring me to do better!
  • peytonolivia100
    Makes me feel happy and hopeful
    When I’m having a rough day - I work in customer service and in direct client facing roles - these ladies always brighten my day and remind me there are good people out there in the world. They are so encouraging and positive and inspire me to live with the intention of taking the next right step to care for people, animals, and the planet.
  • mamieann
    my problems
    No wine in house ! Well you asked!
  • 2311may
    Passionate, honest, knowledgeable
    Good Together helps us navigate the complexities of wanting to be better, more informed consumers. Well-researched recommendations, positivity and interesting facts fill each and every episode!
  • Sikkk88
    Good ideas
    This podcast inspired me to try to go one full year without buying new clothes in 2020. It’s now November and it’s been incredibly easy and rewarding to end my shopping habit and switch to thrifting instead. It feels great to be doing something good for the planet. Thanks for all the good work you do!
  • nkrajsa
    How much is Sheets & Giggles paying them?
    I like some of the lifestyle tips they give however working in digital advertising it’s quite apparent to me how much of these company recommendations are sponsored. It also rubs me the wrong way that they recommended One Hope wine, which they touted as not only for a good cause but high quality as well. I’ve done my own research on this brand and found lots reviews suggesting that this is a pyramid scheme, only a small % of money actually goes to the charities they mention and the quality of wine is extremely poor. I do not trust there recos.
  • Leahkg
    I had no idea Brightly.Eco had a podcast! This is so amazing, I wish I had found it sooner!
  • shawneevee1
    Happy to be here
    I’m glad there is a podcast like this one that will help me in journey to become more eco friendly
  • Victoria (V.K.)
    Perfect Podcast
    I have never been the type to be genuinely interested in a podcast since I usually dislike listening to other people talk about things. This podcast is actually genuinely interesting. The topic of the episode that I listened to was related to how to sustainably clean your home or space. They mentioned this idea of using an empty glass of apple cider vinegar and placing a squirt bottle top to it since it coincidentally fits right on it. Ever since I heard that fact, I automatically knew that I was here to stay. Seriously, keep up the great work!
  • Madison Ehrmantraut
    So informative
    I absolutely loved the way they shared their information. It wasn’t argumentative or anything it was like they were sharing a passion witch they were. I want to live a more eco friendly life so listening to these podcasts will definitely help achieve my goals. Highly recommend listening and learning about eco friendly life styles!
  • Ccleob
    Great ideas!
    I’d consider myself a very eco-conscious person and try to stay up to date on all things eco-conscious. This podcast is so informative and makes me excited about all of the topics they discuss! I’ve learned about so many great options and ways to make the world a better place! Love it.
  • Liz Ballin
    A New Favorite
    Growing up my mom taught me how to reuse things and not waste products. This podcast is great for those who want to learn how to be more sustainable/eco-friendly and for those who just want to add to their existing knowledge. Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • mjfee
    A Tree Hugger’s Dream
    I love this podcast! I’ve learned a lot from listening to it and love how they make ethical and sustainable living approachable and positive.
  • Bphil98
    Really great first step to living a more eco friendly life!
    It’s nice to have a place that talks about every aspect of being better for the planet! I think this is a great option for anyone that just wants to learn more and do better 😊
  • MotherofCalicos
    Great podcast for beginners!
    This is a great podcast for people who want to begin living a sustainable lifestyle!
  • arti3399
    Very informational
    This is a great podcast to listen to while doing other activities. They give you various aspects of being eco friendly (sustainable) that you don't really think about. I also like how there are guest speakers who come to share their professional experience to give a different point of view. There is a lot of research that is done to make these podcasts. Thank you!
  • Sadie Foote
    Always Learning (just like the hosts!)
    Liza and Laura are always learning, just like their listeners. There is never any shame or guilt cast upon you if you’re not doing your best. There is also a lot of focus on those who may not be able to afford certain changes or those who just don’t live next to organic supermarkets and bulk stores. The podcast always puts out interesting topics and brings on interesting guests who are more knowledgeable than they are.
  • # talk in hashtags
    This podcast is amazing!!! Super entertaining and has the best message ever. An amazing tool to help our youth get more involved in saving our planet. Keep it up !
  • mighty_mel125
    Gave me a different way to think about coffee
    I have been recently looking into becoming a little more eco friendly and low waste. This podcast was easy to listen to and understand. They didn’t make me feel guilty because I couldn’t instantly be zero waste but instead offered small tips to try to work on eventually being better. I learned several things about growing coffee and producing coffee that I never thought about before and how some ways are harmful to the environment and the ecosystem. I will definitely listen to more of these podcasts.
  • giirlydanii
    Becoming a Minimalist makes a Huge Difference
    Wow this series has inspired me to take on the One Month no change challenge and only spend on essential needs. I learned so much behind the scenes of buying unnecessary things and how it affects our environment This podcast can teach and say so much in an hour about how you can make a difference for you and your planet My New favorite podcast !
  • Faustina Tran
    Information and Intresting
    I really enjoy this podcast because they focus on specific problems that is occurring around the world. Also, I love how insightful and in depth they go into all the topics. I’m trying to live a more sustainable life by trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce.
  • arsayl8
    Thank you!!
    So happy to be apart of Brightly and having resources such these podcasts! I specifically appreciate you bringing attention to the wildfires on the west coast as it has had a huge impact on the area I live in. I look forward to listening to more conversations on a plethora of subjects.
  • macey berkley
    Easy to follow!
    This podcast does a really good job at breaking down concepts. I am definitely trying to limit my waste and move to a more sustainable life, so I would definitely recommend this series!
  • Lovemutt
    Sustainable moving
    I have been trying to be more sustainable in my every day life and I’ve been doing pretty well but I move a bunch! Being a college kid and recent college graduate I moved at least 4 times a year! And moving this fall I’m excited to use what I have learned from that podcast in my next move to be more sustainable!
  • madsav8
    Easy to follow
    Love this podcast! Breaks down complicated subjects so you don’t need to be an expert to understand how, for instance, fast fashion works.
  • legit_syd
    Wow the tone in these keep me interested and keeps me listening! They’re also really informative! I can’t wait for more!
  • ldaas
    Friendly Reminder
    I absolutely love this series, from having interviews with different ethical brands to discussing the social issues that may often be seen as touchy subjects. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to learn something
  • juliakliverton
    10/10 Informative!
    Great podcast that helps someone build a strong foundation for their sustainable lifestyle! Coming from someone that is looking to take their first steps right now, this is very helpful and breaks down each aspect perfectly.
  • Sarahtiny
    Great Tone and Focus
    I was so happy to find this podcast through Brightly. The tone and relevance of this podcast is perfect. Now more than ever, we need a focus on sustainability. Would definitely recommend!!!
  • Elle.moore8
    Eco-friendly moving
    I found this podcast very informative! I would have never thought of putting boxes on Craigslist instead of them just sitting in the closet! I recently moved into a new apartment and I had just figured any boxes I had that were still able to care things would just be put away till my next move. I have mostly transitioned to reusable bins which are made of plastic but like the video said these can last a very longtime. A tip for those who move outside the country: the plastic bins can normally be locked and sealed and are perfect for being placed on a plane. I have family members that have moved around the world and they use their plastic bins for moving. Also if you have children these bins can be repurposed as toy boxes.
  • angelinajkline
    Educate yourself!
    Such a great podcast for those who are starting their sustainability journey! Has good lessons and recommendations, enjoy!
  • betmorkea
    love this podcast!
    this podcast gives so much great advice and insight to a more sustainable lifestyle. whether your are more advanced in your sustainable living or just starting, there’s information that will benefit you in this podcast.
  • Giulia Lallas
    Super Informative!
    Not only does this awesome podcast talk about so many important issues centered around sustainability, but it also follows up with such good resources to various products and information!!
  • jejejejensjlalamhhgaks
    This is such a great podcast. It is super relatable and gave some great advice about working from home and cooking some meals! It really motivated me to start cooking more because that is something I definitely need to work on! Thanks for sharing this :)
  • Alexis Soberon
    LOVE!! 🤩
    This podcast encourages me to live a more eco-friendly life especially during COVID-19. I love the information given and the tips about sustainability. 💚
  • ahndaez
    Not only is the podcast very relatable but the content is very helpful!!
  • bloom123hawkins
    So much knowledge gained from listening
    Super educational feel like I learnt a lot from listening to these podcasts. Really would recommend watching them if you care about the environment
  • amsndmfj
    The best
    I am so happy about these episodes they are really good to listen and how they teach a more eco friendly lifestyle.
  • megs.velth
    The little things count
    This podcast has so many simple, applicable bits of wisdom for creating a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Plus, they’re great about being inclusive and mindful of the fact that not everyone has the same access.
  • emmersonlamb
    I learned so much about sustainability! Everything they talked about was great and super helpful!
  • I'm just that good tho
    Great Podcast
    This is an amazing podcast to learn about what things we do daily that effect our environment and finds ways to change our unhealthy habits! This is very beneficial for yourself and the environment!
  • sara.spencer
    Such Good Information
    I absolutely love this podcast. It has great information on ways to reduce waste and be more sustainable.
  • Krista Hrycenko
    Amazing Podcast
    I love that there are practical ways to reduce waste! These podcasts are perfect because they give you tips to help the planet in every situation. They also point out the less obvious things to do that help a lot.
  • Jen Z. 😘
    An easy way to learn more and stay informed.
    I’m a student so I don’t have much time to read about things on sustainability plus I am always on a screen for zoom classes or homework so it’s nice to listen to a podcast in order to be informed about these things as well.
  • Halle2112
    I loved how you described but also gave us tips on how to help! It helped so much I loved it!
  • Kitty-kitty-kat-katz
    Keep it Up
    I love listening to theses so much, when I’m cleaning I will play them in the background
  • Soloangee
    Great advice and knowledge given about eco friendly swaps and lifestyle choices
  • delucks
    Informative AND entertaining!
    Listening to this podcast feels like hanging out with and learning from my very informed, conscientious, and fun girlfriends. I love how accessible this show makes these complex environmental issues.
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