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His name is Ben Baller not Ben Humble. World Renowned Jeweler to the Stars, Former Music Executive, Entrepreneur, Family Man & Trash Talker Extraordinaire is now here on the microphone where he belongs. The CEO & Founder of IF & Co. Custom Jewelry and VVS Pens will provide you with deep insights as to who he really is. This is exactly what he was meant to do. This is Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller. Subscribe to hear new EPs every Monday, Thursday & whenever we want to say what needs to be said.

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  • shvne m
    Hey Ben, Shane here Big fan of the pod and your work, especially with the kids line you had I’m a apparel cut and sew designer out of San Diego and recently lost my job due to this corona thing, I was wondering if you have any recommendations of what I can do or companies you may know of I can possibly email or reach out to to work, in 25 hungry and want to keep working and designing and getting better everyday Thanks Shane
  • Duff1106
    Yo Ben!! listening in Chicago on day 12 quarantined !
    Question !!! Any thoughts on expanding VVS or BBDTS in other areas ideally in Chicago ? Ever since Rec prices went up and they don’t have a lot enough cultivators out here flower is ok but I tired a VVS pen before I got my card haven’t found one that comes close !! IL NEEDS VVS and FLOWER !!!! P.S! I tired texting hit me back !!!! 😂😷🦠💯✅🔥 BenBallerNotBenHumble#ThisIsNotYourPracticeLife#Gems!BenBallerDidTheStrain#BenBallerVsTheWorld!
  • The Brojas
    Car question
    Whats up Ben, Stephen from Gardena, CA. Awesome show. I listen to a lot of podcast, but yours is the only one I’ll stop what I’m listening to and put yours on when a new one is out. Do you like JDM cars? And if so, what’s the top 3 Japanese cars you would own? Thanks for the Coronavirus info.
  • SAMR323LA
    Best Podcast
    What’s up Ben. Love the your podcast and long time fan. Have been following your work for a long time. Never forget the big panda you made Jonas. I bought and still have the collab gold watch you did with Neff. My question is will you ever do another affordable watch collab in the future? Also will you ever do any other BB leather goods like a backpack or any travel bags? Much love Ben take care.
  • ilasssslklkjbnn
    Thanks Ben
    Hey Ben, I had an 08 Mitsubishi evolution X. I sold it and went to driving a newer Honda Accord, basic model. My question is, would you rather have a bigger better house with basic cars or same house, same crib?
  • nathaniel__g
    Awesome show
    Ben, awesome show. I am hooked and listen daily. I have also have been enjoying your IG lives! Question: What has been your favorite thing to do during this quarantine and how is this going to change how you live your life going forward?
  • st3adyd
    Ben baller best podcaster. don’t @ me
    Ben I’m from the’re show is the best man...shout out to the dust brothers..Paul’s boutique is one of my favorite albums...Ben can you speak a little bit about skateboarding?
  • undftdchris
    How did you meet Tyler the Creator? What were your first thoughts of him ?
  • Dfsn
    What’s up OG!! I’ve seen your quarantined meals and they don’t look bad at all, what’s been your favorite quarantined meal so far?? -Dennis
  • Juan E Martinez
    North Noah
    Ben, want to start off by saying you’re doing an incredible job balancing the subject matter in this podcast. From forest gump hip hop stories, business, life/culture, and just your day to day lifestyle - you keep it 100. I see this potentially being more valuable than your legacy in hip hop and in the Jewlery business. I got two questions for you: 1) Investing into real estate with under 1.2M, what are your thoughts between a house and a condo to flip within 2 years from purchase? Second question: would love to get your feedback on my music. I’m a writer, producer, and rapper. I’m very confident you and your circle of friends would see the potential. All the best, North Noah.
  • __Mau_ry2009__
    Wasn’t a fan...
    I’m not even going to lie Ben. I wasn’t a big fan of you or the podcast. But that quickly changed when I gave your podcast another chance. Now I can’t get enough of them. I picked up one of your Topp baseball cards to support you. My question to you is, Do you believe there are intelligent life outside of earth? Thanks Ben
  • Gabrielfef
    Hey Ben love the podcast thank you for keeping us informed much earlier then the rest of the country was. My question is which pieces have you made for Kanye and what was you’re favorite one
  • moneymikelawry
    Thanks for the motivation, you been flexin for a minute now Tell a story of a time when somebody maybe stunted on you that made you hungry and want more maybe early in your career. Thanks g
  • groovy al
    Hello Mr. Yang
    Hello Mr. Yang , have you ever thought about doing an episode about all your tattoos ? Explaining what each means and where you were at in your life when you got them .
  • Don_Won
    Awesome Podcast
    Hi Ben! Long time listener! Best podcast around. Always looking forward to Tuesdays and Thursday for the new new to drop. Keep it up! My wife and I recently separated, we have a daughter together. She’ll be turning two. I heard many times in your podcast the love you have for your wife and kids. I love my daughter with all my heart and want to keep the relationship together but the relationship has been toxic in regards on how she treats me. Any advice when to call it quits or keep working to makes things work. Thanks
  • pachecomarc
    Hey Ben my name is Marc out of Riverside, CA Your podcast is 10/10 amazing bro. Sooo much free game and knowledge about the COVID-19 the past few weeks bro very much appreciated. Quick question, I saw Nordan and Alex on your IG live a few days ago and I was wondering if you would ever get them in the pod? It would be cool to talk some esports and see where there beginnings are and so on and so forth. Thanks Ben! Keep on keeping on 👌🏼
  • AcroKing143
    To Ben Baller Hyung I hope London is good, I been praying for him. I was wondering if u can me some money ? I know supplier for the mask, and I want donate to hospital and poor who can’t afford mask.
  • PJJames1
    Thanks Ben
    Ben - I’m not going to waste your time with any questions...just want to say what an inspiration you are as not only an entrepreneur and mogul...but as a father. Your talents are so much broader than jewelry and the information you provide to us all weekly is completely invaluable and accurate. Thank you for the entertainment, inspiration and knowledge. Stay safe!
  • Bahayahajdkjf
    Hey Ben great podcast always an informative listen. I’m from the bay but just moved up to Portland (my girl actually went to Albany high lol) but I wanted to ask about your experience with motorcycles. I’m thinking of getting my license. Is it worth it to get one? Any advice on good tips for riding, starter bikes, and if you’ll ever ride again (just for leisure)? One love and keep holding it down for the Asians!
  • Jacobslagle1
    Behind the Baller
    What’s good Ben, being 16 years old I appreciate all the free game. Wish well for you and the fam stay up.
  • seb23oliva
    Yo Ben baller it’s Sebastian from Salem Oregon been listening since episode one huge supporter bro my question is which exotic car brand do you see leading the future of super and hyper cars?
  • cre@8
    One of my favorite entrepreneurs in the world
    Hey Ben love the pod as usual for someone who is unemployed right now such as myself are there any words of encouragement you could share with me during this hard time that we’re all going through?
  • kgr2298
    Best podcast ever
    I love this podcast. I listen to it every night.
  • keyslikeapiano
    Thanks OG
    wasgud ben. I’m from rochester NY currently living in portland oregon.been a og fan of the pod since ep 1 and loved how real you be on here and how mad people get butthurt when u voice your opinion lol. my question is how do you deal with such ignorant people and not get so angry? cause mfs be dumb as bricks. much love and blessings to ya fam be safe yo! -radhames
  • liamspops
    What’s up Ben I’m from El Monte Ca now living in Arizona.. I’ve listen to the pod since day one you are my number one news outlet for Covid 19 and I’m side by side with you because I have a son that also has a respiratory issue that I’m concerned about PEOPLE STAY HOME
  • J956
    Great pod. What have you learned/realized during all this whole quarantine process? Whether it’s about yourself or life or what you might do different in the future. Also how can I get or purchase some BBDTC decals. Thanks. Bless up.
  • Jose from Mt. Vernon
    Movie List
    Wasup Ben its PJ from Mt. Vernon. Just wanted to say thanks for this list my man. Going to watch the ones I haven’t seen asap. Finally a list that isn’t the typical bs. You think in the future we can get 51-100??
  • Gillaspie24
    Stay safe and healthy
    Great Podcast as always #67 stay safe and healthy 🙏💪❤️
  • j_hernandez17
    Wassup Ben all the way from Charlotte NC 🤟🏽
    Hey Ben I’ve been listening since the first episode and I love the podcast you really drop some knowledge every time. I hope one day I get to meet you I was so excited when you had mentioned that you were coming to Carolina to watch the Seahawks game because I was gonna be there but you had other plans. Anyway my question is if you could go back to a year what year would It be and why? Oh and can I get a Ben Balled sticker man please I wanna put one on my MacBook🔥
  • Oz1738
    Hey Ben how did you get your BAPE sponsorship??
  • Jordan from the 626
    He is truly the CNN of the streets!
    Ben, shout out to you for this dope and informative podcast, and always keeping it 100. Besides the email I sent you the other day, I got a question for you.. can you hook a brother up with those fire VVS T-Shirts?! Much love man. Always looking forward to the next podcast from you!
  • Jones Carrera
    What’s good chingu
    Do you think the army of tanks has something to do with the government being scared the people might actually revolt for change seeing they want us to go back to work before we have the Rona contained so they can protect their economy? Also good to hear your fam is doing better. Stay safe
  • Mayor of WestCovina
    “Make it a great day”
    What was it like being neighbors with Tupac? And what was the Beverly Grove area like before The Grove was there?
  • Touch the ice
    Car Questions for the podcast!
    Hey Ben thanks again for all the free game. What’s the longest time you’ve owned a car? How many miles did you put on it? What’s the highest mileage car you’ve owned?
  • dboy427
    Hey Ben day one listener from Ohio, my question is would you be willing to do a man cave overview or a bear brick collection breakdown review I’ve been thinking about getting into collecting myself and would love to hear what you’ve got!! Thank you for a great podcast keep doing your thing, Best wishes to you your wife and kids for 2020
  • Bulletfist
    The realest and most informative podcast bar none!
    Thanks so much for keeping us ahead of the curve on this Corona virus pandemic. While others are pushing agendas and are more worried about their bags, you’ve been very sincere about making sure we stay safe and healthy. My question is on grooming. I too am a not naturally bald headed Asian who needs to shave off his hair to look like a half decent human being. What brand of razor and shaving cream do you use and how often do you cut your wig? Looking forward to seeing London, Ryder, and Kaia out doing you in the future.
  • Jerico Ramso
    Burrito BATTLE
    What’s better a burrito from SF Mission District or a burrito from LA/SD? Dope podcast. Listening since episode 1.
  • Monikesss
    Hi Ben, Kindergarten teacher here. You have an amazing podcast, the only podcast I listen to actually. Now, about COVID-19, Do you think celebrities are living in Bunkers during this time? And also do you believe they’re getting paid to say they have the virus since CDC states they won’t be testing no symptoms individuals, how are they getting tested so easily? Just curious, I know this is very much real
  • Darenboi
    The best podcast!
    Yo Ben, I’m a young dude follow u since 2012. I have a question about mask: what’s your opinion on wearing masks vs. gloves? This is a respiratory disease so I my understanding is mask is way more important than gloves. But I saw most ppl wearing gloves not mask when I shopping for grocery. I saw you have the N99 and I bought mask months ago thanks to listening to the pod. Do you recommend your listener to wear mask? Thanks Ben
  • Cryptoboi
    The Realest Podcast Out There
    Hello Ben Baller not Ben Humble, My name is Amir Farahani I made the website for the Behind the Baller podcast and I’m working on a GTA style video game with the map of LA that has most of the spots you mentioned in the food episode with a character based off of you as the main character. My question is would you be interested in playing or check this game out. Thanks
  • Herns88
    Best Source!
    Thank you for filling us in with all the covid19 info! I appreciate you not withholding info from us. God bless you and your family. Wish you strength and health to continue doing what you do. From Highland Park , Los Angeles !
  • John Q Nguyen
    Dear Ben
    Hey Ben! Loving the podcast! Was wondering if you ever think about getting Sophia Chang on the podcast? Much love from the Midwest
  • Youngha from Lil' Tey
    Fan Q
    Whats going on hyung, What are some things you miss about what LA use to be growing up versus what LA is now?
  • J-Bux
    Ben I’m a huge fan. I swear if we grew up together we would be homies.
    I’m loving all this knowledge you giving about the corona virus and life. I BET I SANATIZE MORE THAN YOU LOL. I have a weak immune system that’s why I don’t play around since before the virus. When you were describing the routine, it sounded just like my routine. WITH THR CRISIS GOING ON ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND SANITIZER. Can you please send me a few of the Ben baller sanitizer when it drops? Much love brother
  • HarDyDre
    Love the podcast!
    What meditation would you recommend when life hits you!
  • ItchyRytNut
    Thank you so much and Question
    Thank you so much for the info about the COVID19 i was able to stocked up with food,water and sanitizer before they ran out of the the way i got 2 boys 2 1/2 and a 3 months.i live with my parents and pay most of the mom has someone renting out one of the room,he works at seafood city and that guy seems not to care about COVID19.we have rules before going inside the mom confronted him about it and he slammed the door on her so i tried talking to him about it and he got i have a lot of bad things going on my mind right that i don’t want to happen.Me and my mom are really worried about this virus coming in to our house.what can we do with this guy Ben?can we report him to anyone?can we kick him out? which i don’t think we can because of the situation right now.please answer.Thank you once again Ben and God Bless you and your family especially to London
  • TristanTheConqueror
    Love the BBP !
    Mad value this dude gives to his listeners, nothing but great information. Some haters are gonna be out there saying it’s negative but he spits that real. Question for you Ben, what should I do with my money in my checking account right now? I’m hearing of institutions in the UK freezing withdrawals and I’m concerned the US might pull something like that. Trying to stay on top of the game, what are some other podcasts I should listen to? Of course only after I listen to BBP!
  • Swagu342
    Ben dropping the dopest context with the best details. Stories on basically every topic you can think of. Has the dopest guests on as well!!
  • lionfannomore
    Ben thanks for always keeping it 100%. Reppin' from your old hood the outer sunset. Been excited and listening from the start and following you on IG since back when. Wonder if you can give us more of your take and use your clout to address more of the racism against us Asians stemming from the virus in an episode? And separate note, itching to get a bbdtc pop socket someday =)
  • joepwrhouse
    Martial law
    If martial law hits are you going to give up your guns? How you feel about it? Keep it G no BS
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