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Have you felt it? Something is rippling through humanity at this moment. It's a stirring... a longing... a remembering. A sense that we are more capable than we’ve been led to believe. We want to feel alive, not sedated.. but we've lost our way. We've traded a life intertwined with nature for asphalt and artificial lights. We've swapped natural movement for a sedentary existence. We've given up food from the earth in favor of food from the factory. We've sacrificed our traditional skillsets for apps and gadgets. But while our overdose on modernity may have made us sick, there is an antidote. Join best-selling author and mentor, Jill Winger, each week as she digs into a different facet of the old-fashioned on purpose lifestyle.

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  • Melbelle37
    Wonderful and Real
    Jill is amazing. I am so thankful to have come across her podcast. She takes the homestead life and makes the content relatable for all people - wherever you live and at whatever stage of living “old fashioned” you’re at. Thank you so very much for challenging me to grow in understanding a wide variety of topics too.
  • BrittanyG812
    Inspiring, Educational, and Motivational
    I have been listening to this podcast for the last two months from the very first episode. I have finally caught up. Jill does a wonderful job with making homesteading inspiring, educational, and motivational. She also does a great job in asking the hard questions and making the listener feel a little uncomfortable. I know that sounds bad but it’s actually good. It’s only in these uncomfortable topics are we allowed to grow and know ourselves better. She has inspired me to dig deeper not only in my knowledge of gardening but also in homeschooling, where our food comes from, and the different systems that are completely broken in our society. Jill has motivated me to grow. I am currently learning how to make sourdough. I have a plan and budget/saving plan in place to double my garden next year. I am also planning on taking a Master Gardener course next year so hopefully I can teach others how to garden and grow. One of the quotes that was mentioned in one of the episodes is “I don’t think people are searching for the meaning of life as much as they are searching for the feeling of being alive.” Jill does a great job at being alive; chasing after knowledge, truth, connections, creativity, and helping other grow as well. She inspires people to truly live and not just merely exist.
  • Ashley from Maine
    Love the topics
    I love the range of topics covered on this show. She does a great job being thorough and is a good interviewer meaning she asks good questions. The sound quality is pretty good too. On some of the other homesteading podcasts I like to listen to, sound quality can be a short coming. One thing I would like to say is one of the guests on a December 2022 episode, the guy from Homestead rescue, didn’t have a clue what a hardiness zone was. I was floored by this. How can he help people with their homestead if he doesn’t know what they should and shouldn’t be cultivating, which is based on their zones? Once I heard that, I dismissed his ability to give advice and my phony radar went off. Has he never looked at a seed or plant magazine in his life? Odd. But that aside her guests are generally well vetted and they usually offer a helpful perspective. Thank you for making your podcast.
  • Patient Nindja
    Real Title: I got rich from doterra multi-level marketing
    I enjoyed the first few episodes of season 2, then it gets into 2 straight episodes of when things really started to turn around for them. Multi-level marketing. Of course she likes to call it “network marketing”. Please, be honest about how you got where you are, what it’s really called, and all the people that get hurt lower down in MLM ponzi schemes. Yes, “it worked for me”, but look at what these schemes really do to people and society. I lost all respect and can’t listen anymore.
  • mcjane5
    I love her balance of real research and facts with real life experience and stories from her own life. We all know that textbook cases are not the norm.
  • jlynnhooley
    Homesteading as real life
    I have so enjoyed the many podcasts from Jill. I feel inspired at the end of each episode because Jill uses the episode to educate me about how to live, what I would call, a more real life. I use the word real rather than simple because it is anything but. I feel like she has built for her family a foundation from which they can jump from but always remain weathered. She doesn’t say I have to have the same foundation, but she shows me how to create my own. In someways I think that is the definition of homesteading. Thank you for your time and I look forward listening for a long time to come.
  • Somnar
    Host is frequently distracted
    There could be some great information, but it’s hard to listen to when the host is so distracted and missing opportunities to connect with a guest.
  • Mrs_Hanna
    So much good info!
    I love Jill’s podcast! She is such an inspiration and she has helped me understand, prepare, and grow as a homesteader, mom, and wife!
  • FD8717
    Great content, but please GOD, stop sucking your tongue when you take a pause . It’s highly annoying.
  • Lamken Family Farm
    Thank you, Jill
    I love and appreciate Jill’s honesty, candor, and genuine presentation style. Jill shares her world and the reality of journeying through life on the farm as well as just growing as a person. I tell my daughter all the time that I feel so certain that if our lives intersected in real life we’d be good friends. ❤️. Thanks, Jill, for being a resource and advocate for REAL living.
  • PaigeA12345
    Poor audio
    Audio quality was surprisingly poor. Wasn’t a fan of the free range kids episodes… seemed ver far off from the truth and what is actually happening
  • Marie8619
    Loved free range kids
    There is so much to be afraid of as a mom. I appreciate this episode
  • cindymae80
    Loved “free range kids”
    Loved this episode! We ran totally wild - there was a creek & a river & our parents made sure we could swim & turned us loose to explore - we got into a few hairy situations but we handled it together & all grew up to be responsible, successful adults…and most importantly our sibling relationships are awesome despite us all growing up to do really different things (nurse, master teacher, cattle hauler & accountant). I see siblings that don’t get along & I can’t even wrap my mind around it & I think part of our tight relationship is from the bond we had being on our own a lot as kids! Thank you for this podcast!
  • Julianne Sz
    Love this!
    This podcast inspires me, motivates me, and warms my soul! Love it and just started listening last month!
  • flashlight not working
    Thank You!
    This podcast is very enjoyable and insightful. Jill, you are really appreciated!
  • slga1990
    Love Old Fashioned on Purpose
    Jill does an amazing job at demystifying living simply and intentionally. I love listening this!
  • cariboujaguar
    Falseness and greed make for a sickening display
    At first it was good, she had some tips for bread making and gardening that helped me tweak things, but eventually turns out the whole podcast is basically a doterra ad, all she cares about is starting business’ and selling stuff. I like to follow podcasts that follow the value for value system so I don’t have to listen to the constant selling- like Canary Cry Newstalk, now that’s a stellar podcast that isn’t pretending to be something they’re not. Some of the people she interviews are interesting, but you barely hear about her family, farm or homesteading it’s all about the normal citified version of business success. I was raised by a covert narcissistic mother with delusions of grandeur and a penchant to neglect her children for the sake of her own success and glory. Certainly not something I’d like to relive through a podcast that’s supposed to be about homesteading but is really not in the end… In my opinion homesteading is about family, provision, self sufficiency and sustainability. Not ice cream shops and MLM scum bag companies and “modern women” chasing their false gods. This woman has lost her way and the podcast is just pathetic once you get past the first season or two her personality and priorities change, or maybe she just shows her true colors. Don’t waste your time. PS the reviewer that said 😷 and 💉 work has got to be the stupidest person on earth, actual unbiased science has very much proven otherwise and if you comply you’re literally beyond brain dead. It’s time to wake up people. This is not the legitimate homesteader you were looking for, she’s just another false MLM-slinging city slicker personality who’s only focus is the almighty dollar. She should have aspired to be a lawyer or something by the way she acts, her true goals seem to be strictly monetary, she shows no true passion for farming and is on less acreage than most hobby farmers. What a huge disappointment and failure this podcast turned out to be.
  • fhhuyvd
    Good info but..
    I really like her information but why does it sound like she’s doing the podcast from her bathroom?? I just can’t listen long. She had better equipment years ago. I hope she continues to be brave and get better equipment!!
  • @nicolewithtodds
    New Listener and I’m hooked!
    “Don’t farm out your kids.” That’s the quote that told me I would enjoy this podcast. Thanks, Jill!
  • kmsilvers
    Best Out There
    Love this podcast and love the variety of topics covered on different kinds of homesteads!
  • New rules
    Jill is so inspiring. I absolutely love this podcast!!
  • A Southern Farmer
    Educational and fun
    Jill’s podcast is one of my favorites to listen to. She is so knowledgeable and the episodes contain wonderful, useful information. At the same time, Jill is entertaining, hilarious, and someone you really want to be friends with. I’m often laughing out loud - and learning such great info! Jill, thank you for all the work you put into making this a great podcast.
  • Foff Nick Names
    Easy to listen to
    I stumbled upon this podcast from a suggestion in a small farm and sustainability social media group. I am a HUGE fan! Though I live in the middle of farm culture I don’t have many friends that grow and create. This podcast has given me an outlet to “nerd out” on, start my wheels spinning faster, and given me courage to do more hard but good things. Thank you Jill for letting us be a part of your life, and hearing about your experiences of growing your homestead and community!
  • AliciaKnecht
    A True Inspiration
    Jill brings so much to the table, both literally and figuratively! She really has done it all, and I’m so thankful to learn from her experience and wisdom as our family begins our homestead journey. She gives practical insight and advice on so many different valuable topics for beginner and experienced homesteaders alike, as well as those of us that are done confirming to systems that don’t work for us. It’s so encouraging that she has trail blazed this path and can now walk alongside us as we move towards self-sufficiency, resiliency, and investing in the work that’s worth doing on a homestead and more. Thank you Jill for all you do, God bless you and this community you’ve built.
  • Zenobiasurfaces
    Straw man arguments and talking about books she hasn’t read
    I think it can be useful to hear perspectives from people with different beliefs, especially on topics they may have deeper knowledge of than you. But this podcaster admitted she had never read Betty Friedan’s book, but proceeded to talk about it anyway as if she had. She then set up her argument against a false idea of what Friedan was actually saying, a total straw man fallacy. I really hated that. It’s totally fine if you disagree with a book or an author, but you should not talk about something you know nothing about and have not read. I’m not here to listen to someone who does not know what they are talking about.
  • 9362649
    Too much erroneous talking!
    I’ve tried to listen a few times to this podcast, but the erroneous tangents are just too much. Also the poor sound quality is off-putting. I love homesteading, real food and most of the topics on this show, but I’m going to search for a more concise, better sound quality podcast with a podcaster that stays on topic.
  • Allie Vice
    Audio issues
    Absolutely love the content, however the audio is very different in each episode. The latest episode I can’t even make out, my headphones are maxed out. Jill please make the audio louder. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
  • Lovemesomejesusyall
    Homesteading Inspo
    Such a dream having someone that fuels and inspires your homesteading dreams to make them feel attainable.
  • animegirl_225
    Love listening to this podcast while I’m working. I just wish the audio was consistent. Some days it’s great, but a lot of the times my headphones are maxed out as I can just hear it or barely hear it at all. :/ (ambient noise isn’t an issue for me) Edit: just tried to listen to your newest in the new format you’re trying (season 8 episode 2). And it really saddened me as I couldn’t understand what you were saying at all beside the intro. I really hope you re-upload it with better audio.
  • PattiLaNeve
    Sounds like a great book and lots of food for thought! I still haven’t figured out how to find the video on YouTube.
  • Cristina Marie
    Thank you for being real in a time where so much fake exists from feelings and emotions to governments. It’s absolutely refreshing to hear how genuine you are and how you aren’t scared to speak truth, educate others on so many subjects to create independence while building community, and basically giving advice on how to break from the status quo. I have followed you for the last two years on YouTube and am so thankful to have found your podcasts! I won’t lie, you’ve encouraged me, pushed me past my comfort zone, and, honestly, changed my life! Thank you ❤️
  • Wannabe Homesteader LJ
    Favorite Homesteading Podcast!
    I love how down to earth Jill is. She’s funny and so knowledgable. She gives solid advice and overall offers a very informational and easy to listen to podcast!
  • Steph.Shep
    Informative- Sound quietly can vary
    I enjoy this podcast. She’s very inflorescence and has a passion for educating and incoming others. My only negative comment is, there are some points in the podcast on which I can’t hear what she’s saying. I don’t know if it’s the microphone, echo, or mumbling. I only make this note so she can be aware and possibly make changes. Superb postcard otherwise!
  • Bailee E.
    Enjoy the content, episode order on Apple podcasts annoying
    I enjoy the content, however, the slight annoyance of having to scroll down through the whole season to get to the latest episode is cumbersome enough to keep me from listening consistently. I have a rotation of podcasts, the ones I find myself listening to the most have the latest episode as the first and top selection when entering the show page. There are more show hours available than hours in the day, so ease of access and checking in on new episodes becomes a deciding factor.
  • hiddenrose918
    Genuine, honest, and much needed!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom on an old fashioned lifestyle!! Wonderfully done!
  • ivyivyivybiyatch
    True Grit
    Jills podcast has been teaching me about how I can be more… me. More in tune with my environment and what I really want. I felt the need to leave a review to counteract some of the naysayers about her recent foray into more political opinions. I, for one, support that immensely. Jill is brave and hearty and I admire her.
  • A-1890
    So good and encouraging
    I love the old fashion on purpose podcast Jill is very authentic, and all her episodes are so amazing! Thank you Jill!!!!
  • Britanie T.
    Love this topic.
    I love the term group think. I have been finding myself questioning a lot lately and thought maybe I was asking to many. But when it comes to my peace of mind I’m going to opt out for what makes me uncomfortable. Recently my daughter developed an allergy to a food everybody’s response was to run her to the first conventional allergist. But I kept thinking there is another way. Well long story short I found another option that I feel comfortable with and have so much peace about. See if you never ask “but this couldn’t be the only answer” you most likely will find something far better. But you’ll never know until you ask the questions. Thank you for challenging us all to think for ourselves. It really is a powerful feeling.😊
  • nomadichomemaker
    Homesteading for Everyone
    As a military family we will be renting homes for the next 15-20 years. However, Jill is a wealth of information for inside the homesteading, soap making, bread baking, growing your own food, etc. she points you in the right direction for how anyone can homestead at least a little bit, if you do further research yourself. Her blog and YouTube provide even more tutorials on how to live in a wholesome way, one step at a time. Thank you for sharing what you do!
  • BQBerry
    My new favorite podcast
    I love the new approach and want to encourage you to continue to be true to yourself. Your latest season really rings true to me. Thank you!!
  • Wealth Front Easy As ABC123
    Too Preachy, Political, & Passive Aggressive
    I am new to the podcast. I was looking for an escape from the constant barrage of vaccine debate, politics, and tribalism. I listened to a few of the recent episodes. I was looking for info. from accomplished homesteaders on best practices based on their experiences. I also was hoping that podcasts about vegetable gardening, live stock, etc. would focus on that. Instead, the few episodes I listened too included about 1/2 the time sharing views on vaccinations, her views on where the country may be going, and passively aggressively sharing political views while claiming she didn’t want to be political. This podcast will be a pass for me. If I want people’s political views and “research” on big pharma etc., I’ll go on Twitter or tune into Fox or MSNBC. 👎🏻👎🏻
  • foxfamilyfarm
    Hey Jill! I am a public school educator. I want to say thank you for being respectful of the field of education and public school while still sharing the drawbacks. I appreciate your honesty and explanation to why you feel a certain way about anything you discuss. While I do my best to be unbiased in what I teach, this (unfortunately) seems harder to find in my field. I believe in teaching and cultivating critical thinkers and leaders, not followers. However, this is very challenging in the current status of society. So, once again, thank you for your honesty and logic in your decisions and opinions AND for your respect of the institutions you have opted out of.
  • just3acres
    Just finished listening to Season 7, episode 1. Then took too many minutes off making lasagna and carrot cake to figure out how to leave feedback. Jill, keep going with the new changes! I applaud your thoughts, example and insights! So many things that I believe God is telling you, He is also telling me. Be bold, speak up, share what you’ve learned and push complacency out the door while staying on an appropriate platform and keeping the grace God has given you. I look forward to listening your podcast even more.
  • Cambam23
    Informative, Respectful, Thoughtful
    I really appreciate Jill’s strong perspective and opinions, but how she doesn’t belittle those who think differently. Her content is rich and informative and things you can actually apply to your life. Big fan. Love the new directly as well.
  • twixie1516
    Free thinker
    I simply don’t agree with the new direction the podcast is going. There are plenty of studies that show the effectiveness of masks and vaccines. The fact that you don’t understand them is on you.
  • add to cart
    Fascinated with your traveling story!
    Wow, I didn’t know that road travel instead of flying is considered undoable. My husband and I actually never flew yet. Your story is encouraging though.
  • Jordan Wipf
    Comfort food
    Wonderful podcast. Great info. Follow Jill on YouTube also for more fantastic content. Thank you to Jill for letting us into her life. It takes me back to my youth and my upbringing on a large family farm in Montana. Miss it every day. All of Jill’s content is like comfort food in these weird times.
  • DMWordgenius
    Homesteading With Kids: How We Do It
    This is the first podcast I listened to - I stumbled upon it in my Facebook feed. I absolutely love how honest and encouraging she is - we have two small children and recently bought a 60 acre piece of property. It was totally undeveloped, so for two years straight we have been excavating, running a disc, seeding... and now we have yaks, 3 different breeds of heritage sheep, American guinea hogs, chickens, ducks, and guineas. My kids always ask to help, but because they are so young, I am usually a bit apprehensive. After listening to this podcast and hearing about different ways they include their kids, I feel a lot more comfortable putting them to work on some lighter chores. I plan to listen to many more of her podcasts. Excellent!
  • AshNebraska
    I can relate to your early start story as being a shy horse girl and your dream of owning your land
  • Mem's Courier
    Inspiring & Comforting
    5+ years ago I stumbled onto Jill’s blog and read it cover to cover like a book. The knowledge she shared empowered me to buy our first homestead and encouraged me along the way. Life circumstances have required us to pause that venture for now, but I still find her content comforting, a safe place with someone good.
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