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True horror fan Dan Cummins attempts to terrify his wife Lynze with two new alleged-to-be-true tales each week. Demonic possession, poltergeists, shadow people, and more! Subscribe and listen in the dark to your new weekly nightmare.

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  • Schmidt259
    If you haven’t listened you are missing out! Don’t walk, RUN to listen to this podcast!
  • nfishweo
    The BEST
    I've spent the last year listening to each episode. When I say I was on the edge of my seat , that's exactly what I meant. Dan and lynzi telling these stories drawing you in and absolutely scaring the crap out of you . The best pod cast I've listen to!
  • k_scanlon
    Fun Listen!
    I just came across this show a few days ago and it has instantly become a favorite for me. My preference for shows is through the audio format as opposed to video, which means I rely on the host(s) to be able to hook me in through storytelling ability . Dan and Lynze are an awesome duo. I’m starting from the very beginning so it’ll take me a while to catch up on the show but it’s certainly a journey I’m looking forward to. Keep up the great work guys!
  • coffeehousecountry
    Creepy comfort
    When I listen to this show I feel like I’m sitting around the fire telling scary stories with my friends, I look forward to your show ! It’s the perfect amount of creepiness and comfort !
  • Jade40something
    Love the spoops
    Always funny and scary!! Good job!
  • shan moo
    Best spooky podcast!
    Love these guys! Funny, spooky, and even informative 💀
  • CamLow516
    The only podcast I care about
    Hours of easy listening spooky entertainment!
  • Brew City Gal
    Love it!!
    Was told to check this out from a friend and can’t stop listening!! Keep the stories coming!
  • Sierra & Shantel
    Creeper Alert!!
    Absolutely love this podcast! Five Stars most definitely. Amazing hosts & crew!
  • AndiMarti27
    Good but
    Wish it was only Dan. That would definitely make it 5 stars. Lynze’s input on so many things is annoying, unnecessary, and just plain stupid. Other than that, love the podcast
  • Nocleverideas
    3/5 stars wouldn’t change a thing
    Long time fan of Dans comedy. This podcast is absolutely terrifying. My chest is tight during every episode and I often jump at even the slightest thing while listening. If you’re looking for a spooky podcast with a great atmosphere you have to listen to this.
  • ahhhjhhhhhhthgl
    Wild… Cool… Interesting…
  • Desexyoneda
    This is my favorite podcast ! I listen to a lot and I cannot get enough of this one!!!! I recommend it to everyone!
  • Nats94
    Be Nicer, Lynze!
    I just found this podcast and while I love it, Lynze is just not nice at ALL to Dan. No one is perfect but she’s always the first one to point out when Dan gets a word wrong or remembers something wrong and she’s suuuuper condescending when correcting him/asking him to just “plow through” if he messes up a sentence. I feel for Dan because he’s always stuttering and nervous to speak sometimes because if he says the wrong thing she goes off on a tangent. Just calm down and be NICE! It’s honestly not that hard! Stay spooky, friends 👻
  • BTR2990
    If you like scary podcasts, this is it!
    I really enjoy creepy and paranormal podcasts and I always struggled to find a good one that was consistent outside the Halloween time frame. Scared to death is an awesome podcast, literally the end game if you’re looking for spooky content!
  • SeaSiren11
    Great podcast
    I’m a big fan of Dan and now know Lynze. I was hoping this was more of a “true spooky story” type of podcast or one judging current phenomenon. I’m not a fan of read ghost stories versus life drama, but that’s just me.
  • Todd Hedges
    Very good podcast
    Found this show a few days ago and I’m really enjoying it. Keep up the great work!! Todd / Co-host Middle Aged And Creeped Out podcast
  • AnaJanise
    Absolutely love this show!!!
    You guys never fail to disappoint. I go from laughing to being nervous to yelling alongside with you lol to being terrified. I’m currently binge listening. Thank you. I didn’t know I needed this in my life. Love you guys.
  • Perragon
    Fantastic Fear
    A good creepy podcast and the hosts are amazing
  • no nickname 🤷🏻‍♂️
    I’m a truck driver so I have nothing but time. With that being said I started from the beginning. Let’s just say as time went on i’m glad Lynze doesn’t have a remark between every other sentence when Dan tells the stories.But besides that I love the stories y’all keep it up.
  • XxSpeacless'48xX
    I’m absolutely a creeper. I love the show for many reasons. For example I can relate to a lot of the contents in here because I myself believe that my house is haunted. My mom introduced me to the show three years ago and ever since I have loved it in every way. Keep up the good work guys.👻🛸🔪❤️
  • AY 0202
    Love it!
    I almost never write reviews but I had to for this show. I LOVE IT! The hosts are fantastic and really enjoyable to listen to. So glad I found this.
  • ZaneBeck999
    Amazing show
    I have listened to many horror story podcasts, but none of them has hooked me like scared to death. I love how you guy can scare each other and then turn around and joke and banter. That is what gives scared to death it’s charm. Keep up the good work!
  • NC's favorite son
    I love the show. Listen every Wednesday morning at work. I can’t anymore. I can’t focus on the show after hearing all the virtue signaling. You’re “happy to know that Stanford wasn’t founded by two old white men”? What the heck? Cultural appropriation? What if you said you were “happy” it wasn’t founded by two old black men? Or Mexican men? Or, God forbid, Latin trans people? Best wishes to yall. Love yall, but I can’t even focus on the stories anymore. I do sincerely hope the show continues to be a success! I’m just sad I can’t consume the content anymore. We’re just way too over saturated with the “woke” stuff.
  • i❤HK
    Unique 😜
    I love love love this podcast! The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is that after a while, I got sick of Lynze behaving like a 12 year old, with her incessant talk about crystals and socks. Not to mention how badly she treats Dan. No one would even know she existed without Dan’s help. Lynze, girl, you ain’t all that!
  • wayslick
    Show is decent
    I really do like the show but the wife’s left leaning views come out every now and then which can be irritating. Oh and the “I’m an empath” remark every show… literally no one cares and that doesn’t even exist. That’s the only reason for the 4 stars. If not for that, this is a quality show and would get 5 stars.
  • saruhbearuh
    I wanted to like this show but the hosts are annoying. Especially the wife. I want to hear scary ghosts stories. Not her opinion every five seconds. It’s either her being rude to her husband or them being all lovey dovey which both takes away from the story.
  • JenJAWs
    Great show
    Awesome show: great stories by a range of writers. Storytelling is the connective tissue that brings us together, it's not just for kids. We need more adult stories, more varied experiences shared. And good production value, thank you for making this real.
  • mrswaldrop
    Worth Every Second
    I found this show when they were just starting and was hooked since then. I found it during my lowest and this show kept me entertained. I love this power couple. I’m a silent listener but this show have my heart ❤️
  • Binnnnnaaaa
    Fantastic show
    The stories that Dan finds are awesome, and he hits a lot of variety of mysteries that are super intriguing. The stories these two put together create a great show but that being said I would give it 5 stars but Lindsey is a tad bit too argumentative for my taste, I catch myself wishing she would just cut back on her constant input, for an example Dan would say something related to what they are talking about and his own experience in between stories and she would be like “no you don’t” and every time he says something that he feels is right she continues to deny what he says. she also likes to share how upset she is with him which I find bums out the mood and it’s almost awkward for the listener. This being said this is the only show I listen to from them so this is just my personal take from the episodes I’ve listened to. No Ill feelings just feedback.
    I just discovered this podcast and I've not stepped away. I listen to this on the way to and from work. On my lunch break and anytime in between. Both of them really do a great job of making you visualize each story. They're funny and enjoyable to listen to. Only on episode 6 but so far I love it. Thanks for being my escape from day to day stresses. Yes! Murders, ghost ghouls and everything in between are my escape haha and whenever I'm listening I'm not worried about anything else. -DJ Duncan ( new forever fan)
  • Hermiome's shadow
  • Soleil Diamonds
    Light hearted & SCARY!!
    These guys are hilarious…. AND they share some really spooky stories. The hosts are like a sweet and salty combination, Dan offers fantastic comedic relief and Lynze with her amazing insights are the perfect combination. These guys run donations, are inclusive and have fun! After the stories their banter is priceless. A great show if you want to feel spooked out and have a laugh afterwards.
  • chelseahooks
    Creepers all the way!
    This podcast is the best! My husband, the skeptic and myself, the believer, listen to this together and love debating whether the stories are real or not. Never a dull moment here!
  • Extinctasaurus
    My fave
    By far my favorite podcast. I love dan and Lynze and the whole Bad magic crew. Thanks for the scares guys, hope you’re around for a lot of years. Leslie florida
  • Wooofoohoohjncbdjsksncncjdj
    My friend got me into this show and it’s the best podcast I’ve ever listened to 🧟‍♀️
  • solskeren
    Best Horror Podcast Available!
    Talk about giving you the creeps! This is the show for you if you wanna be scared, entertained, and fall in love with Dan and Lynzie!
  • Funny fan of Comedy
    I want to be in the Dan and Linds Sammich
    Love these two! Love the podcast. If you ever want a threesome I’m volunteering!
  • Slitoris
    Preeminent Horror show for people who believe everything.
    If you think your sign controls your behavior, or the crystals and magnets can heal or protect you, if you believe everything you hear, or think ghosts, demons, and weremonkeys are real, you will be scared. For the rest of us, you get to hear a really cute couple try to suspend their disbelief and scare each other. It’s adorable to hear and fun to watch. It’s also the leading horror podcast on YouTube for that lowest class of kinkster, the foot fetishist. I love this show. I honestly have more fun watching them succeed or fail to scare each other then hearing the stories, even though they are well written. Some of the stories are outlandish, and all of it should absolutely be taken skeptically, but they are truly fun. And if you can convince yourself it’s real for just an hour or two, maybe you too can be SCARED TO DEATH!!
  • S Hamlin
    Wild, Cool, and Interesting Stuff!
    Love listening to the stories from all over the Globe to the personal stories listeners send in. 3/5 Stars, wouldn’t change a thing!
  • 163948162940Simonsen
    My spirit animals!
    My husband says Lynze and I talk just alike, and it’s true. Y’all are so similar to us so it’s awesome to listen to y’all and your interactions and reactions and then hear one of us mirror them! Keep up the great work, I’ve literally binged almost every episode in the past 24 hours… mostly I’m the daylight though.
  • THewbideaux
    Ninja Turtles
    Maybe way less of that. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • gaby19_15
    Best podcast!!!
    First of all this show is amazing!!!! I really do enjoy it. It was recommended to me by a friend but the only con to this podcast is his wife though , I enjoy her witty personality and random side talks it really ruins the story telling when she interrupts the storytelling from Dan every few minutes. Again this podcast it so good so don’t let that take away from you listening to it . I’m always waiting each week for the new episode to drop , anyway you both are doing great delivering these stories !
  • Klucille
    Lots of fun!
    And great spoops!
  • VtenBroek
    I love you two! The fun, familiar banter keeps levity alive while talking about the dead. I’m so happy to have discovered this podcast. Someday, maybe I’ll submit my own creepy, sad tale. Until then, shutter on!
  • CurtisVest
    A Horror Fan’s delight!
    The story telling ability of these two and their discussions are this horror fan’s favorite. The ability to grab my attention the entire time is incredible! Use it for a weekly workout as well. Look forward to it weekly!
  • Kuffel91
    Lynze is insufferable
    Dan can barely get through a paragraph sometimes as a self-proclaimed mush-mouth. Lynze acts like a holier-than-thou crystal wielding paranormal Jesus.
  • Disciple of Tornitron
    Absolutely hooked
    Absolutely love this podcast. Keep up the good work!!!
  • 20Louie06
    Good but
    I love Dan but Lyndsay needs to stop trying to sound smarter than Dan. Dan does research for a living so it’s okay that he has vast knowledge on random subjects. And lyndsay just tries to make theories sound like facts. You don’t know!!
  • pis25
    Creeper for life
    Absolutely one of my favorite podcasts! 3.5 stars wouldn’t change a thing lol
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