Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge


Two "ex-housewives" Watching, Recapping, Armchair Quarterbacking, Breaking Down all the Breaking News. Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge team up to Tell All. Listen each week as they watch and rehash as only they can. Who knows housewives better than housewives?! Right?! Teddi and Tamra are Two Ts in a Pod. (Telling All).

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  • erhineee321
    A new side to both of them. It’s interesting hearing about Housewives from the other side and I’ve missed Tamra! She was in my life for 10+ years then Bravo just took her, ha! I find them both inspiring and fun. 5 stars! Please keep this up.
  • Lizbethboo21
    Great podcast
    I am really enjoying Tamra and Teddi together… Vicky G needs to get over herself… MG…your an older woman…please grow up
  • Fun1894
    Too many ads and
    Equipment is not great
  • Bridskarbo
    Look forward to every episode
    This pod is so much fun and the fact that you give us viewers inside scoop- all the better. Keep it up. I feeling like I’m having a glass of vino gossiping with my besties when I listen! Xx
  • Teddy@01
    Love it! Please have Vicky back!
    The episode with Vicky was hilarious! Y’all should do more episodes with the 3 of you.
  • Shayy_96
    Ya’ll should definitely add Vicki in to the show more this episode was hilarious!! Love the show💜
  • archibolttt
    V&T spill the tea!!!?
  • DelMarQueenCzar
    Right in 👍🏼
  • mlw1989
    Better than expected
    I generally dislike both of them as housewives. When I heard about this podcast my first thought was “Ew no” BUT I ended up listening on a friend’s persistent recommendation and I actually do like this podcast. Tamara comes across very likable and Teddi is as good as she’s going to get I guess. So even if you don’t like watching these two you should still give this a shot.
  • sssssoooopppp
    Vicki G
    I love this pod but this episode was awful. Vicki is so rude I can’t spend her. She was terrible Love T&T!
  • Steph Buckley
    Wow! You two know it out of the park each time!
    Such a fantabulous podcast! The two of you together are like peas and carrots you go so well together! You have just the right amount of hot topics and wonderful guests in your show. I think you ask poignantly great questions, you are both inquisitive and yet, you allow your guests to speak freely and openly. I totes agree with Tamra, you could absolutely do Andy’s job. It would even be super cute if the two of you did it together. You feed off of one another in such a positive way. Congratulations on your success!
  • Pettygirl0921
    Love love love
    I am loving the podcast. Especially loved the last episode with Vicki. You need to have her back on for sure!!!
  • lamvco
    Great team
    Love the two of you together. Vicki G interview was a train wreck, clearly shows why you should not do a podcast with her.
  • Awesome100000021
    Really good
    I discovered this podcast from listening to Jeff Lewis on Sirius and I have to say it’s so good. Teddi and Tamara are super likable and relatable and I love getting behind the scenes secrets. Even if you didn’t like them on the shows you’ll like this podcast
  • lola big cups
    Love the pod! I need longer episodes!! 😀
  • MissMelisxoxo
    From a Bravaholic
    Teddy and Tamera! I look forward to a new episode every week!! You two are amazing! Thank you for blessing us every week for all us housewife lovers and spilling all the tea🤍
  • kiwimacadoodle12
    My favorite Housewives podcast
    This has become my favorite HW podcast. The two gives great little behind the scenes nuggets that make it interesting. Also, their personalities compliment each other.
  • juls-5
    Happy endings are illegal
    Please stop promoting happy endings when you talk about massage. If you go to a licensed massage therapist, happy endings are illegal, sexual assault. LMTs follow a strict ethical code. Please stop as this can encourage clients to ask for “happy endings “ and puts LMTs at risk for assault.
  • bnuesti
    I was super surprised, I really really love this podcast however teddy- can you please stop talking over Tamra and let her speak? She is the one with all of the tea and funny personality.
  • csanders 35
    Vicki Gunvalson
    Maybe Teddi & Tamra Should Just Add Vicki To Your Podcast. I Never Laughed So Much. The Three Of You Were Hilarious. Seriously The Best Podcast Ever. 5 Plus ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars For Sure. So So Good. I Didn’t Want It To End. ❤️🍊💎❤️
  • DMoren16
    WOW this is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. I literally belly laugh every episode. Plus, the housewives tea is REALLLLLLL 🍵
  • #5678
    Vicki and Tamra
    I think this podcast would be great with Vicki and Tamra! Do you think we could get that?
  • rhoc6363
    It’s really enjoyable!
  • BriNYoung
    My new favorite podcast! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • ToryT23
    This was hilarious 😂
    The two of you and Vicki!!! So good! The part about Kelly: old people, kids and animals 😂 I can’t!!!
  • want to see more
    Pleasantly surprised
    The content the two Ts are discussing is perfect! I wasn’t sure what the outline of their podcast would entail but it’s great for Bravo fans especially the 🍵 we want from fourth wall breaks! Love it ladies! Also unsure why they got rid of you two!
  • Rmoshed
    I am hooked!
    I got hooked on some of the current episodes with Teddi and Tamara so I have been listening to the prior episodes to get caught up. Today, I listened to one called ‘The Shape of Things to come’. So great!! Teddi said something about not allowing what others think of you validate you and that you really have to love yourself. I literally stopped, backed it up and listened to her again. I heard similar words before and can’t tell you why but for some reason it just rang so loudly in my ears! Thank you for being real and being you! I have always been a fan of Teddi and Tamara. They are both honest, real and tell it like it is! I am so glad we have a way to keep up with these ladies.
  • p nun
    The pod I didn’t know I needed!
    No hate, no crap talking. Just pure breakdowns and assessments of our favorite housewives. Also love the background and context you 2 are able to give 😍
  • Ashestoooashes
    Love this duo & the real take of housewives!!
    I learned about this from a nice mention on Juicy Scoop. I would really like you all to do a pod. I want Tamera and Heather M to have a talk (what they can) Glad I heard about this! Been binging! Love the juice and being unfiltered- and GREAT guests - even though it’s not needed. 🤍
  • Megwin83
    So fun, genuinely was not sure I would enjoy, but I look forward to each episode!
    Transparently was unsure whether or not I would enjoy this podcast, I always liked Teddi on the housewives as she is so down to earth. I didn’t not like Tamara but as we all know there was some drama, which made for great television. I wasn’t sure how they would interact, but they do so wonderfully and I so enjoy their perspectives and interactions! Keep it up ladies!
  • Megan Heinsman
    New favorite Bravo pod!
    This is the only podcast other than Juicy Scoop that I listen to the DAY OF and have gone back and listened to every episode. Thanks Teddi and Tamra for giving Bravo fans what we want!! Would love a patreon and/or to hear y’all 2x a week!
  • Jmew7
    How about 3 times a week?
  • NuttyFarmWige
    Fun listening
    I was bummed when the Two T’s left their franchises, so getting to listen to them both being so honest with all their guests is fun listening! I felt that these two women were honest on their shows and that’s why the podcast is so fun to listen to!! I’m always excited for the next podcast and the interaction with their guest! Keep it up ladies having a blast listening. I’ve told my close friend group they have to listen, we’re all huge fans of the Housewives!
  • Beaño
    Love it!
    So entertaining! What happened to Whitney Rose being on?
  • 2020w
    Big surprise
    Surprisingly enjoyable to listen and laugh to.
  • Ripsgal
    Two Ts in a Pod
    Love this podcast! It is interesting to get the former housewife point of view on the shows. I was sad when these 2 ladies left their respective shows so it is nice to get to listen to them now.
  • MWADE1761
    The duo we didn’t know we needed
    Love this podcast! Teddy is natural and Tamra is right there with her. Keep on spilling the tea ladies! Love y’all!
  • Holly-ja
    Great show
    From one REAL Housewife to another, Love the podcast. Who thought you two would make such a great team? Love your reviews! Thanks for entertaining me while I cook dinner and wash dishes for the family.
  • Leslie SZ
    Love these two! ❤️ 🍊&💎 =😊
    The recaps of Bravo’s Housewives shows are funny and insightful, without being mean spirited!
  • fayyyyy..
    I came here to cringe binge BUT
    I came here solely to make fun of you two but I actually really love your podcast. I did not like teddi on RHW but I love her on this. she’s down to earth, funny, and an open book. i’ve always been a fan of tamara but i wish she would research more about the topics so she actually has something to bring to the table.
  • EricaP511
    I find this fun to listen to!
  • BamaBayley
    Love love love
    This is my new favorite podcast:) The two of you together are perfect for this and I’m soo glad y’all teamed up :) I wish you nothing but success! Much love from Alabama :)
  • glitterparis
    Love love love!! It’s good!
  • WhittysMomma
    They are great as they are, yet better together!
    These two are great together! Never expected it but glad it’s happening!!! Love them both and love them together, they are even better! Thank you for making this housewives dishes, car rides and runs that much easier. Cheers!
  • BruceWayne5148
    Tamra is a ⭐️
    Begrudgingly listened because I ran out of other podcasts over the holidays and was pleasantly surprised! Teddi comes off thirsty and annoying per usual but with Tamra and the guests, it is an enjoyable listen!
  • Criswizz
    Ok yes please- the T’s give the best juicy scoop #livinthelife
    Love the T with the T’s and fun to see BH meets OC. 💕💕💕🙋‍♀️ -The T’s are mastering honest/real re-caps of very juicy topics/scoop/T (whatever you want to call it) in the most tasteful/ informative/hilarious way #honestgossip -I love how organic the convos are and how these ladies really are getting closer through each episode. -I’m hooked! #livinyourlife PS this is my first podcast review, so you’re welcome ☺️
  • Nishi Var
    5 STARS!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Amazing! Love these two together! So funny Tamera Teddi we need you back on Housewives!
  • MissCrys808State
    Favorite Duo!
    I wish this podcast was a show, I could just imagine the shenanigans Tamra and Teddi could get into! The Tea is soooo good, I love how real they are and it’s definitely one of my favorite podcasts. Keep it up ladies. And just remember, you guys don’t have to “stay” relevant bc you both ARE RELEVANT! Screw the haters! Xoxo 😘
  • Shelley DeRose
    LOVE THIS POD CAST !!!!!!!
    LOVE Teddi & Tamara & this Podcast‼️♥️✨
  • rla62077
    Love this!
    I love that there are a couple of episodes a week. I don’t understand why people have to say terrible things about Teddi, people can be so despicable. They must have miserable lives to say the things they say. Anywho, this podcast is very enjoyable, keep it up!
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