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Daily show where top tennis legends and experts discuss the latest topics.

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  • Stephanie Dampman
    Ongoing, infinite ovation 💫
    Thanks for digitizing all things TENNIS 🎾
  • PJ2345
    Andy Rodrick needs to work on his AHs
    Great recap for the days action. Andy Roddick says Ah way too much. Could be a drinking game.
  • Ciao for now!
    Ciao for now
    Love my tennis channel ! Really enjoy the Sinner / Alcaraz matches. Do you think Jannik ( love him!) walks like a cowboy who just dismounted his horse after a long ride? Adore how he says ‘Have a nice day,’ after any interview in English. Someone told him Americans say that … One quick observation. Would the beloved TC analysts please consider not calling Prikash “P”. His name is easy to pronounce and he is awesome. Ciao ciao!
  • FortniteCranker
    What a lively podcast.
    These chaps have been working their trousers off. And they did a brilliant job at it. Any of you lads out there want a bloody brilliant show? Toon in. I do love tennis, and even though the subject matter sometimes does change, they seem to stay on topic very bloody well. Me? I live in Britten with my two children, Ben and Amanda. We all love the game Fortnite and are proud to visit Wrexam in whales when we see my mother up there. You chaps have a brilliant day, and see you later 👋
  • Clementine Hall
    Great Content
    But the sound is miserable!
  • ajhanug
    Stop yelling
    Cannot listen to Steve yelling throughout this podcast. It is very unpleasant!
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