90 Day Gays with Jake Anthony and Matt Marr


Jake Anthony and Matt Marr are two Southern Queens who absolutely love TLC's 90 Day Fiancé. If you've been looking for your gay BFFs to dish this show...well you're welcome. Matt is a clinical psychologist, while Jake is a life-coach and teacher. And they both are shady queens who are boggled at the insane ways some of these people search for love in this world. What's going on up there, y'all?

The only thing more certain than a K-1 Visa, is the fact that Jake and Matt will keep you laughing at these lovebirds while also judging their choices. #BlessTheirHearts But none of it is mean, because Jake and Matt get it. At the end of the day, aren't we all just looking for our little piece of love? Follow the gays: Jake @jakeitorfakeit & Matt @theMattMarr

And listen to all their other shows, like Sweet T: A Southern Charm Podcast and Bitchcraft: The Unauthorized Sabrina Podcast--all at their podcast network, www.sissythattalk.com

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  • keisha_gurl
    Love these guys
    I absolutely adore these guys but poodles uhhhhhhhhh’s and ummmmmmm’s, drive me absolutely insane. Otherwise the content is 10/10
  • Runninglikemad
    First timer here!
    Just found this pod from 420 90 day! Gotta admit it took me a few minutes and then total love ❤️! Especially when one of you Queens (sorry don’t know voices yet!) mentions are there vegetarian options is Korea?! Speaking my plant based language! Xoxo 😘
  • A very cooool person
    You Are Life!!
    You geniuses have made these troubling times bearable!! Your intelligent, witty humor gets me through the days and on occasion kicked out of bed because i’m laughing so hard at night my husband can’t sleep. (I’m a night owl, he’s not so much) I was in a signing group as a child and your musical references are EVERYTHING!’ I’m typing this from the back of a motorcycle, but your Tanto joke did me in and I had to write. And oh by the way, my first grandchild, a gorgeous little granddaughter, is now my ‘poodle’!!! LOVE YOU, and waiting for the ‘live’ days to return so I can follow you all over the country like the Grateful Dead groupies!! lol. ✌🏻
  • SuperGrover33
    I just want to wrap these two rainbow kittens up and stick them in my pocket so they can counsel me on my personality flaws while I go about my day. I would pay double for that service.
  • My4suuns
    Love Love Love
    I can’t get enough of Matt and Jake! I’m a truck driver and these two have me crying laughing while I’m driving down the highway! The shade they throw is the best and they definitely say what everyone is thinking! Keep going Queens!
  • TexAg Fan
    These guys never fail to make me laugh. Warning. Hazardous to your health to listen while eating due to possible choking from laughter
  • dcabbyz
    Words do not do justice to the hilarity of this duo
    How do I love thee, queens? Let me count the ways like Larissa counting her cosmetic procedures! I don’t “laugh out loud” at much, but these guys’ (gays?) mix of stream of consciousness, Southern stories, operatic interludes, tangents that go off on their own tangents, often booze-fueled, always candid, recaps of my favorite Reality shows are incredible. Their chemistry is amazing, and I don’t know anyone who can discuss white fragility, black lives matter, ugly Americans and rim jobs (not talking about tires) with so much wit & depth (not a sexual reference) While we love to “hate” some of the characters we see on reality TV, these guys never hate or denigrate gratuitously.Their psychological observations mixed with clever commentary and quick wit create incredibly entertaining podcasts, and as I watch my shows, I think about what Matty & Poodle are going to say in their recap. We’ve all been struggling these past few months, some more than others and if you need an escape from reality, to Reality, these guys are it. This isn’t podcasting, it’s storytelling as an art form. They are hilarious raconteurs who bring me absolute joy! This is the first podcast review I’ve ever written and I just hope Ira Glass isn’t offended. He’ll always be my first, but these guys are my true loves.
  • Kimp.All
    This podcast makes me so happy! I have loved 90 day for years now and am sad that I only discovered you guys recently. I'm caught up on your recent episodes, but I'm hooked so I'm going back to listen to old ones from the beginning and relive all those 90 day memories... ahh. It's particularly great to have on while my son is watching Blippi or something equally annoying. Anyways, it strangely gives me warm fuzzies when you guys breakout into 1990's country songs. I'm not from the South, but I went through this country music phase in elementary school and ya'll's renditions of Daddy's Hands, The Thunder Rolls, Strawberry Wine, etc. take me back! Keep going queens!
  • J_Dow
    Keep going Queens!
  • audracofo
    Carl’s Other Crazy Wife
    I’m fairly certain you queens have gotten me through COVID. I listen to each episode twice a week just to make sure I don’t miss a thing. I tell my husband, Carl (yes-Carl), all about it, and he thought we were all actually friends and just realized the other day it was a podcast. Thank you for being my giant 🌈 through these crazy times!! 😘😘 Keep going, Queens!!
  • Huey Duey & Louie
    Beyond obsessed
    I’ve never felt like this about a podcast before. The first few episodes, I was like “why are they talking so much?” Then without realizing it I became obsessed with every word that comes out of their mouths. They make me laugh so hard every day and have kept me sane during COVID. Keep going queens!!!
  • hawky12
    Best podcast
    This podcast is amazing. No filter and exactly what I’m thinking while watching this dumpster fire show. I love y’all!
  • Quinn_Dog
    The episode posted 7/28/2020 was difficult to listen to because Poodle was clearing his throat every 90 seconds. Can’t you quickly hit the mute button. Come on, vocal coach, don’t you know your listeners don’t want to hear that? GROSS
  • mrnsophie
    The rim job of podcasts
    I can’t think of anything I enjoy more
  • Rawwreee
    I have been watching 90 day since the start. This podcast takes it to the next level of hilarity and fun! Love the content and I look forward to it every week.
  • Kait from FL
    90’s country is my jam.
    Found you guys through 90 Day Cray. Took a little bit to get used to the long announcements at the beginning and the many side alleys you go down BUT the 90’s country songs and free therapist advice won me over. Then Matt sang a Catholic hymn (I grew up never missing a Saturday night mass) and now I’m hooked for life. You are my type of people. Keep up the great work. *crabcake*
  • AmyMayRai
    Keep going queens!
  • P-Shugga
    I only found this podcast about 2 months ago and I fell in instant love with it. “Y’all, come at us...” I live. Of course I had to sign up for the Patreon becuz of LALU. This podcast is a little ray of sunshine is this storm of a year we’re having. Thank you guys so much! And it’s CRIPS...crips...that is all. ❤️
  • leasa1231
    Keep going, Queens!
    Hey, I'm an older sissy : 59 straight woman; I’m thinking my age might be unusual to your demographic! When I first discovered you last fall, I have to admit I was a bit scandalized! But I gutted it out and within the first couple of episodes, you had me hooked. I frequently laugh out loud in the car as I listen to you; but I've heeded other listeners' warnings about playing your episodes: in other words, I have to be careful and put you on pause while the Walmart Associate is loading my car with my pick up order! Love your rapport with each other and insights on the dumpster fire relationships. Also, Mattie was spot on the other day about growing up Catholic in the Bible Belt LOL. Poodle: at first, I thought you were a bit of curmudgeon and you may be but I can tell you have a heart of gold. I LOVE your family stories, especially about your mothers! I do have to come at you both for generalizing the personalities of software developers though. I am one (a software developer) and I may be a bit introverted but I have a great personality!! Not all of us are like "Red Stapler"in "Office Space"! Love to you both, Leasa.
  • RisRocks
    Keep Going Queens!
    You two are pure joy! Hilarious, heartwarming, melodious, and compassionate with just the right amount of sass and a big ol’ douche of risqué.
  • Crazy Carl's wife
    Can’t get enough
    I canceled my online weight loss program subscription so I could sign up for Patreon....it was the right choice, should have done this a long time ago!!!! I laugh so hard every time, you are the highlight of my day, week, month and have made dealing with the COVID crap so much more bearable!! Keep going queens!! Love you guys!!
  • Norimw
    I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna puke
    I found this podcast through a bravo podcast group. That was a week ago. Since then these two have been in my ear 24/7. I’m going through the old episodes and found one they did about David and Lana 4-10. They did a 90 day theater and I was laughing so hard and so much my stomach started to ache and I got light headed. This is the podcast that I didn’t know I need in my life. I love you guys. 5 stars
  • Nabnab13
    Love these guys!
    Y’all are so entertaining and keep me laughing so hard! I only wish I could download your theme songs separately to play on repeat! Thank you for doing what you do!
  • _sukh
    My favorite podcast!
    This review is SO overdue. I started listening to you guys last year and you made my long commute bearable. No other podcast entertains me and makes me laugh as much as you two do. I even listen to the episodes for shows I don’t even watch! Keep rocking it queens!! 💛
  • Sugacubez
    Pure Hilarity
    I love this podcast! It is just the dose of happiness, laughter and musical theater that I needed in my week.
  • Rocks San Antonio
    Never a dull moment
    I listen to this podcast while working and I often have to remember I'm at work, they are hilarious and recap the show perfectly!
  • blondeandmouthie
    Exactly what I need!
    I am utterly obsessed. You two are amazing. I’m fairly new to the 90 Day franchise, so I’m starting from the beginning and I feel like I’m watching every episode with you. Amazing. Never stop. xo
  • amy the cat lady.
    Love the guys. Funny stuff.
    Highlight of my week!
  • Carissaaaaaaa
    So funny
    Matt and Jake are hilarious and this pod is great! My boyfriend and I frequently listen to it together and regularly say “come at us y’all...” to each other, around the house. Love you both! Keep going Queens!
  • 90 day fiance obsessed
    Literally Crying!!!!
    Omg listening to Poodle and Matty act out Larissa and Eric-ey in “90 days theater” literally making me cry from laughing so hard!! Bring a 2 hour episode back with just all 90 day theater! Love you, Queens!!!
  • Bradcoooer27
    The reason I haven’t gone fully crazy during the quarantine...
    Thank you queens for perpetuating my obsessions with this ridiculous show even further. I’ve been having a really tough time during the pandemic and you guys have been a life saver. Thank you for accompanying me on my bike rides and walks, and making me laugh so much!!! YAS QUEEEEEENS!!!!!!
  • liza noel
    It was a journey
    My new favorite podcast but didn’t start out that way. I love 90 day fiancé not sure what that says about me as a person but whatever will not deny it to anyone. First time I listened I was like WOW that’s a lot not for me but then COVID happened and not too many podcasts kept going so I gave it another chance and now I look forward too the podcasts more than I do the show. Love u guys!!!!!!!!
  • asc0502
    love you!
    poodle, (aka grammar police) says 'altso' instead of also. it could be the buzzword for a drinking game. :) y'all they are the final authorities on all the psychological nuannces of the cast members' psyches and the dynamics in their families. xo
  • wwwqqqqqwwww
    Love you guys!
    Vaseline Alley anyone?
  • Leanne 👽
    Love this podcast!
    I can’t get enough. Matt and Poodle are hilarious!
  • Casn473
    Best part of my day
    I’m an American living in the U.K. and although I’ve lived here for almost 20 years I still love all American garbage tv and Matty and Poodle are the favourite part of most of my days. My new best friends ! In my mind I think I’m a kind, sweet Matty but I know in reality I’m a snobbier version of Poodle. LOVE THEIR PODCASTS SO MUCH.
  • britt_118
    Love these two!
    I love most 90 day podcasts but this one is on another level! Really hilarious, love the banter.
  • Mrsecookie
    Fav 90 day recap!
    I have so much love and appreciation for you both! I’m an RN currently sick with covid myself after months of caring for covid patients. I never realized how much my mental health would be taxed. Y’all have kept me laughing. I’m so incredibly grateful. I know it takes a lot to put these shows together, and I want you to know it’s appreciated! Much love! Keep it up! You guys are hilarious, and take time to talk about serious issues as well. I love it!
  • courtines
    Love this pod and love Jake and Matt! Great insight, tons of content (especially on Patreon). They guys are great at engaging with the audience and I just adore them!
  • Tashh20
    Hits home every time!
    If you don’t like laughing until you’re crying, snorting and can’t breathe then don’t listen. Matt and Jake say exactly what we are all thinking while watching 90 Day Fiancé and more. I love hearing about Matt and Jake’s personal stories, experiences, and insight. Not only are they funny but they educate you as well. My most favorite podcast!
  • Amanda Panda 69
    Love you two queens!
    I absolutely love listening to 90 Day Gays! I grew up in Provincetown, MA and listening to Matty and Poodle make me feel like I’m “home again”! I love how you both cover the show with honesty, empathy, humor and hilarity!! Don’t change a thing! Bring it Sissys!
  • aec123xyz
    Fun recaps and storytelling
    Matt tells stories from home that are reminiscent of Rose from the Golden Girls stories of St Olaf only updated and “southern”. I love hearing it all from cousin LoLo to Mother Poodle.
  • renpasq999
    When I tell y’all I scream every episode…
    ...I’m 100% serious. Mattie and Poodle will have you screaming and crying (in the good ways) every episode. Idk why we as a society have evolved to the point where we want to hear two people we don’t know talk about TV shows we love/hate but considering we have, this is peak culture. Just don’t listen with your family if you don’t want to explain pegging, etc.
  • noname346
    Absolute best podcast!!!
    Best thing to come out of quarantine for me is to discover the 90 Day Gays podcast! Love everything about it, the singing, the therapy, the rants, the graphic sexual content 😂 Keep ‘em coming sissies 💗💗💗
  • armandoandkenny4eva
    Elizabeth Smart!!! Hahahahahahaha!!
    Ok. Been listening and loving this show for a while. But the precise moment that made me not only leave my first review for any podcast ever AND join the Patreon ($5 level, times are tough!) was the Elizabeth Smart hilariousness. I was laughing like a crazy person. I had a gummy and some white claw, so even as I’m typing this I can’t quite remember exactly why it was so funny. But I know it was!! Love you queens!!!
  • Chariotsofliar
    Go Queens.
  • DerWachtelschlagFliegender
    A fun wild ride
    I only watched clips of 90 Day with a friend (I swear) but I love this podcast as chatty companion entertainment. The hosts are incisive but responsible and it’s fun to listen to them change their opinions and go on emotional journeys with the 90 day “stars.” If you like True Crime Obsessed but want something a little less stressful, you’ll probably like this podcast.
  • Anna0284636181947
    Keep going queens!
    I love this podcast. Definitely one for earbuds but it keeps me laughing the whole way through
  • Spiked Cocoa
    Love love love
    Love listening - I learn so much... the discussion about respect on the most recent episode hit me so hard. Thank you, queens!!!
  • amyfowler223
    Highlight of my week!
    Love, love, love this podcast! It is something I look forward to every week. I laugh so hard at the dynamics between Poodle and Matt. Always quality content, it makes my heart so happy. Thank you for providing us with this amazing podcast and all the hard work you put in covering the beautiful train wreck of 90 Day Fiancé!
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