Reality Gays: Trash TV and GayDD with Mattie and Poodle


Jake Anthony and Matt Marr are two Southern Queens who absolutely love reality shows about lonely hearts looking for love. They recap it all including, TLC's 90 Day Fiancé, Love is Blind on Netflix, Too Hot to Handle on Netflix, and some other shows where the people are just hot messes looking for love. If you've been looking for your gay BFFs to dish this show...well you're welcome.

Matt is a clinical psychologist, while Jake is a life-coach and teacher. And they both are shady queens who are boggled at the insane ways some of these people search for love in this world. The only thing more certain than a K-1 Visa or a venereal disease, is the fact that Jake and Matt will keep you laughing at these lovebirds while also judging their choices. #BlessTheirHearts But none of it is mean, because Jake and Matt get it. At the end of the day, aren't we all just looking for our little piece of love?

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Recent Reviews
  • jibrooksjohnson
    Love it
    Love listening to both of y’all. Your banter is remarkable. I look forward to your shows daily.
  • RachieeBee1
    The Best EVERRRR!
  • ka akben
    Mattie and Poodle in the mornings!
    The best way to wake up is listening to the boys, they never disappoint ❤️
  • USMKris
    Thank you Mattie and Poodle
    My life has been crazy for the last few months. Hubby has had some neurological issues that started in February. These queens have kept me laughing through it all. I’m so grateful for the Sissy Squad (we have fun in there). That’s the one place I’ve been able to share hubby’s struggle. Mattie and Poodle... keep going queens!
  • livemusicjunkie
    No clue why someone would recommend this podcast
    Not in the least bit enjoyable. I’ve never heard two people acknowledge vile behavior by someone and then go on to defend them. Gross, gross, gross! FYI HB from Summer House is almost 30 and while that’s not “old”, it’s certainly too old for people to dismiss her disgusting behavior by saying she’s young.
  • mducsik
    Go queens go
    Love you guys for Florida
  • useruseruser0728
    Love the show but...
    I love this podcast!!! It’s hilarious but I can’t stand listening to them drinks and literally hearing them shallow their drink. It’s unbearable
  • MamaCPH
    The best
    Consistently makes me laugh out loud and look like a crazy person while I walk the dog. 😆 Love their friendship and singing!
  • mkeyso
    Used to love this show
    This show feels false now and inauthentic. We can tell you are self censoring. The fact that they feel comfortable to do the most wild and over the top Cajun accents simply because the person is white is ridiculous. They have refused to do the accents other characters on the show because they are people of color. Extremely hypocritical. Boys, be equal opportunists or don’t do them at all. Stop with the transparent and shallow political correctness.
  • wishihadabetterreview
    A slow change
    Was obsessed at the end of 2019 and going into 2020 even joined the Patreon. They kept me going throughout the pandemic. But after listening within the last six months I find myself annoyed with the podcast and not as entertained. I used to rush to listen to episodes when they first came out but the singing aka screaming in my ears is a lot. Their diagnosis of everyone on the shows just doesn’t sit right with me anymore and how rude poodle can be has made me want to stop listening. It’s not cute being a contrarian for literally everything under the sun. Each week I hope it gets better but I don’t see it turning back around.
  • Willa_dsk
    Hilarious silly fun
  • hollyhem
    Reunion episode
  • LindaYogaGirl
    Love the boys
    Great fun and insights from Mattie and Poodle. I only listen to the Bravo stuff and delete the rest. Thanks guys!
  • TWright207
    Thankful for you!
    I’ll be honest, I’ve completely stopped watching the 90 Day shows because the two of you are infinitely more entertaining!
  • Gwendolyn138583275
    Simply the Best
    Just chiming in to say that I absolutely love this show, but in addition to that, subscribing to their Patreon has been one of the best additions to my life in a while—so if you’re on the fence about throwing a little money their way, trust it’ll be a great investment. KEEP GOING, QUEENS!
  • lkarinab85
    As insightful as they are entertaining!
    If I were to describe them in three words, they would be entertaining, witty, and compassionate. Their skits and songs certainly add color and dimension to their podcast, but it’s their thoughtful insights and compassionate approach that keep me tuned in. I love how they’ll take issues that come up in episodes and talk about them in a broader context, rather than just recap what was broadcast. Very welcoming and warm too! Love these queens ❤️❤️❤️
  • Darkextract
    Give Tina Her Props!!!
    I was with y’all all the way on River Deep, until y’all said Celine and not Tina😂😂😂
  • claired12345
    Love these guys
    That’s all
  • JennRivera23
    The BEST podcast
    This podcast makes my day. You guys are so funny. I love your take on 90 day fiancé! As if I don’t laugh enough through that show too!!
  • t_dub_1977
    Butter factory tragedy
    I can’t. If you’re not listening you’re not living.
  • tinz27
    Entertaining, Addicting yet Annoying
    This is great, hilarious commentary on 90 day fiancé especially when you don’t have anyone else to discuss the show with after watching. However, the extraneous chats and asides about other shows not everyone watches get to be insufferable sometimes. Also excessive commercials and talking about their paid channels. Feels like I’m constantly being propositioned for money. The show could literally be 30-45 minutes shorter if it stayed semi related to the show on hand. That being said, stupidly addicting and endearing. But STOP talking about unrelated shows that we don’t understand the reference to!!
  • jujupumpkin
    Love you guys!
    But I have one serious question...who the f is Tracey?
  • ries buds
    Keep going queens...
    You brighten my day, and love your talent!
  • michelevil
    Thank the gods above
    This is the podcast I need. This is the podcast *you* need. My so-called “friends” don’t watch any of the endless content dreamscape that is the 90-day universe. My friends are wrong. Matty & Poodle are right. They know. I know. You know.
  • Jeanette454
    I laugh so hard
    It’s all about the little things. My bff Olga and I don’t ask for much. Just great trash tv and our favorite reality gays! Thank you for making us laugh so hard.
  • airester1377
    The best!
    Thank you for getting me through my workouts, rides to work! I wasn’t a 90 day fan until I started listening to the two of you! 😘 Now I can’t miss an episode!!!! My husband even watches with me!!! Love you and all that you do for your listeners!
  • CaitlinO1028
    Getting me through this year!
    Matty and Poodle are the best!! Come for the reality tea, stay for genuine conversation and insight on all aspects of life. I love it so much- keep going queens!
  • Butercupmia1603
    Love these queens
    Keep going queens
  • Blogger99
    Love this podcast but...
    I have to fast forward past all the singing. I can’t. 😳
  • lilygrachud
    So funny! 5 stars! Thank you for breaking out in song! I was singing along and it just brought me so much joy!
  • millersxing
    my new favorite podcast , my guilty pleasure is reality tv .. so listening to these 2 is like hanging with friends
  • Mollyanncamilla
    Thank god for this podcast
    I needed to hear other thoughts on 90 day 😂 thankful for this hilarious podcast
  • OlgaVDetta
    Thank you!
    I love me some 90 Day Theat-aaaahhhh! Alt-so, I haven’t been caught up with the TV show, but I love listening to the podcast anyway! I still laugh; and get a break from this crazy world I’m in right now. 💜
  • native new yawker
    Keep going Queens!
    These guys are hilarious! Love them so much, I joined Patreon!
  • Mlbw
    Love Matt and Poodle! Keep Going Queens
    A date with Dateline sent me! Come for hilarious 90 Day Fiancé recaps, stay for stories like Matt’s aunt losing her lip in a PB&J
  • angmccool
    Love you, and the E rating content!
  • SarahPhillmore
    Can’t Get Enough
    At least once an episode, Matt and Poodle will go on a tangent so long that when they get back on topic, I can’t remember which couple they’re talking about. Love it so much that I signed up for Patreon.
  • Lb1888
    Keep going queens
    Who’s Tracy?!?
  • G.Marie1
    Keep going queens
    Funny, creative, and even insightful. Thank you!
  • kris10hill
    Binge worthy, Hilarious, NSFW, Lifesaving
    I cannot begin to explain how much I love this podcast. I found it last weekend, and I’ve binged the entire thing in a week-I haven’t listened to anything else, watched tv, worked as hard, etc. (don’t come for me about my grammar, Poodle🐩). This past year has taken me to a dark place, and my boyfriend told me he hasn’t heard me laugh this much in months. I’ve never watched any of these shows, and I doubt I will—I love the version ya’ll tell. Your humor reminds me of home & makes me feel like I’m hanging out with friends. You have some of the most insightful, meaningful advice—sprinkled between imitations of porn granny, “raw-doggin’ the American way, and descriptions of all the dicks, in all the lands. You’ve even pushed me to start seeing a therapist again. More than once I’ve had people look at me sideways because your show will pop on right in the middle of a discussion about rim jobs or BDF. I love you guys so much, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much you mean to me. I’ll wrap up this novel-length review: listen to this podcast or ya basic...
  • pazamp4
    By far the funniest podcast I listen to. Thank you so much- you always make my day. 😘
  • Katejuice007
    I look forward to seeing these 2 in my feed
    Love this podcast. I learn new things about myself while laughing through every episode - Highly recommend.
  • Shauna- CO
    Love this podcast, makes me cry laughing!
  • Srtamandy
    Highlight of my week
    Thank you for the humor. My neighbors probably think I am crazy. I take you on walks and am sometimes laughing out loud so hard, I am sure people wonder about me. Keep going queens!!
  • Emrose22w
    Good pod except...
    Poodles constant correcting and nitpicking at everything Matty says it grating for me as a listener. Now it’s all I hear. He will even correct him over the smallest things like saying a syllable of a word wrong. Not enjoyable listening.
  • kvaderr
    Best ever
    Keep going queens!
  • Braveliltophster
    Great podcast but...
    I absolutely love these two together! Fun and witty comedy about all my favorite shows. However, the opening and closing of the podcast can be a little tiresome. 25 mins into the podcast and they haven’t brought up the episode they’re reviewing. And if their tangent are too long they rush the end of the show. I end up zoning out during my commute to work and have to restart or rewind because I missed the meat of the episode. Side note: I used to HATE Matty on Afterbuzz TV. I’d think “oh god...he’s talking again” but I’ve turned a “360 degrees” and absolutely love him. Not sure what changed for me but they’re comedy gold.
  • phyllis4fitness
    Love this podcast and especially Olga- such practical advice!!
  • Katie Potatie Pie
    Who Are These Filthy Animals?!
    Edit: Dammit. Now I have to sign up for Discovery+ to watch that pig show. I’d never heard of the “90 Day Gays” until I heard a crossover episode with the “Pink Shade” ladies. I was cleaning my house while listening to the episode, clutching my pearls, looking like I’d just eaten a mouthful of lemons and thinking, “Who are these filthy, FILTHY animals??” Fast forward to now and I’m part of the “Sissy Squad” and a Gaytreon member. These filthy animals now have me forking out an extra $3/month to hear their “Love After Lockup” recaps, because I can’t imagine living a life where I’m missing out on that mess. True story! I appreciate their raw sense of humor and jarring statements of truth. It’s hard to find humor that isn’t watered down, apologetic and always walking on PC eggshells. Keep going Queens!
  • Cocoa1331
    Yaaaaasssss Queens!!!!!
    I have never written a review but these queens are worth it fo sho!! They make me laugh until I pee, between the dead on impersonations of my favorite 90 day peeps (“drive Tamara drive!!!) and stories about Mattie’s aunt fake lip, you will laugh til your sides split. Even amongst all the giggles these guys have big hearts and I love their message of love, joy and acceptance to all. I’ve just signed up for their Patreon feed and am crazy about their videos! Keep going queens!
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