Reality Gays: Trash TV and GayDD with Mattie and Poodle


Jake Anthony and Matt Marr are two Southern Queens who absolutely love TLC's 90 Day Fiancé. If you've been looking for your gay BFFs to dish this show...well you're welcome. Matt is a clinical psychologist, while Jake is a life-coach and teacher. And they both are shady queens who are boggled at the insane ways some of these people search for love in this world. What's going on up there, y'all?

The only thing more certain than a K-1 Visa, is the fact that Jake and Matt will keep you laughing at these lovebirds while also judging their choices. #BlessTheirHearts But none of it is mean, because Jake and Matt get it. At the end of the day, aren't we all just looking for our little piece of love? Follow the gays: Jake @jakeitorfakeit & Matt @theMattMarr

And listen to all their other shows, like Sweet T: A Southern Charm Podcast and Bitchcraft: The Unauthorized Sabrina Podcast--all at their podcast network,

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  • OH! I-O
    Hate 90 day but LOVE the gays!
    Keep going Queens. Xo
  • mister resetti
    I love you guys and your funny jokes and insight… I never expect to go into a goofy 90 Day recap and gain life perspective, but with your podcast I do! The songs you come up with are hilarious and high quality, and your impressions are hysterical!
  • Mongoose 52
    KGQ but really, please keep going
    Thank you for giving me life. You are the reason I watch 95% of what I watch.
  • carrie3289
    Keep going queen!!!!
  • Zvezda29
    Love you guys!
    Matt and Jake are so talented and have such great comedic chemistry together. Love all of the 90 Day analysis and impressions. (Not sure Mother Poodle would approve of me making a scene in front of all the cars around me cracking up at a stoplight, but I can’t help it!) It’s been a rough year for all of us, so I hope you guys know how much we appreciate you bringing some lightness to our lives ♥️
  • BiskyandPan
    Listen to this show!
    Y’all, these queens don’t just podcast, they really put on a show! This is the only podcast I have ever joined Patreon for, because I feel that artists and entertainers like Matty and Jake deserve unending support! From the “90 day Theatre” to the intro songs, to even the commercials, these guys are awesome. They bring such a unique blend of theatre and trash TV, and it is so much fun! And… Keep going queens. ♥️♥️
  • bagels to go
    Funny but too much…
    I do not need to know about your sexual conquests. It’s disgusting. Every show we have to hear one or both of you go through the boring routine about your sexual experiences. Really. You haven’t done anything special that no one else has done. Stop try to shock the world! You sound like little boys starved for attention.
  • kristie.monson
    You guys are hilarious.
    Can we be friends?
  • kayleecatheter
    So Good
    They are the most hilarious duo. Makes watching reality tv feel like the best use of my time.
  • jackpot21
    Matt and Poodle-
    Keep it going queens! You have me singing your 90 day fiancé theme song all week! Loving the Patreon too! Missing Home Health minute too.
  • PDMama
    Nobody Does It Better!
    Makes me feel bad for the rest. Keep going, Queens! 👑
  • EJMmama
    Love these guys
    Keep going Queens!!!
  • Djo2003
    The Best!!!
    I listen every single day! Mattie and Poodle are hilarious and brighten my days with their humor and realness (is that a word?). I have gone back and listened to almost every older episode, even the shows I didn’t watch. My absolute favorite podcast!!!!! Keep going queens!!!!
  • aj listens
    5 Stars and a touch of Carl’s Wife
    Long-time listener, first time reviewer. This is the best podcast for reality lovers. Humor, compassion and a lot of D*ck talk (fill in your choice of vowel). Marty and Poodle are the best but when they ask Siri a question they should like Carl’s wife “Siri, how do you ask Siri a question that you want Siri to answer?” Way too many words
  • Crews and cats
    Love this show!
    Great show. Keep going queens!
  • Rosiekins27
    Keep going queens! 👑
  • Peljbl
    Love your Darcy and Stacy imitations!!
    First time listener today and loved your re enactments!! I will put your podcast on my listening rotation.
  • Somebody'sMother
    Porn Granny is Everything
    Keep going queens!
  • LHP Puerto Rico
    The BEST 90 day show
    I look forward to all the shows! Keep going Queens!
  • AGravy77
    My favorite
    They’re hilarious, and make the work day more enjoyable. You guys are the 1st to make me spend money for more content! Love y’all
  • rielizabeth
    Can’t get enough!
    Love these two - one of my favorite podcasts to binge, especially when I’m stressed! They never fail to make me laugh. Much love xoxo
  • Allie swanson
    Best Comedy Podcast
    These guys have me ugly laughing all the way the work every morning. Me and my husband just purchased tickets to their 2nd show in New York this month. I’m so excited! Keep it up 👸😘😘😘😘
  • pazamp4
    Keep going Queens!
    See you in NYC Jan 29th!
  • lou'skitchen
    Cluck cluck!
    Sissy power!
  • Devil'sCabanaBoy
    Matt and Poodle are amazing talents. What’s even better is how much they love each other even when Matt rambles on about Oklahoma or Poodle’s Grindr notifications go off. Looking forward to seeing them in NYC!
  • MollTulsa
    Keep going, Queens!!
    Shout out from Oklahoma! I’m new to the show and listening to you brings me so much joy. Thank for for the witty banter and Jenny’s chicken impression! I almost wrecked my car the first time I heard it! Bravo!
  • lisalisalisa💄
    Simply the best 🌟🌟🌟
    Seriously, the best of the best of the best. I love all the impressions, banter, life talk and break down of each episode. Keep going Queens!
  • Lulaqaz
    Thank You ❤️
    Hello Jake and Mattie! I’m not sure if you still read these reviews but I have to let you know how much you two beautiful humans have helped me. I began listening to your podcast about a month ago (started from the beginning where you are asking for 100 reviews and excited for 200 members in the Sissy Squad!) and I can’t stop listening! My mother passed away in late June and it’s been very difficult for me as she was my best friend and we had an incredibly close bond. I love and miss her beyond words and have many days of not being able to hold my tears in. To add on to my grief, my family (like many other families) has completely fallen apart after my mother’s death. Sibling fights and lots of hurt surrounding the care of my mother for the last few months of her life (two of my sisters and I did the heavy load of hospice care for my mother; the three other siblings did nothing but sure had their hands out wanting her money the day after she passed away). Fast forward to last month where I had to return to in-person teaching; I am a high school history teacher. I was having awful anxiety about returning to work and was feeling incredibly low. As I was searching for new podcasts to listen to, I found Jake and Mattie. Your humor, laughter, commentary, singing, and stories have helped me through this difficult time so much that my husband calls you “my therapy.” He listened once with me on a car trip and was scared he was going to get in an accident with how hard he was laughing! He loves the podcast too! I really just wanted to say thank you. Your beautiful incandescent souls have helped lift this spirit more than you’ll ever know. Also, never stop sharing your family stories! Hearing them reminds me goodof the times my family and I once shared and I love hearing about your mamas! And never stop singing! My mother had me later in her life and you are some of the only people I know who’s Broadway references go all the way back to the 1940s! :) I wish you both much love, comfort, and success. Hopefully you’ll have more shows next year so I can see you in person!
  • ceee win
    You’re the Best!
    Matt Marr and Jake Anthony you’re so funny!!! I was having a tough day and you’re making me laugh listening to your podcast! Sending you thanks for lightening the mood in these strange times. ❤️❤️❤️
  • immy102
    Keep going, Queens!
    Love the show! Your banter is top notch!
  • schmellos3
    Mood changer.
    I absolutely love this podcast. The singing, the theater and the shade. For some reason I am instantly in a better mood after listening to them. My energy level goes up and I’m ready to do whatever.
  • susandeitz
    Come at me FUNNY!
    I love these queens. They’re irreverent, hilarious and if I could, I’d want to hang out with them. Poodle keep umming and Mattie keep swinging from the chandelier!
  • Nooooooooo0o
    Don’t pull over!
    Matty and Poodle are hilarious and have hearts of gold! Their coverage of trashy reality shows is so on point, and they support a different charity every month. Keep going, queens!
  • GoNPgirl
    Keep going queens!!!
    Absolutely love this show! Totally makes my day! Just love you two! Keep doing what you are doing! 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you!!
  • Karkies79
    So fun!
  • Emtanner
    Please watch Lularich
    And make fun of this guys would make it so funny!!! This podcast makes me laugh so hard in the car by myself.🤣
  • sluttyputty
    Helping me laugh my way out of postpartum depression
    Love y’all-keep going kweens!
  • msbarresi
    Happiness is Reality Gays
    Witty funny and so honest. You make my world go round!
  • afahsholtz
    Love you queens 😘 thanks for making my days so much better!
  • Keclifford
    You guys are the best!!!
    You make my day every time a new episode comes out!
  • Anne Shach
    Seriously- stop what you’re doing and subscribe to this podcast now!!! Mattie and Poodle are so incredibly funny- sincere, honest, hilarious, and soooo entertaining. I’ve been listening to the boys since November 2019 and I never miss a podcast (and boy do they raw dog ya with content). This podcast has gotten me through some extremely tough times and I’m grateful I found them. Even my husband is a member of the Sissy Squad 😊 Thanks for sharing your contagious laughter with us all, Mattie and Poodle!!! Keep going queens!
  • Ashflav
    These 2 best friends make me feel like family
    It’s hard not to smile when Mattie and Poodle are on. They’re a one of a kind pair that make me laugh, cry, and have helped me through some tough times. I’d give them more stars if I could!
  • christie820511
    Loveeee these queens!!!
    My favorite podcast!!!! Love love love! I wish my friends were half as great as you two! Live for the gaytron! Can’t wait till you tour and get to NY!!! Xo much love
  • Mcalt001
    Continue to Love your podcast! ❤️ Your commentary is hilarious combined with observations of these people and their situations is brilliant! Thank you queens for peeing my pants laughs‼️😂
  • AIS_1995
  • long donut long sausage
    Love it
  • recg3
    Don’t sleep on this podcast!
    Best of the best for trash tv recaps! I look forward to this podcast every week, expect to LOL! I ❤️ Mattie and Poodle!
  • MeztheLez
    Love Love Love!
    Fairly new to this pod but omg I’m so happy I found it! You guys are hilarious and also completely adorable ☺️ I look forward to every new episode and it makes my work days so much more fun! I’m now a proud member of the Sissie Squad; keep up the good work ❤️
  • jjdenkken
    I just can’t.
    I don’t even know where to start, I love this podcast so much. I love the Southern stories and all the off topic conversation is the best. I always save an episode for when I’m having a down day. These guys are so funny. I know I can ALWAYS count on them for some laughs.
  • Pebbbles12
    I love you both so much
    Thank you for making me laugh so hard. I Love you.
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