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Jake Anthony and Matt Marr are two Southern Queens who absolutely love reality shows about lonely hearts looking for love. They recap it all including: TLC's 90 Day Fiancé, Love is Blind on Netflix, Love After Lockup, and some other shows where the people are just hot messes looking for love. If you've been looking for your gay BFFs to dish this show, you're home Queen!
Matt is a clinical psychologist, while Jake is a life coach and teacher. And they both are shady queens who are boggled at the insane ways some of these people search for love in this world. The only thing more certain than a K-1 Visa or a venereal disease is the fact that Jake and Matt will keep you laughing at these lovebirds while also judging their choices. But none of it is mean, because Jake and Matt get it. At the end of the day, aren't we all just looking for our little piece of love?
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  • Alexis0108
    Love them!
    Love these guys! Keep going Queens!
  • CrestwoodDash
    Every Reality Gays episode makes me laugh out loud! My favorite sections are Below Deck Theater and all the spontaneous, hilarious vocalization. I discovered the podcast through the Crappens guys and so happy I did! Love you guys♥️
  • proveggie
    Sit Down Jessica!
    Absolute best podcast about cow patties and Juan Hanks! Keep going y’all! 😘
  • bazzy1017
    My kings
    Love y’all so much and truly appreciate all the content y’all put out 🥹❤️
  • Deb Lombardero
    Love you guys
    This is a great and entertaining podcast. I wish you would stop inserting disclaimers into everything you want to say. Just say it.
  • Nicole833
    So much filler!
    I couldn’t make it through a whole episode.
  • legjay
    Off-topic 50% of the show. It’s quite annoying. ✌🏽
  • eaemiliaa
    Keep going queens
    Mattie and Poodle are the best. So funny and yet, they also manage to impart some solid life advice.
  • honeybooobooolove
    Bj tips
    I remember them giving some tips to satisfy a partner in bedroom and YALL IT WORKED. Thank you!
  • jenn1931
    If you don’t like the fruits, stay out of the orchard! I however will continue to stay and enjoy…. KGQ ‼️🫶😁
  • Dedramc
    So dang funny! So good!
    So dang funny! So good! Here for Stacey & Darcy’s but joined Patreon for season 4 of Love as Blind and for …THE GIFT! Lol
  • pazamp4
    Keep going Queens!🫶🏽
    Hilarious! Love Love Love
  • itscadencenotcandace
    Comfort Podcast! 💕😊
    Reality Gays has become my comfort podcast! Cleaning the house — listening. Walking my dog — listening. Driving 20 minutes or 2 hours — you know I’m listening. Mattie and Poodle never fail to make me laugh, and give insightful, thoughtful opinions on reality TV. Just what I was looking for!!
  • 90 all day
    Get to the show
    I’m wanted to love it. To much back and forth unrelated talk just get to the show already. I listen to hear about the episode not the random conversations nobody cares about.
  • Ren.rn
    Love love love
    Listening to Matt and Jake is just like talking to my besties about my fav trash tv shows!! Keep going queens!!
  • Zonkie
    This pair of queens are the podcast highlight of my day to day. They are not only hilarious but smart and insightful. Just the best.
  • susy1986
    They go off subject
    I’ve been listening to them for a few weeks now because I love 90 day fiancé and Blew deck but they go off track so much and talk about other random things and other shows like Love after lock up and other shows I don’t care to watch let alone talk about. It also takes them 15 minutes just to talk about the episode. It would be nice if they just talked about the show their reviewing.
  • Jen from State Farm
    Just skip the first 15-20 minutes of each episode
    There’s SO much pre-talk before they get into the actual show that I immediately forward until their endless announcements and shilling is over. This could very easily be one good show instead of two inflated ones.
  • XtineLoco
    Keep going, Queens!
    I don’t even watch most of the shows that they recap, but I’ll listen to anything Matty and Poodle put out! Love them!
  • ruelacaze
    I love Mattie and Poodle. They have made laugh out loud on many days that I truly needed it. There impressions of people are amazing - either you get it or you don’t. Love the broadway corner bc I haven’t gone to a show in years and enjoy hearing about it. This is not a kids show at all so if you’re offended easily about sex than well just fast forward. Announcements are often too long but I just forward! It’s free entertainment that I am truly grateful for, keep it up guys!
  • ToleranceJuice
    It Was a Good Run
    Updated 5/2023: I really miss what this used to be. The live shows are frustrating to try to listen to. I’m bored with the endless announcements/sales pitches, and the fawning over the “reality stars” who support them/acknowledge them is nauseating.
  • Fishpockets00
    Woke libtards lecture to audience
    Two gay men brag about how many guys they bang for 30 minutes. When they remember to stop they recap reality TV shows. Some guy named Poodle lectures the audience on relationships and kids. Meanwhile he is Grindr’s best customer and hates children. I think he is the only person that uses the term “person of size” like it’s something that non leftist radicals don’t make fun of all the time. Another guy named Mattie tells severely long stories about his Southern Family. He will never take a straight man’s side in a fight due to his heterophobia. I like when he calls people colonizers and trashes America like he would ever move out of country. They are funny together. I like it.
  • SmarmyPlankton
    Intolerant and Mysoginisyic
    Poodle and Mattie are quick to defend Islamic men and their treatment of all women because apparently 1000 years of culture and religion trumps human rights. But they bash Christian women who just want their own safe spaces and to educate their kids how they want. tradition be damned
  • mjmk18
    Just the best
    Not only do they deliver hilarious content, they are so punctual. On top of travel and tour dates they always deliver their episodes so prompt and as promised! Do yourself a favor and buy the patreon and binge old episodes as well! Although If you don’t, they’re the only podcast that makes me laugh with their ads as well. Thank you Matt and Poodle!
  • Shay Shay E
    Entertaining! Addictive fun!
    Poodle and Mattie are multi talented! Good times!
  • Mrs. Colzy
    Keep goin’
    Reality Gays continues to bring the humor week after week. I find myself listening to them, even if they are covering a show I don’t watch (HEA). They are the foremost experts on Darcey and Stacy, and I am here for it. Love you guys!
  • thechefrobeeog
    Absolutely love y’all.
  • Miss Cubbie
    I listen to Mattie & Poodle on my daily walk around my neighborhood. I’m cackling out loud at their stories and recaps of these crazy shows. Two requests: 1. Please limit announcements to less than 5 minutes and 2. Please dedicate one episode to the great songs you sing (especially Girth Train). Keep Going Queens! ❤️
  • Ketpiano
    A Straight Guy’s Review
    I’m in the very small minority of straight guys who a) watch a lot of 90 Day and b) listen to Mattie and Poodle. I’m also a huge music theatre nerd so I love how they incorporate singing in their podcast. This is like a hard x version of SNLs NPRs Delicious Dish. Love it.
  • bballbabe2343
    My favorite podcasters
    Hilarious. Makes me laugh daily. Thank you!!
  • blahblah12888
    I found this podcast looking for 90 day fiance related stuff, and now I am absolutely obsessed!!! Started watching love is blind season 4 just so I could listen to their takes on it and will probably start watching some of the other shows they cover just to listen to them. They are HILARIOUS. I truly just laugh the whole time…best parts of my day ❤️
  • claired12345
    They pick and choose who they’re tolerant about
    And open minded about. And think they’re right about everything. That’s all
  • Tashh20
    Hits home every time!
    If you don’t like laughing until you’re crying, snorting and can’t breathe then don’t listen. Matt and Jake say exactly what we are all thinking while watching 90 Day Fiancé and more. I love hearing about Matt and Jake’s personal stories, experiences, and insight. Not only are they funny but they educate you as well. My most favorite podcast! 3/30/23 I miss the old gays. I can’t even tell what this covers anymore. I also miss the old sissy page. It was a safe place. Now you get attacked or are told to post it in this or that thread that I can’t find or navigate. It was a good run.
  • MDF69
    If you offend easily, this is not for you. I love these two so much I don’t even watch everything they talk about, but I still listen because their banter makes me laugh, I’m only sad when I’m out of content which is rare, these guys give me something to listen to every day! Love this pod!
  • Duckduckierp
    You need these amazing people in your life! I need them every day and I’m so glad they are there. So funny, so cultured. One thing: Poodle, can you please be nicer to Mattie? Lol. I know you have a “bad cop, good cop” thing going on but just be a little nicer to him ok? Love you both!
  • pinacoloda
    Omg hysterical
    Absolutely laughing so hard at the recent imitation of the "henchman" reenactment on love is blind!! so so funny! You are both treasures. Thank you so much for all the great laughs.!!
  • jainixnix
    Beautifully done. Unsophisticated content through a humorous sophisticated lense.
  • pcmorales
    A Reality Laugh
    Love the content and engagement of Mattie and Poodle. Not sure when I caught on but glad I’m on for the ride. I’ve had to go back to the beginning and loving every minute. I appreciate the societal and informational content as well as the laughs. As a southern Catholic boy myself, thanks for the Texas references and spontaneous hymns Mattie, add The Summons or Beautiful Things to your repertoire. And clearly y’all ain’t going high enough since my dog hasn’t howled when you hit the high notes (disclaimer: I may lower the volume just in case). Shout out if I made the 5K review. BTW - not sure what y’all called it but the podcast went from my AirPods to the car at Discount Tire in the middle of an episode, can’t recall what they heard. #sorrynotsorry 🤷🏽‍♂️ #keepgoingqueens
  • petrainlondon
    I’m a patron and I would pay more
    Mattie and Poodle are the best reality TV podcasters in the game.
  • PandyGal
    Road trip with Mattie & Poodle
    LOVE this show! Listened for an entire 8 hour road trip, replayed recent & older episodes- yes I’m obsessed! Always funny, Matt & Poodle never disappoint!
  • MaliMayI
    We do it big!
    The best part of my week! Love you guys
  • M878M
    Love the podcast!
    90 Day theater kills me! But every time you do Debbie’s voice all I hear is Caitlin Jenner LOL
  • LindaYogaGirl
    Actually some women and girls are bossy. Not everything is “misogynistic”.
  • Elisabeth81890
    Love the pod and community
    I love this podcast and the sissy squad is so sweet and supportive. This is not the podcast you want if you want quick, straightforward reviews of the shows they cover. This is the place to learn about every tiny town in Oklahoma or what is coming in the next local theater season! Mattie and Poodle have great and have a fun energy! I will continue to listen to their amazing reviews!!!!
  • Jamkat4567
    Twin Eagles
    Soaring. Flying. Higher and higher. Powerful. Empowered. Strong! KGQ!
  • jodycw7
    Keep going Queens!
    Listen to these guys. They’re the BEST!
  • Nicole A. T.
    A wonderful, hilarious refuge in the bonkers world of reality TV
    Could not love Mattie and Poodle more. They’re clever, funny, creative, warm, wise, and always on point. I needed their perspective on the chaotic lonely hearts and plot points of the greatest trash TV on earth more than I knew. This show has brightened many of my days. Stay strong! Stand in your power! And KEEP GOING QUEENS!
  • Janefoolery
    Laughing out loud!!!!
    Just listened to Darcy/Stacy recap and I’m literally dying..tears coming out because it’s so freakin funny!!! You guys are amazing, I love hearing you on Pink Shade Pod, sorry it took me time to get here..awesome, hilarious and brilliant!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Milena1217
    I love these guys - I found them through A Date with Dateline and they are just so funny and heartwarming. Thanks for doing what you do!
  • Alexcited0
    Two Stand-Up Stand Ups
    After listening to this podcast for over 2 years now, I can say that I’ve really grown to respect their professionalism. Now I know what some of you may be thinking: “What?? These gays are some of the raunchiest podcasters out there.” Maybe, but that’s not what my qualifications are. They really care about their audience. When they announce that they won’t be covering a show anymore, they make sure to list off other podcast competitors for us to go listen to instead. What a stand up act, and hilarious of course!
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