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Dive deep into the vibrant world of sewing with the Stitch Please podcast, an official show of Black Women Stitch – the sewing group where Black lives matter. Uniquely crafted for those who love sewing, this sewing podcast is a gem that centers around Black women, girls, and femmes, weaving threads of creativity, technique, and passion with every episode.Hosted by Lisa Woolfork, a 6th generation sewing enthusiast, this podcast not only mirrors her ardor for the craft but also her roles as an artist, activist, and academic. Specializing in African American literature and culture, Lisa seamlessly stitches together her varied backgrounds to produce episodes that are both informative and engaging. You'll be immersed in lively interviews that are enriched by her expertise, presenting a fresh perspective that few other podcasts in the sewing community can offer.As an artist, Lisa Woolfork brings a unique eye for detail and aesthetics, offering listeners the chance to envision sewing in new, vibrant ways. As an activist, she ensures that the podcast sewing narratives and discussions are rooted in liberation, particularly emphasizing the significance of Black lives. Her academic background adds another layer of depth to the podcast, allowing listeners to delve into the rich tapestry of African American literature and culture, shedding light on how these narratives can influence and inspire one's sewing journey.Each week, listeners of the Stitch Please podcast can look forward to insightful discussions that celebrate Black creativity in sewing and quilting. Moreover, as a bonus, this sewing podcast shares invaluable tips and techniques, making it a must-listen for both beginners and seasoned sewists alike.Join us as we thread the needle of history, art, and activism with the love of sewing, creating a tapestry of stories and tips that resonate with every stitch. If you cherish the world of sewing, quilting, and the rich narratives of Black creativity, the Stitch Please podcast is your ideal companion. Tune in weekly. This sewing podcast will “help you get your stitch together.”

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  • p//
    Best Podcast for Sewist
    I’ve listened to this podcast since 2020 and I love it. The information and interviews are so informative and I always learn something. I’ve told a number of women about the show and they enjoy it as much as I do. More importantly, I love that she focuses on women of color by creating a community for us and highlights black owned businesses. I’ve also met Lisa and she is so friendly and approachable!
  • Marfedora
    Excellent, fun and informative
    What a delight! This podcast has been such a gold mine, and I’ve been enjoying working through their many high quality episodes as I sew. It combines interesting guests with high quality sewing knowledge and an easy, conversational flow that makes it perfect for an evening listen. I love learning about Black history and present day contributions to the world of fiber arts.
  • vcmccall
    Another very special episode!
    I REALLY enjoyed learning about the Watson Method of teaching history. I've been to the NQM only once & I wish Paducah was closer to me.
  • hopelovepeacejoy
    So many jumping off points. Stimulating, Inspiring.
    The only words I have: 2/1/23 episode is a quilt. A million jumping off points I am privileged to use this year. Thank you, Dr. Woolfork, for kicking off Black History Month ‘23 so beautifully. Thank you, Dr. Watson, for teaching me. 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼
  • Nikki D72
    Excellent pod cast
    If you are someone who loves sewing and love a discussion about sewing - IMMEDIATELY listen and subscribe to this pod cast. There is a little bit of everything here from sewing history, sewing industry professionals to talks with easily relatable people of all walks of life. Love this podcast!
  • Dorothybetty
    An interesting podcast about sewing
    This podcast is designed for Black folks who sew, and it’s very interesting for anyone. The author has a way of building community with guests, in addition to thinking about sewing, it’s also about the value and beauty of the black sewing community now and in the past.
  • Cweeks404
    Love this!!
    I love this podcast. So interesting and informative. Thank you!
  • TiaraLP
    Lisa is EVERYTHING
    Stitch Please is needed by all Black women, girls, and gender expansive people! We love you and thank you for building this community for us 🤎
  • searchernurse
    Great energy
    I really love listening to this podcast. Lisa has such great energy!
  • rootedwomon
    Excellent for US as Black women and excellent for Everyone as a window into our worlds. I love my quilting and crafting and this podcast enables me to see more of myself out on the airwaves. Amazingly inspiring. Thank you so much!!
  • Inspireunity
    First Listen Discussion about sustainability Sewing
    I truly enjoyed my first listen of your podcast on Apr. 20, 2022. Very upbeat , thought providing, and informative.
  • Molly MP
    Great sewing podcast!
    I love Lisa’s interview style and listening to what is going on in the sewing community.
  • dlwfwj
    Educational and entertaining
    I learn something new from every episode, whether it be practical tips, history, culture, or different perspectives. Well worth the time to listen every time.
  • Poet and Painter
    I love podcasts and this has become one of my favorites.
  • MrsReigns
    Representation and Education!
    I love this podcast! Hearing these talented Black folx in the community is amazing and inspiring. Highly recommend!
  • Shammyt33
    Amazing Resource for the African American Craft Community!
    I’m so happy to have found this podcast and I’m excited to catch up with all the episodes as I craft! Thank you so much for making this available and representing!
  • Leanora Erica
    STEM.ORG Educator
    This show is very important! It helps in so many ways. It helps to connect with concept of community and building resilience. In addition it is humorous. In the times that we live in we need a podcast like this. And it is so obvious that Lisa has done her research and she is very widely read. I love how she engages her guests and shares laughter and shares how to continue to do the things that you love. I have found my community and I have let all my fb groups know about this show and I am sure that they will connect with Lisa and all of her wonderful guests!
  • Annieloubug
    A joy! (Both the show and the host)
    Great show! Lisa is hilarious, enthusiastic, genuine, and an excellent conversationalist!
  • ArtfullyH
    The African Lookbook. Excellent, excellent exposé of that wax fabric from Europe and China. This is the very reason I stopped purchasing adinkra/waxed fabric years ago. #63, Jen Hewitt: Her story resonates with me (school experience, quilt guilds, knitting guild). Thanks for showcasing her, her books, products and services. I will look for her and keep her as a resource for services in the future. “We” black creators have always been here. The internet equalized everything. Traditional paths to be successful have been obliterated as we go direct to our clients/audience as opposed to going through previous “industry” gatekeepers and “dominant culture gatekeepers. ******** Congrats to the 1-year celebration of the podcast. I appreciate it showcases information from textile makers and creators by black women. We have always been here and still here. My brief story is I seriously began my sewing journey at my mom’s knee and sewing machine at 11 years old. I had been watching her and my aunties sew apparel for years and wanted to know this practice. I took one class in 7th and 10th grade and to this day, continue to learn. When I wanted to learn quilting, I was disappointed in the local quilt guilds since I wasn’t represented until I found “my tribe” with African American Quilters of Los Angeles, the first African American guild west of the Mississippi River. I loved the community and every city I’ve lived in since, I’ve looked for a group such as this and came up empty. Also, I’ve still to attend the National African American Convention and that’s on my bucket list since I will never attend the Houston quilt show again. Keep up the good work. H. Shelby
  • Peachy's #1 fan
    Informative in so many ways.
    This podcast is thorough in exploring sewing topics and social issues. It’s a mix of sewing and activism. It’s a great place to learn about different sewing techniques & sewing styles and get different perspectives on our current social/political situations as well. It’s positive, energetic and a great listen.
  • T Bickham-Mills
    Stitch Please is Amazing
    I love, love, love the Stitch Please podcast! Very informative, awesome content. So glad I found it!
  • costalibrarian
    Inspiring and informative!
    Always learn something new from every episode.
  • baseballfanaitc
    Easy recommendation
    Phenomenal podcast hosted by an insightful and articulate woman. This podcast holds appeal for those who do and don’t sew alike!
  • princessmax*
    I have followed Lisa Woolfork’s IG accounts for a long time and this podcast is such a helpful place to learn about the technical aspects of sewing.
  • the shizzile
    I heard your interview on Katie Couric and thought how wonderful you are. I love your passion to sew and can relate to your drive for the craft! During the pandemic I needed to see and started making masks with all the leftover fabric I had. Then went on to make quilts. I would love to sew for a cause. Social justice is important to me but don’t know how to combine it. Any suggestions? Keep up the great podcast!
  • Dianemac99
    Great podcast!
    Learning new and useful things about sewing! I mostly quilt but lots of the topics are helpful. The episode about custom fabric design sent me straight to my sewing room to look at my fabric stash and she is right - any fabric with mermaids etc is very white. Something I, of course, never noticed before (I’m white). Thanks for broadening my horizons and for the helpful information about sewing techniques.
  • w1street
    New ideas and relatable
    This podcast is amazing. I learn new things with every episode and feel connected to the broader sewing community.
  • mamaincali
    Social justice and sewing!
    This is my new favorite podcast! Lisa tells important stories and weaves together art, community, practical skills, and social justice. I learn about sewing and hear voices from across the country and the world. Loved, loved the recent episode about Wax Print, and inspired me to find an online screening to watch with my daughter. Thank you!!
  • seraph1959
    Informative show
    I truly use this show to curate my IG. She has on everyone I need to follow to learn the best about sewing and culture.
  • somefrills
    Great content
    Lisa interviews a wide variety of different sewers and mixes in her own perspective as an avid home sewer and whip smart academic. I always learn so much both about the craft and also how it fits into culture.
  • MMP345
    Sew good!
    Stitch Please is an interesting and fun podcast. Lisa asks great questions and the conversation that follows is engaging. I also enjoy her tips and knowledge of sewing tools!
  • Moxie Carol
    Stitch Please
    I love this podcast about all things sewing! Lisa is a great interviewer and has knowledgeable, fun guests. I subscribed the first time I listened. I loved the one about sew jo. She hits all my sewing buttons - in a good way.
  • Scamp Patel
    Great podcast, sewing is so empowering and I LOVE the space Lisa creates for conversation and craft with amazing guests who have such interesting stories.
  • weavyfox
    Identity Through Craft
    I so enjoy this podcast- not because it is easy, mindless background chatter to craft to, but because it is the opposite of that! Lisa pokes at the vacuum bubble that surrounds craft, to let in truth behind the traditions. It’s easy to say “keep your politics out of my craft”- but that is a blind statement. What the mainstream sewing industry promotes and makes available to the community (or DOESN’T promote or make available) is always embedded in cultural and political decision making. I learn so much each episode by listening to Lisa and her guests’ perspectives.
  • DarlingAgee
    An amazing Posdcast
    Lisa is such an amazing host. I have been listening to this podcast for about a year now and I have learned so much. She has amazing guests who have inspired me that as a quilter, I may not have known about before following only quilters. Now, because of her podcast, I have discovered more sewists who are so talented and smart.
  • Em of the new moon
    Great questions!
    Lisa asks her guests really interesting questions that expand the conversation to fun and unique areas. I’m hooked!
  • cook816
    So inspiring!
    Love this podcast! Super inspiring & great to listen to while I’m working in my studio.
  • DBoone59
    Great sewing/fiber podcast!
    I look forward to listening to each new release. The host does a great job of interviewing guests and contributes without dominating the conversation. The diversity of guests and topics related to all things fiber and sewing has given me fresh perspectives and that I wasn’t finding on other podcasts.
  • TravelingDesign
    Great for any sewer
    Lisa always asks the best questions, I learn something every week. Thank you!
  • Jetlgrif
    Love this!
    I’m a sewer and listening to all of the creatives featured in this podcast!
  • Shellysews
    Excellent Sewing Podcast
    The hosts are very knowledgeable about sewing and have a unique voice and perspective. Very humorous too! Have just listened to two episodes, and have already learned something new. PS: Looooved listening while cutting fabric!
  • hwareham
    I Always Learn Something New!
    I love this podcast. I always learn something new! Such a delight to listen to.
  • Elaray
    So glad I found this podcast!
    I’m very happy to have discovered this pod cast. I will subscribe and listen while I sew (or knit) I especially loved learning about the Friction Colors pens. I’d used the Friction roller ball pens, but the felt tipped Colors are great for both marking fabric and paper (when I trace patterns). Love this podcast
  • NeelieC-N
    Inspiring and useful
    Even though I am not an expert sewist and I am not Black, I enjoy this podcast SO much! Not only does it focus on practical skills for sewing, it also deals with the emotional issues around creativity and self-discovery.
  • Nan316
    Stitch please
    I love this podcast! It’s a high energy podcast which is both informative and entertaining covering all aspects of sewing generally and sewing as it relates to the black community. I learn a lot from each episode and thank Lisa Woolfork. I highly recommend!
  • Lemonzestlife
    Content Galore and Inspiration to Boot
    Am personally tired of listening to sewing podcasts where the women are just chatting about their personal lives. This podcast is just chaulk full of content. It’s not just for black sewers but for all people who believe sewing should be inclusive and the world should be a more fair place (from dry cleaning prices onward). Keep up the good work- we love you!
  • MimiMama2Mac
    Sew Amazing
    I love Wednesdays! I get to listen to information in my sewing community. The guests are very relevant and the hostess is amazing!!!!
  • SewSweet
    BHMPatternDesigners Challenge Episode
    Awesome episode! The ladies really help you to understand why this challenge was created (and very much needed) for our sewing community! I’m so inspired and really looking forward to the challenge! Great work to all three of the ladies!
    Informative and entertaining
    I just learned about this podcast at the end of 2020 and have been listening to it so often! The host is so good at explaining complicated/visual sewing concepts in detail in an audio-only format. She is also so funny, especially in the interview episodes!
  • DeniseBabin
    Thoughtful and inspiring
    Lisa offers thoughtful commentary on sewing, race, and the intersection of the two. She chooses excellent guests and makes good use of their time. Highly recommended.
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