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A weekly podcast for teachers full of tips and tricks, stories and strategies, celebrations and struggles, all from the real life we are living every day. Welcome to This Teacher Life with Monica Genta.

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  • therunningpastor
    Great energy grounded in reality
    Monica Genta has a contagious enthusiasm and perspective to give teachers a little pick-me-up with ideas to implement in the classroom the next day. Because she is in the classroom herself, she is living through it and has tried the things she talks about. The podcast provides ideas, but also an attitude shift when needed. This podcast inspires me.
  • Mamajo222
    Super fun. Super usable.
    Monica’s Teacher Life podcast is a great way to start your week of teaching. Filled with easy, engaging and energized conversations, I’ve never come away from a listen without a solid new idea or reinforcing tool to use with my middle and high school students. Monica’s IG feed and Awesome Academy courses offer even more for your best teacher life! Definitely 5/5 ⭐️
  • Tnreaka
    Most relatable
    This is by far the most relatable and uplifting teacher podcast ever!!
  • Nona123abc
    UNO Cards
    Just listen to your Uno card podcast. Awesome -I hope to use it in the next few weeks. Quick question though… If you have multiple classes, do you have multiple decks or do you always take a card from one singular deck? If that deck is kind of small, do you add multiple decks to it? Thanks. I teach two separate six grade ELA classrooms. Wondering if I need two separate decks of cards.
  • Lola 33333
    Amazing resource for teachers!
    Monica teaches us about relevant topics and shares very relatable stories! I love the guests she brings on the show and when she asks for teacher input as well. It’s so helpful that Miss Genta is in the classroom right now because it’s ever changing each year. She replies to questions and interacts with her followers. ❤️
  • Jill20311
    Thank you for supporting middle school teachers!
    Monica, I want to sincerely thank you for sharing your “spinning and winning” activity! This is my 2 year teaching middle school (my first four years I taught elementary) and it was a huge learning curve regarding behavior management. It was an absolute game changer in helping students build better habits with procedures and it’s continued to keep behaviors positive. I’m so grateful and I hope you feel appreciated for all the wonderful insights you share to help middle school teachers! This podcast has been such an amazing resource and I look forward to learning more!
  • Ashel Bashel
    Motivation on a Monday
    I start off every Monday listening to this podcast. I use so many of the classroom strategies and culture-building activities. Thanks, Monica, for your energy and heart for motivating us educators. You make me look forward to getting in my car on a Monday morning just so I can listen to you. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the seldomly thrown-out curse words are unnecessary.
  • resdyourownthing
    Teacher Rescue
    Monica is just the remedy I’ve been looking for. After 24 years of teaching, I thought I had all the tools I needed to be a good teacher. However, Monica’s innovative lessons and ideas have put a spark back into my teaching and given me much to consider. The idea that there can be “awesome” in every school day sometimes seems overwhelming, but her spirit and genuine enthusiasm give me courage.
  • tszepanski
    Brings Excitement Back to the Classroom
    Monica has easy, budget friendly student engagement ideas. I love how she brings excitement and positivity back to the classroom. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and drained, this is a great refresher to get me back on track.
  • Awesome 3451
    Monica is a Game Changer
    Monica inspires me to be a better teacher. She gets me excited about trying new and fun things to keep things fun and fresh in my classroom. I just ordered the Dance Party button and we’re going to start the new year with 30 second dance parties! I love that she consistently gives tips and ideas - not just only in her books (which are amazing, BTW). I’ve taken her classes as well and they are AWESOME!! Her school PD is fabulous. Everything she does is gold. She not only inspires me to be a better teacher, she makes me feel better on the (too often this year) days that I’m falling apart with the overwhelming EVERYTHING that’s going on. And I can’t NOT comment on her humor (Uncle Gary Spirit Week/The $1.25 Tree and I could go on forever with stuff that gets me in the laughing fits). She is whole awesome-ness package. Thank you, Monica!
  • casey ewy
    This podcast is my go to each week. Monica is so down to earth and provides simple hacks and ideas that work and are oh so fun!! You will feel like her teacher bestie each time you listen!!
  • kyfacsteacher
    As an educator there is a lot of negative or “should” language. Monica is very honest but has a positive way to approach the reality as well as make sure we take care of ourself.
  • tidwell12
    Recharge for your school day!
    This podcast is the perfect listen for your morning commute (or anytime)! I find Monica’s truth, honesty, and enthusiasm for teaching even on the hard days to be the PERFECT listen to get me in the right mindset on a Monday morning! I appreciate her dedication to finding awesome in every school day and can’t wait to hear more from her! Oh, and the books are awesome too!
  • by his grace wwl
    Awesome Stuff to make you a Better Teacher
    Monica takes the average teacher and gives ideas to take it to the next level. If you want to motivate your students, yourself and your surroundings, keep listening. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I already can tell I’ve improved even in the short 2.5 months of this school year (it’s currently October).
  • clove_teach
    Just listened to your latest episode about the mini project with the song of my life. All I can say is WOW! I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now but this one stuck with me. What a great way to get to know students. You truly give great ideas to help support educators. I can see your passion for this field and how you want every educator to succeed. Keep these amazing episodes coming!
  • Teachin' 7th
    Life Changing
    The 2020-2021 school year just about did me in. My family didn’t realize it, but I was seriously contemplating leaving the profession - I just didn’t know what else I was going to do. The last place I wanted to be in August of 2021 was back at school. And then we had PD with Monica Genta. If I’m being 100% honest, when I saw we had a two hour PD session, I groaned and thought, “Well, I’m just going to bring my laptop and actually get something productive accomplished because I know this is going to be a complete waste of time.” Oh, how wrong I was. My school had actually brought in some worthwhile PD. That morning I realized something. You see, I was going to have my daughter in class that year. And I thought, “My daughter deserves a better teacher than what I’ve become. And if I don’t think I’m good enough for my daughter, I’m definitely not good enough for the rest of these kids.” So I took that time before students came, and I read Monica’s books. I listened to old podcasts. I completely transformed my thinking and revamped my game. And I fell back in love with teaching. Thank you, Monica, for being a game changer for students and for teachers.
  • jahm4
    Right when I need it!
    I just listened to Monica Genta’s July 31 episode and I so needed to hear it! This school year is so different than any other. She hit the nail on the head! It was like she was speaking to me. I hear you and I am giving myself permission to do the three things! Pinky swear! Thank you! You are amazing!
  • jvfjfbk
    Total Awesomeness!
    This podcast is amaze balls! Monica is funny and gives great tips/advice with the best humor! I live listening each week and every teacher should listen to become a better educator!! Really great stuff!
  • fruity mushroom friend
    This podcast is a true gem for veteran teachers and newbies like me!
    Monica, I am so glad I stumbled upon your podcast in my frantic searches for direction in my mid-life career change. My original degree is in accounting/business management and I have spent the last 20 years or so homeschooling my children and substitute teaching while also working as a waitress. I just got a job as a high school English teacher and I am so beyond thrilled to have discovered your uplifting and motivating podcast. you are raw, honest, energetic, positive, and kind. I hope to listen to all 155 episodes before I start this fall 😆. #blueapplebrigade
  • Ljlegend
    I appreciate this podcast so much!
    Monica is funny and uplifting. I have always struggled with audio processing and the way she talks and enunciates really helps me understand and process her ideas. My favorite episode was when she talked with CJ about human optimization, she inspired me to not only be a better teacher, but a better person. I felt like I had given up in many aspects of my life and she gave me hope and inspiration to take some big steps forward. As a coffee snob, I totally disagree with her about Folgers, 😂 but I agree with almost every other piece of advice I’ve heard her give and I love this podcast! ❤️
  • KristyLeeB
    Love this!
    I’m in year 15 so I usually have to find my own professional development if I want it to be differentiated to fit my current needs. I stumbled upon this podcast on Instagram and it’s just what I needed right now. Your podcasts are great because they’re small doses of ideas to help put me back on track. I shared with a friend already and I plan to share with more teachers when we return. Thank you!
  • Jay'sMom0905
    Simply Amazing!!
    This Teacher Life is such a refreshing podcast. Monica’s outlook on education is inspiring and encouraging while being realistic at the same time. She offers advice on how to implement strategies that are effective and easy to maintain. Monica also emphasizes the importance of building relationships with students and giving students skills they need to foster their own meaningful relationships. Don’t wait one more second! Listen now!
  • Blown away by Words
    Love love love! Love the attitude! Love the message! Love the accent! Love the passion! Love the delivery! Love the relatability! She actually made me look forward to the first week of school, when usually my anxiety is kicked up 140 notches. Thank you Monica for sharing!
  • 1motgermayi2
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Can’t get enough of what this podcast offers! Monica is real, honest and funny.
  • Ash the mash potatoe
    Monica communicates openly and honestly about the profession of teaching! I love her podcast! As a man that is seeking a degree in education I feel that this podcast is prepping me for my future in teaching!
  • I Love My 4th Graders
    Real, Relevant, and Simply Amazing
    Monica’s podcasts are amazing! What she shares comes from actual classroom experience. Everything from SEL to Classroom Management, Monica is there to give suggestions, guidance, and encouragement. She is so real and a relatable! Thank you, Monica!
  • Kristy Wallach
    So relevant for teaching at this time!
    Monica’s podcast is so relevant for teaching at this time! I love her positive outlook without sugar coating the truths and struggles of teaching. Very relatable, engaging, and uplifting!
  • ac_nena
    I absolutely love and look forward to listening to Monica’s podcast every week. I am a substitute but her advice/ideas/suggestions still relate. Her positivity is so contagious and it’s so refreshing to listen to. Thank you so much Monica!
  • MMorgan09
    Monica is Amazing! She inspires me daily in the classroom. I follow her Insta and love listening to her podcast. She is relatable and down to earth. Great advice for every teacher and an ever-changing classroom mentality. Her SEL courses are a definite must sign up for also! So check out her website!!
  • Orange4's
    The Best! Simply the best!!
    Monica is motivating, inspiring, and uses real life experiences and ideas to share her positivity! Listening to this podcast has become an amazing start to my days! Highly recommend!!🧡🧡🧡
  • artsyk1
    You Will be Hooked!
    To say that this podcast is one of the best gifts you can give yourself is a true understatement. Monica seems to hone in on the feelings we are all having as educators in todays world in a real way all the while keeping the focus on the most important thing in our class families- our students! Monicas’s passion and commitment to creating connections is just plain awesome. Each podcast is crafted in a manner that is authentic, reflective and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the gift of you!
  • embechstein
    Best Teacher Podcast
    Monica has exactly the right words that I have needed this school year. Her podcasts are uplifting and offer small doable tips to help improve my personal and work life. Her humor and realness are so nice. She is relatable to so many. I look forward to these short episodes that I can listen to on my way to work each week.
  • Mrs.Minton
    Monica is a Marigold
    I’ve always loved the gardening analogy of companion planting used in education. Gardeners place certain vegetables and plants near each other to increase the growth for each individual plant. If you plant a marigold next to most plants in a garden it will grow strong! Monica’s podcast has been a source of positivity and joy for me. It can be hard to feel as if you are fighting the good fight alone in your classrooms each day. However, Monica’s stories provide a sense of shared belonging, joy, and inspiration. Many of the episodes contain practical but powerful strategies that anyone could implement quickly and see results. I have implemented the deck of cards challenge and my students BEG and plead to do this daily. From this 5th grade teacher, I thank you for you inspiration and passion!
  • ShannonKfromPA
    Listen to this episode right away!
    This year is HARD. Thank you, Monica, for seeing us AND giving us actual suggestions on what we can do to make it a little easier. Self-care is great and all, but the ideas in this episode might make teaching more manageable, leaving time for things like dinner with the family or a fun trip to the Dollar Trees.
  • HKW1982
    Hooked from the get-go!
    Monica’s podcast is real life, and real funny! She gives the best advice and is so encouraging! One episode and you are hooked…I listen on my way to school and she has helped me sort out my schools feels and give me great ideas on how to connect with me kids and KEEP that connection!
  • ldtamayo
    What a dynamo!!
    Her energy is endless and her passion for her work is amazing! Try it, you’ll like it! Thanks, Monica for you bright light!
  • Snyder!!!!
    Monica’s got our backs!!
    Listening to Monica’s podcast has been the boost I needed this year!!!! After listening to Monica,I feel I have this little positive person on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, and helping me get through this crazy year. My classroom feels like family and I have never had such a great relationship with my students. The best part is, I just had to make tiny tweaks. I could seriously listen to this podcast EVERYDAY on the way to school.
  • Coolcools
    I love the positivity and laughter in each episode! 💗
  • ACHStlee
    I think I need a g wagon now and didn’t even now it before. 😂Good podcast
  • 3rd Grade Teacher Love
    Every teacher needs this podcast. I’m a little late to the podcast game, but This Teacher Life is everything I need each week to get excited about Monday. Monica is so hilarious and so real.
  • Tayrob28
    I love listening to these podcasts. They inspire me so much to think outside of the box to keep things fresh for me and the students. It is so nice to listen to someone so in love with education and a good reminder of why we do what we do.
  • Ninjack696969
    A big old dose of positivity is just what the doctor ordered
    Everything that Monica says speaks not only to my teacher mind but also to my soul as an educator. Her positivity in spite of the difficulties of this year inspires me to keep on pushing and loving my kiddos. The wisdom she speaks through this podcast is so refreshing. Her laugh makes you feel like a friend. Teachers, if you are struggling this year or just need a friendly reminder of why you truly do love being a teacher, look no farther that this podcast. You will walk away with encouragement and ideas you can use immediately. Since I started applying Monica’s simple tips, I feel like I am falling in love with the art of teaching all over again after 20 years in the classroom.
  • CassSulli
    Simply said: Monica is All That!
    I stumbled upon Monica on IG and instantly became a fan. You could even say I am a super fan. Monica is a breath of fresh air in education. She’s real. She’s down to earth. She actually gets it and isn’t just blowing smoke at teachers. Her content is positive! Her ideas are doable and so stinking smart! Listening to the podcast I feel myself saying “yes!” And “preach it!” She loves her job and her joy spills from the pages in her books, the screen on my phone, and fills my ears. She’s all that goodness and joy that sometimes feels like it is missing in education! She reminds teachers to dig deep and find the joy each day and cheers them on as they do!
  • Schonberner
    Jolt of energy I always need!
    Thank you for your passion Monica! I love your energy and your ability to spin any situation into the positive. Love this podcast because it gives us a quick look at small ways we can inject some “joy juice” into the sometimes dreary world of education. I am teaching first grade in a new school and sometimes I’m drowning in the doldrums. So glad I found this treasure because it puts a smile on my face!
  • Steph Goodwin
    Worth the listen
    I listen to this podcast on my way to work in the morning. Monica has a great sense of humor and is very relatable. She can really fuel your drive to inspire with her messages each episode. I find that I like to listen especially when I’m feeling down and need some inspiration.
  • MangoMama18
    Energizing and inspiring
    I love Monica’s enthusiasm and humor. I can relate so much to her and because of that she helps me keep striving to be the best teacher I can be! Such a quick and enjoyable podcast with great takeaways.
  • science_by_cj
    Fantastic Podcaster
    I found Monica’s show a couple of months ago and love listening to her because she has so much energy. In addition to her energy, Monica keeps it real and is that teacher who keeps the entire school staff connected. The podcasts align with how the year as been going and I look forward to each episode.
  • mheller2115
    Monica will fuel your passion for education and you will always walk away with a few gems that will positively impact the students in your classroom tomorrow. Can’t miss Podcast. Take a listen and be a Game Changer!!
  • volleyballgal11
    She’s a Gem!
    Monica is such a gem in the education world. She doesn’t fall into toxic positivity or view everything through a negative and deficit lens. She celebrates all the good there is an education and gives practical tips for making education fun and engaging. I love following her on Instagram and listening to her podcast for a lift to my sometimes weary teacher heart!
  • Suzanne Hudspeth
    Absolutely Amazing
    I discovered this podcast after attending a training with Monica and it is my daily thing I listen to either before work or when I come home.This year has definitely been the hardest most challenging year in any of us ever have ever taught.Listening to this podcast as well as attending Monica’s PD’s has definitely got me out of a slump and excited about going to school every single day. I’m excited about what the new day brings in to try new strategies and tips that she has given. She reminds you that is is okay to be silly, fun and loving while still teaching serious contents and curriculum. I feel my students are having fun and are more engaged when I am as well. I would highly recommend this to every single teacher, administrator or even district office staff. Absolutely Amazing!!!!
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