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Zane and Heath: Unfiltered is a weekly podcast from YouTube sensations; Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, two uneducated Florida boys with strong opinions and nothing to back it. Join them for some raw, uncut, and unfiltered behind the scenes content as they discuss all that transpires in their group's crazy lives when the cameras stop rolling. Be sure to grab your coffee and tune in every Monday morning because your start to the week just got a whole lot better! And by better, we mean worse.

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  • Matthew brecht
    Matt King
    Fire matt and forever and you will get 5 stars otherwise you will keep your 4 stars no need for rats on the podcast
  • Nakedbrotherband
    best episode
    Hi, the last episode that you recorded with suzy was the best you need her on your podcast more because she makes it more funny. I like it when you talk about your trip that you had with david.
  • itsxtineeeeee
    Sound issues
    Your voices sound so low I have to put my phone on full volume and turn the volume up in my car all the way while connected to bluetooth
  • Mikaaayyla
    Fun show, but
    I really like this show, but there are some things said that really turn me off from listening again. For example in the latest episode Zane asks if a man was paralyzed and Mariah says “No he’s normal” so being paralyzed isn’t normal? Kind of strange. Think before you speak please.
  • 03mimi11
    why do you guys always apologize when an episode is too long :c i will literally listen to a full 4+ hour long episode - sending love from hollywooood though 😗
  • elisaaamarieee
    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    I ALWAYS listen to the audio and still watch the video version the next day because I love the energy of everyone. I just can’t get enough! I’m even thinking of listening/watching all of the episodes again ❤️
  • Eggrollphotography
    Mat the Rat
    I would give y’all 5 stars but y’all got May the Rat on this fire podcast. 🤣🔥💀
  • HyperSonicTheHedgehog
    Have you guys ever talked to david about bringing VIEWS back?
  • kkkkksjshs
    It’s coffee talk Baby !!!
    So lates episode is 38 instead of 88 🙄 just saying hahahah
  • DitchMariah
    I love love this podcast but my goodness Mariah is so pretentious. Constantly thinking this is her podcast. No one is here for you Mariah... take a seat.
  • kingjacob98
    The best
    I love it
  • Kaleigh w.
    Love everything about it hands down my fave podcast I’ve never missed an episode. The chemistry y’all have is undeniable and a perfect combo for any topic and easy flow of conversation. Makes my mornings so much better. My one request is that y’all upload consistently on Monday mornings I hate searching for the new episode and it isn’t there till later that day. (Mariah is the best and always is serving LOOKS love u girl)
  • giazlife
    new episode idea?
    you guys should do an episode where your audience asks you for advice
  • R2-d2 better-8
    T hmm
    J to be no in bio on bio
  • lcynck
    Ep. #86
    #86 was a little too republican for me 😬
  • Nfndnsnjsdnjd
    Great podcast but have a few pointers.
    I really love the podcast, I have listened to podcast for a while and it kind of gets old because most are pretty serious and don’t have a fun aspect to them. At least the ones I regularly listen to, I love this because it is all over the place and makes it fun almost like your in a room with your friends, just going off on tangents and having a great time. Y’all really capture this aspect super well, the audio can get pretty low sometimes but I can hear it just fine without my Audi being full blast, I know you guys are still figuring it out but with how new this podcast is I still understand you guys figuring out what is the best way to record this in order for it to be enjoyed by your loyal fans like myself, there are certain things y’all do like cutting each other off sometimes and that might bother me just a tad, BUT that’s how real friend groups are, stay raw, y’all are loyal to each other and it really shows, and always make sure to stay unfiltered. Keep up the great work and congratulations on having such a successful podcast.
  • haileemorganm
    Favorite podcast
    Look forward to it all week, always listen more than once. I love this show so much, the dynamic between Zane, Heath, Mariah, and Matt is unlike anything else and makes my day! Xo
  • JohnnyStealth
    love the podcast guys but I try to listen to it at work where it’s loud and I have a really hard time hearing. The podcast is so so so quiet. People can always turn the sound down but you can’t turn it up past it’s max. Please fix
  • Auggie154
    Love it
    I love this podcast I’m 15 years old and I was just so bored one day and I came across the unfiltered podcast and the views podcast and both are so great but I’m really loving unfiltered rn
  • Izecboy
    Mariah is hands down the funniest co-co host I have seen. Heaths laugh is contagious and Zane is such a mood. Love all of you guys and Matt is funny in a dorky way hahahaha. Keep up the good work folks!!!
  • bbybri99
    Love this show so so much but the audio is so low it’s ridiculous! I listen in full volume and still want to higher it! I have no clue why it’s so low and then I go to listen to another show and it scares me because I forgot I had to have it so loud to hear you guys
  • cassouz
    Enough said lol this was one of my favorites by far!
  • CallieFaith
    I said what I said
    Love everything about it except Mariah and the fact that she can never upload consistently
  • Jasminesom
    mariah is super judgmental. she doesn’t add anything to the podcast i think kenny was a better cohost than mariah ever has been. y’all should’ve got rid of mariah instead of matt he never deserved that.
  • 2018___
    I love you guys. Love the podcast too, makes a sad day happy. <3
  • 760 killa
    I’m obsessed
    Best podcast ever I look forward to it every week then run over to YouTube to watch / listen again lol.
  • Jess081198
    How babies are made
    Zaneeeee!!! I’ve NEVER met someone who thought the same thing as me, I straight up thought that the vows were a magical spell and the kiss made the spell work and that’s how the baby got in the belly, then when I got a bit older I realized my parents weren’t married and I was so confused. 😂😂😂 Love you guys so much! ❤️
  • caro stad
    I love it
    Y’all should interview Emma Chamberlain or Role Model. Love from Texas ❤️
  • Janelle I.D.
    Love it!
    love it!
  • Chato839
    Love y’all
    Love the whole crew, u guys really make me laugh when I need it ! Thank u !
  • Usamae
    Love your podcasts! Always listening.
    But can you guys somehow raise the volume because I’ll be listening in my car and I most have to max the volume to hear. I have no issues with the volume with other people’s podcasts. Idk if anyone has the same issue
  • ZibbyAnne
    Audio Problems
    I always love the podcast, but the past few weeks, the audio has been really off when I’m wearing AirPods or when I use the AUX cord in my car. It’s so quiet.
  • [Fonzie]190
    Liquid IV be BUSSIN!!!
  • kaylynn gloria
    id die peacefully if i had a day to hang out with you guys
    literally the juice & funny of all podcasts, i love your hearts & open minds. thank you for being you
  • Tkpurpp
    I will rate it 5 if they can fix the Audio. The problem is the intro song is loud but when it gets to them talking it’s like the audio gets cut in half.
  • cloebs
    Love it
    Love it
  • allisoondur
    Love the show.
    Love the show but the last 2 weeks the audio has been really off. One week Matt was echoing and this week I could barely hear y’all talk but then the music hit and almost blew my speakers.
  • kate where's waldo
    Do not eat breakfast while listening to this podcast 🖤
    The first ten minutes this week were of Matt talking about how he didn’t clog the toilet. Still 5 stars tho.
  • abbyV22
    Laughing out loud
    The amount of times I’ve looked like an idiot laughing in my car on the way to work/school is why I keep coming back to listen 🤪
  • Chefave13
    I’m usually an internal laugher with most things, and I can count on one hand the things that make me actually laugh out loud! And y’all are one of them! Love this podcast so so so so so much!
  • HaileyDiane
    Where’s your visor?!
    I have listened to the “where’s your visor” episode a shameful amount of times. I laugh so hard every time. That whole episode and the Unfiltered podcast are worth countless relistens! Great job you guys:)☕️
  • faaabii321
    Great podcast!
    I love it ! Listen every night
  • Janiya Liston
    5 stars baby
    Love the hard work y’all are doing!!! Been a big fan💕 Mariah I love you so much , you’re actually one of my favorites,,sorry Zane , Heath & Matt but matt you got to let Mariah talk 😂😂no hard feelings lol💕💕
  • Madison2890
    5 stars no doubt
    You won’t regret it. One of my favorite podcast!!!
  • Georgie Casazza
    my happy place
    My favorite time of day is when I’m in my car listening to Unfiltered. Also, Matt King forever 🤍
  • nono163636
    It’s sad you guys are hiding my reviews. Don’t make a joke about a child’s trauma and accuse others of faking it. Gross behavior
  • Poscast.
    the BEST podcast
    This is my all time favorite podcast. I have watched every single one down to the second and I still want more after I finish each episode. I truly laugh out loud when listening to Zane, Heath, Mariah and Matt talk. It’s so causal yet so well put together. My all time favorite podcast. You guys brings a smile to my face every Tuesday when the video is released ❤️❤️❤️❤️ no podcast compares to y’all keep doing what your doing
  • georgia_leigh
    i usually listen to this podcast while i’m cleaning or doing my school work, you guys never fail to make me laugh and if i’m not cleaning or working on school i watch the podcast on youtube lol
  • sydthelyon
    Forgot to edit episode 80?
    Did y’all forget to edit episode 80? I love your podcast but that episode was completely unfiltered/unedited and it sounds awful. Did not enjoy this episode at all :/ please keep editing to make the episodes move smoother.
  • @heartbreakgirlsvalentine
    Favorite podcast of all time
    The past couple years I’ve been getting super into podcasts and I have a few that I listen to in my free time but Unfiltered probably takes up 50% of my days. If I don’t have anything to do I’ll just turn on Unfiltered. Keep up the good work guys!! :)
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