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Zane and Heath: Unfiltered is a weekly podcast from YouTube sensations; Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, two uneducated Florida boys with strong opinions and nothing to back it. Join them for some raw, uncut, and unfiltered behind the scenes content as they discuss all that transpires in their group's crazy lives when the cameras stop rolling. Be sure to grab your coffee and tune in every Monday morning because your start to the week just got a whole lot better! And by better, we mean worse.

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Recent Reviews
  • ReporterRam
    UNFILTERED DUNDUNDUN I LOVE THE INTRO SONG!!! ITS COFFEE TALK BABY! Back in heaths old red truck ! Man I miss those days
  • Jdurk1567
    It’s been 2 weeks without one
    What is going on
  • alaynaaee
    Love this podcast so much!!! I have listened to every episode like twice 😂 you guy never get old! Always so funny! Love you guys 💕💕
  • Bblichious
    The OG’s
    I’ve always loved these two and I’m so happy they made a podcast! Super funny and great conversations.
  • meli_323_
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast!!❤️
  • •_%~!*
    Thank you
    I started listening to this podcast a couple months ago.. like I started from the first one and listened to every single one. I recently moved away from my family to a new country and I missed those days where we’d just sit around, talk and laugh. Thank you for filling that hole in my heart, whenever I listen to you guys I feel like I’m back with my family because we are literally so similar. Love you guys
  • CC........
    Absolutely Amazing
    Hearing y’all is definitely something I look forward every week after my night classes. There is nothing more satisfying than getting home grabbing something to eat and playing your podcast in the background.
  • usvs1%
  • daddy Alie
    Favorite podcast
    I binge this podcast like no other. I’ve been a fan of all them for years and this show has grown along with them in the best way. I look forward to it every week and it always picks me up when I need it!
  • _zuzuz
    In love
    Love the podcast so much an escape from everything fr! Love y’all ❤️❤️
  • matthew aka string bean
    Love your podcast I’ve been following since the start also love the YouTube videos 🙃🙃🙃
  • mariasgucci
    Best podcast
  • th0tiana
    Love y’all
    This is the only podcast I can listen to and be working at the same time ☺️💗
  • TaylorByerly
    love love love
    my fav podcast ❤️‍🔥
  • Mayte .T
    Love them❤️❤️❤️
    I honestly can’t listen to any other podcast besides this one I listen to it right before bed an as soon as I get up to go to work.
  • dancez with catz
    I LOVE the podcast. One of my favs. Y’all got me through driving from Maine to Key West, FL. With a week stop in PA. Love the vlogs. So happy David is filming with everyone again. The world is healing:):):)
  • GuysickTaylor
    My favorite 💗
    There’s no other podcast I listen to like I listen to this one. I listen every Tuesday on YouTube and sometimes I rewatch old episodes just to listen to their hilarious stores again!
  • muswillis
    One of my favorites
    One of the best podcast I listen too. ❤️❤️ Been watching Zane and Heath since Vine!! I’m been in love with the podcast ever since !!!!❤️
  • lanaaa702
    Biggest fan
    This is the only podcast I listen to. While cleaning, driving, doing my makeup, these guys all make me laugh so much and make you feel like you’re sitting right there with them. Love these guys they’re so great.
  • Maddieeseeeeeeee
    Love love love
    This is always so funny I love their showww
  • @bitchforcorey
    my love for this podcast is unbeatable!!!! I listen to it on the DAILY!! I literally go to sleep while its playing! 🤍
  • JacAtherden
    Love this group & podcast
    I look forward to listening to this every Monday! They work so well with each other & are funny in their own way. 10/10 recommend!
  • briellehoneybuns
    FAVORITE PODCAST!! I literally look forward to listening to y’all every week, Thank y’all for all the laughs !!
  • Honeybisquit
    Good podcast but they still support David
    David is a bad person and he needs to be held accountable. I love the podcast. It use to be my favorite but it’s sad to see everyone being paid off to continue being friends with such bad people. Don’t support.
  • Dalai M.
    This podcast is literally what I look forward to every week! Never fails to make me laugh out loud. Been following since Vine and they still brighten my day<3
  • Agon Taergaryean
    I literally can’t stop listening. Every Monday when I see a new episode I listen to it on my way to class. I’m laughing hysterically and I know people look at me weird for smiling at nothing. It’s by the far the most entertaining podcast I’ve listened to. I love!
  • Cam baez
    I listen to a LOT of podcasts!! and this one by far is my favorite! It’s such a funny podcast! I have my airpods in listening to their podcast during school cracking up and people are looking at me wondering why I’m laughing to myself! I look forward to every monday for the new episode! love Zane, Heath, Matt, and Maria so much and it’s an amazing podcast!
  • day_kaylee
    I love this podcast and have been listening since day one. I love ALL FOUR OF YOU. So don’t listen the these haters talk about firing and replacing. I seriously admire and can relate to Mariah, Matt, Zane, and Heath and I wouldn’t chance a thing about any of you. On a completely different note. I wish you would touch on what the heck is going on with the coffee situation. Customer Service doesn’t respond. You guys don’t really address it any more. I mean I’m not sure what to do at this point. You guys created an amazing coffee and it popped off. I loved it. But I ordered a variety box in June!!! The money way taken out of my account and I still to this day have not gotten my coffee or even an email telling me what’s going on. This is a business you guys started and I feel like you should at least address the status and make a better communication system. No one has mentioned Kramoda in a while. I’m -Kaylee Day
  • makeupbitch
    Love love love
    First let me say love these guys so much cant get enough of them. Such a good vibe with them all the time. They play off each other so much it really brightens up my day. You guys keep going cant wait to listen to more.
  • yourz truly anna
    this is the only podcast I listen too. I have really bad anxiety especially while driving and your podcast is the only thing that helps me calm down when i'm anxious while driving. i've listened to all of the episodes at least 5 times bc I like to listen to it everyday. thank you guys for being yourselves and making me smile and feel safe. (:
  • HyperSonicTheHedgehog
    I WOULD give 5 stars if you guys get rid of Matt and Mariah. Mariah doesn’t really add anything to the podcast. And Matt is way too judgemental. Why even have him on the podcast if he just constantly goes to weddings. Fire matt and replace him with Kenny. Fire Mariah and replace her with someone like Suzy because Suzy can be a bit gullible at times but her laugh is really contagious! Also you guys really need to fix your mics because I have to turn the volume all the way up just to hear you guys. Also please deal with the person who keeps sniffing and smacking their lips in the mic. I have misophonia and the noises can really make you lose viewers.
  • Katherine.Anne.
    All time fave💓
    This is my all time favorite podcast. I just wish you guys went further into topics and your opinions on different things.
  • kaitball
    i literally love this podcast Ive listened to it every week since it started
    Best podcast ever!!
    My highlight of every Monday! By far my favorite podcast!!
  • tking1225
    Comfort podcast
    I love this podcast so much, I rewatch the videos all the time. I never miss a new audio/video ep. You guys really make Monday and Tuesday something to look forward too.
  • JuJuValdez
    San Antonio Texas
    Never been a fan of podcasts but I’m loving this one!!! Big fan of y’all!!! Love all of y’all!!!
  • albuteralboi
    Hiking trip
    Heath talking about his trip sounds so fun everyone naggin him for liking a cool carabiner
  • n.al04
    Funniest shi ever
  • Alysssatx
    Love listening to their podcast and hearing all their stories!!
  • isariapia
    Listen to this podcast!!!!!!
    I love this podcast so much and want to give it the recognition it deserves. I listen to the audio version when it comes out then go watch the in studio video the next day because it’s two different experiences, both that I very much enjoy and laugh ever single episode. Subscribe to the YouTube channel @ Zane and heath unfiltered cause they almost at 1 million subscribers and they honestly deserve it for getting way past 4 episodes!!!!(IYKYK).
  • Krakendile427890341
    Effortless Comedy
    Literally redownloaded this app, after watching their videos consistently on YouTube, just to leave a review because it’s that good! I look forward to listening each week. It truly makes my days better! :)
  • reviewing20202020
    I mean. I just love you guys
    This is my first review ever I had to download apple podcasts and then google how to do it but GAAWDDD I love this podcast. I love matt. BYE
  • marissahargitay546
    best podcast
    i’ve been listening to this podcast since day 1 & i can truly say it’s my favorite podcast! you guys honestly brighten my monday morning’s. i love you guys! :)
  • jenniiidolllll
    My stomach hurts
    I ugly laugh when I listen to this 😂
  • Kelly42992
    Coffee Talk ⭐️
    I’m just really really proud of Zane and Heath. You guys are excelling at your podcast. It really is so freaking good. The dynamic with the four of you is perfect! Ps. I love when Matt talks about Texas! With love from Grapevine, Tx ❤️
  • Anna DePastino
    I look forward to this podcast every single week! Makes me laugh so much!!
  • Jftbdnkdkvdhf
    Love love love!!
    I cannot stress enough how much I love this podcast. I would watch Zane and Heath’s coffee talks and once they started talking about possibly having a podcast I got so excited!! I’ve been listening to it since it came out and it’s all I listen to in the car; it makes me cry laughing!! I deeply recommend this podcast if you want to listen to 4 close friends truly enjoy each other’s company while being extremely hilarious!!
  • britttttttt_
    Longtime fan (since vine). But, not a fan of Mariah being on the podcast. She is better at so many other things.
  • ayokrista
    Love Zane and Heath!
    You guys are FUNNY ASH! I love you two together you bring out the best in each other & y’all match each other’s energy! I couldn’t listen to the podcast without going all the way back to episode 1 !! I listen to you guys at work while I sit at my boring desk and I just CRACKLE all night y'all are the funniest vlog squad members 👏🏽
  • marybell0511
    Long Beach
    Lol listening to the new podcast and I heard Long Beach 😂 I grew up from there and it’s so much different and scary down there. Be careful.
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