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Zane and Heath: Unfiltered is a weekly podcast from YouTube sensations; Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, two uneducated Florida boys with strong opinions and nothing to back it. Join them for some raw, uncut, and unfiltered behind the scenes content as they discuss all that transpires in their group's crazy lives when the cameras stop rolling. Be sure to grab your coffee and tune in every Monday morning because your start to the week just got a whole lot better! And by better, we mean worse.

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  • marijuuu
  • sophiizzlee
    Probably one of the funniest podcast
    There so funny for literally no reason I’m a high school student and I listen to podcast all the time especially during class and Im always cackling in class because there so funny which is probably not a good idea to do in class but I really really recommend listening to them they brighten up my day and Matt,Mariah,zane,and Heath are probably the best duo out there BUT I TRULY RECOMMEND THEM
  • 1800blingsam
    Unfunny and dismissive
    I used to be a huge fan of zane and heath but now that I’ve matured i can’t believe i found this podcast entertaining. I thought they were different from their friend group but you are who you surround yourself with and now i can see that. They think everyone is “sensitive” and “dramatic” because they can’t see past their entitled mindset. This podcast is far from comedy and has disappointed me to the point that i can no longer support.
  • Matt80761
    Amazing podcast
    I love this podcast. I wait every song tuesday for the video version on there youtube. I loved watching Zane and Heaths old coffee talk videos and this Podcast genuinely brought back the same feelings as the coffee talks did. 10/10 would recommend!
  • mommyKR
    Used to love
    I used to really enjoy this podcast but after the makes me feel like Heath is racist and I no longer want to support this podcast. I‘ve never seen so many jokes about someone being racist and makes me feel like it has to be true with how many different people brought it up. Wish I could continue enjoying but sadly will not be returning wishing you the best and hope you grow and see things differently.
  • k_kraner
    I love this podcast! I feel like I’m in the room having a conversation with them. I look forward to listening every Monday! They crack me up! I’ve listen to every podcast because I never get tired of them. Y’all keep doing what you’re doing!
  • Lennythequeen
    Love yall
    Thank you guys for creating such a lovely space. Your podcast has helped my anxiety so much in the morning. Hearing you guys just bounce off eachother really shows your friendship and trust. Love love love yalll
  • lilbb8
    Sad to say this…
    I’ve subscribed to this since it started. After the roast was posted and things came to light in a joking matter I can no longer support people who are against basic human rights. If heath is a racist and super republican that’s a no for me.
  • Jasmine Ruddy
    Racist and anti vaxx
    Officially unsubscribing after the roast - bye!
  • ❤️❤️#awsomeashley❤️❤️
    Deada** been listening to you guys since day 1! Always been a fan even before the podcast but this just made it even more ✨amazing✨ I love listening to each episode and hearing all the fun and interesting stories (especially the airport ones). I could live off these episodes for the rest of my life lolol! Love you guys so much🙌💖
  • Laanney
    The bestestttttt
    Ive been watching you guys for years, back in the cig days. You guys are only growing and becoming more crazy lol. Keep it up guys! Haven't tried yalls coffee but planning on to soon. Or yall can send me some (; aha. Na but foreals you guys are the funniest.
  • Love~Games!
    Sometimes Mathew really irritates me!! He IS a Karen! He can bring the show & his friends down.
    They make my day
    I am so glad that Zane and Heath started this podcast. I listened to their very first episode when they announced that it was coming soon. They make me laugh and it gets my day started. My favorite is the the weed episodes and when they play the game where they secretly add a word when they are talking and have to try and catch each other. Keep up the amazing work and I am trying to see which coffee to try first.
  • Cyaatskool
    Monday morning priority
    I’ve been subscribed to the podcast since the very first season. I love the entertainment they bring me every week. So much so that listening to Unfiltered is a huge priority to my Monday Routine. Thank you for “bringing the juice and the funny”💜
  • Dadandmomrock555
    Favorite podcast
    This is my all time favorite podcast. First off, they make me laugh every single episode, and I’m not someone that easily laughs out loud. The things the say are also so relatable. Like “whatttt I thought I was the only one that has done this” kinda relatable. Their stories keep me engaged the entire time. Sometimes they’re a little mean to Matt which is my only complaint. I listen every Monday morning!
  • kAtElynPoe
    Perfect Podcast
    Overall, this podcast is the perfect entertainment for laughing and learning. Although I have been listening to this podcast since August, learning from your guys’ perspective has helped me learn more about my surroundings, and myself. You guys do a great job on informing your audience about current context, in order to understand a full picture on your lives and certain situations. The only critique I have would be to not make them for two hours, but regardless, maintaining that comical personality makes the podcast never not entertaining. A fan since 2016, Kpoe
  • Yolo 12
    By far my favorite podcast!
    I don’t usually listen to podcasts but Zane and heath were the only group I watch! I’ve been following along since the old Denny days and still to this are my day 1 favorites❤️
  • delrahim69
    Watched all 155 episodes
    I listen to podcasts often but this is one I only watch the video version. Started watching Vlog Squad vids during pandemic & Zane quickly became the star. I was not a fan when Matt wasn’t on the show & was excited once he came back. If you haven’t subscribed to their Patreon yet, JUST DO IT! It’s only $5/mo & the high/drunk episodes are worth that alone. Plus they do a live Q&A at start of each month.
  • alxandri4
    Fan 4L
    Been a fan forever of Zane and Heath -love this podcast and highly recommend binge watching the YouTube version if you aren’t up to date. Such good, positive energy from all cast members and really interesting to hear everyone’s take on topics. Love how welcoming they are with each other and with guests. A huge inspiration for me -Alx
  • Celsooo
    Best podcast
    The most enjoyable and my favorite podcast. I always look forward to this one each week. Never stop!
  • ginuhhhhh
    the only podcast i religiously listen to and watch every week, and rewatch and listen to and still find just as interesting and funny !
  • J uuhhh R
    This is the best podcast
    I love Zane and Heath
  • Lovely_lady16
    literally my favorite podcast ever
    i’ve been watching the vlogs for years, and this podcast is now my favorite thing ever. i literally just watch the episodes all day long because they are the one thing that makes me laugh no matter how many times i listen. tuesdays are superrrr long for me and i always look forward to unwinding and turning on zane and heath unfiltered💅🏼💅🏼 also zane is my bday twin and mariah is my moms bday twin!! 😙
  • Adamm99
    My favorite
    This podcast always makes me laugh! Definitely the best podcast compared to everyone else’s in the friend group! I also love Mariah ❤️
  • sssggreweecgbbjjytevvc
    love love love!!
    hello this has been my favorite podcast for a while. i love everyone who is a regular on it and the guests. i saw a review before mine to remove matt & mariah , which definitely don’t do. they bring it all together and i love the chemistry in the room. i watched zane and heath in middle school up to now in college. thanks for continually making me laugh so hard 💗💗💗love you guys
  • ddy b
    Great podcast, love Zane and Heath(which is what it should be since it’s the name of the podcast). But they won’t remove the two most annoying hosts(who have no reason to be there) they just talk and laugh over everyone and literally stopped playing the podcast because of how annoying they both are. Maybe one day they’ll find something else to do instead of piggybacking of friends because they have nothing else going for them. Hopefully it will be enjoyable again one day. Would be 5 stars as well if these two weren’t there.
  • jennurrrr
    all love
    i work overnight shifts in a really bad city so whenever i feel unsafe i instantly turn these podcasts on and it makes all of my worries go away.
  • Gavin_23
    Love it
    Just started listening to podcasts about two months ago and as soon as I listen to this one I got hooked so quickly I love what you guys talk about it’s so great keep up the good work
  • hayley-1
    Spooky episode
    You guys should definitely come to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. It is in Petros Tennessee!
  • mimike:/
    genuinely makes me so happy
    i listen/watch these podcasts literally everyday, and have listened to all of them. i play it whenever i’m bored, cleaning, or working out. and i listen to it while i sleep😁😁😁😁😁😁 ily guys fr
  • kdill222
    mommy Mariah
    I literally love this podcast more than any other podcast i’ve listened to. Idk if it’s because i’m biased, i grew up watching them but it is so funny!!! probably have listened to every episode 10 times so far at LEAST and have gotten everyone i know to listen too. Love y’all!!! Keep it upppp!!!!!!!
  • citlalycisneross
    Long time listener
    I use to be so excited for this podcast and I am listening to the one about Matt’s episode bc honestly Matt is a genuine person and the reason why I stuck for so long I will no longer be supporting this podcast as they’ve become so snotty and feel like their view is the only way. The way they shade people I just can’t anymore
  • Shanquashan
    So so good.
    I listen to this podcast all of the time. I literally listen to the Brittany Broski podcast every night when I’m going to bed. Ive watched it so much that I could probably recite every word lol. I also listen to the audio versions on Monday and then re-listen on Tuesday when I watch the video version on YouTube. This is the best podcast I have ever listened to and I am not usually a podcast type of girl. I love this podcast and I look forward to a new one every week. I would really like to see Kian Lawley on here and also Brittany Broski once again.
  • chica tov.
    getting me through college
    love this podcast, l listen between classes and I feel like I’m sitting there with them it’s a good pick me up when college gets lonely. <3
  • juliomis
    Better than Views 🫣
    It took me 2.5 months to listen all the episodes and i ain’t gonna lie it’s better the D.D podcast 🫣
  • angi 🤍
    Just makes my day I listen during my shower I listen before school I listen after school I listen during drives I listen before I sleep
  • Faith Cookston
    Do a little research :(
    I love you guys & I throughly enjoy every episode. But I have to say, you guys so often speak in depth on topics you guys know nothing about and spread misinformation. Obviously people aren’t listening to the podcast for advice, but some of your uneducated conversations are incredibly dangerous because of your large, young audience. Matt telling people with abdominal pain to not to go the hospital for a few days? Saying EMS won’t waste time helping homeless people because they can’t pay a bill? SO many more. I can’t help but notice it every episode and it’s extremely unfortunate.
  • MP1120
    Big big fannn
    I became a fan since Davids vlogs and I always made sure to watch every vlog of Zane and Heaths no matter how long they took to post lol. They are my favorite friend duo, I feel like I would never be bored if I were in that friend group. I never miss a post, I listen to it thennn I watch the YT version bc I must see their reactions in every episode, ya’ll are what I look forward to every week, I am a 23yr old stay at home mom u guys get me through the day, listening to the Pod while doing chores. LOVE LOVE LOVE this friend group!
  • Madeleine.6
    I’ve watched and kept up with Zane and Heath for years and they continue to amaze me. Their new Kramoda shirts are 🔥
  • andykm.
    I’ve been hearing Zane and heath since they started once y’all had 5 episodes I got into a car crash that made me loose my vision and till this day I still struggle with that but I keep listening to y’all cuz you guys keep me calm make me laugh and I especially while I go to sleep I like to listen to them and that’s only cuz I don’t freak out and have something to listen to you guys helped me go through such a rough patch in my life and I was 16 when I started to listen to them and now I’m 19 and I can’t thank y’all enough for these podcast
  • alyssahmae
    love it
    love your show one of my favorite podcasts. but i cant with matt hes so rude. i hate that he cuts everyone off. if its the lack nicotine he should take a break and come back.
  • LynnDang13
    Be nicer to Matt
    The group seems to get more annoyed with Matt and it’s distracting and I feel bad for him. Mariah especially, she is constantly dogging on him for nothing
  • yourgirlsammmmmm
    Makes me sad to do this
    I can’t take this anymore, crazy how his “friends” makes Zane feel dumb and little all the time. Might as well call this the Mariah Show, with literally every she’s does and seen. So frustrating to try to hear a story and her talking over everyone every second, just to say she’s done the same thing. I’m Over it already, it’s unenjoyable and I probably won’t be coming back. I still will always love thoes vine days.
  • Leticia.-89
    Slay Mama
    Last episode had me hooked. I kept getting busy but I rushed to press play every chance I could get. The conversation was so exciting so many stories I love it !!! I was trying to play along and figure out everyone’s words lol I failed miserably. Thanks for the entertainment !!! Can’t wait to see the video tomorrow too :)
  • jessie_girl95
    Love the pod
    Love watching and listening to the pod and have the Patreon For everything
  • peacelovelaur
    MARIAH 👑
    Oh just forget it why don’t ya, it’s nothing, it’s just a stupid ugly drawing I’ve been working on. It doesn’t even matter. Besides, what’s the friggin point. I’m just some good for nothin weirdo loser anyway. 👩‍🏫😞🙇‍♀️💀 Mariah- that didn’t get the cackle it deserved! 👑 I didn’t think there were people in this world with my exact sense of humor until you guys.. it’s literally a dopamine hit every episode & I wish the episodes were daily! By far my favorite episode ever. I love each and every one of you freaking incredible human beings & can’t thank you all enough for all the laughs and mood boosts when I needed it the most. Please don’t ever stop. 💖🌟👑🥇🏆🌟💖
  • Jpulido25
  • indiana coffee bean
    patreon coffee bean here
    my fav comfort podcast, if i need to chill i already know what to click. y'all are doing great😘
  • jenzyoooo
    Love you!!!
    I was DYINGGGG at this weeks episode I loved the game idea with the guessing of random words please do another video like this it was super engaging and entertaining!
  • Samonyc
    Free Therapy
    WE LOVE U GUYS!!!!
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