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Donut Media brings you some of the craziest stories from all of automotive history in their new podcast "Past Gas!". Hosts James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes walk you through incredible stories behind your favorite cars and manufacturers, like underground Japanese racing clubs, bitter racing rivalries and how some of your favorite classic cars came to be. Remember, it's about cars, not about farts. Link to survey:
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Recent Reviews
  • aardvark6155
    Waste of Time
    Two juveniles reading from a book and laughing. Nothing of any value here. A total waste of time.
  • Woffenrock
    Mildly interesting and funny presentation, but obvious greed
    The content of the show when boiled down, really isn’t anything spectacular. The research done is barely beyond a Wikipedia page. The amount of ads is horrendous. 10-15 minutes of advertisements is terrible. Especially for a show that obviously doesn’t require much capital. It’s just a money maker for Donut Media.
  • stevenC6
    Love it
    Love these guys. Been watching their YouTube since almost the beginning and love to be able to listen to them at work. Very organized and whoever rites their scripts does such a awesome job! Enjoy the bits as well! Keep it loose!
  • Highland Moto
    Not Just a you tube channel.
    These guys are funny and informative. Perfect for auto and racing history fans!
  • Ruiner482
    I love James 🚫🧢
    Anyways this is honestly my favorite podcast since it started and it’s incredible how they can bring comic relief while also keeping on topic. Even if you aren’t too into cars I guarantee that you’ll like one of theses podcasts and might even get you into cars. It’s so good that this is the first review I’ve ever written for anything.
  • the listener 1812
    It’s alright
    It’s a great show, and I used to love to watch their bumper to bumpers but, the virtue signaling is getting old. People want to hear about cars and their history not politics.
  • Last normal person left
    Waste of time
    Dumb, boring and not funny.
  • ginger4ever
    In depth and funny as hell
    Love the long-form, in-depth storytelling. They also do a great job of telling all sides of the story. These three are also so funny and it’s such a perfect mix of humor and storytelling. You have to listen to every single one!!
  • Sanny632
    A glimpse into the history of automobiles, racing, design, safety and hunt for power.
    The guys at donut will make you want to listen to every episode. I burned through the entire series in about two weeks. It’s a fantastic look into the history of the automobile. I came for some James pump evo redline head shakes .... and came away watching more racing and playing forza again. GREAT STUFF GUYS !
  • bobby propane
    Daily dose of humor and history
    Every auto story is filled with in depth details about the characters, vehicles, and the lives they have led, that leave the listener always wanting more. The hosts comical and honest inputs makes this podcast relatable for everyone to enjoy. It is my number one podcast to put on, when I sit in the driver’s seat of the car, and head out for the day.
  • Jay junia
    Please do a series on Koenigsegg vs Bugatti
    Great podcast have listened to every episode
  • robbtheboss
    This is the podcast bro
    Man I just finished the HH series and I’m hooked , love the show keep it up
  • never been to poland
    It’s just
    That good
  • GTR godzilla
    Love it keep up the great work
  • HillBilly547
    Love it
    I watch their YouTube channel and love it. They are so funny and I love learning by about automotive history
  • Erikolo1212
    Best podcast!
    Absolute 10/10. Entertaining and educational!
  • Impala Addict
    Very entertaining and super funny guys!
  • Calvin S. Wolfe
    Very interesting
    It’s a very good podcast with a Father and his Son. Been with donut for a long time.
  • John Mason R
    I love it
    I have listened to literally every one of them and can’t get enough because of how much they help my day go by listening to what I love instead of the same music over and over again is fantastic
  • Mr. MondAaY
    Mo Knowledge Beh Beh!!
    Love the the pod! Anyone who says otherwise is a dork!
  • pookie1203
    YOU GUYS ARE JIZZNOZZLES. You constantly mock your subjects and are not funny. If you concentrate on the subject matter and stop trying to act funny , the shows would be much better
  • Zmore92
    2 luxurious buff ponies
    Who wouldn’t want to listen to these plump, fluff little ponies talk, it’s hilarious.
  • alnative
    Legitimately love everything from donut!
    Honestly living in Alabama (not a huge scene for import stuff) I feel like you guys are my only outlet to nerd out on cars. Thank you for what u do.
  • Merritt Aho
    This podcast is awesome! You can learn about the past of cars in a fun interesting way. I have listened to every episode 3 times and I continue to learn more!
  • BrewHo
    Great stories to many social justice statements
    I really enjoy this podcast when they stick to the stories and the cars. They start to lose me when the hammer on social justice issues. I am against racism and sexism as much as the next person, but please if you insist on pointing it out please do so and move on. I don’t need a lecture every time you disagree with a portion of the story. Other than that I love the content.
  • Nateo1979
    Your videos, and podcast are awesome!
  • CoderDoc
    Michele Mouton
    As a female who does HPDE I really enjoyed the episode on a woman who was a successful rally driver! Thanks for a good story that needed to be told.
  • Herrickthebeast
    Funny car history
    What’s not to love? Cars and history mixed with lowbrow humor. Sign me up.
  • Yonnzzy
  • Joshie Tanner
    Well Worth It
    Great podcast I love these guys. Super great content not to mention the great sense of humor they all have. 5 stars and keep making more please!
  • datsun 620
    The best
    Love these two guys
  • ojosverdes75
    Back off the SJW BS
    Love the show! You guys make me laugh so hard some times. Then when you go of on some “woke” SJW tangent it makes me want to puke. I don’t want to hear about all the brainwashed leftie politics everywhere. Stick to CAR culture. *sings*....”Past Gas - Past Gas it’s a bout CARS it’s not aboot POLITICS!!”
  • TimA2121
    Hell ya, now I can listen to their voices while not on YouTube.
  • Diamondback475069372
    For the boys
    I love these guys man, definitely made time go by while learning more about what I care about. Funny as heck too. Btw please do a history on keiichi tsuchiya!! The drift king babbbyyy
  • Sea Meme
    Oh Yeeaaahhhh
    One of the best podcasts out there. Listen to it daily, lots of laughs and teirs. Keep up the amaizing work you guys!!
  • slickrickysicky
    Donut media
    Frosted tips, hotboi vibes, vapes and automotive geeks (some soobooroo talk) thumbs up guys keep up the good info and entertainment
  • AtariBeast
    Does Nolan really not know how to ride a bike?!?!? please tell me!!!
  • Theguitarguy071
    Please never stop
    I learn so much from you guys and you’re all hilarious. Please never stop
  • Marshal!
    IM A HUGE FAN of all the shows and most recently Started listening to your podcast and been blown away i have heard them all and came to the conclusion you guys just ain’t making enough podcast soo PLEASEE MAKEEE MOREE PODCAST!!!! Ive been going through about 2-3 a day at least so if you can at least make that many everyday id appreciate 🙌🏽🙌🏽keep up the great work!!!
  • ThisNicknameIaTakenTryAgain
    Great podcast !
    Love the pod ! The banter is unmatched. Keep it up guys you keep my car rides entertaining ! Do an episode on the history of the Subaru Baja/brat
  • yeet Nine years old
    I need more
    Ive listed to all of them more than once
  • e.edge
    Not about farts
    While I don’t care for the voices of the unsolicited advice podcast I loave donut megia and will brave any stream to hear their voices.
  • PrimetimeJayMartin
    The podcast we needed.
  • abcdefghijklompqrstuvwxy and z
    I love your pod cast
    You should play asphalt 9 there’s a lot of new cars you could even Make the Z,s.
  • Mr awesome pony
    All I have to say is...
  • Drunken Rabbit
    Super well put together auto media podcast
    If I want to broaden my knowledge of the automotive world and laugh, I come here. The three hosts have complimenting personality’s. The work that goes into each podcast is fantastic, they display nothing but facts and all points of view. Good job Donut.
  • Gravy lover 324
    How do they do it!?
    I’ve been watching donuts channel since the start. Then when I heard they had a podcast I was excited to check it out. Very happy with it! Every episode is very entertaining, funny, and I learn a lot about cars and everything they go with! Keep it up Donut!
  • Newtie5002
    I can admit my quarantine has been boring.
    During my quarantine quest for my general health and safety I have been staying home. This means I have been consuming content left and right. I found Donut Media on YouTube and found they have their own pod. They are a nice break in my normal listening content of true crime murder podcast. Finding out that some episodes are just as shocking as the cult NXIVM or the hunt for GSK.
  • Ian Emmons
    Great podcast
    I love these guys and long car trips feel so short! Sometime I almost wish they were longer so I could finish the podcast lol.
  • danieldriven
    Best automotive
    I love Nolan And James telling the stories really gives you a history lesson on cars
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