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Donut Media brings you some of the craziest stories from all of automotive history in their new podcast "Past Gas!". Hosts James Pumphrey, Nolan Sykes and Joe Weber walk you through incredible stories behind your favorite cars and manufacturers, like underground Japanese racing clubs, bitter racing rivalries and how some of your favorite classic cars came to be. Remember, it's about cars, not about farts.
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Recent Reviews
  • aojomick
    Love it
    I haved love all of the podcasts keep it up👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Porchanut
    Great work
    Interesting stories, but PLEASE stay on topic
  • The Great Cornholio.
    Yall are the reason why i am failing 6 classes! Yall just do so good and its so much more interesting than algebra 2, Busness and finance, english, biology, and art. love yall
  • Zebby97
    This is why I wake up every day
    This show is the only solace I find in life. As long as Nolan keeps messing up facts so other listeners can jump him, I’ll keep listening. I’m kidding, it’s a great show and I highly recommend it. I now have Nolan, James, and Joe tattooed on my back like the Pip Boys.
  • big lou 1223
    Freaking love these guys and ALL their shows!!
    Such a laid back and funny show enlightening the listener with awesome car and car related history! I listen to this show while I’m on the road for work and there is never a full moment! I can’t always watch the YouTube shows so I’m grateful for this podcast! Keep on keepin on guys! Fire it up! Mopower and be nice!
  • more episodses please
    👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻x 1,000,000,000
    Its boring and you just keep cussing 😡😡🤬🤬
  • youngcashboi
    One of the most diverse Car Podcasts out there
    Big donut head and love this podcast as well! The hosts work well together and cover a wide variety of topics Only thing preventing it from getting 5 stars is there are way too many advertisements. A lot of midroll ads really mess with of the flow of the show. But, as the episodes are free, it’s not the worst case scenario. Overall love the show and remember to KEEP IT JUICED!
  • max ax max
    I like it a lot but there is just to much ads
  • plaidcarpenter
    Six greatest cheaters
    I have never sent a review to any podcast. This episode had me cracking up in my garage. I build custom cabinets and have for the last 22 years I just recently went out on my own with my own shop. And it’s really great for me guys hearing you after losing coworkers. Thank you guys for being exactly my maturity level. James, I totally get it crying at the drop of a hat. I’ve always been this way I will cry at the drop of a hat. Keep up the good work, Bob.
  • Jstall7543
    These Guys Are Really Funny!
    Love The Knowledgeable with all The Research They Do!
  • NellyYan
    Stop cussing will you🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • MetsPhan02
    Love listening and watching you guys. I’m not a big car guy, but you guys are definitely turning me into one. Listening to the McLearn one and y’all bringing up Sebring cool, because I grew up there and went to a lot of 12 of Sebring races. Lots of drinking involved at those races, ah fun times.
  • Raider of the Lost Pod
    Wink Wink ;-)
    Great podcast! The guys are fun and very entertaining. You even learn a thing or two about the world of cars and the Donut-verse.
  • A d f g h French skin
    Past gas is one of the best podcast I’ve ever listened to!
  • Ravens #1 Fan!!!
    I love it but
    Ok I love this podcast and the YouTube channel. But like come on, why start actually swearing now, now I can’t listen to this podcast with my dad because now I have to worry about James dropping a f bomb, but like I’ll still listen to it by myself still
  • leonejohn
    show ideas
    love the show, seems to have developed a race theme and not "car theme", where are the shows of great unspoken car knowledge; example of how every bmw 3 series motor/trans is interchangable since the beginning? or mercedes has a general motors transmission in the c class, just how many parts ARE shared along the industry and what each brand actually is?? thanks!
  • adhater44
    It’s getting worse
    The early stuff was great now it’s just James saying f* that guy f$ this guy, bad accent, some inside joke, hotdog and the with the amount of ads they obviously think they are joe Rogan or the smoking tire. We get you saw a guys purple underwear.
  • Ricky Kyle Russell
    Love it
    Love the podcasts
  • Random Dude125
    Too Good
    Love the show! One of the best car shows( and podcast) I’ve seen. Subscribe to Donut Media!
  • bigtristy
    I’ve been obsessed with everything Donut makes or has made since I found them a couple months ago. I’ve watched and listened to almost everything they’ve put out. Please never stop making this podcast, it’s like just hanging with the boys
  • JoeyJoe2987
    Best channel
    Love this guys!!! COMING TO NYC ALREADY GOASH!!!! Lol
  • iwanderzaround
    Better now
    Much better now that they’re more comfortable with swearing and talking like actual adults. I understand wanting things to be child friendly but not at the cost of entertainment for the show.
  • a-name-that-isnt-taken
    “Every Italian reminds me of Mario” James whatever
    Hosts are too immature to talk about history. Want to still like donut so I’ll avoid this pod from here on out
  • Iceman0082
    Soooooooo tired of f1 episodes
  • Ryan O'Connor.
    James is annoying
    I look forward to episodes without James.
  • e-46_forlifer
    Best car Chanel ever
    100% best car podcast out there. I’ve watched probably hundreds of there videos especially James’s up to speed. Love the guy and his videos. Donut media has the best Chanel for car nerds and you’ll find everything there. Tuning, car history, cool new products and just a great time. Thanks donut media for all the hard work and great stuff you guys put out!
  • Podcast Photographer
    Miss the show without the profanity
    We’ve loved listening to this show as a family. I’ve always found it enjoyable and interesting but now I feel like we can’t listen to it with kids around since the F-word is being thrown around all the time. We loved when you edited out the profanity in the show and would listen more again if you brought it back.
  • jloe1567
    Quality is dipping
    Used to be really great, good banter and jokes as well as stories. Now, it’s almost 25% ads and hosts seem like they’re losing interest in the podcast. Hope the quality goes up again soon
  • billlllyboooobjoooooe
    This is the best podcast. Funny too. Also you need to see the YouTube channel.
  • Wally 2537694432
    Podcast with personality
    As more podcasts become slick and self-important, the hosts present car history in a light hearted and entertaining manner. Enjoyable balance of data and humor.
  • bxhdhe in ehidhdhdgdudsjzgbzjx
    Past gas podcast
    It’s good to sleep to depending on your preferences (my personal opinion)
  • I AM IPHONE!!!!!
    Funny and informative
    A great podcast mixing really great humor with interesting real stories. I can’t believe i slept on this for so long.
  • KinGlowballlllssss
    Wait for it every Monday
    Love the show! My favorite podcast!!!
  • Aaaaaaronnnn
    Hella entertaining!
    It’s awesome hearing the stories behind the coolest automotive stories with good guys and smart humor. Also, hot piss. Do the K Swap God episode in Brian Gillespie.
  • lizard cheese
    Good stuff 👍
    Love the youtube channel and podcast.🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼 🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼👊🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼🫵🏼
  • D.M.P.
    Changed for the worse
    Why did the podcast bleep out the profanity all this time then out of the blue just up and start allowing it? Done listening.
  • Andy Eveland
    Giddy up
    This is my new favorite podcast. Love the way the guys present all types of automotive topics. Feel like they really understand the subjects and get into the details of course with a Donut twist. Keep ‘em coming Donut Team
  • Traxxasadict123452andmore
    I have an idea
    Hey will y’all do a episode on the goodwood festival of speed? I enjoy the show but I don’t fully get it. Who is this family that has a driveway so long you can race on it? When did it start and why? Is it a race or a show? They time the cars but doesn’t seem to care about the time? Just an idea. Keep up the good work guys.
  • 1649491ajsh
    Pitiful start to yet another automotive podcast
    Yesterday I listened the one on Andrew the F1 aerodynamicist, it’s was so bad I couldn’t listen to it. The inaccuracy, the jokes, the lack of technical know how. Remember, like with the YT channel, these guys are there to entertain, they are amazing. But you cannot compare them to a Jason Camisa.
  • barfmouth
    Perfect trio with engaging episodes!
    This trio is the epitome of how podcasts should be hosted. They provide amazingly engaging content with a solid touch of comedy to tell the automotive worlds history. I find myself relistening to many of the episodes because I love them so much. I just wish that more than one episode would come out a week but I know the best things take time.
  • Biloxi54
    Love you guys but...
    First the good - Well researched, good banter and very likable hosts. Now the bad - Easily swayed off track and laugh at their own jokes. Love the banter but stay on point. Criticism (only meant to improve) - Just listened to all 5 parts on the Hells Angels and want to defend the Beatles. While you may not care for their music, they are undeniably the most influencial musicians of all time. OK, their early music may have been bubblegum but remember it was the early '60's and was different then anything that came before. There is no more prolific songwriter than Paul McCartney, who holds the Guiness World Record as the most suiccessful songwriter ever. John Lennon is one of the all time graet poet lariats of our time. George Harrison is one of the best guitarists of all time. Together with Ringo as a band set so many records that will never be broken. Like them or not, keep your opinions to yourself, their accomplishments speak for themselves. To compare them to their contemporaries, The Rolling Stones, perhaps the greatest rock band of our time or even today's musical groups is in my opinion, a joke. The musical talent of McCartney alone, accomplished on all instruments and a music composer ranging from rock to synphonies, will place him in history among notables such as Beethoven. To hear you guys bash the Beatles and describe them as the worst band of all time... well it makes me question your credibilitry on other subjects. Stick to what you know and I'll keep listening.
  • professional_numskul562
    Amazing podcast, as a 15 year old kid, I find this podcast entertaining and informative, and I enjoy listening to it every chance I get, keep up the awesome content guys!!!
  • kena312
    Love it
    It’s a good show and you guys are funny I just think there are a lot of ads.
  • Scout523
    overall great
    great show for car guys or just the commute
  • 6tappy9
    More Donut
    I watch all the YouTube videos but held off on this version of donut, for no good reason. I’m glad I finally got to it. Many stories, many laughs
  • jrd603
    Truck commercials
    Look up Jeremy Renner music
  • Keyed Up Motorsports
    Best car podcast
    Love these guys. Great stories, lots of laughs and the wife likes it too!
  • Bchils
    Miata’s rule
    Great podcast, an interesting auto history podcast with fun hosts
  • hdhsiandh
    Love the podcast first off, but there are way too many ads. You guys do 4 add spots and 3 of em are Valvoline. It ruins the flow of the podcast.
  • Floppytaco24
    You guys should make a episode about how gt3 was started. thanks for the laughs
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