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Donut Media brings you some of the craziest stories from all of automotive history in their new podcast "Past Gas!". Hosts James Pumphrey, Nolan Sykes and Joe Weber walk you through incredible stories behind your favorite cars and manufacturers, like underground Japanese racing clubs, bitter racing rivalries and how some of your favorite classic cars came to be. Remember, it's about cars, not about farts.
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  • super suspish
    My coworkers love it and it’s good to listen to after a hard day of back breaking work.
    I’ve been a fan fan for years and would like to spread this fun audio with coworkers by our turn with the speaker that we share, we would take turns on the Bluetooth and my first choice is donuts podcast. Ford vs Ferrari had every ear perked but then Wendell Scott was a story we all remembered and it was emotional. This podcast is funny, nostalgic, and really hits home when it comes to those historical moments. Yes there is political topics and that is apart of vehicles. Thanks guys, you make my stressful work better. 😉😃
  • hdhsiandh
    The Dodge vs Ford episode
    First off, love the podcast. I don’t want to sound like a hater or anything but I feel like this pod was short than usual and didn’t cover much about the Dodge brothers. Feel like it was mostly about Ford.
  • Gotchayeah
    The title says it all
  • Jay junia
    Past Gas
    Been listening since the beginning please do a multi part series on lotus and a episode on ken miles
  • msport 5 series
    It’s cool but
    I like the podcast but I don’t like joe, sorry not sorry. Also you guys get off topic soooooo often, I’m here to listen to the story on my drive to work, not to hear a conversation between you guys. The amount of focus on the story is minimum about every 2-3 sentences you guys get off topic. 3 stars for you
    Wink wink nation
    Death to the wink wink nation infidels haha
  • CamdenRaney
    Absolutely awesome
    I became a daily listener after just one episode! Some of my favorite stories were told by these guys. They know how to tell a long story while still keeping it funny and interesting, Highly recommend.
  • Taco.Werx
    Love it
    I love that gives me the history of my favorite hobby. They cover a broad range from car manufacturers to F1 and they’re all amazing.
  • Fabian3006
    Pretty excellent
    I’m newer to Donut media, just heard about them on YouTube a couple months ago. So far I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the content. The humor and not-too-serious vibe on the YouTubes make it one of my favorites. When I heard about the podcast I had to check that out as well. I am happy to report the friends-hanging-out feeling translates really well to this platform. I’ve bounced around to episodes that sounded interesting and it’s been fun learning about automotive history on my commute to work. Regarding the last episode about Che, I’ll admit I’m not a big fan. I listened to see what they had to say about him, and there were some funny parts. However, I thought the connection to automotive history was a stretch. Also, he was kind of a douche later on in life so I felt like the time could have been better spent learning about someone that did cool stuff in the automotive world. That said, I still think these guys are great and I appreciate the work they put into creating all this content.
  • Jeff Didntkillhimself
    Che Guevara?
    Maybe now we got the glowing story about Che Guevara we can move on to the story about Ted Bundy traveling the US meet Beautiful young women. No need to include a the murders…..
  • blackoutcall
    Yeah baby
    Yeah ok yeah baby ok yeah
  • Driver San
    Everything you didn’t know you… and jokes.
    Just got into Doughnut media this past month and have been steadily watching anything these silly guys do. The best is the over the top comments that keep a good balance of entertainment and history. Since I grew up in the 502 basically the same era as J-Pump I constantly laugh out at the wall reference. It almost feels like an big inside joke. Although the age difference is not too much chemistry and social contrast is rad and most importantly it’s entertaining. Keep it up!!
  • Dingle_berry
    Stick to the cars
    Stick to car stuff. Stay out of politics. Your bias is disgusting.
  • Harry E. Thompson
    One of my favorites
    I like to listen to Past Gas when I exercise.
  • Roc732
    Audio excellence
    The best podcast
  • jdkskshsidkndj
    I have stumbled on donut media through You Tube from the car culture. I listen to these podcasts daily and they are some of the best ones i've ever listened too because it's the only podcast i will and chose to listen. Thanks.
  • Me me me 25
    It would be cool to do one on ken block
  • Brutal stick
    Almost great
    I have been listening to past gas for over a year now. I really love the stories and the banter between the crew. The one major downside to the show is the politics. In the green book episode you guys admit to believing that states are passing laws to keep black Americans from voting. It’s a shame, obviously we all need to be better at researching and learning. You guys have such a big platform that saying something so incredibly false has massive effect on the public. Keep your personal politics out of the stories.
  • MoPowa420
    Love it
    I’ve been watching donut since I stumbled across their first video and I love it. They give a detailed history about the subject their talking about which makes it easier for newcomers to understand. There’s even things I’ve learned by watching and listening to them. Donut is good for your casual car person or if you’re a die hard car guy.
  • HollywoodHunt
    Just a bunch of snickering
    This looked like it could be a fun and interesting podcast from these guys. I couldn’t even make it through the first episode due to all the snickering at their own jokes constantly. I get that donut media has that kind of happy go lucky vide in their YouTube but it doesn’t translate well into a podcast.
  • donut 4 life
    hey, you are in,dirt 5 on ps5!!
  • AMG0021
    Always looking forward to Monday.
  • Dusclo
    Sorry to say…
    I enjoy the show overall. The content is good and the hosting is good, but James’ bits go too long, and the accents and impersonations are hard to listen to. I had to turn off episode 100 after the marble-mouthed fat bastard/German accent. Sorry.
  • oli6500
    five star podcast
    i am down for all things donut, but this is just taking it to the best level possible. i think that it give non-car people an opprotunity to learn about the history of cars. it gives you the chance to laugh, too ( which i am usually down for, cars or not). do not let a five year old listen tho, because some of the jokes only adults will understand (and very dirty minded kids). overall, the best podcast i can find when i want to listen to something other than music. #MOPOWAHBABEH #keepitjuiced
  • steelivic
    Informative and entertaining
    Look forward to every week to the next episode. Great back stories into cars we love along with humor. Keep up the good work!
  • kyle on xbox
    Amazing podcast
    I love the comedy mixed with automotive history. Btw I was wondering when y’all are gonna do a episode on the SSC with the ultimate aero TT and the tuatara. Keep up the good work guys.
  • adhater44
    Great show but the ads.
    Great show but the with the amount of ads they obviously think they are joe Rogan or the smoking tire.
  • Ethan’s Mac
    Anytime I can learn and laugh at the same time I’m game! Great podcast to learn about cool car history and get a laugh in.
  • Integrity Productions Ks
    Good Podcast
    I love the information they offer up. They dive deep and give a ton a facts and back story. However, James and Joe can sometimes be a bit much. Sometimes the side comments feel like sitting on the outside of a long inside joke that isn’t funny. Overall really good. I just skip their “jokes”.
  • GoJets!
    Great content.
    A automotive history podcast not hosted by insecure overly macho “men”? Sign me up!
  • nathancheezberger
    Love it, but one issue
    I love the podcast but I really do wish that the ads weren’t 5 minutes long. I might as well be watching cable tv sith the boring ads, if possible cutting it down to 1 minute would be so much better. Also, be more free flowing and don’t cut when the guys are rambling. It’s honestly great when they do it!
  • Tangarang
    Love Donut
    Love everything donut does. Super bummer to see all the complaints about it being political. I am a bigger fan knowing they are good people with good hearts and putting themselves out there because they have a platform.
  • iZHKG
    Love Past Gas but…
    3 ads in the opener of the latest episode is pushing it, just a bit. Otherwise, love PG and Donut.
  • Bdm smbg
    Great show, fun and informative.
    Host James and Nolan present car and their history in a very informative fun and easy to digest way. #MOPOWABABEH
  • Heeeeeelpme
    This podcast increased my cars HP
    If you’re like me and assumed the 2017 Impreza sport wagon could be fitted with WRX parts and need a pick me up after searching for hours and hours and HOURS for performance parts, all to find out every single part doesn’t fit by like an inch aside from a K&N performance air intake this podcast is for you. You know how stickers add like 5-10 horsepower? (depending on size of course) Well when you plug in your phone and turn on this podcast it adds around 20 more HP which is super handy. We all need more buff horses in our lives and this podcast does exactly what we need…….. Mo. Powa. Babeh. Next y’all gotta add Afterpay or something to the website as my og donut shirt from 2015 is very much worn out
  • DoneWithThisShit
    “The Dollop” of Automotive Podcasts
    James, Nolan and Joe give major Dollop vibes. The scripted telling of the story mixed with accents and improv, all while telling stories that sound too crazy to be true. If you care about cars at all, there’s an episode for you. 10/10
  • Danny_jacks
    MOE POWER BABY !!!!!!!! 😅😅
  • Ozark_FL infidel
    Don’t bother
    It seems that someone told these guys they are funny, and even interesting( probably their mothers). About as knowledgeable as a random Wikipedia search.
  • tonysparks91
    Loved the Smokey episodes!!
    You guys talked about the Hudson hornet and in cars 3 they goto Smokey’s best dang garage... BTW!!! The greatest car podcast From the coolest cars guys!! Keep this goin!!
  • hestickney
    The first few episodes I listened to were entertaining enough. I enjoy the Donut content on YouTube. These guys are a little to “woke millennial” for my taste. While the stories are compelling, the social commentary is tiresome and not appropriate for an automotive podcast.
  • cArRaCeR400
    If you listen to the express vpn ad with 1/2 speed, it feels like your on drugs
  • Footwork-Hype
    John Williams?
    John Williams wrote Star Wars theme. Frank Williams ran an F1 team, James.
  • allfriggingnicknamestaken
    Better than I expected.
    I’ve been watching Donald media videos for a while now. James and Nolan are entertaining and managed to get a lot of information in what are generally funny videos. The more I dug into the YouTube videos, the more I grew to like and respect not just these two but all the folks at donut media. I decided to give the podcast a chance. They manage to share historical information in a in a very entertaining manner. If you are a car person interested in things past the driving and the pure mechanicals of the car, I recommend the show very highly.
  • abcdefghijklompqrstuvwxy and z
    Thank you for teaching me about cars
    wall-(MART) wall mart
  • skinny_legend546
    Love donut
    Been watching donut media for a couple months and found this, absolutely love it! Never stop!
  • BushidoP
    Best podcast while delivering pizza!
    I listen to your podcasts while delivering Domino’s pizza. Makes the time go by fast and I wish you guys made them more than once a week. I’m a HUGE fan!!!
  • Jesse 11138
    I love getting to listen to the Donut hosts being themselves with each other and messing around with each other
  • Stig1991
    Love Donut… Hate the Politics
    I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning and love your YouTube channel, but the virtue signaling and woke political views are becoming really annoying. The whole country isn’t California, and you need to cater to a wider audience. Stick to the comedy and interesting car stories. Please keep the politics to yourself.
  • J M Lewis
    Slippery slope.
    Being a mechanic and gear head, past Gas has been one of my favorites for a while. Felt like hanging with some friends while learning something new! Lately though, it’s felt more like the show has been increasingly politically centered. It’s really a bummer because the earlier episodes were bangers! Just less virtue signaling please…
  • Tom Addleman
    Love it but James needs to chill on the political junk
    I listen to this podcast (nearly all of them by now) but it would be much better if the guys stayed away from the political mentions and just focused on what the podcast is designed to be….automotive history. The “apologetic millennial” stuff really kills it as does the clear left lean. Lets stick to car talk!
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