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Proudly brought to you by the fine folks at the Astonishing Legends Podcast- Not just another show but a place you can go: The Midnight Library.

You alone, can climb the stairs of the strange, old Victorian mansion and be somewhat welcomed by your Hosts, Miranda Merrick & Mr. Darling. Curl up in a window seat or beside the grand fireplace and hear a tale of times long ago. Be transported to forgotten lands, learn about ancient customs and mysterious happenings… all in the company of your unusual hosts in their unique setting. Just stay in the cordoned off areas and you should be fine…

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  • AgirlinNY
    Welcome to Nightvale meets Lore
    I’ve been listening to this mostly in order, and it’s delightful. It feels like a combination of the creepy and interesting types of stories found on Lore and the personality and world building of Welcome to Nightvale. If you want a visual media equivalent, it has a similar vibe to the Netflix show “The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell”. Highly recommend!
  • JulyDot
    Wonderful Podcast
    Love the new season. New topics. Fun listen!!
  • AngelAlphabet
    I cried and laughed and cried
    I am now even more enamored of our dear Natasha. This was such a moving tale of her history. .
  • Kcummins
    Coffin ships
    An amazing story, I had heard the potato blight but not the rest of the story. Thank you psssst where canto get one of your tattoos, this is the show I watch for each week . I love Miranda Merrick her stories are awesome make me want to really visit the library in person.
  • Cc136!
    Midnight Library Masked Ball
    I attended the masked ball because I received an invitation. Of course I did. Stefan Strangelove sent it to me. Stefan did. My costume, you ask? Why, I decided to go disguised as the scariest woman in recent history: Hillary Clinton.
  • Tmg3971
    Wow! What a fun, spooky, quirky, informative show! And MIRANDA is amazing. She's a wonderful combination of Elvira, morticia Adams and Samantha stevens .... DELIGHTFUL
  • Tal5523
    Creepy and quirky in all the right ways.
  • 🤓nerdchild🤓
    Love love love!
    This is the most amazing little gem I ever stumbled on! I love listening to it while I relax, game, and even sleep! Also, a suggestion- if there could be an episode on ‘La Llorona’ and other weeping woman archetypes, that would be epic. Love this podcast!!
  • D. Draconum
    Dark, entertaining and educational, what more could you ask for?
    I recently discovered the Midnight Library and have since listened to each podcast multiple times. As someone who appreciates dark humor, and grew up watching old-school horror, I adored personalities like Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Morticia Adams and the like. Miranda and her stories in the Midnight Library never fail to bring a smile to my face as I listen intently. Thank you Miranda and the Midnight Library :)
  • earlybird67
    Midnight library
    Enjoying the stories very much.
  • Merisbu
    It will put a spell on you…
    I have no idea why or how I happened upon this jewel but I am so glad I did. This is my little getaway from everyday life. Honestly, I’d be fine to lurk in this mysterious dwelling forever but Mr. Darling sees to it that MOST of the visitors leave the grounds safely and I’d like to stay within the MOST unless invited to stay otherwise. The subject matter is so interesting and Miranda Merrick’s voice puts me In some kind of trance. I love this podcast and I LOVE the Midnight Library.
  • RaisingCain
    Sensory Perfection
    There is no podcast like this one. Whimsical and macabre, dark and charming, relaxing and spine-tingling all at the same time. It has rapidly risen to become one of my absolute favorites. The spooky charm and lovable banter of Ms. Merrick and Mr. Darling is addicting. More, please!!
  • Chachachar8582
    Charmingly spooky, absolutely wonderful!
    Have you ever just stumbled across the most delightful, perfectly surprising, finely crafted combination of true haunting tales and immersive fantasy? Why yes, yes you have! And you’ve found it at The Midnight Library! Overnight, I have gone from blisslessly ignorant to full devotee of our enchanting host Ms Miranda and her ever-faithful right-hand man Mr Darling! I’ve been listening and relistening and re-relistening to every episode for months now - always hearing something lovely, hilarious, or terrifying I somehow missed in my previous listening sessions. This is not a testament to my ADHD, but to how intricately crafted this wonderful podcast is! The production quality is top-notch, the storytelling is perfectly paced, the sound effects are clever and perfectly placed, and the details and textures of The Midnight Library truly come to life through this beautiful blend of efforts from exceptionally talented people. I absolutely adore and highly recommend this amazing podcast! Let yourself be lured in and subsequently carried away by the siren’s song that is Ms Miranda’s lovely, velvety voice - you will not be disappointed!
  • EarlyMorninMomma
    Spooky, clever and fun!
    Come into this creepy, I mean delightfully intriguing, world of the Midnight Library! Ms Merrick is a (mostly) kind hostess with a beautiful voice who shares wonderfully spooky stories of folklore and history. Along with Mr Darling, her dear friend and partner in caretaking of the library, they create a lovely place to unwind and get away. Mind the cordoned off areas, of course. Wouldn’t want to find out what happens if you don’t.
  • VilaWolf
    Would be interesting if they cared
    The production value of the skits and audio quality make the value of the stories told disapointing. This is the most basic level of "I'm going to reword this wikipedia entry" version of crap story tellng.
  • Ginamom25
    My favorite bedtime stories
    I love this podcast and enjoy listening before I go to sleep. I always learn something new when I immerse myself in the spooky ambiance of the library.
  • Slot-Head
    Delicious, but dangerous
    The creators of this show would like you to believe that it’s a based on a fictional location and narrated by skilled and hilarious performers exhuming twisted bits of history from the murky past. This is sadly very true so far as it goes. But it leaves out the sad effect that shows like this have on our impressionable youth, who are likely to get notions about taking restorative blood baths or performing ritualistic cannibalism to ward of tuberculosis, and what not, after hearing such tales. It sounds great, obviously, but there’s probably a down side if you think about it long enough.
  • rayofdesire
    Love this podcast!
  • Krys0690
    A lovely escape
    I always look forward to new episodes of The Midnight Library. Not only does it make me feel like I am welcome to this fictitious(or is it?!?) library, but the hosts, Ms Merrick & Mr Darling have the most delightful banter. Ms Merrick’s voice is soothing and if you’re not careful, she can lull you into a dreamlike state, really pulling you into the library, only to awaken to her witty giggles, and wonder if you really heard what you just heard, and I can assure you, that most likely, yes, you did hear it. A joy to listen to.
  • Fantasyhill
    A place of solace
    Let the tranquil voice of Ms. Miranda Merrick take you to a place of solace. Each reading is a scene of oddity and delight. I love the blend of humor and reverence Ms. Merrick brings to each subject. I always look forward to the next reading.
  • RLWadeii
    So wonderful and entertaining!
    The entire atmosphere and narration are phenomenal and the host has an enchanting voice!
  • Sep76
    Enjoy the podcast but
    I enjoy the podcast but find political ads an enormous turn off. Especially when they are state level political ads for a state in which I don’t live.
  • Mindovermadness
    Darkly delightful
    There’s something so sweetly soothing in the atmosphere created by Ms. Merrick and Mr. Darling that keeps you enthralled. The subject matter discussed is so carefully curated so as to give you just enough information where you could walk away or springboard into your own research binge. The cast of characters begins to feel (in a very short time) like old friends you’re always happy to meet with. This show has a very Addams Family vibe but instead of watching the antics happen, you feel like a part of the proceedings.
  • Whittlegit
    This is my favorite podcast right now, I am so happy to have found it. I listen to it all day at work but it is also great for when you’re trying to sleep as the narrators voice is so soothing and their descriptions and fireplace sounds in the background make you feel like you’re in the cozy library with them. The stories are so interesting and always spooky themed but not too negative where you feel gross. Just the best balance for a Halloween lover’s podcast. I want to live in the Midnight Library!
  • Carrico9
    I started following AL about the time they started. I fell off in the recent past and heard about the Midnight Library when I picked AL up again. I CANT BELIEVE THIS PROGRAM! I love listening to it and have yet to find one single episode that bored me. I LOVE the narration and story telling. Thank you for such an amazing program, I love it so! Keep them coming!
  • Jo_903
    Spooky and Beautiful!
    I am so glad I stumbled across this podcast. Miranda’s voice is perfect, full of feeling and mellifluous, just what you’d want in a mysterious storyteller. I love the interactions between Miranda and Darling that make the library world seem real and fleshed out. And underneath all that carefully crafted aesthetic are true stories that are interesting and will leave you wondering for days to come. Wonderful podcast for anyone who likes folklore and a bit of weird history.
  • Moviegal73
    Awesome show!
    I love the style of this podcast! Miranda’s voice is perfect for this style of storytelling. And I look forward to hearing the commercial breaks; very creative! Keep up the great work!
  • jolenebuzx
    Love this
    This show always makes me smile. Love Miranda’s voice! I could listen to her for hours. The combo of true story and description of the library activities is brilliant! Keep up the great work.
  • Laura from buffalo NY
    I just had to comment on the April 10 episode, The Festival in Phantom Forest. I was captivated by the story and Miss Miranda’s beautiful, calming voice. I could picture the scene she was describing and it was truly magical.
  • zxgftuyh
    Great mix!
    Love the idea of Miranda and Mr. Darling inviting us into a beautiful, cozy, and intriguing library. And the stories they pick and tell us are informative and fun! Can’t wait for each new episode.
  • Kazmierski
    The content is fun and interesting, but is delivered in an irritating cadence that sounds stiff; almost like AI. And sometimes the pronunciation of words is odd: “liberry” vs. “library” and “fermilier” for example.
  • Jayme3030
    Love it!
    This is a fun a show where you can learn something. You can picture the library easily. Miranda and Mr. Darling are lovely hosts.
  • Walking_Dude
    Excellent podcast!!
    I love this podcast! Eagerly wait for the next episode and enjoy the campy and informative nature of the show. Early episodes intrigued me and have enjoyed the delivery and banter of the characters. They have grown on me as the show has improved from its early days
  • fakeworldnews
    Very relaxing
    The stories are so good and great information
  • Skylins Mommy
    Exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!
  • Pelcher314
    Love It
    Ms Miranda is a true audio artist. She is a world creator with her entrancing delivery and her lovable cast of misfits. The subject matter of each podcast is beautifully researched and you will learn something without it feeling like bad medicine. I am rooting for the Midnight Library, I look forward to every new show and ofter replay them to get more tidbits I might have missed. Don’t miss Mr. Darling, he is wooferable!
  • sk1885
    Very fun
    I really enjoy the storytelling element!! Love it!!
  • Laurelind
    Funny, Camp in the Best Possible Way, and Informative
    The writers/actors do a great job of combining factual information with humor and mild, deliberately camp horror overtones. This is an excellent podcast for anyone who enjoys slightly darker subjects treated tastefully without bowdlerization, and things like Dark Shadows and old Vincent Price movies. Keep doing what you’re doing, Ms. Merrick and Mr. Darling. You may not be for everyone, but you’re exactly right for me and many others.
  • Abby Diamond
    Extremely enjoyable
    Host does a marvelous job each episode. Even the commercials are good
  • KimberATL
    Can’t handle the voices
    This should be right up my alley. I came here because I’m a huge AL fan, and the topics here are extremely relevant to my interests, but try as I might, I cannot tolerate the awkward delivery of the information. The woman sounds like a sing-songy robot. I can’t even focus on what she’s saying. What a bummer.
  • Appalachiosaurus Rex
    A visit to the Library is always lovely
    The Midnight Library is well worth a visit. They serve up the perfect balance of lore and narration, never leaning too hard on the story arc and always delivering an engrossing mix of arcana and history.
  • mellymom3
    Incredible! I love these characters!
    So engrossing and well performed! Wonderfully spooky and educational at the same time. Where can I make my reservation to visit?
  • Brad_Net
    A Journey You Shouldn’t Take Alone
    There are ghosts and ghouls around ever corridor of the Midnight Library. You will find tomes of ancient wisdom and tales of scary delight. You may even find an astonishing legend here or there, but no matter what you find or how you get there, the Midnight Library has a little slice of terror for everyone… and it is frightfully delicious. 🧛🏻‍♂️🦇🌕🧙🏽‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟🧞‍♂️
  • Orb7376
    Spooky and informative
    This is my most favorite podcast hands down. The ambiance, the peculiar humor and delightful tidbits of often random and darkly obscure information is the perfect way to kill some time.
  • KrissyPeters01
    Love this show
    I love everything about the show. Interesting non-mainstream history and the best characters! Miranda is the enigmatic hostess with a fascinating heritage and Mr. Darling is her companion. His dedication to Miranda is very sweet. Very loyal… I am always glad when a new episode comes out.
  • ladiib12
    Very disappointed ☹️
    I have faithfully listen to this podcast and patiently waited every other week for a show to come now I even became a patron for the podcast unfortunately I had lost my job and was unable to make any more payments to donate money to them and I was blocked because of it what shame I really liked your show
  • juju677854
    Fun lore (Mr Darling aside)
    This podcasts shares weird historical lore, under the guise of an Elvira-like hostess telling stories in the library of a gothic mansion. The conceit works well because of the main host’s talent as a writer and voice actor. She finds just the right amount of campiness while still delivering engaging, credible storytelling that sustains your interest. Her voice has a lulling, almost ASMR quality that is a pleasure to listen to. However, it must be said that the “Mr Darling” character is insufferable, making the cold open segments borderline unlistenable. The voice acting of that character is just very bad and amateurish, as much as I enjoy the character.
  • Goldiepre
    Dark and endearing!
    Such a fun show. I love the darkly humorous ads, the gory bits and bobs, and the continuity of the library characters.
  • 91DAK
    Love the podcast and eagerly await each new episode.
  • rollingcow
    This is a library I'd really like to visit.
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