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A documentary podcast series investigating the 1996 disappearance of Cal Poly student, Kristin Smart.

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  • MishiBurg
    Well done, but too much “I, me, my”
    The host does a fine job, but makes it about himself and his feelings way too much in the first episode. When he says that he felt like he “lost a friend,” it made me shudder. And that kind of language is used throughout. But after that, it gets much better. So push past that first episode. Gets bogged down again in later episodes, but is very thorough overall.
  • Mela39
    Absolutely amazing
    I listen to a ton of true crime podcasts yet have never felt so moved by one that I wanted to write a review. This podcast is one of the very best. It’s so incredibly well done and just pulls you in from the start. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating and maddening and captivating. Well done👏🏻
  • Willywonka023
    Great Podcast
    Such a well done and thorough telling of Kristen’s story. Hopefully an update will come up soon! Great work!!
  • stepheb7
    So good
    This podcast was put together so well. It’s made me cry, made me laugh an evil laugh, and has made me hope they will finally bring Kristen home. Chris absolutely crushed the reporting of her story. ❤️
  • Follys Gambit
    Amazing work
    Honestly, not only has this podcast re-ignited the the quest to find resolution and justice for the Smarts ...and based off the amazing news on April 13th , so much nearer to has shown the power of sincere journalism to push the scales of justice...and despite what you say, mr.Lambert, you are a true journalist in the pure sense of the word! Maybe we can all start looking in our own backyards and move the needle a little closer to good!
  • ChiefRivers
    Great Investigative Work
    This podcast is superb: great storytelling of building the story in a step-wise fashion. The intro music is haunting and so well done. After finishing the podcast and now knowing of the additional details since Episode 8, please, please, please Chris: do an update!
  • Catherine Fusini
    Very well told and researched
    Chris narrated this podcast so well and obviously did incredible research to piece together this story. I felt like I myself had a connection to Kristin by the end of it, almost like I knew her personally. The story is heartbreaking and especially since they still haven’t arrived to a closing point, but the facts are all laid out and Chris did such a wonderful job commemorating Kristin.
  • rachy721
    Please do an update!!!
    This was done incredibly well! But PLEASE do an update!
  • Lupita from California
    This is BY FAR my favorite podcast I have ever came across!! My cousin told me about this and I literally obsessed over it the moment I first listened. It had me drawn into it so much I felt like I was hearing about someone I knew closely (Kristin Smart) and yet, I never heard about her until this podcast. Chris did an amazing job with this one and made me feel the thrill of it. He described everything so well and it’s amazing what a great job he has done with this case. I hope he continues to make more podcasts because I will be tuning in. I have already shared this one with many people and they have thanked me. Truly the best! I love how he did a whole series on this case, instead of hearing one podcast episode for one story. His voice and tone in the recordings drew me in even more! The best podcast!!! Please continue with this story as it develops, we’d like to hear what happens next.
  • Tina MB.
    When are you dropping more episodes!!
    I can’t wait to hear your take on the new developments!
  • Podcast Mower
    I couldn’t get enough of this podcast. Chris does a great job of telling Kristen’s story and opens up so many new leads for police - unbelievable how detailed and thorough his work is. I started listening as a way to pass time mowing my lawn and ended up binging all the episodes in 2 days. Great podcast that will hopefully lead to a resolution of this case!
  • Addicted to ACEMANAN
    Great Job
    Congratulations Chris Lambert.
    Well done Chris!!!
    One of the very best Podcasts I’ve ever heard and it’s impact on the investigation was/is unbelievable!!! I’m hoping Chris Lambert continues with updates. His work is spectacular!
  • feeshle
    Incredible. Well done sir!
  • MrsForgey
    Great work.
    Great podcast! Everything was very articulate with care. Thumbs up to the host.
  • TamaraMuccia
    Great investigative work!
    Hopefully there will be new episodes soon because of the recent arrests.
  • Meegs0306
    Enthralling...Nice job!
  • KayBee Woody
    Decades of waiting and worry
    Chris Great job putting all of this information in a concise well thought out manner. I feel for the Smart family to not know what had happened and to have to put up with the arrogance of the Flores family and the some times incompetent investigation. Hopefully, new clues will come out of this podcast.
  • K-Rey🔥
    This podcast is a WHOLE vibe! This case is a rollercoaster and Chris Lambert has done such a good job at telling Kristins Story! Cant wait for the next episode.
  • m-lynn
    This is the best researched, best paced, most well-written podcast. It’s every bit as good as Serial. It’s also incredible how Paul Flores was literally just in the news a week ago. I can’t wait to see the sheriff FINALLY resolve this case. It seems like 2021 may be the year....
  • kay rea
    Kristan smart
    Thank you so much Chris if it wasn’t for you this case would have been kept cold. You are the # 1 podcaster thank you some much for making this case known again. You are very brave to solve something so cruel. I think everybody can relate no one likes Rubin and Paul thank you Chris lambert!!!😊
  • lulu harmon
    Just amazed! 😊
    I love podcasts and listen to a lot of them and I have to say this is the best one I’ve ever heard. Thank you for all your hard work and helping solve this case. If it was not for the podcast the murder would still be unsolved. Amazing! Thank you! Thank you!
  • 412bg
    Just binged all 8 episodes in 2 days. Will there be more? 🤞
  • New blue link subscriber
    Well done and totally addicting.
  • debit70
    Chris your Podcast is brilliant! I didn’t want it to end. You sparked a fire and the arrests have been made. Great job!
  • Mad Dog 6000
    Amazing investigative journalism
    An amazing journey through a very sad story. Very thorough research and intriguing flow of events. My heart goes out to the Smart family. Thank you Chris for focusing attention on this.
  • NurseJulieJules
    Well done
    This is such a well done podcast. The case is absolutely infuriating, but I’m amazed at the level of investigative journalism and the quality of production of the podcast as a whole. So much thought, effort, and time was put into this.
  • LaurenRachelle
    Very well done
    Very well done.
  • Shenny156
    Excellent work
    This is a very compelling story and told in a thoughtful, unbiased, compassionate way. Very good and thorough investigative work. I hope your efforts along with law enforcement bring a close to this case soon. The first episode was a little slow but after that I was hooked. Great job!! Would love to hear more from you!
  • Angie_oOo
  • Kismet128
    Your calling!
    Chris, I know you didn’t plan to be a professional podcaster, but I think it may be your calling. Great boots-on-the-ground research, great post-production editing, and great narrative. Your authenticity and your tactful approach in interviews are also highlights of this podcast. Brilliant work! Please keep producing!
  • bogey machine
    When is an update episode coming????
  • NatzNavarro
    Thank you Chris for all you’ve done for this case. I can’t wait for the epilogue knowing the prime suspects have been arrested.
  • APiddy24
    Yes!!! Chris Lambert!!!
    What meaningful and important work you did with this podcast. Really well done. Praying that justice will be served. Also hoping you’re working on another podcast.
  • Gabby is Missing
    Well Written and Well Read
    I’ve just binge listened to all available episodes today (8), Chris has an amazing thoroughness in his story. He sounds like a seasoned investigative reported. Note that Paul Flores and his father have been arrested, maybe the Smart family, and Kristin’s friends can get some closure.
  • cabsahhere
    Rest In Peace Kristin
    The dedication you put into this case and podcast, may God bless you forever and eternity!
  • ShutUpAmyMarie
    Podcast Hangover
    I binged this for the last week and now I’m left wanting and needing more. Amazing work!!
  • Miss. Q81
    Had meHooked by the end of episode 2
    I am about halfway thru a binge of this podcast. To be honest I started the first episode a few months back and didn’t make it all the way thru before deciding it was a little boring but when Paul Holes mentioned it on a recent episode of Murder Squad I decided to give it a second chance. I am so glad I did. It’s very good and so respectful of the victims and those connected to this tragedy. It’s a little unbelievable how much this case was botched and I am truly questioning if there is a question between Flores and the PD. It’s important to note that I didn’t know anything about this case before listening to the pod which is why I had a hard time with the first episode. I just kept wondering what happened leading up to Kristin’s disappearance.
  • Terrido
    Is there going to be a new episode since the arrests??
  • Oneraidernation
    Is that you, Ruben?
    Sysyssssss is a probably Ruben Flores, can’t imagine why else somebody would leave such an odd negative review about what is a retry respectful podcast.
  • Great utility
    Chris Lambert deserves the credit
    I know this investigation has never been called cold, but there is no doubt, Chris, that your careful inquiry and suspenseful storytelling spurred public interest and fueled the momentum that led to recent arrests. Thank you, Chris!
  • steeple1
    Worth the Listen
    Way to go Chris!! Good for you on helping solve this case - incredible!!!
  • QuickiPicki
    Absolute Perfection!!
    I originally started listening to this podcast because it was interesting.... but the more I listened the more engulfed I was to the mysteries of this investigation! The accuracy of the accounts mixed with the real life sounds and imagery made this an unforgettable and perfect podcast.
  • HickNaywood
    I can’t believe that this podcast was so in depth and a great listen. It also blows my mind that you help rekindle so much interest in the case the you might have help bring justice to the Smart family. Amazing job!
  • ColoradoDenisegraffjasso
    Love this podcast
    My new favorite!
  • LTG02
    First night I ever enjoyed insomnia. Wow!!
    Last night I was reading a news update on arrests in the Kristin Smart case. In the comments, so many people were mentioning a guy named Chris and praising him for his podcast. So I googled “Chris” Kristin Smart” and “podcast” - and saw something called “Your Own Backyard.” Started listening right away and never stopped - riveted- until the last word of the last episode. Just finished, and it’s almost 8 a.m the next morning. It was SO worth it. Chris Lambert is an amazing storyteller. His tireless investigative efforts singlehandedly showed how meticulous, thorough fact finding, clear and balanced stories - reported objectively without spin, slant, or bias - puts modern day journalism to shame. His compassionate presentation of all of his hard work to uncover the facts ultimately paid off. This guy is a hero. I hope he does a follow up!
  • mrsaeh324
    Outstanding and IMPORTANT!
    I finished this podcast like 2 days before the recent arrests. I know that this podcast played a pivotal role in the recent progress in the case. Bravo, Chris Lambert!
  • Marigoldilocks
    Hoping for a epilogue with the new information
    I hadn’t heard of the case until news broke recently of the arrest of the suspect. I listened to this series in a day. It is very well researched, written, and presented - so much respect and empathy for the victim and the family. I hope to hear an episode or two regarding recent updates.
  • Wishitwouldjustsync
    Excellent podcast, and about time someone gave Kristin the attention she deserves. I sure hope that with the most recent arrest of Paul, the authorities will finally be able to bring her home.
  • PT1312
    One of my all time favorites. Truly a great guy.
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