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A documentary podcast series investigating the 1996 disappearance of Cal Poly student, Kristin Smart.

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Recent Reviews
  • PC-Donna
    To be solved in 2020!?!?
    So good! Can’t wait for some more updates!!
  • Jackie41689
    I was 7 years old when this happened and I did not follow this growing up but since I am so into podcast like this i came across it and I did my research and then started to listen. I am now 30 years old and I have a 7 month old and I could never imagine going through the pain that the Smarts have to. You did such an amazing job on this podcast and as a parent I am so grateful for you. You went out there to help and not many people do that now a days. I cannot wait for what is next to come.
  • jbdl9
    This was so informative and well versed! I know it’s innocent till proven guilty but HOLY COW, Paul and his family seem so guilty! The sheriff’s office along with the university’s security “guards” really screwed up too! I really feel for the Smart family and what they have had to endure.
  • uktopgear
    This is REALLY good!
    So well done - detailed and engrossing. Thank you for shining a light on this case. Kristin Smart’s case should be, and I hope will be, solved, for her and her parents’ sake. Justice.
  • snoobytuve
    Amazing storytelling! I usually don’t write reviews but this podcast is one of the best I have ever listened to!
  • LeeshieLove
    This was so well done and I couldn’t stop listening. I appreciate the first episode and getting to know who Kristin was.
  • justiceforkristen
    Really enjoyed this podcast. Interesting, well researched and great editing. Eagerly looking for a new episode once lab results come in
  • aps119
    Very Informative!
    This podcast is very well done. It is full of information presented in a clear and professional manner. Thank you Chris for taking the time to do this. Praying the Smart family has answers soon!
  • frosie666
    Great podcast
    I hope this podcast helps the Smarts get justice for their daughter.
  • carterbella9
    Really great podcast. Very well produced and written and the information presented is on point. Hopefully this will help bring some light to this case and some peace for the Smart family.
  • texmagirl
    Couldn’t stop listening
    I have never heard of this case before and clicked just to listen to... and I finished within 2 days! Very interesting and I hope the Smart family are able to get some closure soon.
  • Grajsb
    Heartbreaking but must listen
    Chris, you nailed it in your very first podcast by hooking up people like me to this entire podcast, my sympathies to the Smart family, can’t imagine what they’ve been through for most part of their lives.Be strong!!
  • MAncusi
    Compelling Podcast
    This one is great!! I listened over 2 days. Well done! I hope that the Smart family gets some justice for the murderer of their daughter. I think this podcast is helping to that end.
  • CTH8484
    Couldn’t stop listening
    I heard about this podcast while listening to a crime junkies episode, and it is AMAZING! I could not stop listening! It is very well put together!!! Thank you Chris!!
  • ArtKara010
    Irrespective of my opinion on the case itself, this podcast was masterfully done. Objective, concise, relevant, deliberate and meaningful. Zero attempt to insert personal perspectives or pitch subjective agendas. Other podcasts should aim to emulate this one. Sets the bar high.
  • Tavo214$
    Efficient Podcast
    Haven’t listened to a podcast that had me on the edge of my seat in a long time. Best podcast I’ve listened to yet this year and I’m glad I found it.
  • Aislinnjune
    Thank you!
    Wow, I just can’t imagine. My heart goes out to the Smart family and all the families that are missing a loved one and need closure. I can’t tell you how many times I cried during this podcast. As a mother this is my nightmare, but because of people like you, with your persistence and dedication hopefully there will be resolution.
  • GapGirl
    As a SLO local, I learned so much
    I was a senior at Cal Poly when Kristin Smart disappeared and lived in SLO for another 11 years afterwards. Over the years, I’ve always thought it strange that I don’t recall hearing anything about the case around campus - I can’t remember fellow students talking about it, reading about it in the Mustang Daily, etc. Finally, thanks to this podcast, I know why. How tragic that those first critical days, and heaven only knows how much evidence, were lost due to what sounds like laziness and victim-shaming. I’m usually a very proud Cal Poly grad but I’m disappointed and ashamed of not only the CP police’s bungling of the case early on, but also school officials who failed to rise to the level of basic human decency. Shame on the CP Presidents who never reached out to the Smart family. Shame on whoever made that ridiculous offer of a memorial bench with immunity strings attached. Shame on the registrar’s office for allowing her freshman grades to show as F’s. I hope this podcast will lead to some of these little wrongs being righted, as the (hopefully!) more competent current Sherriff’s department works to right the ultimate wrong and bring Paul Flores and anyone who was his accomplice, to justice.
  • stupidstup
    The Flores should be ashamed
    One wonders if psychos are born or made. After hearing about susan and Ruben Flores disgusting and bizarre behavior - their blatant lies and cruel treatment of the smart family, it’s no wonder that Paul, their vicious sociopath son was described from childhood on as creepy, disturbed and violent. They should be ashamed of themselves and their offspring. That includes Paul’s gross sister who also harbored a killer. Excellent but disturbing coverage of this sad story. My heart goes out to the smart family- not only did they lose their daughter but they are forcibly intertwined with this family of psycho hillbillies who will cover for their loser child at all costs. Also speechless about the sheriffs dept lack of effort. Kristin was let down by so many.
  • dbitsfbkote
    I stumbled across this with a 5 hour drive in front of me. It is incredibly put together and I actually don’t want my trip to end! Amazing work!!!!
  • AshHutch
    Simply the best!
    Love this podcast!!! His voice is not annoying and his content is unbelievably well organized and he leaves no questions to be asked. I hope Kristin is found soon!!!!
  • Firstniggainparis
    Wow- this podcast really reached a level I’ve never seen before. Can’t wait to hear more.
  • biabiamoomoo
    Listen to it.
    Haven’t listened to an addicting podcast end-to-end in a long time. Very well done. Production is great. Storytelling is done well...I felt like I was there—witnessing it, being in the dry, sunny burbs of Southern California—the entire time. My heart goes out to the Smart family.
  • celestialisha
    Thank you for this
    This podcast has made the truth closer and clearer than ever before. My wish is for the truth of what happened to Kristin smart to be revealed and for her to be returned to her family. Our community has never forgotten you Kristin💛
  • KGonzoPalmSprings
    Professional and engaging, keeps attention
    This podcast should win awards. It is well done, stays on topic, streamlined, engaging, thrilling, makes you wonder, gets you angry, sends chills down your spine, and gets you hoping against statistics that this case will be solved. The facts of this case are infuriating to say the least. I have stayed close to this case since the beginning...lived in the same county , San Luis Obispo when it happened and have family who live in Stockton, where Kristin’s parents live(many visits during active investigation) hoping that this will be solved! Listen to this podcast, please, it is amazingly done and downright the best true crime podcast out there.
  • Buns 1616
    My first Podcast
    I so enjoyed listening to this podcast. I started listening on my 4 hr trips to and from Illinois this really helps pass the time. This was easy to follow and so much information. The only thing I didn’t care for was the speed they played the podcast. It was hard at times to understand what was said.
  • Megan.McDonald
    So well done
    This is truly one of my favorite true crime podcast I have ever listened to. I have listened to a lot of them. Every aspect is so well done. I can not recommend this more.
  • reisiroo
    Beautiful writing, compassionate reporting
    Impressive work. Heart breaking story. I hope this leads to the breakthrough we are all waiting for. To Paul Flores: the truth will set you free.
  • Ashy DD
    In Depth and Compelling
    Such an expansive and well investigated podcast. Any true crime fan can easily fall in love with how intelligently this was written and produced.
  • Mrs Tolan
    This podcast is riveting and you will be on the edge of your seat! I remember when this happened, as I am a resident of Arroyo Grande. My heart hurts for the Smart Family, we continue to pray that justice will be served and Kristin will be found. Thank you Mr. Lambert for your diligent research and outstanding production of your podcast. Cheryl Tolan
  • Lydia Suttle
    So well done. I’m desperate for more and to hopefully get closure on this case. One of the many examples of podcasts helping to bring more information to a case.
  • xmas33
    Great job!
    I cannot stop listening to this podcast. I am waiting for the day justice is served for Kristin.
  • Teri22C
    Amazingly done
    I do not listen to podcasts to often as I lose concentration with them. This podcast is done so well that I found it difficult to turn it off. Well done!!
  • kathee farts
    My first ever podcast review
    I’ve never bothered reviewing a podcast but this one really deserves the 5 stars (despite the producer never asking for reviews). Very, very well done.
  • MamaBear8989
    I am sure we all want more!! Such an amazing investigator and quite the gatherer of information!! Very interesting and captivating. You have made your whole audience feel like we know Kristin and not only that you have made us all want justice!! Very great job!! Please feed us more!!!
  • Lala050611
    Wow! Thank you Chris for this amazing podcast. Very well put together. God bless Chris and all those involved in helping solve this case.
  • frybreadlady
    Great podcast!
  • GrisMakeup
    Podcast of the year!
    Thank you for this- shedding light in such a well thought out manner
  • Eza 8
    Wow seems like a weird word to use; but I am just incredulous that Paul and his family have not been charged with murder and conspiracy to hide a body/murder. Just wow! How are these people getting away with this?!? It is just sickening that his family has enabled their son to get away with bad behaviors growing up and then covering up his murderous deeds. I mean how corrupt is this family?!?!? Disgusting people. Wow to Dennis Mahon. I mean this guy blew me out of the water with his dedication to trying to get justice for Karen. I mean what an amazing being Dennis is. Dennis you are highly commended. And to your company that gave you time off to pursue helping the Smart family - wow to them too! Wow to what an amazing podcast this was! I was enthralled and impressed by Chris Lambert’s work. I am so pleased that Chris put a magnifying glass on this case to help the Smart family. Chris, you are highly commended for this work and I hope it is the catalyst that gets Paul and his family arrested and tried.
  • Denali & Dakota's mom
    Chris, You are amazing and talented!! Thank you very much for bringing this to the world’s attention!! I know that because of your work this case will be solved. I am a local and went to school with the “dirt bag”. I have wanted nothing more than justice for Kristin and for her parents to have closure!!!!!❣️ Tick fing tock-you rock =)
  • pround1221
    Great podcast, horrible police work!
    Gotta love good ol fashioned police work 😂 and then they wonder why nobody trust them
  • Ijenlyn
    Thank you!
    You’re a blessing to all people who have a loved one missing. Through your Podcast there is hope and knowledge that someone is doing something. Keep up the stellar work.
  • Dr Cordell
    Important & Engaging
    I’ve been interested in this case since I first noticed the original billboard in the late 1990s. I sincere hope that the family can achieve closure.
  • Hardforyoo
    Tragic story of police investigative failure
    Another thing, game of thrones called.....they say they want their theme song back.
  • J,B and E
    About cover up and the stranglehold a California state university has on a community, worth listening. SLO indeed. Embarrassed to be an alumni
  • Liz3334534
    Loved this podcast! I had Kristen smart and Elizabeth smart confused so I was interested to learn about her case. Narrator was organized, easy to understand, and didn’t ramble on. Highly recommend listening! Fascinating case!
  • _MrsC_
    Extremely well done. Couldn’t stop listening. Great story, very well researched and great story telling and interviews.
  • kathleentheresa
    Bringing Her Home
    This was so well done thank you Chris for all your hard and earnest work on this case. I do believe your tenacity will payoff here with Kristen’s return to her parents. This is so sad but a necessary light that needed to be shown on this what could have remained a COLD CASE.
    The best
    Such a great podcast. I have a feeling that she will he found and finally laid to rest and place the killer (we all know who) away for life.
  • pf921
    Thank you
    This podcast was a 10/10. I live in the city Paul currently lives in and found this on a local crime watch page. I hope Kristin’s family gets justice.
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