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Brought to you by your favorite high school teachers: Miss H and Mr O. Miss H has been riding this Hot Mess Express since day 1, and Mr O hopped on (or was dragged on) at the last stop. Join them for snark and teachable moments on every 90 day journey!

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  • Eliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii2
    I enjoy hearing a snippet of your teacher experiences at the beginning of each podcast. I listen to this podcast to distress in the morning before teaching my own students! Love your 90 day reviews!!
  • sie44
    Great at getting to the point, but can get grating
    This podcast does summarizing really well- I like to listen to podcasts about 90 day fiance as I don’t have discovery plus. The two hosts offer plenty of interesting insights, and the pacing is great. There’s a good balance of commentary and summary. However…I’m really not trying to be cruel, but Miss H’s voice is incredibly grating. Every time she ends a tangent with “*sigh* mmmyeaaaahhh” in that raspy tone, it gets very irritating. Also, both Miss H and Mr. O are very analytically-minded, but they’re not great at discussing feelings and tend to be biased against anyone who openly expresses emotion in a way that isn’t ideal or perfect- even if they have a reason to be upset. Mr. O in particular seems to have an issue with people (usually women) crying and told an anecdote about shaming his 3/4 year old children out of crying. I found this really icky and jarring- shaming kids out of crying is really counterproductive and unhealthy, and he said this anecdote so proudly. I don’t think either of them are bad people, but these people clearly struggle with understanding those that are more emotionally sensitive than they are (which, from my perspective, is going to be a majority of people).
  • Lorabell79
    Just okay
    Sometimes I feel like when you guys watch this show you’re not really paying attention according to your commentary. The tell all was filmed after this and after Sophie had moved back in with Rob. That’s why her hair is dark at the tell all (and it’s still dark if you look at her social media). They couldn’t mention it on the tell all because you’re going to see it on HEA. Please pay more attention and maybe do a bit of research before you go on a podcast to recap.
  • Raven@134
    The best recap!
    This last 90 Day recap of 2nd tell-all was your best. I was so happy to hear you guys voicing exactly what I was thinking myself. Straight and to the point. Love listening to you both. Can’t handle HEA so will wait for whichever new Lockup show is coming up.
  • Girlsgammy
    To the Poont
    I appreciate how your recaps are matter of fact & to the point. I enjoy your opinions & the flow of the pod.
  • trashtvshow
    Great podcast!
    I love how you sum up all the craziness. Please keep it up!
  • MichellePLevy
    Happy to have found this podcast!
    I’m late to the 90 Day Fiancé Party… but now I’m obsessed! I’m glad to have found this podcast! I love the discussion here!
  • Ms.J of 8th Grade
    Great recap
    I love listening to these two recap 90 days. I find myself agreeing with almost everything they think and I enjoy their banter. They seem like real friends. Much better than pillow talk! Keep up the good work Mr and Ms. (I’m also a teacher, so I can relate)
  • Woburn 101
    Great podcast
    Love these two!!
  • Youlookfamiliar
    Ok I need to know about this boat/ship ?!
    I know that for various reasons y’all keep your identities secret but I would love to know why miss H is on a ship?! Can we hear a story?!? It’s gotta be a better story than Tyray and Camilla.
  • !WouldntYouLikeToKnow!
    Drop the play by plays
    This podcast would be so much better without the summary for each couple. I’ve already seen the episode, I don’t need a play by play. I dropped the podcast from my rotation because of this. Spent way too time fast forwarding.
  • nikkiolala
    Love this podcast
    Love these recaps and the banter between you two. Thanks for making me laugh :)
  • Dharmaamy
    I love your LALU and can’t wait to enjoy this too
  • misskristakay
    Describing one of the women on the show as "a fat uggo" is rude and offensive, even if you are editorializing. Nothing intelligent or insightful here.
  • hoooo2394
    Mr O is wonderful
    Mr O is wonderful
  • s_silva80
    I like it!
    Mr. O is great! So funny, warm and likable.
  • jeannie_waitress
    Not good
    Sounds like you are in a can. To scripted, to much reading from your notes.
  • Lynda Elizabeth
    Do your homework and leave your biases behind.
    Mr. O is decent but I can’t stand Miss H. Her tone, her biases. They need to do more homework if they’re going to host a podcast about a series. I’m unsubscribing after the latest episode. Newsflash, the “better looking person” in a relationship may actually be a loser, Miss H. Looks aren’t everything. I can’t listen to your lame biases podcast after podcast. Buh bye.
  • listener2299
    This ain’t it
    Mr. O is fine. I get the impression that Miss H had a very sheltered childhood. She seems to not understand basic social concepts and makes a lot of uninformed, ignorant remarks.
  • Cookncheri
    A fun and very helpful podcast for blind viewers!
    As I mentioned in the title, I am a completely blind viewer I enjoy the banter and really appreciate the detailed explanations of what was being said in other languages and what was going on. There is no audio description and I would miss a lot of what is happening if I didn’t get to follow up the episodes with your podcast! Thanks, keep up the good work!
  • eli2798
    Geeky Teacher Vibe
    I really enjoy this podcast and the goofy, geeky teacher-speak and laughter. The format is good, as is the pacing. I like that the hosts aren’t overly - and hysterically - critical of cast members. This is a funny, light recap of a really dumb, overly-produced TV show, not some deep, sociological dive into our world. Exactly what I want!
  • marie13s
    I really tried to like y’all but just NO
    There’s been a few comments that rubbed me the wrong way but tried to keep going however this week’s episode just drive it home. I don’t think y’all understand blackfishing at all and how you continued to say she was just being trendy like the K-dash family is PROBLEMATIC because they do the same thing! It’s like you mansplained blackfishing when you have no insight into how the community feels and a simple google search could reveal so much. You’ve have questionable comments when talking about Jasmine from B90, you’ve said things about Ximena also but this discussion was absolutely disgusting. If you can’t educate yourself even with 5-10 mins of listening/hearing what black people say/feel about this just don’t bother speaking on it. It gives very much “but what was she wearing?” vibes and that is not something I will support. I’m giving you 2 stars in hopes that as educators (I hope you don’t teach BIPOC people) you can learn from this and do better.
  • Anitastarbucks
    Love the teacher perspective!
    You guys are hilarious! And being teachers makes it even more relatable! So glad I found this podcast! Side note: I love the recap! It’s like grown up story time.
  • EmilyTrivette1
    Dirty Ben
    Thank you for voicing EXACTLY what I was thinking about that sanctimonious perv, Dirty Old Ben. Those fake pics look like a 14 year old girl. Absolutely disgusting. And using God to justify it. Typical.
  • Kat682
    I’m with Emily
    I had to lol at Emily’s review, the first episode I listened to, I was immediately convinced it was Kim too 🤔 As did the podcast…it’s like sitting down with people that I don’t know but are fully inviting. (Today they were accompanying me at the grocery store) I like when a podcast just feels like I hanging out with people and this is like that. Harsh reviews, wow. I don’t mind the recaps, it gives more structure to the show. I’m sure we all watch Pillow Talk and basically watch the episode again with even less discussion. The recaps just put us in place of what part is going to be discussed.
  • vsli123
    Great but….
    Very solid podcast. Good conversation between the hosts. My one piece of advice would be to lose the recaps narratives. Almost all the 90 day podcasts give us some element of recap but they’re weaved into the conversation. A long narrative before the actual dialogue is just boring…I tend to fast forward right through it.
  • mandyinchi
    Boat Fight!
    Only the audio from Miss H is audible. Cannot hear anything else so this episode is a wash.
  • Bonepenny
    Thanks for the podcasts!
    Thoroughly enjoy the podcasts. The only thing I wish was that there was less recap and more discussion. We all watch the show. That’s why we’re listening! We want to know what you think, not hear a summary. Anyway, I appreciate that it has to be especially tough during covid to keep these episodes coming (and always in a timely manner!) . So thank you for the entertainment!
  • boulderdantheman
    The Most Unique 90 Day Fiancé Podcast
    I listen to a lot 90 Day Podcasts, and what I love about Miss H and Mr O is that they focus on the show. If you haven’t watched the show, you can listen to them and they will explain it to you before giving their opinions. For many podcasts, it’s more about social media, rumors, and “who’s seen whom” somewhere. Your head can spin just from all the speculation and innuendo. Those are fun, but if you REALLY want a recap of the show and some fun crosstalk, Miss H and Mr O are the only two that give you that. There are tons of gossip podcasts. Go to Miss H and Mr O for just the facts! I just love how they’ve carved out a space for themselves and have stuck to it. They’re not trying to lure you to Patreon or making you sit through commercials. They’re just talking to you straight and giving a few laughs and a few life lessons along the way.
  • Suzyq0714
    The best 90 day podcast out there
    I have listened to quite a few podcasts about 90 day and love after lockup. Mr. O and Miss H are hands down THE BEST. I feel like I’m talking to my friends it’s honest and hilarious. I love that they say what the really feel!! The classics are fabulous!! What a great idea!! A must listen!!!!!
  • Kittyuzumaki
    Mr. O is great !
    Mr. O is great and open to seeing diffeeemt crow points . He also has a way of speaking without throwing around bias ...Miss H however her comment about Ryan this latest episode ...just WOW so a guy who is being PAID FOR got cheated on whether he cheated or not that happened months ago should have what KIND of emotion do sex workers cry when their frequent tipper gets a lap dance from another dancer ?she annoys me frequently with her white woman perspective but goodness when she was taking a vacation and the other women stood in for her was probs the best time I’ve had listening to these guys. 5 stars for Mr. O
  • sachamay
    I think you two should date!!!
    I listen to your two podcasts weekly (for over a year). I feel that you guys would be great for each other. Lets make this happen. Love is in the air!
  • Cat4290
    I listen every week.
    I love this podcast. I listen to the 90 Day AND Love after Lockup one. My one issue is Miss H’s voice! And how she says “I feel liiiiiike” when explaining literally anything. Her high pitche voice sounds forced and it’s too much sometimes. Other than that, I highly recommend.
  • mauriceajones
    The most Sincere 90 day podcast
    The most sincere 90 day podcast with great friendly smart rational hosts with great insight about our favourite show. Check it out!
  • discover you let me down
    No way either of you are teaching professionals. Based on your verbiage and demeanor it is clearly obvious that you both barely have a high school education. If either of you are in fact employed within the teaching profession it is no wonder that the level of education is a joke in our country. Do better.
  • Natty P Yeniffer
    Fun listen!
    I enjoy hearing their takes on 90 Day Fiance episodes. Their students of the week, class dunces and power rankings are fun insights to their impressions of the show. Thanks for keeping me entertained!
  • Kelly green42
    Love these bi-coastal teachers
    Miss H and Mr O are anonymous teachers (I literally just found out on today’s ep they know each other from being AP English graders and feel even more kindred) who record from opposite coasts (Cali and Md I believe) and have structured summaries followed by banter back and forth. I subscribe to far too many 90 day pods/ am a patreon member of 90 day cray cray...it’s unhealthy but MENS DON’T CONTROL ME! I cut back a bit recently but always listen to Mmmkayyyyy not just for the catchy opening bit from Office Space but because they have a great flow. As a teacher, I love when they include little snippets of their lives as well. I just read some of the reviews and they really do bring in their personalities and each week they have a dunce and a student of the week! Overall, it is a recap show but they always have a conversation about each storyline. If you want a purely reactive podcast, there are MANY to choose from. This one doesn’t claim to be that and always starts off with a summary (which again, as a teacher who is always thinking in “my objectives and questions for the day”, I LOVE). Bottom line, this is free entertainment and I appreciate it!
  • Quinn_Dog
    Enjoyable Recap
    I do not watch every episode so I appreciate the brief recap before you discuss each couple. Mr. O seems to have more relatable life experience which helps him offer insightful comments and carry the show. You’re getting better every week. Thanks
  • cris stella
    Recently discovered this podcast and enjoy listening to it. Love the banter between the two hosts. They recap classic seasons which I’m catching up now. Thank u! It’s helping me get through this quarantine
  • Atlaug
    Summary summary summary
    Just a message to the hosts: Thank you for taking the time to do this. Ok. Also, most ppl who are so into the show that they listen to a friggin podcast about it don’t need a summary / recap of every couple. Seriously.
  • Jenqs1227
    It’s ok if u want a recap
    If you just want a recap, this is your podcast. If you want opinions and behind the scenes news, go somewhere else.
  • asc0502
    listened for first time. wish you guys would say who you like... who you hate... instead of just recapping... share your opinions, like sasha is sociopathic. laughs seem a little forced. bring your personalities in:)
  • entrepreneur listener
    super funny
    just started listening (heard about the podcast on instagram) and have already caught up on every episode! the “teachable moments” are always great and the podcast & hosts are overall just really funny & enjoyable.
  • Fishy22three
    Love these guys!
    You guys are great, love your recaps and really appreciate you aren’t going for that pattern cash grab. Thank you!
  • lou'skitchen
    Looking forward to classic rewatch! Was hoping someone would do this for those of us late to the party! Fantastic fun!
  • Swtpch10
    Glad I found you guys!
    Glad I found your podcast, seems like the two episodes are a continuation of a podcast already in the works? No intro to the hosts (ie: background, how long they’ve been watch the dumpster fire that is 90DF). If so, if you could let us know where to find your older stuff I would be interested as I like to start at the beginning to refresh my memory of what happened in the show. You have fresh perspectives and aren’t too judgey with you both seem to have cultured backgrounds. It’s nice to have an addition to my podcast list!
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