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I teach life coaches how to get themselves fully booked.

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  • Fullmetal560
    I loved the holes in the bucket analogy and I totally identify with your uniqueness as a person with ADHD. I feel exactly as you do all of the time. I am a school psychologist and life coach who has always tried to fit nicely into the box. But it never happens. I’m working on loving me for who I am, Thank you for your inspiration.Marketing can beat me up. Thank you for making it and all of life a bit more JOYFUL 🌷
  • Sam913
    simone + her content are magic!!
    just found the podcast and am already obsessed!! thank you so much for sharing from your heart and giving endlessly!!! will be taking emotional risks thanks to you ♥️
  • BAM313115
    Abusive opportunist
    Simone has no place being a coach. She uses her own trauma/depression to lure clients in to a codependent abusive relationship bc she has no idea how to coach
  • imbusybeingawesome
    A refreshing inspiration
    Tune into any episode and you’ll be inspired to create, share, and shine. Simone’s authenticity and honesty, combined with her fresh and impactful approach to marketing, is exactly what the coaching industry needs. Keep doing what you do, Simone. It’s a game changer. Thank you.
  • Twombles Jr
    Truly, this podcast is life changing.
    Simone and this podcast has completely changed the way I feel about myself and how I do business. Do yourself a favor and binge these glorious, joyful marketing lessons ASAP.
  • ekhchicago
    I love Simone
    This podcast is so inspiring and very helpful. Thank you, Simone for being 100% you and encouraging us to be our authentic selves.
  • RebeccaRubin
    This podcast is BANANAS helpful 😍
    Obsessed with Simone’s energy and have had so many ah ha moments💖💕
  • The Stories We Wish to Tell
    Just what I've been looking for!
    I'm so glad I finally started listening to Joyful Marketing! It has been coming across my radar for a while, and while I've always been interested in the work she does, I've only recently started listening to the podcast. The show is full of so much value!. There are a lot of similar shows out there but Simone personality and perspective really set this show apart. Definitely check this show out!
  • Kara Ghassabeh
    I’ve been loving this podcast. Such a fresh perspective and much needed voice!
  • KellyRenee2017
    Preach it girl!
    Thank s is the first time I’ve listened and I’m 100% with you. If we focus on helping people and serve with passion and excitement we will grow
  • LRFrye
    Marketing Made Simple
    Simone is brilliant! I love her down to earth, simplistic tips that she gives. Marketing seemed so heavy & complicated to me before finding the Joyful Marketing podcasts. Thank you much value!!
  • Sarah Shiozawa
    Simone is a Force of Nature
    I am so grateful for the Joyful Marketing Podcast. Simone’s approach to marketing and business is simply a breath of fresh air. Expansion with ease. Any interaction with Simone is an invitation to further explore love + truth. Tune in each week for ideas to tap into your own unique genius.
  • SW360
    Privileged and anti-feminist
    I just listened to your conversation with Kara Lowenthal. You made a “self deprecating” comment/comparison between you and Kara - and then said: ”Thats why I went to Wellesley and you went to Harvard”? The implication being that Wellesley is some how less than Harvard. Why? Why why WHY? This comment is tone-deaf with respect to your higher education privilege. It’s also conveys sneaky underpinnings of female comparison and this anti feminism.
  • KEM Coach
    Truly Joyful!
    I love Simone. Her approach is positive, insightful, encouraging and supportive. Her recent episode on “self coaching” was a game- changing lens for me. I also love her “constraint” perspective. Self love + curiosity + joyful constraint is a magical combination!
  • silgrub
    Thank you.
    Thank you for speaking to my brain and my soul in your teachings.
  • Queen Caesar
    This show always delivers
    Simone is a wealth of knowledge and never fails to deliver the most generous and straightforward advice. Her episodes are a valuable part of my self-teaching for my business. I have her book, her eBook and her copy tips. I am diligently working toward creating the income to join her membership. Her coaching is as solid gold as her heart for people.
  • Ld1977
    Weekly listener
    I’m a weekly listener that keeps on coming back for more. From Simones first episode, I found little bits of insight and came away with a lot of A-HA’s. Thankful for the value she packs into each and every episode.
  • bananabirdbabe
    My go-to podcast
    Simone is wise and generous beyond compare. Every episode is dripping with insight. Taken altogether, this whole podcast is a total game changer for my business and life.
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Simone, host of the Fearless Marketing for Life Coaches podcast, highlights all aspects of marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Jimbostringer
    Episode 100!! 💕 it so very much
    Simone- THAT is going to be {IS THE} the top coaches coaching podcast ep ever of all time.
  • CFarley0418
    Soak it up!
    I absolutely love this podcast! Having Simone in my ears has helped me embrace who I am as a life coach and taught me how to serve my audience from love. Forget about what you “should” do or buying into the right way....Simone breaks it down to simple ways to show up as yourself, give a ton of value, and have fun doing it.
  • KatyP26
    Saturday Morning Binge Listened
    Just discovered this podcast this week and already can’t get enough. I just binge listened all morning and am excited to hear more! Love, Katy @motherhoodaligned
  • Kimberely Arana
    Binge Worthy Goodness, full stop!
    In a packed week with endless alleged To Dos, I go out of my way to listen to Simone's wisdom again and again. She is THE definition of Radical Authenticity, always bringing truth, clarity and power to the conversation. ANY conversation. You can benefit from her insight for marketing if you're a life coach, absolutely! And you can benefit from her as a human being looking to move the BS out of the way and LIVE, already! Binge away my friends! She never, ever disappoints.
  • Ringaling15
    Simone is a marketing genius!
    Simone's fresh, fun, no BS approach leads the way for me to be myself and market my business in a way that feels fun and authentic to ME! I cannot recommend her podcast enough!
  • Trevor Oldham
    Excellent host, highly recommend
    Simone hosts an excellent podcast and I recommend who is looking to learn and grow in their life.
  • Betsy Jensen
    Wooooooooo Simone- Just the approach I like!
    I went through a 2 year difficult divorce and started practicing yoga, meditation and manifesting. Until I listened to Simone, I didn’t realize the trick to becoming fully booked was to believe it ahead of time. Then it was like a light bulb- ohhhhhh I know how to do that. It’s alignment. The law of attraction. My favorite episode is the most woo thing she does in her business, and the thought of my business choosing me to bring it to the world. It knew my struggles and my insecurities and still chose me and I chose it. I look forward to each episode. Listening to Simone just resonates with me and inspires me. And now I started to have people reaching out to me and asking for coaching, so fun!
  • Mar Tervo
    Simone is the BEST!
    I love this podcast because it helps me stay true to me and market my business organically. I now write better copy. I’m getting more engagement. I’ve signed a client and I know more are coming. Thank you Simone for doing this YOUR way. You’re so inspiring!
  • Nambster
    Fearless & Selfless indeed
    This lady gives us sooo much knowledge free of charge!! She’s owesome. I have learnt social media posting and making offers from here. All without paying by a dime. In fact her database of knowledge on FB should be worth hundred of thousands of dollars!! But it’s all free!! God bless her and give her more abundance in her business.
  • Jaim20
    The only life coach podcast you need
    The market is getting saturated out there but you CANNOT miss out on Simone!!!
  • CoachDarcy
    So helpful!
    Simone is the real deal! Implementing her teachings has helped me start my coaching practice with serving energy and it’s effective!
  • Sulleo24
    If I Could Only Pick One Podcast
    If I could only listen to one podcast it would be Simone’s. Implementing her suggestions has changed my life and and my Coaching practice in ways I never imagined! Simone’s podcast is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! And I cannot wait for the next one. Each episode is packed to the gills with new perspectives on things we’re familiar with. But her take on each subject blows my mind everytime! She wants you to be successful, very successful, and she reminds you that you have what it takes to get there. You just need a tweak here or there. Subscribe to the podcast listen implement her suggestions= success!
  • jenniesbarn
    I love your podcast
    Simone’s Podcast is so real and genuine. Everything she says resonates. Thank you!
  • SNmakes
    Value packed coaching in every episode
    I binged several episodes when I first learned Simone has a podcast. Now I listen to every episode and LOVE how she presents information. My brain is always like, “duh, she makes so much sense.” It’s on my shortlist of podcasts I can’t miss each week.
  • MamaTriDOc
    So Much Amazing Information
    Simone has a gift for packaging incredible information into powerful, digestible episodes at just the right frequency to allow you to put principles into practice and stay on track! Love this podcast!
  • anonwastaken
    Wow. Wow. Wow. So much amazing. I really needed this. Thank you!
  • KOinCO
    If you’re a Life Coach, you need to listen to this!
    Simone has the ability to take what could be dry and basic marketing and turn it into accessible magical marketing lessons. If you’re struggling with your message, your business thoughts, or even where you are right now in your biz, this is FOR YOU!
  • Om in noire
    Must listen!
    I love that Simone’s focus and teaching is not about how to make $$$. She’s all about how to overdeliver and keep serving our people. And the money will follow. Listen in! More than that, run don’t walk to join her Facebook group where she gives even more juicy nuggets. She leads by example. Her presence is so inspiring!
  • Lala akins
    Marketing with heart!
    Simone is FIRE. She gives, gives, gives. Thank you for being a gift. If you want to take your marketing up a big notch, do yourself a favor, listen.
  • Dom spins
    Consistently overdelivering
    Simone practices what she preaches and sets an example for us all. This is how to overdeliver. This is how to be vulnerable for your own highest good and the good of others.
  • Drnnekauna
    Simone is amazing!
    She shows how to put yourself out there relentlessly but in such a classy way. Love it!!!!!
  • PreggoSpecial
    A Must for Life Coaches building their business
    Simone is amazing. So so so inspiring. And yet, a great combo of inspiring and practical. She’s like a best friend talking to you and rooting for you, but also straight talk and telling you what you are doing wrong. So grateful that I found this podcast and I can not recommend it more highly!!!
  • waxingvisions
    Listen to Simone
    Simone is an amazing example of how to not only show up, but blow doors down and ceilings off any preconceived ideas about how you “should” build a coaching business. In every episode she teaches - and coaches - how to be more you in the way you serve. She offers powerful insights, brings deep questions and begs your brain to think and work at a higher level than you’ve ever experienced. I love Simone.
  • steenamarie
    Fun, energizing, and focused 💕
    Love Simone’s upbeat style and inspiring POV. I’m all about simplicity and fun, and she always brings both to her work. Thank you for your work!
  • Frodychick
    I love Simone and this podcast!❤️
    Simone brings a fresh and unique perspective that I find inspiring and motivating! She sees marketing as a service to others that adds value. And she’s so much fun.
  • Bonnie Kool
    Real talk!
    Simone tells it like it is! I love her direct and sassy approach to marketing and coaching. She’s fearlessly FOR you.
  • LetsWearDresses
    Full of Surprises and Wisdom
    I hang on every word. I listen and re-listen. Do yourself a favor and get in Simone’s world NOW.
  • 80's Music Forever
    You. Gotta. Listen.
    Simone’s podcast is pure solid gold! Weekly nuggets of usable wisdom and a compassionate kick in the pants! Her encouragement and results inspire me to get out there and take action! I appreciate her work so much! You. Gotta. Listen.
  • Djames0525
    Authentic sales advice for soul-preneurs!
    I loooooooove this podcast!!! The reframes have gotten me in action marketing my business and GETTING RESULTS like never before!!! Just wait... you’re gonna love it!!!
  • werdknerd
    Clear and hilarious
    Simone has a way of clearly transmitting what she wants to say, and usually with a side dose of brilliant humor. I love her podcast and her coaching work!!
  • ArteOtomi
    Great refreshing podcast
    Simone is a very smart fun person. She is helping you questioning everything you “know”. My favorite podcast is “about a Niche” Martha, ArteOtomi
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