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Host Morra Aarons-Mele is on a mission to reframe how we think about anxiety and mental health in the workplace. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. We desperately need better models for leadership and a more holistic view of mental health. Our culture tells those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression that we can’t succeed, but we tell a different story — without sugarcoating the tough stuff. We feature stories from people who’ve been there and experts who can help you thrive.Listen in your favorite podcast app:

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  • ADAlbers
    “wokism” will lose listeners
    As a Gen X Latin female who has navigated decades of varied corporate cultures, you offer good advice that for some people gets lost in being “women of color”, and being a younger generation that lacks experience in prior decades. Everyone struggles in a corporate environment including white men, especially today. To speak as an authority, one should be inclusive with their advice.
  • Wags Pet Club - Violet
    Thank you!
    The episode with Farnoosh Torabi hit me so hard, in all the good ways. Thank you to both for this topic.
  • NurseCM
    Thank you so much for saying that bullying at work can be a source of trauma. While I’ve experienced many forms of trauma, being bullied at work for almost 3 years nearly broke me. I was struggling to keep going and found myself drinking to cope. I’m now 18 months sober and have moved to a different state where I had more support. Working through my trauma in therapy has been tough and my trauma still shows up from time to time. Luckily I have an incredibly supportive team at work and my boss has helped me regain some of the confidence I lost after experiencing years of bullying. I don’t think people realize how insidious bullying can be and I really appreciate the validation!
  • Crys from
    I learn something in every episode
    As an anxious achiever myself, I can often relate to the guests’ experiences. Morra does an excellent job asking thought provoking questions that explore how mental health affects the guest’s professional journey. The overall takeaway I get from this show is that we de-stigmatize mental health issues by openly talking about them. Give this show a listen for sure!
  • mariastela
    Podcast App
    I enjoyed every episode. Relavant topics and great guest speaker! One recommendation I have is to arrange the latest episodes at the top of the list in the podcast app. In my opinion, this makes navigation much simpler compared to having them at the bottom, which requires scrolling all the way down to access them.
  • Mermerjj
    Relevant and Timely
    Topics of incredible relevancy week after week. I’ve cried and laughed listening and have learned so much. I understand myself better after listening. My favorite podcast.
  • Vee9295
    Can’t recommend it enough
    I’ve been listening to this podcast now for the past few months and didn’t even think to add a review because I assumed everyone must be listening to it. Then, in the last episode, they mentioned leaving a review and it was a no brainer! I have learned so much from these episodes, about how to manage my anxiety with my ambitions, how to better navigate the workplace, and also, that I’m not alone in my anxious/ADHD brain that’s just trying to do the best it can in work and in life. I’ve shared these episodes with friends, hope to one day get to a place where I can share with colleagues without being anxious about it (haha), and am generally grateful to have found this podcast! Thank you for all that you do!
  • Ima listener
    A new favorite!
    Great podcast! Always informative + entertaining! Highly recommend the listen! A++
  • cminer03
    Love this
    I think this is a really helpful podcast
  • JenB1979
    My favorite podcast! Keep up the good work.
  • young professional women
    Just a bunch of excuses
    I am a woman. Listening to women give excuses about how people just treat them a certain way at work because they are a woman is pathetic and overplayed. I was looking for something to give me confidence while advancing in the workforce and this is not it. Horrible horrible horrible
  • East Coast Adventurer
    Such a fan!
    Thanks for providing high quality content. Keep up the great work. I’m listening :)
  • Susie Bogg
    Wow I NEEDED this!
    As an entrepreneur who experiences depression and anxiety, this podcast feels sent from the heavens. Thank sweet Jesus for this host and the guests. Love love love it. Highly recommend it.
  • meredithLC12
    So much useful info!
    I have listened to TAA since the first episode, and I am continually surprised by how interesting and useful it is. Even the episodes with topics that I’m not sure about have turned out to be wonderful. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t have diagnosed anxiety/depression/etc but just have that Type A personality :)
  • Upstart.Crow
    Handling the “Mental Fire”
    This episode was phenomenal. It has joined my list of comfort listens. Thank you both!
  • PhilosophyKing93
    Thank you for such a great resource!!!!
    I’ve dealt with anxiety for years, many of which without thinking or acknowledging it for what it was. It’s been a major comfort and fortifying finding this podcast and hearing stories of the many successful people that share similar experiences and anxieties. I’m currently a chef and if possible would love to hear an episode with chef(s) in the industry and stories of how they navigated through the kitchen culture, especially the older regimes.
  • Rediseult
    Such an amazing resource!
    This podcast was recommended to me by one of my own clients, and I’ve found it to be so helpful, both as a therapist and an overachiever. Each episode finds me nodding along, and I really appreciate the host’s recent highlighting of ADHD. Can’t wait for the next season!
  • RealLemonPlease
    Loved the podcast until I heard a guest (Jessi Hempel) say the following about her new hire: “I knew Sarah's anxiety would be her secret weapon, that nothing would get forgotten... I knew she was the best for the job because of it." Yes, that’s a direct quote. Benefitting from someone’s anxiety is gross, and the total lack of self-awareness is truly bizarre – especially from a podcast about mental health!
  • Dpippen
    I am so thankful to have found this resource. Anxiety has been a constant in my life, but so has the desire to pursue some insane goals. I totally feel seen through these conversations!
  • jbscribe
    Thank you Morra Aarons-Mele for creating this wonderful show—bringing more awareness and compassion to this crucial topic of mental health. We all need more open discussion like this, ESPECIALLY in the workforce where it’s been historically so taboo.
  • oliviabaker13
    Impactful, empowering, and so important 🙏
    Wow, what a great show. It’s so important to address mental health in the workplace, especially as we adapt to a rapidly changing world. The Anxious Achiever provides actionable tips for some of these challenges, as well as providing impactful insights from some amazing guests. Really thankful for the work Morra is doing with this show!
  • Delia Folk
    Love this show!
    So happy to have found this podcast that discusses such important & relevant topics :)
  • Charlie_Mingus
    Simplistic Episode on ADHD
    I was really disappointed that the ADHD episode only interviewed men with ADHD. ADHD presents as frequently in women as men but is under diagnosed. The episode also focused on the more well known hyperactive subtype of ADHD and didn’t discuss the inattentive ADHD at all. Inattentive ADHD is more common for women.
  • Orion yogi
    Science and Wisdom
    This is where science and spiritual wisdom intersect. Wonderful.
  • AnxiousListener828
    Hello - I really enjoy this podcast. It’s great, and I learn a lot from it. However, I really don’t like the background music. It sounds ominous and a little scary. As someone who already feels anxiety, the music does not calm me down. I suggest something a little more soothing.
  • C.E.1120
    This Podcast has been so helpful for me and sheds light on obstacles I encounter everyday as an anxious creative leader. I look forward to more episodes!
  • bexsthein
    Life changing
    My entire life I viewed my add/anxiety as an impediment to my ability to do well at work or at home. This podcast taught me to shift my perspective away from the things I cannot change but instead ways that I can take advantage of the traits associated with add/anxiety. Play on them as strengths and learn what to look for in my team members to determine where they are at and promote a safe space for them to be vulnerable. Because it’s hard for all us.
  • RoseArt89
    Monotone and anxious inducing to listen to
    Tried to get through 10 minutes and I hated it.
  • PatRubeck
    Much Needed
    I’m listening to the recent episode about ADHD. I’m an entrepreneur who’s successfully operated my business for 8 years, I’ve also struggled with ADHD since elementary school. Recently I’ve been struggling with severe anxiety and depression after several personal, traumatic events over the last 12 months. This episode gave me hope & a sense of peace, at least temporarily, regarding my struggle with self-resentment due to the issues ADHD has caused in my life. Thank you so much.
  • anatkinson
    What we all need!
    Listen to this, right now!
  • aallencc
    Love Moira!
    This podcast helped me through a very challenging time with an emotionally abusive boss. About a month or two after listening to this podcast religiously, my boss was fired from my institution, and I left shortly after for a new job which I love. I felt vindicated to say the least. I think that this podcast helped me to see my emotionally sensitivity as a tool and a resource, not a flaw, as I had previously been taught to see it. The dialogue on this show also helped me frame myself as a good team member during the interview for the job I have now. Also I’m obsessed with the theme song! Perfect mix of funky and calming.
  • Deadlyhero
    Glad I found this!
    I recently transitioned careers within the same work place and I am finding myself to be very anxious, which I think is interrupting my performance and well-being. I always considered myself an A-type personality. Listening to this is very helpful. I found the title to be very relatable.
  • Wendy No Name
    Could be improved
    Really enjoy this podcast as someone who struggles with anxiety. If the host could 1) dial back on the mmm’s and the mmhmm’s; and 2) not interrupt the interviewees, it would make it 5 stars for me. Her too frequent mmm and mmhmm is distracting, to the point where I can’t enjoy the interview because I’m bracing for the next mmm/mmhmm; and her interrupting Gabrielle Union (who was in the middle of describing something about list-making as a helpful way to regain a sense of control) made me mad. They never went back to finish the thought, and there was no “I’m sorry I interrupted you to ask a question I had.”
  • Midwest bred
    I’m not alone!
    I could cry knowing that now and wished I had found this ages ago. Thank you for this wonderful podcast.
  • kgrooster18
    Long overdue
    This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for! Thank you for courageously creating - it’s an essential listen for ANY achiever. Finally opens up the conversation on mental health and achievement, and gives permission to veer from what’s expected in order to explore/pursue your own authentic path. Bravo!
  • Madeline Lindsag
    Thank you for creating!
    I was happy to find out not only the title spoke to me, but so did the content of “How to end the cycle of overachieving”. I am mid-level manager who is grateful to have stumbled upon this.
  • caslerka
    Great Content
    Very relatable, especially for people like myself who’s anxiety tends to be a driving force behind everyday life and weirdly helps me achieve goals. Especially loved the episode on eating disorders and their relation to anxiety.
  • 🦄🤪
    Please make a ep for kids. I am a kid and I have anxiety a lot. Form, Malia😐😬🤔😧
  • Rmstroe9
    Fantastic podcast
    This podcast is great! It’s so applicable and relatable and provides practical information to improve. I appreciate the stories and tools to ensure success
  • TinaS82
    I can’t overstate how helpful and empowering this podcast is. Thank you, Moira!
  • LittleG in the OC
    This brings realness to life, opens up the conversation of what life can be like and how life impacts achievement.
  • Booooooooya
    Important topic. Vulnerability shines through the host and speakers. I always learn something from each episode!
  • yj2530
    Thanks for covering such a topic!
    It’s addressed problems that mainstream media has never shed light on
  • KonstancjaM
    Morra’s podcast is timely, well-researched, and relatable. I think it should be a must-listen for managers and execs because it brings to light everyday issues around stress, depression, and anxiety which plague the workplace. Lifting the stigma off of mental health issues is a formidable task and this podcast truly begins to normalize the conversation around it.
  • Freddafinger
    I can relate.
    As a leader over the last 15 years many of the things I did were not logical. Listening to the first 2 episodes has given me a better appreciation. Which is amazing. Thank you for a great start to the podcast.
  • NewMommyStudent
    A Life Saver & Hope Provider
    This podcast has helped me with my depression & anxiety. It has been a life saver because I have been given hope though the the very candid and powerful AND empowering Interviews. Thank you to the guests for sharing your personal experiences, and thank you to the Host, Morra Aarons-Mele for this podcast- I truly believe that this podcast will make a lasting impact in changing the business world, thus, the whole world. How does one thank you for THAT?!
  • Eleni I
    Thank you!
    Thank you for this podcast! Just like Arvin - it took me a long time, 38 years to realize that the level of anxiety I felt differed from that of others around me. The things that made me awesome at work and in life were also the same things that crippled me. I have been a leader and aspiring to be a senior leader one day and having the awareness will help but hearing from successful people that are dealing with similar situations/feelings has been enlightening.
  • Kaye Carter
    Informative and Relevant!
    What a great find! As leaders we must be equipped to effectively deal with the growing anxieties faced internally and externally—in self and in others. Thank you for dealing with such substantive and real topics.
  • Ipaduser246
    Nailed It - for the thousands of high achievers suffering
    You are singing my song..... all of it. Thank you, Thank you!
  • Jennifer Kahnweiler
    Had me at the first episode
    This new podcast has the markings of a great one. Host Morra Aarons-Mele bravely shares her own experiences with anxiety, and her guests and experts do the same. We are witnesses to the inner lives of brilliant people who struggle and surmount a challenge that is so common but has been rarely discussed until now. Very grateful for this smart, incisive addition to my podcast library!
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