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From This Old House, Clearstory is a window that sheds light on the surprising stories behind our homes. Host Kevin O'Connor digs into the systems, structures and materials in our homes from unexpected angles. Will future skyscrapers be built out of wood? Why is the American Chestnut heralded as “the perfect tree”? Did the Romans have a better recipe for concrete than what we use today? How will we build on Mars? You’ll hear from industry leaders, historians, and builders. Clearstory – your home in a new light.

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  • Iiams1
    A deep dive into fascinating topics
    Really like the deep dive into topics you would have never realized were so interesting. I hope new episodes keep coming
  • Kc19976
    Keep it coming!
    I’ve never reviewed a podcast before but this is worth the stars. You don’t need to be a TOH viewer or even a DIYer to follow. It’s extremely informative and thought provoking. Listen in!
  • Slippery__Pete
    Great podcast
    Love TOH and ATOH - unfortunately I can’t watch them at work, so this pod gives me my TOH fix while I’m working.
  • Stella Belikiewicz
    Turns out, our homes are FASCINATING!
    This podcast is exactly my favorite kind of informational show, filled with thoughtful connections, nifty tidbits, and plenty of humor. In particular, I think fans of 99% Invisible will get a kick out of this one, because it really scratches that itch of “Dang, who knew this ordinary thing was so secretly fascinating?!”
  • bigo32
    Interesting and thought provoking
    Great information delivered in an knowledge and professional manner.
  • Ashlie Wilk
    Great podcast
    Lots of informative history about building materials along with some great home improvement tips.
  • Hearthsmart
    Great podcast! Super interesting!
  • Anne1492
    Great Podcast
    Really interesting backstory on house construction and changing design, materials and standards. Glad Kevin pushed back on the “experts” on housing materials regarding our deadly modern houses. I don’t love the petrochemical industry, but they presented no evidence to support their views. Sorry, but vinyl is not responsible for the recent decline in life expectancy. Try COVID, opioids and suicide.
  • Hullo08
    Great podcast!
    Very good. I really like that the host calls on an expert on the topic
  • Big Ki
    Loving this!
    As a long time TOH fan, I was curious as to how this could be good. No longer. Thoroughly enjoying this podcast. Love the interesting facts they are sharing with us. Great job!!
  • tilehilder
    Interesting listen about the built world around you.
    Enjoy the longer format that goes in depth on a topic.
  • Neavill
    More food
    More food, less liberal garbage please.
  • SassyVP
    Great Podcast
    I am really enjoying the podcasts. Well done and very informative. Keep up the good work (5/13/20 So thankful you are back)
  • Dpayne12345
    Awesome. Excited for season 2
    Great podcast. Very excited for season 2
  • jen1169
    Please don’t stop making these!
    This is great stuff—timely, interesting and very well produced.
  • Unthings
    Intro “music”
    Love the show! Hate those danged bells during the intro. They are repetitive, distracting and annoying. There really isn’t any need for background during that bit, but if you MUST have it, choose something less repetitive. It’s the worst!
  • TPOM52
    Bumper music
    The level of annoyance of the idiotic bumper music could not be more of a distraction. Bad decision. Just saying.
  • NRB 0827
    Pleasantly surprised
    Love ATOH and TOH. But a Podcast? So glad I listened! Love it so far
  • jake85main
    Jake Ogden
    Outstanding podcast. It conveys knowledge and information through a very entertaining narrative.
  • From somebode
    Season 2!
    So happy to hear this is coming back for a second season in spring 2021 - Kevin is a great host and they always manage to bring in some awesome experts, whatever the subject might be. Here’s to a great second season!
  • Josh@lifestyledesign
    Well Done!
    Kevin, the show is excellent . You have a great production team and I love that you mention them on every episode. Some how they were able to convey the timeless TOH show quality that soothes people like me into an audio version. Well Done! Josh
  • Llallall
    More Bad News?
    I think we have plenty of sources for bad news. I love This Old House, I love Ask this old house so I thought I would give this podcast a whirl. But it keeps skewing towards how bad everything in the universe is from water to fire. I get plenty of this on a daily basis not what I’m looking for from TOH. I wish this podcast was more about history and less about angst.
  • BuckTenn
    Good Stuff!!!
    Love it. Informative and well done.
  • jeremy_76
    Excellent quality as I expected.
  • SPSponger2
    One of my favorite new podcasts! Well worth your time, the TOH gang do an excellent job with the show.
  • M Pappalardo
    Outstanding and well worth your time.
    Finally a This Old House podcast. This is AWESOME! Outstanding. I listen to as Home building / home design podcast as I can find fine. Clerestory is exceptionally good and well worth your time. The shows are professionally produced. Thank you This Old House.I am also a This Old House insider.
  • MarcoBailey
    As a home owner I have constant questions that TOH addresses. Now, I have another tool to answer those questions. Thank you, Kevin and crew!!!
  • later gator!!
    My family LOve’s TOH and ask TOH. Thank you for finally making a TOH podcast. Blessings, Ben
    Great series.
    I’ve watched TOH for 40 years! When will the podcasts be back?
  • TudorEynon
    Amazing and informative. Hope for many seasons
  • feel the sizzle
    Y’all r geniuses
    Coolest podcast ever, slightly above freakonomics. My 12 yr old sister likes it. 🖖👌
  • brock medley
    Y’all are my best friends
    I’ve literally been watching the this old house channel on my Samsung smart tv all day, every day since they made us start working from home. I found out about this podcast yesterday. I’m hooked. Y’all are my best friends.
  • Middleburg Don
    Great episode on windows
    Listening to this while working on the windows In my 1850 farmhouse, I learned a lot. Love to hear the history and the great tips!
  • TOH Fan
    Fantastic Podcast
    Having grow up with This Old House. It is a true joy hearing individuals that I have grown to trust over the years for their expertise, talk about the mechanics of how things work around our home. Hearing how people feel about their home and their connection in the last episode of season 1, describes what this podcast has done for me personally. Looking forward to many more episodes.
  • MikeP520
    A whole new experience
    I’ve always loved watching TOH since I was a teen with my parents, this podcast is a great companion to the show. Kevin and the TOH crew do a great job in explaining and entertaining on various home topics.
  • RetiredMike2
    Add practical application
    Please add more specific present day applications and/or preparations for near term to the new ideas and technologies you’re covering. Other than that, great idea, great execution.
  • New to healthy eating
    Looking forward to season 2
    Have really enjoyed the topics and thought provoking discussions. Looking forward to next season.
  • marketpop
    Great podcast!
  • AMS0201
    Love it. Wish there were more episodes
  • leapingheart
    Up to date, well-produced, nice diversity of topics.
  • Doc’s
    An absolute breath of fresh air.....
    As a tradesman, I’ve seen all sides of the residential construction industry. From the horrors of the unskilled con jobs to the look of a first time homeowners face when they see their house evolve into a home. The pedigree of this podcast is without question, of the greatest there is. However, Kevin O’Conner has found a way to take his unique professional heritage and share insights to aspects of construction that typically go unnoticed.. The episode on dumpsters & construction debris, enlightened me to the incredible amount of waste America creates in building/remodeling, and how we as a nation can reduce/reuse/recycle our demo materials. Incredibly well done... The episode on natural disasters pulls at my heart strings. I lost a home to flooding and I lost a piece of my identity. It still hurts, I can feel the textures of that house as I write this. Truly a great episode and thank you for doing this podcast. A finish Carpenter formerly of Hudson/Sudbury/Northborough, MA
  • tes12345678
  • JFred123
    Dislike clanky music
    I like the podcast, but I can’t stand the clanky background music at the beginning and end.
  • ThrowerDown
    Great Job
    I like the podcast format. I would like to hear more about landscape a Turfgrass/ plant science. Thanks again
  • uberappuser
    Taking the time to listen and wonder may save you time and money
    Very well written, researched, collaborated and presented. Guest presenters are experts in their specialty.
  • ECS from VA
    The whole first season
    I love the deep dive into one subject, especially the historical events, inventions, and remarkable people who started something or now study that idea or building function, etc. I look forward to the calm, conversational tone of the narratives and interviews.
  • Blackrabbet
    How do they keep this up?!?
    Just when I thought This Old House couldn't do anything more- ClearStory comes out. I remember watching TOH every Sunday with my parents on PBS in the 80’s and can’t believe I’m listening ClearStory on an iPhone working in my own woodshop. Thanks Norm.
  • Fun1894
    Lost a star
    The last episode on the fires was out of sync with what the show is supposed to be about. More like that will lose this subscriber. Other than that it has been great.
  • Rickieee
    Excellent production
    No nonsense content. Another interesting offering from ‘TOH’. Cheers!
  • Bottleworks
    I’m so happy this podcast exists. Please keep making them!!
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