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In this intensely divided moment, one of the few things everyone still seems to agree on is Dolly Parton—but why? That simple question leads to a deeply personal, historical, and musical rethinking of one of America’s great icons. Join us for a 9-episode journey into the Dollyverse. Hosted by Jad Abumrad. Produced and reported by Shima Oliaee. Dolly Parton’s America is a production from OSM Audio and WNYC Studios.

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  • Mommt590
    What a great podcast learning much about Dolly. Excellent guests. Just a joy….just like Dolly!
  • JRM5245
    Love Dolly Parton
    I loved listening to Dolly Parton tell stories. I did not enjoy listening to the hosts. It is so special how Dolly is able to have a very diverse audience. The hosts seemed to give a lot of pressure for her to speak up politically. They seemed very closed minded and negative. I think it is honorable that she is able to stay out of politics and bring people together to enjoy her music and have a good time.
  • oldjohnhall
    Stop trying to make ‘Dollitics’ a word
    Super boring premise. Yes Dolly Parton is obviously amazing but the whole podcast seems like the host is showing off the fact that he’s friends with her The show is annoying because the host can’t stop being amazed by his own soft sense of wonder like he’s a more boring version of Ira Glass. It’s annoying
  • Kp2282
    Best Dolly Podcast
    This podcast pays respect to where Dolly has come from, how she got where she is and why she is the Patron Saint of the State of TN. Well-rounded interesting podcast that doesn’t just say “oh the South.”
  • gsham99
    A great podcast when they ACTUALLY talked about Dolly.
    After the first few episodes the narrative was guided into a completely different direction and a left-leaning agenda was heavily pushed onto the listener. I just wanted to a podcast about Dolly and nothing else.
  • DJ Wildkit
    Dolly!!!! What an inspirational woman. Loved hearing about her personal journey and songs about women. She’s a very savvy business woman and a great writer. Love her!
  • Sggarcin
    National Treasure
    Title says enough.
  • crlnrwnr
    Eclectic, multi-faceted story; excellent production
    Every time I think it’s winding down there is another thread to pull on! I didn’t know much about Dolly, but now I’m invested! She is fascinating, with much more depth than I ever imagined. Jad is an amazing storyteller and the production is top notch. The overlapping sounds and songs keep everything interesting and help to put you into the scene. I can’t stop telling people about this podcast!
  • playah1234
    This podcast gave me insights into Dolly that I never have heard of before. Thank you!! Fantastic production and storytelling 💗
  • Ichy Crane
    So much potential and then a bad egg
    I have enjoyed this glimpse into Dolly Parton and the next generation of fans. Deeper thoughts and interesting perspectives are great. A lighthearted look at hard things. You totally lost me when a guest music guru decided to rewrite Jolene into a homo-erotic mess. Even the Dolly on the podcast disagrees with the interpretation. That should have been the end to the conversation…but it dragged on and swirled the drain after that. Was fun while it lasted but like every most things anymore it always has to get nasty and distorted (Insert annoyed and disheartened sigh here). Bummer. Lost interest after that episode. I guess the old adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true.
  • Arob1
    Excellent Podcast
    I’ve told all my friends to listen. It’s incredibly entertaining. You won’t be disappointed
  • Kayleep112412
    By the second episode I was hooked I thought I knew a whole lot about Dolly but I guess I was so very wrong I finished the whole show about 10 times and I only new its existence for about a week Dolly has always been my hero but now she is like a legend (porter did not treat her right) ❤️❤️👢
  • AuntieBababa
    This was my maiden voyage into podcasts. And what a fantastic introduction. I now hold this series as the benchmark against which I judge all other podcasts. Excellent narration and hosting, great interviews, and I love how our American culture is addressed through Dolly’s story.
  • claireemcconnell
    Great Storytelling
    Jad, you have proven yourself yet again to be a superior storyteller. This series made me a Dolly fan.
  • Thecopa123
    I’ve listened multiple times.
    I wish I could get everyone to listen to Dolly Parton America. I love it.
  • WonderTwin14
    I binged all 7 episodes on a cross country road trip. So engaged I blew past my scheduled hotel stop & kept driving until the last episode was over. ( Which left me looking for a hotel in no where Texas at 1am). I thought I knew everything there was to know about Dolly but I clearly did not. Great storytelling!
  • abcd367
    Started out amazing
    I concur with brewmaster.ken and millermarlowe’s reviews. This had such potential! I see there are many stellar reviews, so it landed somewhere just not here.
  • ruby3399
    Dolly all the time
    Love her, loved this podcast where I found a more interesting life history of this fascinating and mysterious woman.
  • wdw95
    What a fabulous deep dive into the FABULOUS DOLLY PARTON!!!
  • millermarlowe
    More Dolly, less host opinions please.
    I am a huge fan of Dolly and her ability to appeal to so many different people around the world. Anytime she was interviewed or when they concentrated on her history, I loved every minute. I was disappointed that some didn’t like her answers, they tried to fit her in their version of Dolly. I loved that Jad was moved by her so many times, that was delightful to hear. The episode about the song Jolene was ridiculous. What about finding that little girl she met and ask her how it feels to be in a famous song? I wish journalists would just listen and let the listener make up their own mind. Dolly doesn’t need you to explain her, she does a great job all by herself.
  • Geumpyhistory
    Love the format, love the show
    It was personal yet approachable. Well rounded yet reverential. And it’s DOLLY. Wonderful.
  • brewmaster.ken
    Self Absorbed hand wringing
    As others have stated, the interviewer and producer use Dolly as little more than a springboard for their own agenda and navel gazing. From an academic stating that Dolly doesn’t call herself a feminist simply because she’s not educated enough, to the ravings of political zealots furious that Parton won’t worship at their altar of activism, the podcast is a waste of a great interview with a genuinely interesting person.
  • lowcountyr letgo
    Great podcast. She’s an icon for all of us. And I’m not even a country music fan, just a Dolly Parton fan.
  • W. Mattimoe
    Starts strong, veers off course
    Dolly Parton, as we can know her, is a musical genius and a brand. Dolly Parton the Person is elusive and contradictory. While I appreciate the podcast-makers’ passion for seeing Dolly as an apolitical world healer, she’s a tycoon who will continue to amass fortunes even after death. On that note, the interview in which she discusses the technology for selling her post-mortem “click tracks” is both revelatory and disturbing. Still, the best episodes in this series analyze her comments rather than the host’s own navel-gazing.
  • jen98a
    Fantastic delve into Dolly Parton’s life
    Great podcast with a lot of relevant personal insight. Very thorough in bringing up opposing viewpoints and the flow of information is very logical and blends together well.
  • mollsdoubleu
    Not Just For Dolly Fans
    Possibly my favorite podcast series of all time. A fascinating view into Dolly’s legacy, the South, and the meaning of love & life. It’s inspiring, honest and so well done. Incredible series!
  • MissyL0401
    Great podcast
    For the most part this is an incredible podcast. Trying to pin Dolly down on her politics was very off putting. There was a level of disrespect there that was uncalled for. Why should she have to speak out for what you think she should say? The Dollitics episode was a dark spot in the series. Everyone knows that Dolly is off limits for politics. There tends to be a lot of patronizing throughout the podcast, especially from the producer. The Tennessee Mountain Home episode was beautiful. As a life long east Tennessean, it spoke to me in a personal way. Thank you for sharing that episode with us.
  • aybreigh
    The way it starts of is amazing I just started watching it one minute ago and love it
  • u djdsjuzz zhzhh be sush
    Love itt
  • 311580
    You’re awesome Dolly. I am a 12 year old girl who is having a rough childhood. I have faced racism and sexism. I am trying to pursue o dream of mine to be a biologist, author, and a singer. You have inspired me so much. I sing your song 9 to 5 every morning. Thanks Dolly!
  • Kate Outside
    Enjoyable, but too much of the hosts
    I think anyone who enjoyed this podcast would really like the audiobook Dolly Parton wrote and narrated titled Songteller. There are some similar themes/stories discussed in that book. I liked parts of this podcast, but the hosts inserted themselves into the story a bit too much for my tastes.
  • DDeBlaca
    She’s so much more than a mere celebrity, and such a creative and engaging podcast. Kudos!
  • Aurala83
    I had multiple spiritual moments listening to this podcast. I’m so glad it exists.
  • Dedwarmo
    Everybody Loves Dolly Parton
    Everybody loves Dolly Parton and who better to create a podcast about Dolly Parton’s America than Jad Abumrad Shima Oliae? I enjoyed every episode.
  • Londoneye1919
    Our national treasure
    Great look into Dolly, her life, and her impact. I appreciate that she wasn’t just the subject, but also a participant in the podcast. I would’ve liked to have seen more exploration into defining her America like the type of content in the episode with the university students. Overall well done. Quite a few ads that were repetitive; kind of tone deaf for the final episode to ask for listener support — haven’t we supported enough by listening through the long ad breaks?
  • jjurovcik
    Dolly podcast
    This is absolutely worth every second! Perfectly done! I have shared this with so many people! The hosts are amazing and so real and Dolly is well amazing as you can imagine!!
  • maddy8910
    Best prodcast
    I cant believe there’s kid prodcast! I really like it and other’s things like that …
  • Miss Templeton
    Inspiring and enriching
    I came away with vast admiration for Dolly but also deeply enriched by new perspectives on music and culture. A wondrous podcast!
  • Bird1027
    Great Podcast
    I wish I could give 10 stars! This is such a great presentation of Dolly!
  • AngelaRosoff
    I can’t stop listening.
    I grew up in Charleston, Tennessee, about 90 minutes away from Seviervulle I lmoved to San Francisco after college. This was a treasure for me to comb through my own personal nostalgia of the precious Tennessee Smoky Mountains. Thank you for this precious gift. Dolly Parton, is indeed, a goddess! 😘😘😘😘😘
  • Whetsell Family
    Gets me every time!!
    I’ve listened to this podcast too many times to count and Episode 2 makes me cry every time. It’s so week done. This podcast is great!! 🤩
  • Bishop/Reno
    Surprisingly brilliant
    You know… I feel like a lot of people (including myself) see the superficial side of Dolly. She kind, and sweet, and doesn’t mind looking cheap. Although those are true… this podcast shows how much more she is. She’s a brilliant strong female, businesswoman during a time when women were not views as such. She is also extremely empathetic. Even if you don’t like her music, this podcast will make you have respect for her as a human, and show you how true my empathetic she is. She’s a national treasure. I didn’t know that much before this but now I am a huge fan of hers.
  • DraeCam
    One of the best podcast series I’ve ever heard. Really a pleasure. Expansive and loving.
  • Kgsdr
    Love it!
    Must listen for all Dolly fans
  • lgeremy
    Best podcast ever
    Im just going to leave it at that
  • Marathonmom25
    This might be the most well done podcast series I’ve ever listened to. And I love the way Dolly is so giving in all ways in terms of making herself and her story available for all of us to hear. Awesome work!! Sad it’s over. Now going to plan my trip to Dollywood!!
  • Raised in the Smokys
    Incorrect Subject Matter
    This podcast is not about Dolly Parton. They are using the popularity of a beloved icon as a vehicle to discuss various other topics on their personal agenda. The only pleasing part of the podcast is when you actually hear Dolly directly answer questions. Her answers are often met with disappointment to the interviewees. But, they rationalize her out of the answer and keep pushing their agenda.
  • endless rambling
    Unfortunate discussions
    I really enjoyed this podcast until discussions came up about politics and racism. It’s unfortunate that no one can seem to have a pleasant and cheerful discussion these days without bringing something so negative into the conversation. Dolly deserved more of the focus to be on HER.
  • saulgoodwoman
    Recommend this to everyone
    I can’t stop telling people about this, even years later. Please bring us more content! Such a gem I need more of her in my life!
  • Nola Huckster
    Don’t bother if you are a genuine Dolly fan. These narrator clowns will do anything for a penny. They bore us for 50 minutes as they desperately dig around trying to find homoerotic meaning in Jolene, even though the artist tells them in exact terms the origins of the piece. This podcast is more about them than Dolly & they are frankly boring subjects.
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