The Cam & Strick Podcast

Hockey #14

NHL Veteran Cam Janssen and NHL insider Andy Strickland tackle the latest storylines in hockey and converse with current stars, important executives, and the greatest legends. They'll take you inside the dressing room and into the minds of today's biggest stars along with conversations with the movers and shakers that make up the hockey world. With more than 40 years of combined experience, Cam and Andy are never shy of opinions and information.

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Recent Reviews
  • Shooter 11
    Quite talking over each other, you idiots. Your podcast wouldn’t be too bad if you stuck to hockey and the interviews. You talk off subject like immature high school boys in the locker room.
  • Jkinak10
    Cam and strict one of the best pod cast out there . Great stories and interviews
    Awesome podcast . Great stories and guest
  • Chadthe3rd
    Awesome find
    Just gave show a try- Todd Bertuzzi. Great get fellas. Clever Q & A , no irregular interruptions from non-hockey types. And minimal golf talk! Oh ya, can’t wait to hear next. And archives..gonna hv fun cherry picking. Dino Ciccarelli next. Oh ya!
  • PAX_313
    Stop eating grass Andy
    Great pod. Would like to see more interviews of players currently in the NHL. Retired guys are still great but a mix up would be cool.
  • mlarson87
    Getting the big boy interviews
    This podcast has really taken off and is getting a lot of guests that other podcasts are not able to get. Both Cam and Andy are not afraid of asking difficult questions. Cam, love the Windsor talk. And this is coming from a Plymouth Whalers fan who remembers you going toe to toe with guys like Nate Kiser. Keep up the great work!
    Great show
    Only problem is Cam, guy is a neanderthal, interrupts guests all the time, if it wasn’t for Strick, these guests wouldn’t be on the show, yet cam still acts like a caveman.
  • wxnton
    Yah boi
    I don’t know why I didn’t start listening sooner. Amazing pod. Keeping it real
  • threcrime69
    Cam needs to zip it!
    Cam talk like he’s still in junior. Oh well, he knows that. He should learn to follow Stick.
  • cuspofcarabelli
    It’s a beauty
    IMHO this is the best hockey podcast out there. Who else gets Gretzky on their pod? They’re beauties.
  • ndlex
    Good interviews but Cam is painful to listen to
    The good part is they get really good people on this podcast to interview, and Andy is very good. The bad part is you have to listen to Cam Janssen. The guy has the intellect of a first grader. If he wasn’t on this, it would be a five star podcast. It’s a running joke with listeners as to whether he can make it through an entire podcast without saying “toe drag”.
  • timintc9
    Best hockey pod
    Andy is the best interviewer out there by far.
  • rccola7
    Good show
    Love this podcast. Great guests. Nice addition to spittin chiclets
  • npr111
    Fallon Bust
    Cam - 100% on the money! Fallon was a bust! - if he was taking guys points , whether accurate or not, in the AHL from guys who would do anything to make the ‘show’- he is garbage!! Cam-lifelong Ranger fan -season tix etc - love watching you play - even Ranger fans love blue ,collar , hard workers ! Love the pod guys BTW guy with a ton of fam in Ireland- a ‘hot’ shower is non - existent! Lol
  • Nbusa7
    I enjoy their guest but can and strick talk over each other too much. Ad reads cut in at the worst time. First half hour of the show blows. But enjoy the interview when they let them talk
  • Lilly is Awsome
    Always funny
    I love your show. It’s always funny. And cam keep on sharing your unvarnished opinions on literally everything. 😂I get excited to hear what you will unload on next! Enjoy more than Spittin’ Chicklets.... ad reads are a riot.
  • morganeden18
    No heresy, but dare I say better than Chiclets.... Love y’all.
  • UZReview
    Funny show, not great, but it’s a good listen here and there. Cam is hilarious, but his rants can be perpetually loud. Lots of swearing and vulgarity, but that’s the authentic Cam. One of the better hockey podcasts out there.
  • Jobo313
    Funny as hell.
    Started listening about 6 months ago to fill in my week when I didn’t have a chiclets episode to listen to. After the first 3 episodes I caught myself really looking forward to new episodes. Love the guys opinions and the interviews are top notch.
  • finnish caniac
    Let’s go canes bud
    Canes fan checking in, I love the pod. You guys are already on spittin chiclets tier in my opinion. I never even write reviews because I think they are wack, but I felt compelled because I’ve listened to every ep.
  • mcG Avs Fan
    Go AVS!!!
    Absolutely love the podcast! You guys are awesome to listen to and the interviews are epic! Go Avalanche tho!! Hahaha
  • NC Charter Boat Capt.
    Get a Boat, Cam!
    Awesome podcast! Great guests, solid interviews! Love how you cut each other up! Organic ad reads even! Who charters a 20ft pontoon boat?!
  • tooterstinkbottom
    Cam cam cam
    Andy is a tool who tries to chirp Cam too much. Still a decent pod, but Andy needs to knock it off.
  • Mayhem Party Wagon
    One of the best
    Cam and Strick have such great chemistry on the pod. They get awesome guests with awesome interviews. Cam will literally make me spit my coffee out at times when listening, he’s absolutely hilarious.
  • SaggyPatty
    Throwing Dingers
    Been a long time fan of Cammer since he was a Devil. Love the rawness of the podcast. It’s an absolute gem. Get Scotty Stevens on an episode! Keep it going boys.
  • HodagTheCarnivorous
    Here comes a new challenger!
    If Chiclets are McDavid, then Cam and Strick are Draisaitl. These guys have A list guests, and the episodes that I’ve listen to thus far have all been bangers. They’re quickly becoming my go to hockey pod. Quit goofin and put Cam and Strick on your hero line!
  • chris armand
    How have I just found this
    Love ya cammy what a beauty
  • Two Guns Gatmo
    Cam & Strick Rule
    Great hockey podcast. Right up there with Chicklets. The Avery interview was the best bar none. Cam and Strick, great #40? Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit Red Wings.
  • Nboissy
    Awesome podcast!
    Love the unfiltered discussion. Cam and Andy have great chemistry and they get unbelievable guests. Keep it up.
  • Danen30
    Good Pod
    Have a good variety of guests. The only downfall is the vulgar mouth of Cam at times. I would like to see less cursing because it doesn’t add anything to the pod. It takes away from the content at times. Andy great job and keep up the good work.
  • TonyBarone963
    A Must Listen for Hockey Fans
    It’s clear they were heavily influenced and inspired by Spittin’ Chiclets, but it’s original in its own way and they did not steal anything from the boys at chiclets. Anyway, Phenomenal pod and your a pigeon if you're a hockey fan and don’t subscribe.
  • majo31_99
    Great stuff!
    Absolutely have loved every podcasts that these two have put out. These guys have a great chemistry with each other and aren’t afraid to tell it for how it is. Thanks for repping the STL and more importantly showing the True Blue spirit that this town craves.. Let’s Go Blues!
  • GBD83
    Love this Podcast
    As a local guy I prefer this over Spittin chiclets which is really good also. Keep it up boyz!
  • panicrev212
    Locker room talk
    Great interviews with hockey legends. Cam tells it like it is! Highly recommend if you like hockey!
  • baghead1
    The (almost) perfect podcast!!
    So awesome - Janssen has no governor, this pod sounds like Chiclets did before they got big. Maybe even better. And they get GREAT guests….it’s obvious that a lot of the guys Janssen played against like and respect him. Strick is a pretty good sidekick too. Which is what makes his juvenile swipes at Cam’s intelligence a little off-putting. OK give hime a little grief for his mediocre hockey career (“Hey did you score on him, Cam?”) - those offer a giggle since after all, Janssen ground out an eight-year career in the NHL, so he’s got scoreboard. But Strick’s insistence on pretending that Cam is a caveman add literally nothing to the show. This is a five star rating now but with an asterisk… I reserve the right to go back and re-rate this show if my patience wears thin with the above antics. Regardless this has surpassed Chiclets as the pod I look forward to the most each week.
  • Bwcanes
    My favorite player of the late 90s to early 00s. I sit here wanting to hear more from him. Great of the game and Thanks for the interview!!!
  • hotdog harry
    Awsome podcast
    Thank you gents don’t change a thing you guys are doing hell of a job even though I’m a lifetime hawks fan love the podcast hey maybe u can get chelly on
  • Johnnyboy57585
    Cammer! You beast
  • Bradleyisninja
    Love the podcast!
  • ausara1026
    Awesome hockey podcast!
    Love the podcast! Really enjoyable and cool to hear stories from players and previous players ect...
  • 🥂🎉❤️💯
    Love this combo!
    Cam and Strick and are an amazing combo! Love this!
  • savi at a desk
    Awesome stuff
    Great stories, great guests, doesn’t get enough publicity. Adding this to my weekly ‘must-listen to’ hockey podcast list. Very similar to Spittin’ chiclets without stealing their schtick. Awesome.
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