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Marriage, adult friendships, relationships, personal growth - all with a biblical foundation. Lindsey Maestas talks about the raw and hard topics with a focus on growth and encouragement. She discusses her own personal marriage and motherhood struggles, learning how to forgive, heal and grow, how to study the Bible and thrive in your faith and how to continue growing as a person every day in all areas of life. Her motto is, 'Nothing changes if nothing changes' and calls her listeners up to make active changes after listening to each episode. Lindsey believes in doing things together to make life a little bit easier, and that means sharing life with honesty and authenticity. You likely won't find conversations like this anywhere else.On The Living Easy podcast, we will laugh together, struggle together and create a thriving life together. You will hear in-depth about theology, gospel truth, travel, friendship, biblical marriage, strengthening your faith, growing as a godly parent and much more. Come and join the tens of thousands of people in Lindsey's community who crave authenticity and desire to think & live big - just like you.

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