Rice To Meet You


A comedy podcast about Asian culture. Hosted by two UK-based comedians - Nigel Ng and Evelyn Mok. Sometimes the internet's favourite uncle, Uncle Roger, makes an appearance!New episodes every Tuesday.Support the podcast: http://patreon.com/ricetomeetyoupod

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Recent Reviews
  • lavenderselkie1989
    So funny!
    Fuh-Yoh! Hilarious podcast for Asians! <3
  • excited_0101
    Love this podcast!
    So funny especially for Asians lol
  • neihcneihc
    Love you! Nigel and Evelyn
    Can’t wait to see more DADDY Roger! Love your podcast so much 🥺
  • keymaster515
    So Funny!
    I can’t stop laughing with Nigel and Emily with their banter. I came for Uncle Roger, and found these two to be some of the funniest comedians I listen to.
  • Penguiner 123
    Hilariously funny
    Nigel & Evelyn are great. I’ve just recently found this podcast but have been binge listening every chance I get!
  • SeriouslySnapeAlwaus
    Nigel & Evelyn are the best😊
    This podcast is so amazing and savage (Nigel), but the various guests and Evelyn’s ability to go with the flow/reign Nigel in at times, makes this podcast so much fun to listen to. Also this show is great at giving their guests space to talk & answer questions fully. Please keep doing what you’re doing, you guys have a great dynamic!
  • ANerdReview
    Found in Uncle Roger’s YT Description
    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! Such an amazing podcast! Amazing quality throughout as well. First episode will have you in tears! 10/10 would recommend to anyone that’ll listen.
  • lil't_5678
    Best podcast
    The only podcast I listen to. Evelyn and Nigel are the funniest people on apple podcasts.
  • biblioCatng
    Hilarious and entertaining!
    This is the only podcast I listen to; I’m not really a podcast or radio listener. I discovered Nigel and Evelyn through the Uncle Roger videos. I’m slowing making my way through all of their shows; currently on #27. I don’t have a long commute to work, so it’s slow going. I can’t really listen at home because I have 3 young kids, and there’s a lot of cursing in the show. Or maybe it’s not a lot of cursing— I don’t know, because the only thing I’ve been listening to is YouTube toy reviews and Paw Patrol for the last 5 years.
  • nasoqjhekslke
    very funny
    it might because im on ovulation,but i really wanna have sex with Nigel
  • Jnj7178
    Love it!
    Best podcast I’ve heard so far
  • KimClavicle
    Brilliant laughs
    I laugh and learn. These two are excellent hosts and fans are appreciated first.
  • KawaiiUnnie
    Awesome duo and so funny
    Love Nigel and Evelyn together Making me laugh so hard thank you guys for this podcast
  • Bigfoothumper
    This is the best podcast I’ve heard in a long time! Introduced me to the world of rice cookers haha
  • tsp04
    I'm not Asian, but my best friend is. I find a lot of this podcast funny because it highlights a lot of different Asian quirks and traits. (P.S. Evelyn - I'm white and I don't take offense to your predjudice against white people :) I've listened to every episode, currently up to 70.
  • bugly91
    Binge-listening to all the episodes
    We were camping and one friend tried to put peanut butter on a ham and cheese sandwich (we were all horrified). Someone said “ha! That reminds me of Uncle Roger!” Which they described and I went on a tirade about how important it is to cook fried rice properly. Long story short, we watched a bunch of Uncle Roger, then we listened to 10 episodes of rice to meet you…and now we’re all obsessed. Nigel kind of reminds me of an Asian (slightly more woke) Howard Stern.
  • Scott Kellanderart
    Hilarious. Priceless team those two!
    What a great listen!
  • Kronsche
    Daddy roger
  • cynthialuvzz
    Funniest podcast out there! Love love love them!
  • Packattacks
    Uncle Roger got me here but Evelyn is..
    The reason I subscribe to this podcast
  • TravelingHebody
    What I love about Rice To Meet You
    Just finished episode 62 and I’m excited that Crash Landing On You is on US Netflix, I’m going to check it out! I’m a white girl from Utah who really loves this podcast- it’s funny, it’s a different perspective than mine, and I think it’s interesting that I always come away feeling like people are more the same than they are different, while also appreciating the differences more. (My mom never takes the first item from the fridge at the store, either, always have to dig for one at the back, it’s colder! 😹🤷‍♀️)
  • userinfinityplusone
    I came here for Evelyn, what a gem
  • kalielan
    Best Ever!
    This is probably my favorite podcast! Evelyn and Nigel are such a great duo and as a white woman I’m learning so much about Asian culture which is wonderful. I’m also constantly laughing out loud while working at home. Thank you Uncle Roger for leading me to this! Keep up the good work!
  • lemongena
    Love love love
    I’m really into Evelyn’s perspective! Very sarcastic and funny.
  • jrryeh
    I just found Uncle Roger not to long ago and absolutely loved it. Thank you for creating these.
  • l3lackbyte
    Quickly becoming my favorite podcast!
    Nigel and Evelyn are a great combo! I love that they are willing to talk about serious topics while being able to make me laugh so much. Their guests also are always interesting and inspiring
  • 1CH1I3AN
    A Voice Needed
    I just stumbled across Uncle Roger videos on YouTube. Coming from a Japanese family, every Uncle Roger video hit me so hard I was laughing myself to tears! I dove deep into the mrnigelng channel and found not only pure comedy gold but also a voice for all Asians. In the world of black and white, it’s nice to hear another voice speak out.
  • jakcjslcns
    E n t e r t a i n m e n t
    This podcast makes me love being Asian. It makes me feel like I’m part of a larger community. All the references to Asian culture get me every time.
  • Uncle Roger's #1 Fan
    This podcast is really amazing! Evelyn and Nigel are such a hilarious duo and their hard work is so admirable as they do so much to help the rest of us out of boredom. Being Asian myself, this is such a relatable podcast and that authenticity is what makes it stand out the way it does. Highly recommend this to fellow Asians and just anyone with a good sense of humor looking for a laugh.
  • DaisyMae2012
    LOVE this podcast!!!
    My favorite podcast I just started listening a week ago and I love it! I found Nigel tik tok (Lol!) and now I follow him and Evelyn everywhere! This podcast cracks me up and I love Evelyn’s laugh, it always makes me laugh! Plus as a white gal I’m learning a lot about Asian culture!! Please keep the episodes coming!! Love you guys!!
  • Grace AMWF Podcast
    So hilarious
    Evelyn & Nigel are SO funny! Every episode is hilarious & has me laughing until I cry. They are both gifted with an amazing sense of humor & they are both beautiful people! I am thankful I can listen to this podcast to keep my mind off of all the crazy things happening right now. <3 -Grace from AMWF Podcast-
  • good podcast reveiwer
    This podcast is great, it’s super funny and they have a guest star every podcast so you never get tired. They always ask funny questions to entertain the audience and it always ends up working and being hilarious. Nigel is a comedian so he knows a bit about comedy and he is good at comic relief. Evelyn is Nigels business partner and friend and is also very funny.
  • Grace_L_R
    Weekly pick-me-up!
    This is such an incredible podcast — the only podcast that I follow! The content is super relevant; from episode to episode, there is a great mixture of discussions about current events, fun stories, and comedy! Evelyn and Nigel compliment one another so naturally that it feels like they are talking straight to me during each episode. Very grateful to have this relevant content produced by some wonderful people!
  • Nycbuckeye13
    Must Listen!!!!!
    During shelter in place, I needed something to listen to that lifted my spirits. This was the podcast! Rice to meet you is one of the funniest podcasts that makes me reflect on my Chinese heritage and laugh about it! I could listen to Nigel and Evelyn banter all day. Some days I did listen all day, that’s how funny they are. Thank you creating this podcast! I appreciate the hustle! Become a patron!
  • some_american_guy
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    Nigel and Evelyn are consistently hilarious and they have a steady stream of cool, interesting guests (tho understandably they aren’t having as many guests now due to the Corona lockdown). Listening to the two of them is like…being at the table with your smart, funny friends. Highly recommend this podcast!
  • Ichigo bby
    This is my first podcast subscription and I love listening to this while I’m slaving away with monotonous work at work. Keeps me awake and most importantly it keeps me awake during my commute home. Essentially a space for comedy targeting towards an Asian audience... or is it just universal?
  • tobiashyu
    Nice podcast to listen to
    I love listening to the podcast during my commute to work and my drive around SoCal.
  • TempD
    Hilarious content with diverse guests
    Love listening to this podcast as I'm doing stuff around the house, or during my commute. While it's geared towards a focus on Asian culture I feel that it shouldn't stop anyone who isn't of this background to check it out. The stories that are mentioned by their guests are fun, and the camaraderie b/w Nigel and Evelyn are balanced with brash and heartwarming tones. Definitely great to hear while I'm stuck at home during quarantine haha
  • Cng521
    Growing up in a white community with a heavily traditional Chinese family, it’s refreshing to listen to this Podcast. They discuss matters of what it’s like to navigate in the western world all the while respecting “some” of our family values with a comedic twist. I grew up identifying as a “banana” because I struggled finding my place as a minority where I grew up. So in result, I rejected most of my Chinese roots. As I’ve gotten older, I’m finally finding more representation and learned to actually appreciate the culture my family tried to nurture me in. I found this podcast through an instragram tag and boy... was I glad. I love that I’m able to listen to Evelyn, Nigel, and guests laugh and discuss all of the tribulations they have gone through and scream, internally and externally, “SAME!!!” I recommend this podcast to anyone even for the laughs. Forever will be a fan.
  • StayYellow
    So wong but yet so wRice!
    Is waiting every Thurs for a new episode to come out considered “obsessed” cause I’m totally am! Charming with a right touch of humor and a slash of undeniable chemistry... best comedy podcast so far!
  • ars.ct
    Just listen
    Informative AND HILARIOUS
  • jenniyosbetch
    Nigel is super funny (and seems like the cool older brother you always wish for!)
    I’ve been following Nigel’s comedy online for some time now so I’m obviously a fan. I think he’s great at not just making people laugh but showing that you can be funny while doing sketches about lots of interesting experiences that don’t hurt people (his jokes never come at the expense of Asian immigrants, Chinese speakers, ESL folks, women, or other underrepresented groups in entertainment). He’s awesome at fan interaction too so I can’t wait for him to do a tour in the USA! Keep killing it in London, man!
  • Anonymous836291
    So funny!
    I’m so happy to be listening to this podcast. It’s hilarious and very relatable to an Asian American listener.
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