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Summer, 1989, somewhere in deepest darkest England. Mockery Manor is a theme park where people disappear, and it's up to a pair of chaotic teenage twins to catch a killer.
British Podcast Awards 'Best Fiction' Nominee 2020. If you like Hot Fuzz, The White Lotus and Scream, then Mockery Manor is for you.
Mockery Manor is a full-cast production best enjoyed using headphones.

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  • emmaleigh7
    Mockery come back
    Please give us more original mockery content - the side quests are confusing
  • Mamiibrittanii
    Really entertaining and well written
    I super enjoyed the storylines and the characters and the quality it’s all around well done but the commercials are EXCESSIVE. The episode will say it’s 30 minutes long but almost 12 minutes of that will be commercials. PLEASE make it easier to remove commercials I searched everywhere for your Patreon to pay for a commercial free link or a way to subscribe but it’s convoluted and confusing.
  • Mock the Mocker
    Love love love
    I love the excitement of Mockery Manor and the thrills. The twists and turns make it impossible to know what will happen!
  • uhliveone
    gasps and laughs
    i love the world of mockery manor!
  • E.G.123456
    Creative well made theme park mysteries
    This show has great voice acting and sound design. Well-written, entertaining stories and goofy theme park satire to boot.
  • alexaswell
    Impatiently awaiting each new episode
    This is so creative and so well performed. The seasons stand alone just fine, but you’ll get a kick out of hearing the whole story. Been through it twice now and picked up more little gems the second time. Will I listen a third time? Yep.
  • go fhh
    this is by far my favorite series podcast i’ve listened to! the characters, the plot the whole series i’ve become emotionally attached to. listened up to the newest episode in just 4 days while i work. please don’t stop creating! if you have other shows similar as well please let me know!
  • Genevers Forevers
    Best Late Notice
    I’m so glad I didn’t notice til S3E4 that you guys started again! Now I can binge this awesome, awesome show. Funny and thrilling for sure
  • Palmerjr
    Simply fantastic
    So much fun! With fantastic acting, sound design and story.
  • Spooky'sMom
    Great Dramady Podcast!
    Absolutely everything about this podcast is excellent: the story, the actors, the music. It couldn't be more entertaining! Just terrific production!
  • Anom652147
    Excellent production
    Top notch comedic and dramatic voice acting, with a satisfying array of characters, with various accents like posh British, Irish, and in season 2, German. Also excellent music, at times atmospheric and creepy and then carnival jingles. I like the comedy of this show as it arises naturally from the character dynamics, and doesn’t feel forced. The characters are a hoot in themselves, such as the one older lady who had the hots for a young guy. The mystery especially in season 1 is thrilling and even skin crawling, as the murders keep rising and gets closer to the protagonists. The season 2 mystery didnt have as strong a finale, as one character’s background wasn’t really developed enough to foreshadow the ending. And another character from season 1 was hinted at returning but it did not happen. Perhaps there are loose ends for season 3. Even so, I was thoroughly entertained by the voice acting. The German accent can be hilarious and isn’t that common in stories beyond WWII ones. I liked the change of pace. While I don’t think of season 2 as a slum dunk, it still is very well produced and fun to listen to, if you don’t want a heavy mystery. All the voice actors sound like they’re having fun, and that makes all the difference.
  • Kittydew
    Grew on me
    Trousers Meowsers! This one was kind of a slow burn for me. The premise was… Interesting and that was what originally drew me in. At first, I don’t know, I struggled to get into it. I’m giving this five stars but realistically, I probably say it’s 4.5-4.7, I do enjoy the humor in the wit of it. The voice actors are great. I’ve even enjoyed recognizing and hearing them on other things like Midnight Burger (which is about a 10 out of 5 IMO). I haven’t dove into the Magenta podcasts yet, but I do plan to. They seem very witty. Not my absolute fave, but definitely in my top 20.
  • Dr_Stonewafer
    Superb, witty, fun
    Hard to believe that 2 people put so much care, love and (razor sharp) wit into the creation of a fun, nostalgic romp of a show, all for free - but that’s Longcat Media for you. I suspect neither of the 2 principals were teens when the show is set (I was) and yet they nailed it … how?!?
  • bmanning2
    Great, Great, Great!!
    Great writing (hilarious, suspenseful), great music (amazing compositions and sound), great acting (characters, accents, timing, singing)! The talent here is so impressive - give it a listen and you'll want to tell all your friends!
  • Cbug76
    Couldn’t get through the first episode
    It sounds like an animal is harmed/killed in the first episode. So I stopped listening after that.
  • Evilmaria667
    So much fun
    I’ve mostly ever listened to true crime podcasts with a few fiction mysteries. I need more of these in my life. I just discovered this yesterday by mistake and I am so glad I did. It’s a lot of fun. The main character is a little annoying at first but gets better. They do great in character development and the story so far is intriguing.
  • princess boi
    Give it a listen, you’ll be hooked
    Just started listening a few days ago and now, sadly, I’m all caught up. Looking forward to the 3rd season of Mockery Manor. I really enjoy this show! The music is great and the voice acting!
  • Jfer Hates Everything but Dogs
    Great podcast!!
    I just recently became aware of this podcast because of an ad on another podcast and am so glad I did! Only 6 episodes in and I’m hooked!
  • princess taiga
    So creative and charming
    This podcast is so well done. The theme park is so creative and captivating. The character building is so splendid and natural. The audio effects are on point. And then a mystery to thread it along? I love this podcast.
  • Vegas Dasher
    1st season excellent, 2nd season amazing But…
    The first season of Mockery Manor was absolutely enthralling. Great voice acting probably the best voice acting I have ever heard in my life. Sound design an immersive nurse completely and utterly awesome. From the beginning to the end season one was exciting interesting and hilarious. I was so excited to listen to the second season which did not disappoint. Everything remained top-notch and stellar until I got to the final episode of the season. The ending to season two Felt lazy and as if the show runners were merely looking to be done with the season. To be quite honest the ending was quite pedestrian while everything else was so first-rate. I am interested to see how season three goes and if the plot and storyline or a little bit better.
  • bearspea
    I’m so glad I found this podcast! I binged Season 1 and am about to start Season 2. It’s hilarious and has an interesting, spooky story. I don’t know why it’s not more popular - it’s very well done and has a great story. Give it a listen!
  • regan8or
    A bit silly but fun
    It’s a romp, for sure. Good when you’re up for something a touch cartoony.
  • Mykenzie Finch
    This podcast is AMAZING. I binged the first season at work this past Friday and have been forcing myself to wait until I’m back at work again so I can binge season 2 but it’s been VERY hard not to listen through my 2 day weekend. Keep up the good work.
  • Huston500
    Could do without Kakos Industries ads
    I realize it’s to support another podcast but 4 mins at the end of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE is TOO much. It made me want to stop listening. It’s a great podcast, great actors and storyline. Just have to skip the last 4 mins and go to the next episode..
  • britany_boo
    Genuinely Love This Podcast
    Just binged both seasons in a day and I think this podcast is amazing. It constantly had me smiling! The acting is great and the story is wonderful! Can’t wait for the rest of the show.
  • jaevans52
    Great podcast.
    Great production value! No idea why it isn’t more popular.
  • fyl t.
    Season 2 is abysmal.
    First season was funny and easy to follow. This season is choppy and boring. Not nearly as funny. Stopped listening.
  • @Lykan.Human.Advanced
    One of my FAVORITES!
    Great writing, comedy and music! 5 stars++
  • Coeur de Parisienne
    Love, Love, Love This Podcast!
    So I look like a total idiot while listening to this podcast on my iPhone with my earbuds in. The story and characters are hilarious! It’s such dark humor & simply one of the best ones out there!
  • Inkedelixir
    Say whattttttt
    Let’s go season 2 !!!! I’m so ready!
  • crumblythoughts
    Great podcast
    So well done and entertaining
  • Dinah1989
    So funny!!
    I LOVE this story. Eagerly awaiting season two!
  • rosa manzo
    So I like this show
    Just wow, pretty good. Not perfect, not great but few things are. I can’t believe how much I love Bette and JJ. Very much a throwback to the 80s.
  • DoodleSnips
    Oh why, oh why did it end? Seriously, I listened to this creepy,funny,dramatic,twist-turning story unfold and I NEED more! It was awesome. Complete “EAR-ENTERTAINMENT!” Great Story! Please Give me more!
  • Nygmatek
    Fantastic Show
    I loved this series, didn’t want it to end really. It’s fun, witty, and mysterious. Just when you think you know what is going on, they flip the script on you. The acting is superb, hats off to you all. So many questions left to be answered, can’t wait for season 2!!!!!
  • Newtonloves17
    On the edge of my seat
    Absolutely loved this series. I binged it over the past few days wanting to see where the mystery was going to go. I love the cast and how they all grew as the season went on. I also love the original music and have listened to the beginning of Tunnel of Love a few times to listen to 'Dance Like Somebody's Watching.' Let's hope a season 2 is made
  • AnnieDtm
    What a delight!
    I found this show from an IG ad, I believe. Best. Ad. Ever. Besides the fun story, the acting and sound design is second-to-none. Can’t wait for more!
  • Julonred
    One of the best I’ve heard
    Terrific acting, story, sound design, music. So much to love.
  • chewie527
    Too fast
    I have really enjoyed Mockery Manor , unpredictable which I like.
  • LaurenGraceT
    Amazing storytelling and catchy music!
    This show is a new find for me, and I'm so happy I jumped in! It's such an immersive, gripping, vivid world and there is so much love in it. The soundtrack alone is worth listening for--seriously, ever song is a BOP! It's got 80s nostalgia, theme park gothic vibes, and a really fun old school murder mystery, truly what's not to love? Seriously, what are you waiting for, it's awesome!
  • ArtGeekMom
    Great Time
    I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for when I started. But so glad i decided to check it out. Great sound quality! Highly recommend this one!!
  • ccoofffffeeeee
    Love it, look forward to all new shows!
    Hi, I love your show! I have started listening to Magenta and I look forward to all new shows from you guys! Mockery Manor, I can’t get enough! Your fun and interesting.
  • Kik&D
    Very entertaining
    Loads of fun!
  • Supervisor Hob
    FantasticFull cast audio drama
    Great sound design, excellent actors, and an engaging plot. Couldn't ask for more in an audio drama!
  • operaghost21
    Great fun
    Feels like a throwback to Fear Street/Christopher Pike/teen horror novels. The characters are kinda trope-y but still interesting. Also, the acting and production is top-notch! Binged the whole series in a day - can't wait to see where it goes from here!
  • jessicahogard
    Couldn’t be better
    I can’t wait for more episodes! The voice acting is great, you can clearly distinguish who is who, and the story line is different than any other podcast I’ve listened to. Great job!
  • JimboJumps
    A great show. well prodiced and entertaining. Has made long drives too short.
  • Ash8787421780
    Sound quality problems
    Interesting idea but cannot listen to this. Some voices are quiet while others are loud, sound effects and music are even louder, please fix this problem.
  • Drew.Murray.
    Delicious to the ears
    Take a trip to Mockery Manor, but be weary of your surroundings. Things may not be what they seem. You will fall into this story and have an issue escaping. I am so excited for what the future brings this story.
  • meg.dale
    Beautifully done classic-style radio play
    There’s an air of menace at Mockery Manor, despite (or perhaps because of) the manufactured whimsy that underlies the theme park. The voice cast creates strong, nuanced, and easily identifiable characters in an engrossing story, while sound design and music create a brilliantly haunting atmosphere.
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