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Recent Reviews
  • Kschloss
    Concise Bitcoin and some crypto news
    Crypto top headlines and relevant Bitcoin info. The best most consistent podcast - super respect-
  • Ruttin
    Repetitive Content with bad delivery
    Same “news” every day, same annoying delivery every day. About two minutes of content is new and worthwhile. The rest is him talking up crazy theories over and over
  • hootenanny1
    Host’s staccato speech is a huge turnoff
    Can’t enjoy content because of host’s delivery.
  • Swackums
    Misses the mark
    There are many more knowledgeable and entertaining crypto podcasts available. This sounds robotic and focused around Bitcoin hype. Not entertaining and not informative. All caps?!? Really?
  • JoeFL9999
    Author is a conspiracy theorist.
    Just saw a tweet from the author stating that 911 was a government plot, buildings blown up by CIA. Moon landing was a fake. I used to listen to this podcast but no more. I will not listen to somebody with such poor ability to differentiate conspiracy lies from valid opinions based on facts. The author simply has no credibility.
  • Z blah blah
    Top Bitcoin info
    Love the info and the pace. Clear, informative and engaging. Highly recommend!
  • johnphi68
    The guy knows his stuff but….
    I cannot help but think he is far too biased towards Bitcoin and it reflected in his reporting. It also doesn’t help he shows his political bias as well. Also can be too repetitive. That being said, he does have good knowledge about the market and analysis. Just cool it with the bias though!
  • Karter151
    Hard pass.
    I’ve only recently jumped into crypto. I’m starving for knowledge of all things crypto. So I started listening to this podcast and i can’t help but feel that this guy is just a know-nothing hype-man who is reading a base level script that is composed of a collection of tweets, all while fishing for “likes” and comments. Every podcast... “ so and so says bitcoin to reach this number/that number/new ATH! Will bitcoin reach $250k by the end of 2021? Tell me what you think in the comments”. It’s aweful.
  • Nick3419
    Not much going
    Repetitive “content” updates from same persons daily sentiment. Daily price of Bitcoin update.
  • The samurai way
    Informative but very biased
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now, and almost every episode shows a lot of biased information. If you wanna listen to a crypto news podcast without any biased information, listen to “Thinking Crypto News
  • Drewskidooo
    Unreliable information.
  • haysberry
    Excellent info at a painfully fast pace
    Love the show. Great info. Great research and guests. My only qualm is the host speaks like he has to give a presentation that's supposed to take 15 minutes, but at the last second, the organizers told him "We gotta shuffle you to the 4th spot and you only have 6 minutes because the musical act went long". I find myself pausing the podcast just to take a break from the onslaught of great info.
  • Bawidbwjaj
    Very Biased
    Been listening to this podcast for a while now. Very informative, but the host is too biased. It’s always a good time to buy and only the weak sell their position. Makes no sense.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Justin, host of the Crypto News Alerts podcast, highlights all aspects of crypto and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Airbrush Chris
    Great Podcast
    Daily must- listen. Concise and informative, right to the point, with no filler. Well done!
  • Injusticereallypissesmeoff
    Good but repetitive
    Decent information but the guy repeats himself way too much.
  • eheheheheheheh
    Good info, but could be improved upon greatly
    JV gives great information, and he does a good job summarizing. However, he shows clear biases when wrapping his stories. He is clearly anti-vaccine and repeats conspiracy theory rhetoric (ex. Plandemic). I am not sure what including this rhetoric contributes to the podcast. He repeats a lot of the same phrases, which I guess is a part of his schtick, but it gets a little annoying. Additionally, he mispronounces many words. As a “news” show, he should take more time to prep. I don’t think there is anything proprietary about this podcast. The news itself is very good, but JV does not do anything to enhance it.
  • bwill1130
    Great work
    Love your podcast and that you really know your stuff!
  • J. Warrick
    Ultra Bitcoin Fanboy
    Every and anything that indicates potential risks is his chance of doubling down driven by this obsessive bias.
  • Adamo Bee
    Filled with hype, editorializing and marketing of services
    Reduce the repetition and non valued hype. You would reduce the episode duration by 50%.
  • 30footdrifterharcore
    Good news Terrible advice.
    Great for hearing all the Schill hype news, but advice is basically buy all the time and never sell because you have diamond hands and paper hands panic sell.
  • Big Steppers
    Bro why do you talk like your at a auction !
  • Gamer10100101001
    Don’t waste your time with this choad. He’s only here to brag about his own gains and offers no useful advice.
  • Kevin mccarty
    Feel like I’m going crazy when listening...
    Every episode I listen to, I feel like I’m going crazy when I hear him say the same thing over and over. Thinking my phone is trippin, but nope. Not going crazy and phone is fine....he literally spends each 20 min episode repeating himself over and over, there’s only about 5 min of content before it’s just a repeat. Cmon man, stop repeating yourself
  • AlexKaye69
    Good but..
    Really really great info and even the fast pacing is fine, but man you really gotta work on not ending every other word up in pitch like it’s a question, it’s so so difficult to keep focused. Please. Edit 2 weeks later: I still want to listen because the info is good but I’m seriously begging you to reconsider the upseak tone at the end of almost every phrase, it’s unreal. Please!! We need good crypto pods but I truly can’t listen for more than 3 mins of these episodes! If you won’t reconsider the delivery can you please transcribe the pods so we can read it somewhere???
  • no. upepeak
    Jesus Christ. I can’t stand the upspeak. It makes me turn a deaf ear to anything valuable you may have to say. Stop. It.
  • GMcDiddy
    Drop the conspiracy theories.
    Decent crypto news, but maybe unreliable due to the hosts proclivity to endorse conspiracy theories such as “The Plandemic”. NYT Crypto news seems to me more balanced and a less crazy.
  • Winstle Beauregard VI
    I heard what Max said the first time!
    I understand you have a DAILY podcast and your dedication is enormously appreciated, however if you aren’t going to have any guests, I’d like to hear your own take on things, instead of just constant coverage of “He said she said” while quoting articles and Twitter responses to them. We all love Max Keizer too - but we don’t need the recap of his podcast every episode! I really value your daily episodes I just wish it wasn’t mostly “_____ said _____, what do you think? Let me know in the comments”
  • JHicks22
  • elocke516
    Too political
    I like the info, sometimes, but it’s getting too political
  • karenhoqiqi
    Great job!
    Very informative crypto news and helpful!
  • Tkoboob
    Ok content but the guy needs to calm down
    He speaks so fast you can’t even process what he is saying. U can tell the content is great but someone else should be sharing it.
  • LightsOverTeece
    New listener
    Really love your last episode. You are on point with your views and have a strong knowledge of what’s going on. I want to continue to listen, but I would love if you slowed down and talked to us like we are in the same room having a beer together. Friendly advice. Great work you are doing.
  • Magattttttttggggggggg
    Interesting but..
    Accurate but annoying voice and tone, couldn’t listen to him more than 10 min. What a waste.
  • N.Gaerlan
    Amazing Content but....
    Amazing content but can you slow down a little? And maybe not repeat everything 3 to 4 times within the episode, I had to unsubscribe because I felt like I know what you’re gonna say before you talk about the topic and I was tired of it lol. But other than that I haven’t found a podcast as informative as yours, just work on your delivery I guess.
  • bigdog123469
    Good info but gives me a headache
    Good info and I would love to keep listening but the guy needs to stop ending every sentence by raising his voice. Sounds like every statement is a question
  • giantGman2
    Stick to crypto
    Keep politics and your side political opinions out of it.
  • GuschHeast
    Up speak?!
    The show content is really interesting? But the dude has a serious up speak issue? He talks like a California valley girl? And ends almost every sentence with a question mark?? It's annoying. Please stop.
  • covfefe your pepe
    Your cadence needs to be addressed, especially when mixed with your inflection... friendly feedback.
  • Damnnicknametaken
    Only nice if you say it Thrice
    Good info but is it really necessary to go over the topics 3 times? You’re not writing a paper that needs an intro to your topic, substance about the topic, then a summary. Turning 6 minute podcast into 15 minutes for no reason. Good info, terrible delivery
  • Crummyfuggin
    Could be better
    If he kept his political leanings out of it... says things like plandemic and sleepy Joe Biden.... not sure why he feels the need
  • JimboX361
    Take a breath
    Slow down! Your non-stop talking does nothing to differentiate you from a million other YouTuber podcasts.
  • bigbarel
    Great show!
    Great show!
  • Gaterdontplaynosht
    you’re great. Keep it up!
  • ScootaWatson
    Glad & Like Max
    I love that you actually keep me in the loop on some of the things Max goes on his rants about when it comes to the future of bitcoins and the crypto markets.
  • Jdoggg222
    Energy and info is addicting.
    Justin (same name as me so must be awesome). 20 minutes of pure value per episode! Edited nicely, straight to the point and what you need to know in the world of crypto!
  • Anna B David
    Thank you breaking down the mysterious world of crypto
    I’ve been nervous about learning more about crypto currency but this podcast has been an amazing introduction. Thank you for breaking the newbies in!
  • sttoggyigctdrvy
    Navigating High School
    I recently got into the stock market and have been looking for a podcast that teaches you about the Cryptocurrency. If you are like me this and want to learn more this podacast is for you!
  • Player's Handbook
    Love it.
    I'm new to crypto and this podcast has helped me understand a lot of the nuances of the industry. Recommend!
  • Chiquita2727
    Tons of knowledge here
    Now I know what everyone's talking about! Lots of great knowledge being dropped in this podcast.
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