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  • 4/19 4 PM: Aki's List, Waddle's World and W2W4
    Apr 19, 2024 – 00:39:16
  • 4/19 3 PM: What are Bulls fans rooting for?
    Apr 19, 2024 – 00:45:50
  • 4/19 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 19, 2024 – 00:19:05
  • 4/18 6 PM: Jeff Joniak
    Apr 18, 2024 – 00:21:37
  • 4/18 5 PM: Jesse Rogers
    Apr 18, 2024 – 00:44:37
  • 4/18 4 PM: Barstool Big Cat
    Apr 18, 2024 – 00:47:31
  • 4/18 3 PM: A Reinsdorf Triple Header
    Apr 18, 2024 – 00:40:32
  • 4/18 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 18, 2024 – 00:21:24
  • 4/16 6 PM: Emergency Crosstalk
    Apr 16, 2024 – 00:28:43
  • 4/16 5 PM: Mel Kiper Jr.
    Apr 16, 2024 – 00:40:35
  • 4/16 4 PM: Waddle's World and Michael Wilbon
    Apr 16, 2024 – 00:44:45
  • 4/16 3 PM: A.J. Pierzynski
    Apr 16, 2024 – 00:45:11
  • 4/16 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 16, 2024 – 00:19:45
  • 4/15 5 PM: Aki's A-List and The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty
    Apr 15, 2024 – 00:41:47
  • 4/15 4 PM: Tom Thayer
    Apr 15, 2024 – 00:48:27
  • 4/15 3 PM: Sox are AWFUL
    Apr 15, 2024 – 00:46:27
  • 4/15 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 15, 2024 – 00:22:19
  • 4/12 5 PM: Jesse Rogers, Aki's A-List and W2W4
    Apr 12, 2024 – 00:45:40
  • 4/12 4 PM: Wayne Randazzo and some breast milk talk
    Apr 12, 2024 – 00:42:38
  • 4/12 3 PM: Charles Davis
    Apr 12, 2024 – 00:49:36
  • 4/12 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 12, 2024 – 00:19:59
  • 4/11 6 PM: Jeff Joniak
    Apr 11, 2024 – 00:22:08
  • 4/11 5 PM: Mark Giangreco
    Apr 11, 2024 – 00:43:29
  • 4/11 4 PM: Barstool Big Cat
    Apr 11, 2024 – 00:50:58
  • 4/11 3 PM: O.J. Simpson dies
    Apr 11, 2024 – 00:45:57
  • 4/11 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 11, 2024 – 00:22:16
  • 4/10 4 PM: Masters preview and Bears talk
    Apr 10, 2024 – 00:22:25
  • 4/10 3 PM: Should Bears trade up for Marvin?
    Apr 10, 2024 – 00:45:15
  • 4/10 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 10, 2024 – 00:20:31
  • 4/9 4 PM: Doug Collins
    Apr 9, 2024 – 00:20:56
  • 4/9 3 PM: Cubs blow 8-0 lead, White Sox are rough
    Apr 9, 2024 – 00:43:31
  • 4/9 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 9, 2024 – 00:22:22
  • 4/8 Full Show
    Apr 8, 2024 – 00:43:05
  • 4/5 5 PM: Jesse Rogers, Aki's A-List, W2W4
    Apr 5, 2024 – 00:44:28
  • 4/5 4 PM: Waddle's World
    Apr 5, 2024 – 00:48:47
  • 4/5 3 PM: Mike Greenberg
    Apr 5, 2024 – 00:46:58
  • 4/5 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 5, 2024 – 00:21:23
  • 4/4 5 PM: Aki's A-List and 39th Moment We Want to Cut
    Apr 4, 2024 – 00:42:22
  • 4/4 4 PM: Josh Schrock
    Apr 4, 2024 – 00:49:34
  • 4/4 3 PM: Is Caleb Williams to the Bears a Formality?
    Apr 4, 2024 – 00:50:42
  • 4/4 2 PM: Crosstalk w/ Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 4, 2024 – 00:18:58
  • 4/3 6 PM: Caleb and crosstalk
    Apr 3, 2024 – 00:28:43
  • 4/3 5 PM: Aki's A-List
    Apr 3, 2024 – 00:42:37
  • 4/3 4 PM: Barstool Big Cat
    Apr 3, 2024 – 00:50:55
  • 4/3 3 PM: Texans trade for Diggs
    Apr 3, 2024 – 00:45:35
  • 4/3 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 3, 2024 – 00:23:18
  • 4/2 5 PM: Stacey Dales and the Good, the Bad, and the Dirty
    Apr 2, 2024 – 00:45:56
  • 4/2 4 PM: Waddle's World
    Apr 2, 2024 – 00:50:18
  • 4/2 3 PM: Robbie Hummel
    Apr 2, 2024 – 00:44:46
  • 4/2 Crosstalk with Carmen & Jurko
    Apr 2, 2024 – 00:22:00
Recent Reviews
  • Hotauce
    Stopped Listening
    After listening for 15 straight years, I’ve finally have had enough with this show. Hosts continue to regurgitate the same, tired old points in the QB debate. Both hosts are completely incapable of seeing anything other than what they believe to be true and consistently shove the same points down the listeners throats. It was a good run.
  • btmarshall
    Had to delete the podcast
    I’ve been listening to Waddle and Silvy since the start in 2007. Every day. I also worked with them a few times during past brand/team events. Over the last few weeks with all the QB talk, while they try to sell themselves as balanced on the future options, it’s clear which way they lean and it’s become unlistenable daily. Finally had to delete the feed. Maybe I’ll return at some point, but laughing at a large part of the fan base has become tiresome. And I’m not even in the keep Fields camp. Hopefully a return to listenable radio post draft.
  • thingsthatmakeyougommm..
    Best sports show!
    Very entertaining to listen to.
  • J.D.Lane
    Great show
    But I’d rather listen to fingernails on a chalkboard than the lady doing the segment intros.
  • Jmgambino24
    Fields is a bust!
    Sure he can run the football but he can’t read defenses and is not very accurate when he throws the football. When DJ Moore was traded here I said he’s going to hate it in Chicago because this is where offenses go to die. Everyone says if they can just get Fields this or that he will become a HOF QB. Great QB’s don’t need all pros at every position in order to play great. They put the team on their back and lead. At least we have Carolinas #1 pick next year along with ours. Hopefully we can land two top 5 picks and for the love of god find a QB for once who can play QB.
  • K T King
    I simply Turn Off during her Segment
  • Robpuiii
    Love these guys.
    Love all the guests. Especially Robbie Gould. Go SIU!!!!
  • Dminmac
    Stop with the stupid ufo crap you morons.
  • ToddR9999
    Great show - except for….
    Please replace Courtney Cronin. She’s terrible! She has no original perspectives. I turn off the show until she exits each time
  • Khal Rogo
    Big Russ
    More Russillo plz
  • Hossinpheffer
    So Entertaining
    I’ve respected Waddle since he entered the world of sports media, and I honestly feel that his simple yet skillful football breakdown is underrated and some of the best in the industry. I’ve been a fan of Silvy since I first moved to Chicagoland and had little knowledge of the local sports. His passion and skills have sharpened to be one of the strongest voices on radio. However, when Tom said “THUMB-GOOD” in a mocking response to Silvy’s reaction to yesterday’s conversation about toes vs thumbs, I literally spit my coffee all over my steering wheel. It’s gems like this that keep me listening. Congratulations to your success so far, and please keep making me laugh.
  • Dr Monero
    Edited review
    The show is back to normal and has benefited from blec and adam moving on. Jeff Meller has become a tough listen. He shouts *BUT*, uses too many vocal inflections, qualifiers, and has poor enunciation. Please relax Jeff
  • Drizzle Dry
    Owned by Disney = unsubscribed
    I have been listening since the show debuted. The best Chicago sports show. Silvy is the best host who has not played professional sports and represents the common fan well. On the negative side they tend to take a topic and beat a dead horse into oblivion with it. And they sound clueless when talking hockey. And why on earth do they think Barstool Big Cat or whatever they call him Is funny or amusing? But I must unsubscribe and stop listening. ESPN is owned by Disney and the two companies can’t stay out of politics. Disney support of sexualization of kids and support of horrific and irreversible surgeries on healthy kids is too much. Woke-ism ruins everything it touches. Bye groomers.
  • boiler bio nerd
    Barstool has lost you a fan
    LONGtime listener, won’t bother any longer. Your refusal to even address the misogynistic garbage that barstool sports is based on is shameful, and you continue to have their mouthpieces on. Waddle has 3 girls and pretends it’s ok. I’m out.
  • Pigbull23
    Best Chicago sports radio show.
    Love the show, great sports thoughts and the guys are real, not radio personalities.
  • jbbolton23
    Listen, I will say this, Waddle. 2 basic b!+¢hes…
    Listen, listen to how many x Tom Waddle starts a sentence w/ “listen”. Almost as many as Jeff Meller. Silvy is funny, admits he’s not bright, which makes him likable bc unfortunately he’s correct. Better than racist, ignorant bully, Jurko and his spineless “yes” man, Carmen though.
  • The Chicago Mothman
    Been a long time p1 listening since the beginning and I’ll still say 5 stars but the CONSTANT complaining about Nagy is making this show nearly unlistenable at times. I listen to every episode in podcast but come on guys. We get it, you don’t have confidence in Nagy, no one really does, but maybe other topics. Please.
  • 72 Perfect
    Used to be good
    Used to be a good show until it turned into vax talk repeatedly. I tuned into listen to sports talk not medical advice. You’re not my doctor, parents, or my girlfriend so why would I care about your opinions in regards to medicine? In regards to sports you both have a background in that and credentials. I guess I’ll give The Score a try.
  • Jjaime4318
    I still podcast it everyday, but trading Meller for Bleck, I was not a fan of. Bleck is the young man version, of get off my lawn guy. Waddle and silly are still a great team, but I don’t feel as if Bleck adds anything.
  • munkydo
    Waddle is a legend
    Chris Bleck is the worst thing to happen to this show. interruptive, smug, and argues with strawmen.
  • hearts king
    Chicago sports
    Best Chicago sports show. Makes me laugh and keeps me informed. Also keeps me sane on my commutes in Japan.
  • BearsQB
    Bears, Bears,Bears
    If you are looking for Bears talk, THEY are the place to go. Show is 24/7/365 Bears talk.....Bears can be good, Bears can be bad; doesn’t matter. On rare occasions they discuss other sports, show is enjoyable. Thankfully podcasts have FF button👍
  • not_right_now
    love it
  • cgyyg
    Tuesday’s s@“t show
    The AbdallaBleck/Silvy thing, brewing for over a year and “visible” to everyone, reached a new low yesterday. It’s not entertaining and it’s not acceptable. Silvy made it clear it’s not generational, so I don’t know what’s animating it ... but you 3 have to grow up or a producer has to step in and send someone on their way. John Q Near North
  • 727 Guy
    Sweet Home Chicago...
    I moved to Arizona 23 years ago. However the Chicago sports love has never left me. These guys make me feel right at home. I can relate to everything. Even the local humor brings me back. Haven’t missed a podcast in over 5 years.
  • bleeboydumdum
    Chicago Sports done right!
    Love this podcast! They cover the Chicago sports landscape with personality and humor. Love having Bleck and Abdalla song for the ride behind the scenes. Their show is a must listen for Chicago sports fans as well.
  • chicagoguy7
    More Guests Please
    I don’t like the change to more callers and fewer guests. I prefer Big Cat to Larry from Evanston
  • BigDogCheerio
    Post the Shows, Knuckleheads!
    When you grow up in Chicago, then move away; this pod is a great way to still follow your hometown teams. But the pods need to be posted in order to listen, and that’s been as reliable as a Trubisky deep-ball lately
  • 6 decade cub fan
    Can’t get the show
    Love the show... listen from Ithaca N.Y. You’ve disappeared. What’s up?
  • Danny Otto Jack
    sad times
    This used to be a great show but all they talk about are tv shows and race now. A lot of propaganda. I’m not sure if this is even a sports show anymore. Try Clay Travis
  • aaaakkdiidneix
    Great show
    Awesome show
  • Shea Serrano is 6'3
    Effervescent Podcast
    Marc and Tom. Tom and Marc. Adam. That other guy...Jeff. All great. All the time.
  • Merlyn1975
    I am a Chicago Bears fan living in Upstate NY and found these guys about 6 years ago. I’ve listened to just about every hour on the podcast and love it. This is my favorite show to listen to, I feel like I know everyone at the station more than some of my friends. Great job!
  • ltnwarrior
    Not sure what happened with your podcast but I'm glad you guys are back on.
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