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When culture pops, so does Ryan Bailey. On So Bad It's Good, a daily podcast presented by Betches Media, Ryan dissects the best (and worst) entertainment has to offer, welcoming special guests to chat about all the latest headlines, big TV moments (past and present), and literally every scandal, feud, or Hollywood controversy that’s made us lose our sh*t. (We’re looking at you, Tom Sandoval.)
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  • Sunnywidachance
    I 🩵 Ryan Bailey!
    Spot on analysis, amazing voice work and a feminist! I love you RB!
  • korintiger
    Dude says he’s a Christian
    Goes against his actions yet preaches he has his own relationship with god yet says he believes in things that go against the religion. So he is one step in and one step out of the religion . Why have Olivia Plath on if you have the same beliefs about bible and being in the god cult she came out of.
  • *ANG*
    I absolutely love this podcast! I just subscribed to your Patreon and I thank you for having such a great balance on both platforms. Worth it!! Great job and congratulations to all your success, you deserve it all! 👏🙌😎🥰
  • missvalgall
    Almost 5 stars
    I started listening regularly to SBIG after hearing Ryan on JLL. I would give 5 stars if it weren't for your recurring guest, Sophie. Her vocal fry and Valley Girl way of talking is so annoying to me. I don't listen to when she's on. I like that Ryan is down to earth and shares his reality takes and real-life strife with us. Keep up the good work!
  • Nikkohusky
    Please dump Sophie
    Sophie ruins the show. Her frequent use of the word “like” and vocal fry is terrible. .
  • Florida Girl @ Heart
    Keep them coming, Ryan
    Loved the Olivia Plath interview!!!
  • 19luisa19
    Got better!
    Over the last year this show has leveled up! It started off meh, but all of 2023- now.. wow! Really epic show. Ryan is really funny and the accents are the best part.
  • KIPHazel
    The Fabulous Ryan Bailey
  • JeansCuteTop
    Saved my Valentines Day!
    I was really sad about being alone that day, your Titanic recap was exactly what I needed, Ryan I was howling at your Rose impression & when you & Annabell were going at it about fish 😹 please do more romantic movie recaps, it was hilarious
  • Zoemae247
    Love you, hate Annabelle
    Ryan you have to stop having Annabelle on the pod. Her voice is like nails on the chalkboard and her volume and intensity is always way over the top. Sad to say I turn it off or completely skip the pods she’s on. I suffered through one show with her, and I promise once was enough. Keep being you, you do not need an annoying sidekick.
  • JamielynnC
    Really listen, Ryan spills!
    I already left a review but I LOVED (almost more then Scandoval) the latest VPR episode about podcasts and a little about the stuff that reg folks (like me) don’t really know. I also always think Ryan’s knowledge and passion is great. Not to mention I love Ryan’s voice, he acts like he’s just talking real one-on-one and that’s what makes him so lovable. It just doesn’t feel like he’s TRYING to gain attention but spread the word. I love it, love him and will continue to listen. PS-love the Sandoval/Rachel voices! Your the best Ryan! 💕
  • tjg2017
    So many ads
    I wish there were less ads, or they were all in the middle like they used to be. It’s so frustrating to be listening and then all of a sudden it cuts to an ad.
  • Starnicks7
    Fun show!!
    I love your take on all things bravo ! You literally keep me laughing especially your real housewives impressions! Keep em comin Ryan! Starlyn
  • Karma is my BF
    Best show!!!
    I love how Ryan’s passion for what he does really shows through in the pod. Keep up the good work! 😀
  • Busbaby
    Changed for the worse…
    Used to be really good, but has gotten mean-spirited, I guess in a grab for more ratings. Why make fun of someone’s “cement leg?” Why use the word “mongoloid?” And if you feel the need to apologize for how bad your housewife impersonations are, why not improve them or just stop?
  • pkang13
    Really liking the Sophie episodes!
    Funnier together every time!!
  • kellyjson
    Seriously, like Sophie Ross is like literally awful
    Unsubscribing. There are better reality podcasts out there. Who has time to listen to his rambling? Who pays him for this? Sometimes I'll put on at work because I don't care if I miss anything. Oh and ditch Sophie, she's terrible.
  • Rachelle RR
    Love this podcast
    Ryan please please PLEASE do a traitors episode regularly!
  • Cabrita
    tHOm tHAndOvaL’Z lisp
    Your Sandoval voice is the gift that keeps on giving. C’mon DUUUDE!
  • Lkh111888
    A must-listen if you love Bravo and pop culture!
    Ryan is so great at what he does and truly makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend chat about all things pop culture! If you love Bravo, his recaps are must-listens! So much fun and so entertaining. Thank you, Ryan!
  • Stells181716
    5 stars always
    Nothing but love…..but the word “wild” is used a little much. I know such a stupid thing to complain about but please… it’s a little too wild to say wild so much.
  • Mia123#
    Great show!
    Love the show! Great recaps! Thanks for taking the time to provide such detailed and funny material. Love when you’re on JLL also-happy you’re a chump! ❤️
  • Kirby022
    Glad I found this Podcast!
    You can tell Ryan knows his stuff and I always look forward to listening to an episode!
  • maryfrance
    Amazing Interviews!
    Ryan does an awesome job introducing and interviewing his guests. I’ve been listening for a while, and he has introduced me to multiple other podcasts, tv shows, and books through his interviews. He takes such care with his guests and really gets to know them and their content. He does his research and is super professional. This isn’t always the case when listening to other shows where the hosts just phone it in. Great job, Ryan!
  • OB199813
    Love the Show…
    And I love how we can feel how much you love your mom (and entire family for that matter). Keep it up and wishing you a fantastic 2024!
  • Tina Junes
    You make me laugh so hard. I so appreciate all you do! ❤️ keep up the fantastic episodes!
  • Mom2jia
    I listen to you from day one. I’m a 50-year-old mom From Boston and I always thought Theresa was gonna be my very best friend lol so I watched every show from day one. I just wanted to say Ryan I am really proud of you. I hope you have continued success, and I would love a picture with you at bravo con. I’m getting the VIP pass. NIcKy
  • TooManySponsors!
    I’m happy for Ryan that he got the offer from Betches media, however I wish it didn’t change the way his show was before!! What I loved most was Ryan being Ryan and now it’s all lame interviews. Also Sofie doesn’t bring anything to the table. I miss the OLD show. Like when you would do song interpretations. Sigh
  • Loptyihgftio
    So funny
    I had to write another review because you are so funny. Singing the into outro music from RHOBH 😂😂😂
  • jessheadington
    Take the Taylor swift hater out of here
    Take the Taylor swift Hater out of here.
  • BaBryant
    Get rid of Sophie
    Sophie Ross makes every other Monday’s episodes unlistenable. I just had to shut the latest episode off. I’m officially unsubscribing.
  • beachmissesk8
    Your impersonations are So funny
    Please don’t stop your impersonations! I never write reviews, but recently it sounded like ppl were giving you a hard time about it. So the other side needs to be heard… It is the best, you are so good at them, and it makes me laugh always! My personal favorite voices are: Sandoval, Ken Todd, Meredith Marks… I could go on! You are appreciated!
  • lindy luvs music
    Hardest working podcaster!
    Ryan covers all of the shows, pop culture, etc. that we all love talking about. It’s like chatting with a good friend. And I laugh out loud listening to him break down the insanity. The icing on the cake is him sharing his family’s journey over the last few months. It’s so relatable & heartwarming. Great work, Ryan!
  • MandiRaRa
    Loved the episode with you and your dad! He is just adorable. Listening to him talk about your mom is just the sweetest.
  • Gay Teresa
    A Delight
    There may be 10 sincere, lovely, cis-het white guys left in the world, and Ryan is one of them. He’s gracious to his guests, open-minded, and a lot of fun. An antidote to the toxicity in much of pop culture coverage.
  • MelyMel80
    No more Sophie Ross
    I love the recaps and pop culture but can he get anyone except Sophie Ross ?? Ugh her voice - I can’t listen when she’s on.
  • niclinac
    His patreon overcharged me $877.50
    Think twice before you sign up for his patreon because if there is any discrepancy then good luck getting a refund. I was the highest level patron and wanted to do a guest spot on his patreon, that was supposed to be a one-time $100 charge. Instead it patron charged me for the whole remaining year I subscribed to. It was an obvious mistake. So, do you think he would even acknowledge this? NO! No acknowledgement, no thank you for all the money you’ve previously given, no sorry for the overcharge. We’re looking at you Ryan Bailey
  • ErinErikson
    More Annabelle & Movie Recaps PLEASE!🙏🏽
    Sooo excited to find an 80’s movie recap with Annabelle Desisto! Yay! Happy new year! 🥳
  • mccanneck
    Family member
    Ryan makes you feel like you’re part of his family. He’s hilarious, humble and personable. Thank you Ryan for starting my day off with laughter! And DO NOT MISS ANY EPISODES WITH ANABELLE DESISTO!!! Together it’s pure magic!
  • lauren and lola
    Your mom is very proud of you!
    Ryan you are sooo good at what you do! You make me literally laugh out loud!! You are doing amazing and still keeping the soul of your show on the betches platform. You rock! Thanks for the laughs! You are amazing
  • Margaritas_please
    So good it’s GREAT!
    This is the number #1 podcast I listen to not only because Ryan posts daily, it’s hilarious. There’s something for everybody. I first heard him on Annabelle’s podcast, I believe before he had a podcast years ago? He was so funny and I love their banter. Ryan is extremely witty and cleaver, I find myself LOLing on a regular basis. Also, his laugh is contagious! He interviews people with such passion and enthusiasm, I will listen to an interview with someone blah to me, just to hear him geek out. It’s awesome and the time stamps are easy to follow. I introduced my sister to So Bad it’s Good on a cross country road trip a year ago, and Ryan kept us laughing the entire time. I would usually forward the music in the beginning, but it was my sister’s favorite part! Thank you Ryan!
  • busting par
    The privilege of not being on TV?!
  • BLS890
    Feel good listen
    Unique, funny, insightful + touching. I love the combo of pop culture + humanity that Ryan’s takes have.
  • Corner of Witzend
    Fun Podcast
    I love your podcast, your knowledge of pop culture is the best. Your podcast is from the heart & you can’t go wrong with that. Thanks for the work you put into it Ryan💖💖
  • LlisbethS
    Great podcast
    I cried with you today and am also missing loved ones. Your compassionate words meant a lot. Then I got some good laughs! This podcast is always a scream!
  • Cookie Cat21
    Favorite Pod!
    Ryan is awesome! Love his take on all things pop culture- especially Bravo! I listen every day when I exercise- he makes me laugh & cry! I also met him at BravoCon & he was the sweetest!
  • SociallyMaria
    Great Listen!
    I found you via JLL and I’m so glad you’re a “chump”. Love your take on things. I was just listening to Wednesdays episode and can relate to being tired of you’re own bullsh*t! I watched two great docs that helped me get on track and when I can feel my self slipping, I watch them again. Hopefully you can find something to help you get back on track or at least find the track. That’s always my problem! 😆
  • Bstreine
    Team sandoval always
    Leave him alone!
  • sangrialolopan
    Love Ryan his honesty charisma always feels like I’m listening to a friend. Thank you Ryan!!
  • asdfjjfsadghj
    Ryan is everything unexpected
    He’s the real deal, folks. I am so glad for all of us that he started this podcast. He’s one of like 5 straight white men who have the ability to speak humbly, feel his feelings, take accountability, and express his vulnerability. I’d love for him to take another vacation, just to rest and reflect. It’s been a long year!
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