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An exploration of all the pop culture we love to hate, from the classic reality TV moments of the past and present, to the latest Daily Mail headlines and everything in between. We'll dive into all the infamous and notorious messes you can't stop watching-we're looking at you, Jax Taylor. Twitter: @sobaditsgood3, @ryanbailey25 Instagram: @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey, @ryanbailey25 Email us:

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  • macefacekillah
    Ryan I love you so much and I am so obsessed with your podcast. You are so incredibly interesting and insightful and you have the absolute best voice in the world to listen to for hours on end. Ok. So. Please, I am begging of you, stop the impersonation voices. I literally hate them all it makes me feel like my ears are bleeding when you use them the whole podcast lol. Can you just recap as yourself?? Thanks love you bye!!
  • lesatrsich
    I’ll say I knew you when …
    For anyone who is interested in hearing someone with a real heart and soul and bottomless talent recalling your favorite shows , you’ve some to the right place . Ryan cracks me up on IG bc he is the most clever - but his hysterical impressions and his attention to detail on the pod is second to none ! He doesn’t miss a trick ! I love him and so will you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • zntrcha1
    Like a fine wine
    This podcast is an acquired taste. If you don’t like it, acquire some taste!
  • ChocoLabLover
    Ryan, your Meredith impression is giving me strong Rinna vibes 😂 Meredith needs more of a monotone voice. Still love you and this podcast!! Keep up the amazing work!
  • CindyLG8
    Don’t need to watch the shows anymore!
    You are the absolute best Ryan. You are warm and honest. I love your voices and imitations, and when you crack yourself up. My lifestyle has changed recently and I don’t have time to watch most of the Bravo shows. When I do have time to watch TV, I usually watch something else because I have heard your entertaining recap! (Sssshhhh 🤫 Don’t tell Bravo!) hope you find happiness in your personal life, and that this podcast is a success if that’s what you want, but I do think you are destined for larger things.
  • Corona Cray Cray
    Love it!
    Enjoy it. You are definitely the “bad boy” of podcast!
  • KIPHazel
    Mary Payne Gilbert was a delight! #PinkShade Already downloaded the cast. Thanks Ryan. And No Vocal Fry! 🤭 Accurate Funny Smart & KindHearted Podcast ! 🤩 Really Good 🤩
  • A_Marie_M
    Great recaps
    This podcast gets me through my work day. Ryan is hilarious and provides excellent recaps of all my favorite bravo shows.
  • KristenRob
    More is more!
    Ryan has become the background narration to my life. You think there’s too much content to listen to everything, but then you’re sad on the weekend when he’s not there. There’s always the patreon then!
  • NikkiNickle
    So funny!
    Recently got into listening to a few funny Bravo podcasts while I workout. Ryan is so funny! I love how he gives different sides and perspectives and his Erika Jayne voice makes me LOL. Thanks Ryan! Keep making me laugh so I can get through my workouts!
  • ChipRoosterHD
    Great pod - even better mustache!
  • JennieJoanne
    So good, it’s amazing.
    Ryan does a great job recapping our favorite bravo shows and pop culture moments of the week. If you wanna laugh at goofy impressions and hot takes about your favorite Bravolebs, you’ve come to the right place. Love the passion and love your opinions! Podcast or Instagram, you keep us laughing.
  • Bina B!
    Love love LOVE!!!
    This podcast is getting me through esthetician school. As I’m putting in my hours of facial time I got Ryan in my ear all day.
  • LindaYogaGirl
    Love Ryan and everything he does. Patreon is awesome too—Selling OC and Kardashians, and my favorite Baddie guest interviews! Thanks Ryne❤️
  • CarmenBrand
    I love this podcast! I’m a newer subscriber and look so forward to the long recap episodes!
  • VAT00
    Absolutely love this podcast. His recap of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 19 had me roaring with laughter. Ryan’s Erika impersonation is hysterical. His commentary makes me laugh every time. Thank you for such a great podcast- it brightened my day.
  • ToxicMonkey002
    Such fun content!
    I always look forward to these podcasts. Ryan is hilarious without even trying and truly cares about giving good content and his fans. Keep up the good work!
  • Maly_1288
    Pop culture addict
    I love this pod! Ryan is hilarious, I first started listen bc of Real Housewives Beverly Hills recaps but now I listen everyday. Also I love the housewives impersonations! And the Punta Cana!! one of my favorites 😂😂
  • Lou Lu 27
    Stop calling women females!
    Love the pod, but c’mon Ryan. Sophie’s definitely called you out about calling women “females” yet you still use this term. I’m a long time listener since the Realizing Stuff Podcast days so I’m a huge fan, but I had to get the off my chest.
  • Melissa0895
    Almost great
    Ryan is awesome and seems like a genuinely good person, but he goes on and on for far too long. He could cut his podcast time in half if he just got into the topics instead of explaining what he's going to be talking about for the first 30 minutes. Think he just needs to bring in an editor to cut the waste, every show should not be over 2 hours long!! Overall a good listen but just wayyy too long winded.
  • MD12335
    Please produce!
    Had to unsubscribe, too much babbling but check in a few days here and there. Happy to see a different Monday host, but 90 seconds of dead air to get a charger ?! Cmon you are better than this.
  • Countess Minerva
    Yeah I’m a baddie…
    Ryan is that annoying new coworker who you think will drive you crazy with his energy but ends up being your work bestie within a week because you bond over bravo TV and agree with all his takes. He’s a nice guy and time stamps are our friends too!
  • EbenB
    Laughing all the time
    I love this podcast!! Came across it when I was out on a run and had just finished another podcast. The music intro made me want to run more and keep listening and I’m so glad I did. It’s my go-to now when I want to just “check out” from my work day. Thanks Ryan!!!
  • AnnmarieS-
    Fun and Funny
    You know you've hit gold when you listen just to laugh, whether you are fans of anything Bravo or Pop Culture or not. Ryan is insanely gifted with the art of gab and extremely witty. He's a gem in a sea of the usual suspects and he charms you immediately. You will feel like you are hanging with a friend, talking shhhh about your friends (your friends being the sometimes intolerable but always addicting celebrities on these reality shows).
  • BecksDC9934
    So good it’s good
    Those who get it get it. Those who don’t don’t have any sense of humor or joy in life. Keep doing what you’re doing Ryan!!
  • xosamantha78
    my fav!
    listening to you makes me feel like i’m talking w a best friend!! thank you for easing my anxieties every day & distracting my mind from the real world w your mash ups, impressions, sensitivities, & everything else you do. so grateful i found this podcast!!
  • TT2Mom
    Keeps me laughing
    So Bad It’s Good is my favorite podcast! He keeps me entertained and laughing each episode. Check him out on Instagram so you can stay entertained between episodes which are now daily 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Mayramgr
    Needs a cohost
    I like Ryan, he seems sweet & he’s funny. But, I think he needs a cohost for every episode. His solo recaps tend to be unnecessarily long, maybe a cohost can help him focus.
  • A_Gaw
    Ryan is great but….
    Why is the intro 25 years long? 🤣 Get to the good stuff. I do love you though, Ryan. 😘
  • BCK8989
    Ryan deserves an Emmy
    Ryan’s Beverly Hills recaps go off the rails in the best way possible. If you aren’t listening to his podcast you are missing out on podcast GOLD
  • kaymar51728393729
    The best
    Love Ryan! Often find myself laughing out loud and I look forward to the podcasts every week!
  • busting par
    Come on Sophie
    The Queen never had a job? Read about her history and her role as a mechanic during WWII. I would urge you to either remain quiet or read more.
  • idahogin
    So Bad it’s Good with Ryan Bailey
    As a fan of the Housewife franchise, I really enjoy this podcast! Ryan’s humor and lighthearted approach provides a fun way to recap the weekly shows! 5:5 stars!!
  • Aroel2
    Your voice imperfections are a big turn off. Just stop.
  • Mindy 76
    I find you so warm, real and intelligent. I love your shows. Keep it up!!! Love you……look forward for your podcast. Thank you
  • Michl421
    Wanted to love
    What was up with that 5 minute long music intro? Not what I came for.. what?
  • nycaa1989
    Ryan is the best
    He’s seriously the most hilarious! Love his long rants and feel like we are besties. The best bravo podcast!
  • SNS321
    So hilarious
    I enjoy that he mocks these idiots 🤣
  • kkn0411
    Love listening!
    Great real podcast about housewives!
  • Mmb476
    It’s a winner, folks!
    I love listening to Ryan’s Bravo recaps and pop culture takes, and I believe in him and Sutton’s love. 💗
  • Alexa Ibarra
    Love Ryan
    Absolutely love this podcast. Ryan is truly comical beyond belief, plays into characters and above all actually talks to his followers about anything pop culture which makes you feel like it’s truly a friend. If you love pop culture- this is a must listen! Ryan’s also a major dog lover- and we love a big dog lover! Thanks for always entertaining!! Alexa Ibarra
  • srkarkarm
    Ryan, Wow
    I decided to write this review in the form of a letter. Dear Ryan, I takes a lot of thought to put into words what you have added to my life and the feelings you bring to me daily. It’s the uplifting mash-ups that have me dancing in my cubicle, snorting-laughing at your Lisa Rinna impersonation, the most wholesome dry humor I’ve ever heard, the honesty take on media and it’s pros and cons, your deep vulnerability that only comes with your unique life experience, our mutual love for Steve Martin and the counting crows, your radio worthy voice, and your grace and humbleness that make me love your show. Maybe I love you too?! You are truly a special person with so much to contribute and your show is *chef’s kiss. Keep being your authentic self and sharing your opinions and experiences. Sincerely, Sarah
    Love Ryan. Was unsure about it but after second episode I was hooked. I'm even a patron member. I also love the mashups, Ryan is super talented.
  • ll_1947
  • sunnyside up345
    Love listening to Ryan! Please have Chris Franjola on your podcast. I know he doesn’t watch housewives, but he covers pop culture.
  • Lauren Leigh💜
    Baddie For Life💜
    If you love Bravo, reality tv and hott celebrity gossip, then please add this into your daily listening rotation. I promise you won’t be disappointed! This podcast covers sooo many interesting topics with amazing guests, so you’re never bored. He also posts the time stamps for each episode, in case you want to skip around and listen to certain sections. Ryan is the best, very funny and entertaining with great stories and view points. I especially look forward to hearing the pop culture round up every Monday with Sophie. They sure make a great pair and keep me laughing for days. Even subscribed to the Patreon account to get the full benefit!! I’m definitely hooked and will forever be a loyal fan. One of the best podcasts out there for sure!
  • Fanny 869
    Midwest teacher
    Ditto on the onions! Love ya
  • ARMV4
    One Of The Best
    So Bad It’s Good and Ryan Bailey are like an old friend . Each podcast episode is a marathon of thoughts, advice, and pop-culture information. Ryan curates one of the top 5 podcasts in my opinion. He is also truly a remarkable master of music mixers at the beginning of each podcast. Then he goes deeply into Bravo and other popular show recaps and topics. Ryan has great interview skills, combined with his background in performing arts and the gift of lots of gab that pulls you in. And the banter he creates with guests is personal and genuine. Obviously Ryan has many talents, to be able to produce countless hours of entertainment weekly. With all of the choices out there, Ryan has passed the test of time when many other podcasters fade away unnoticed. You can always count on Ryan to spill the tea and spill his heart out. He is so raw and so real. You will love him!
  • Kwagenbach
    Amazing podcaster
    Ryan is such a great talent. He deserves his own radio show. Intelligent, funny and enthusiastic…. I really enjoy his podcasts.
  • bradyegc
    One of my favs!
    I love Ryan he’s so funny! I could literally listen to him tell the most random stories all day. My fav episodes are def with sophie i look forward to them every Monday! Came here from comments by celebs cause i loved his takes
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