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Wrestling #11

When the show goes off the air, the real discussion begins! SmackDown commentators Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick break down the hottest topics and talk with the Superstars and Legends of WWE each week on WWE After the Bell. Hear in-depth chats with your favorite WWE Superstars as Corey and Kevin bring you their unique ringside perspective on the biggest stories, matches and rivalries in WWE. Follow @AfterTheBellWWE, @WWEGraves, and @Kev_Egan on social! WWE After the Bell is produced by the WWE Podcast Network.

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  • BDawg436
    Let’s go
    This is an incredible podcast,it is really great at giving a commentary view.Also WWE please hear me out,John Cena’s final run should be him winning a IC title.He’d become a grand slam champion Then he could put the title in a tournament.The tournament could increase rivalaries,or show new talent.Please,I’m a Cenantion Manic and he deserves only the best.
  • Ruben9401
    So sad to hear that they have canceled ATF. Loved hearing the podcast. One of the best podcast around
  • cademstreeter
    Bring Jey Uso on the show
    I love it but you need to bring Jey on
  • drewmcgurn
    Lantern flies!
    Listened to your latest episode this morning and it was obviously recorded prior to the devastating news of Brays death. I got chills when one of the first things you mentioned to KP was your place was being overrun by lantern flies and how you would have to explain them to him later. Really well done by all involved on smack down Friday paying tribute to such an amazing performer and man! I laughed today thinking about one of the last promos he did with Bobby Lashley and the “muscle man dance”. He was such a joy to watch and I’m so terribly sorry for your collective loss! Having dealt with an unimaginable amount of grief myself I’ve found the best way for me to process is to try and celebrate them and all they gave to me and everyone else they may have touched. Bray has so much to celebrate and it sounds like he left his mark on so many. Thank you, Andrew
  • ltc0827
    Love this podcast!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while it’s the only wrestling podcast I listen to! Love ya Graves&KP!
  • Lea awesomeness
    Lea awesomeness
    Hi, I really like listening to your podcast and I will be a Wrestler I will name myself Lea Awesomeness and I am really hyped for Money in the Bank and I want Damon to win he should grab the briefcase and I want Dom to win against Code and I want Finn Balar your new world heavyweight champion and after that I should be a new member of the Judgment Day and rise with them and I really like doing something bad after I do that it felt great
  • #1 Buffalo Bills fan
    Best WWE Podcast ever
    I am a huge WWE fan. this is truly the best wrestling podcast!!
  • Abinem 41
    Huge wwe fan
    I am a huge wwe fan of all the wrestlers. But my favorite is John cena and Rey mysterio. I have the same birthday as John cena but I I love this podcast a lot
  • TommieEgon
    Great listen
    I’ve been a life long fan of the E. Just started listening to AFB. Picked up with current episodes. Decided to go back to day 1 and it has been a great listen. I work overnight and this certainly helps the time fly. I’m finding out more and more about not only the superstars but having this in common with Graves as well. Some of the best/interesting episodes are the ones you wouldn’t expect. So far my favs have been Harvey Whippleman, Michael Cole and Otis.
  • 🔉🤑🐉🏹
    love it
    This is awesome 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 this is awesome 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Alexbooth
    A proper listen
    A great listen to fans of wrestling, talking about wrestling. Nice insider insight and a good dose of positivity. Thanks Graves
  • Rordawg84
    From announcers to podcasters
    Between the awesome conversations with the guests, and the humorous banter between the two of you, both on the podcast and behind the announcing table, especially when Carmella comes down to the ring, I love the connection you both have. Keep up the great job you both are doing between the podcast and behind the announcing table. Maybe I can get this review read on the podcast?
  • Rukiddingme0
    This show is so scripted.
    You can definitely tell Corey is just saying what the wwe wants him to say.
  • SullBoy
    Jackie Redmond is awful
    Didn’t know where to go to comment on this other than here. The person co-hosting the Best of Raw 2022 with Corey was absolutely dreadful. I hope we never have to see Jackie Redmond on WWE TV again she was painfully bad on camera.
  • nwamexican
    greatest of all
    such wonderful great show so funny too highlight of my every week
  • texan2020$$$$&&
    Five stars
    Great wwe podcast, I really enjoy the interviews.
  • JcVega101
    a wwe podcast
    with this being a podcast from the wwe i at first wasn’t sure if i should check it out due to biasness but now i’ve been listening over a year, it’s worth checking out! def not bias and it’s a fun listen
  • wwegirl89
    Just started listening to your podcast
    Just started listening to your podcast love interview with kross and Scarlet I’ve been away from WWE fan for a very long time I’ll be listening to your podcast every week
  • bountyhunter3
    Good job
    Love Cory on tv
  • Kynduvme
    I was skeptical until i saw Cody after the cameras went off after smack down on long island last Friday Bring a kid up into the ring to sing happy birthday, then go sign autographs and take photos with just about anyone who wanted them at ring side AFTER wrestling a fantastic match with seth rollins. After I saw that i wanted to hear him speak on this podcast and WOW, this guy talks the talk and walks the walk. I’m 43 and my sons are now into wrestling so i’m ELATED they have Codey Rhodes to look up to and cheer for. A scholar and a gentleman, A ring master like barnum and bailey never imagined and a fine example of what wrestlers could and should be. THANK YOU!
  • vicky66xx
    Great podcast!
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast!!
  • Gamaro26
    This podcast is also the GOAT love graves and Vic keep up the great work
  • Bass_devil
    Great show
    I put of listening to this show… what a mistake… started from the beginning and now can’t stop…. Haha it totally took me 27 episodes to give review… I’m lazy/ I suck… we’ll thank you what you do and for you are (honest & blunt) … haha! Graves for president!
  • enough with these 2
    Death show
    Be a quest on. Show get we wish you luck in future endeavors soon after
  • Twizted2.0
    More Vitriol please 🤘
    Love the show don’t care if they just chatting about past shows or what happened down the road over the weekend it’s always entertaining live the guests esp ICP very cool Cory music references are on point and I feel like I am the only one who gets them lol (even though I know I am not) keep up the good work boys 🤘
  • konveraesss
    Cory , Love the show man lots of respect for you an d been a big fan for a while now going on 5 years wasn’t your signature lucky 13? Anyways can we maybe get a podcast with big time becks? P. S do you know how much a picture signed by you would cost personally for someone? 👍contains addiction. To an Amazing person. They dive deep and they give there honest full blown option
  • AJman3209
    After the bell is the best
    After the bell for life also Grilling graves was funny plus Vic showing up was cool too
  • emotionalshoot
    Grillin Graves
    Best episode yet. Thank you for righting the ship Vic!! 😂😂😂
  • Battle_Born775
    Vince joe
    Cory, you really don’t like Vice huh why answer please.
  • Narquise Williams
    Love Corey Graves and Sam
    They hang off each other’s words honestly one of my favorite podcasts
  • peanut11butter
    More Women
    I really love this podcast. Vic Joseph and Corey Graves bounce off each other very well. I love when they discuss upcoming PPV’s for WWE and give there opinions on storylines. It’s nice to see that they don’t give opinions that management told them to say, I like seeing the fan side of both Corey and Vic. The interviews are great, but I hope they get more women on the show. Overall I love the podcast, and I’m happy that I have a podcast for only WWE specifically.
  • JBL1990
    Better than I expected
    Honestly I didn’t expect to enjoy this show as much as I do. I’m a teacher and, with summers off, I need A LOT of podcasts to help me pass the time as I prepare for next school year. I downloaded this expecting to listen to 2 episodes, not enjoy it, and delete. But here we are! If you are a WWE fan this show is worth downloading.
  • Mattyjigs
    Great stuff... more Dan please.
    Ryckert = Ratings.
  • Mgf21
    It’s awesome
    I really Corey and Vic they are both awesome it’s the best podcast ever
  • CTSTEW948
    Rebooking the Territory
    Loved the talk about the Montreal Screwjob. Great group discussion. Love the pod, keep it up.
  • Team Loyal
    The. Best. Podcast. Ever!
    Soo awesome! I love wwe
  • omsjames124
    Mount Rushmore
    This is not a Mount Rushmore moment but I thought I would bring it up one of my favorite moments is when Bailey was in the ring after I believe a wrestlemania and the crowd started to sing to her and it went on for like five minutes. That was a natural reaction.
  • Sebastian Rose
    Refreshing look at WWE!
    It is so nice to hear such a refreshing look at WWE. As opposed to other sports-entertainment shows, After the Bell has fun enjoying the stories and athletes of WWE.
  • The_Stupid_Boy10
    Best in the Business!
    Corey Graves is the best in the business, especially now that he’s tagged up with Vic Joseph! This was my favorite podcast anyway, but that is even more solidified with the Cameron Grimes interview! Can’t wait for many more interviews with unexpected questions with the superstars!
  • ZachariahL01
    There are no words
    Before i ever listened to a single ATB podcast, i used to have no care in the world for it. Seemed like just another podcast in this podcast trending world. But, once I finally said to myself, I really have nothing of wrestling to catch up on, the story was lacking my interest anyway, let’s give this a shot i guess. And, i am so glad i did. The first episode i listened to was with Adam Pierce actually and it really got me interested in listening to more and more. I just listened to the one with Christian which was really cool. Still got more to go and can’t wait. Now I don’t want to miss a single episode. The stories are so incredible and the insights to each guest(s) gives me even more respect, it gives me goosebumps listening and laughs and much perspective that I definitely agree with. God only knows how much i am thankful for this podcast. Thank you!
  • bhortonwwe
    I love the new format with both Corey and Vic now. Love the in/out segment. Just seems honest and real!
  • Kimber Monroe
    Corey Graves best podcast!
    Corey Graves ATB is always a great listen! Corey asks great questions. I love hearing his views of the WWE shows and wrestlers! Would love if King Corbin was a guest again!
  • Shem242
    More Graves Commentary
    EDIT: the below has been fixed. Great addition of Vic. Enjoy the discussion then interview What happened to Graces personal opinion and hot takes? Guess Vince got his feelings hurt. Interviews are fun but need more of Graves insightful opinions on ongoing WWE developments. He waa spot on about rematches!
  • Parnassus
    So artificial
    EDIT- How are ppl still listening to this? Corey wants to sound smart so bad. It’s really bad. Corey comes across so condescending. Pretending like he is always one phone call away from getting fired. C’mon dude. All of his booking ideas (Main event push for Cesaro, Big E) are so basic and he acts like he is inventing the wheel. People have been saying for years those guys deserve pushes. It’s just so fake. No matter how much he preaches that he is punk rock and anti-system, this is the most obviously planted “edgy” podcast there is. Plus he just needs a co host. Corey is not interesting nor smart enough to keep anybody interested for a whole hour.
  • paintrain4za
    No more Vic
    Not a fan of Vic joeseph addition. Way too corny. I can’t listen to this every week. Sorry graves I’m out.
  • dwmock79
    Used to be good
    Graves solo = gold, Graves and Vic Joseph = Im unsubscribing
  • fortanelli.art
    No more Vic!
    Corey is excellent all on his own. I don’t care much for their interactions back and forth, it doesn’t add to the show for me. I listened to ATB because it wasn’t just another commentary show between two or more people. I may just have to stop listening altogether.
  • Sirjam34
    I went to college with Bobby Lashley. One of the nicest humblest guys I know.
  • PlaymakerKB13
    Superstar pod
    Corey Graves is a superstar on the mic and now he takes that talent to the podcast world. First class WWE analysis and A+ interviews. Corey has the unique ability to make everyone feel like they’re on the couch or in the car or on a walk with him talking WWE. He also brings the perfect amount of spice. Keep crushing life and entertaining us. Cheers!
  • Mandopunk
    Punk Wrestling!
    Corey Graves is my favorite NXT Superstar ever. Love what he’s doing with commentary. The podcast ROCKS!!!
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