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Hosted by Corey Graves, “After the Bell” is an official WWE podcast that gives you a provocative look at the latest in Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Featuring exclusive Superstar interviews, “ATB” examines the world of WWE both between and beyond the ropes in a way that’s as edgy and unpredictable as Graves himself.

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  • saekev877
    Really enjoyable
    I’ve always looked Corey Graves since his NXT commentary days and now it’s even better that he has a podcast. Definitely worthy of the 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • wcollins27
    Corey Graves After The Bell
    This WWE PodCast Is Amazing You Should have The Bella Twins or The New Day On Your Podcast so they can be on your podcast :)
  • Scott K O
    Great Show
    Love hearing the interviews and life on the road stories and I always agree with his opinion on the writing and creative and direction of the show. Great job keeping it real and not being scared of giving your opinion and being politically correct
  • KingHollywoodAaron
    Hey Corey!
    Definitely love your take on the WWE news. Keep getting people on the show! I love those segments. And keep shaking up podcast game! Get that heat!
  • wwefanJacob2019
    Corey Graves
    U rock don’t listen to the haters Do your thing u got this BLOCK then haters
  • derekjames
    Best podcast ever!!
    This guy is amazing in the podcast world & everything else he does!! He’s the real voice of the voiceless!! Corey says it like it is!! I cant wait for more of his podcast!! You’re the best Corey!! Keep them coming!! PS. Haters if you don’t like this podcast fine but DON’T COME ON HERE & WHINE & COMPLAIN!! THIS MAN GIVES 45 MINUTES OF HIS LIFE TO YOU PEOPLE. HE GIVES YOU AMAZING TALENT!! So don’t come on here & cry “worse podcast ever, Skip this one” uh no do me a favor idiots. Think before you type!! This podcast is the amazing. Keep up the great work Corey!! - Your fan, Derek!!
  • Horsemenmjy
    Awesome show!
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awesome podcast! The best guests! Awesome content! Great job interviewing! Gives me what I need in between shows. Thank you! Keep up the wonderful work! Best podcast ever! Thank you!
  • jj jenkins45
    After the bell
    It is a good podcast u should get Ric Flair on your podcast
  • EvlZombyHamster
    Love this Podcast
    Absolutely love this show. Now I more questions than ever. But every interview has been a lot of fun to listen to.
  • OriginalMoi
  • J_Shaw1201
    I personally love listening to the rants of Graves. His stories with the superstars are hilarious. You hear his passion for wrestling, and his frustration shows just how much he loves the product. Keep telling all the twitter idiots how you feel; it makes my day that much better!
  • slick'81
    Stay down
    Great interview with the uso’s graves👍
  • lethalrican
    Don’t really listen to podcast but this one is amazing but everyone else in the reviews is right stop bleeping the swears definitely love this podcast overall keep it up !
  • Cis4Chandelure
    Really good stuff!
    At first it feels overproduced and like its just Corey spouting WWE propaganda. However, the show only feels overproduced audio wise because they just seem to have really great sound equipment! Corey has great stories/opinions/thoughts and you really get an insight into the people behind the characters that we all know and love.
  • ThatsChris4you
    Just Amazing keep up the good work
  • Burr326
    Stop censoring
    Stop editing the language out. Makes it feel less authentic. Hearing a beep in the middle of a sentence is annoying.
    Exactly what I wanted from a WWE Podcast
    It’s really hard not to expect something produced by WWE to not feel very..“real” I guess it the word. This is in no way a bash at WWE as I’m a 26 year old who has been a fan since I was 6 and still watch religiously. That’s not to say that I’m a fan of everything. This podcast truly does feel like a breath of fresh air. It feels legit and Graves is someone that I am a huge fan of. So getting his take on the product as an employee and the fan that he is, it’s pure entertainment and I am really enjoying what he brings to the table. Keep up the great work!
  • Conqueror Aggressive
    Not having it!
    Fire this man now! #WorstPodcastEver #CoreyGravesSucks
  • BrianHamilton1
    Good Intentions
    I like the podcast, although it does toe the company line. If WWE could see themselves turning Corey loose to offer constructive criticism and speak his version of the truth without a WWE filter, this could be the go to weekly podcast for wrestling fans.
  • Jonnnnnnny123456
    Wwe needs Graves in creative as he understand the fans and what we want !!!!! 5 stars no way this guy is 10 stars!!!
    This is the Cory we need at ring side
  • JohnnyC44
    Awesome Show!
    Corey seems to think exactly how I do. Keep the rants coming, hopefully your voice will be heard! You rock!
  • eric_mehrkens777
    LOVE IT!
    Corey Graves is a great host...he keeps this podcast thoroughly entertaining. I’m glad WWE finally has a platform to defend themselves agains the “dirt sheets” and rotten social media. Fickle “fans” beware!
  • Jake Lifts!!
    Great Podcast!!
    Corey delivers on bringing our favorite stars to the podcast world and really opens them up. Cool to see these superstars show their real colors and gives you an insight of how they feel. It really makes you want to sit down and have a conversation with everyone. They all seem like great people.
  • ppplistern
    Love this podcast
    I can listen to Cory Graves talk all day. His insight and raw opinions on and off the screen mirrors a lot of my feelings and thoughts. Great job Graves!!!
  • Handsome Swagger
    Corey belongs in a grave!!!
    This guy is the worst thing to happen to WWE Broadcasting since JBL!! Just like JBL every word out of this guys mouth makes my brain hurt. What kind of a guy abandons his family to tag one of his coworkers??? He’s a lousy host, a horrible husband and an even worse father! Corey Graves is an absolute loser, but the podcast is okay I guess. Just one ⭐️
  • alisher shimov
    You are awesome Corey Graves
    This Podcast is awesome can you talk about on your podcast one day your top ten professional wrestling matches of all times wwe and other promotions keep up the great work Corey Graves
  • Woodyruns
    Better than The New Day
    A great podcast! Graves does a really good job hosting. I am enjoy hearing about their lives outside the ring and learning about the WWE Universe.
  • Swags12
    My Guy. You’re killing it.
  • Meaghan_Z
    He is a great interviewer and has a great Podcast voice. He’s perfect for this role!
  • Metootoo1
    I Wanted to Hate
    Even if there are points where it is WWE shilling, overall I think Graves is giving his honest opinions and has put together a really entertaining podcast.
  • Mac71328
    Pleasantly Surprised
    I didn't know what to expect, but it ended up being fantastic. Props to Corey.
  • Thundarr Lizard
    Yeah it's trash
    Don't waste your time.
  • PintoBeans85
    Graves is Great, he asks his guests great questions and let’s them talk. I really enjoy it!
  • TDemdub
    After The Bell
    Corey Graves is a National Treasure! Great podcast!
  • A Broken Freakin Neck
    Corey is the best! Corey #1!
    Corey does a great job talking wrestling! I really like that he pays attention to other wrestlers... (Cesaro...) I also think Cesaro deserves a push btw! 😺
  • AMarcum24
    Not a true podcast
    If you want some behind the scenes or what is really going on, this is not for you.. People stay in Character and aren’t real with you. Also guests call in and the audio is horrible!
  • Solomonsters dead mom
    WWE approved
    Corey Graves is a WWE shill.
  • Dallas Rawhide
    Best Podcast! Graves is GOAT!
    Graves is the best! Love this podcast & given up on all the lame & lying dirtsheets. Keep it up!
  • DarthFele
    Not really sure how keyfabe this is
    I have been listening to this podcast since the begging and it is pretty interesting and entertaining, but I’m not sure how “real” this is. If you want a wrestling podcast to enjoy and take it lightly you’ll love this, if you are expecting “shoots” this might not be for you. So far I have fairly enjoy all episodes except that first Bayley keyfabe cheap heely interview. Maybe it’s just my issue but I don’t feel Corey is being that real as he advertise
  • coliepeps
    This is the Corey graves I wanna hear every week on wwe TV
  • Jt_Swift
    Graves is a tool🤦‍♂️
    This “reality” podcast is nothing but pro-WWE propaganda, you can watch WWE and get this bull crap. If you listen to this, just know that this is a work by a jobber (couldn’t cut in the ring so he’s an announcer), this is in NO WAY a shoot by him or anyone that comes on the show.
  • BITW357
    Twitter tough guys.
    People give Corey a hard time for various reasons, but Eric Bischoff said it best, “Controversy creates cash”. He is honestly the best announcer on Raw and Smackdown...that is not a legend or a Hall of Famer.
  • spyder4913
    Fantastic podcast
    Great questions! Great interviews!
  • Matt Costigan
    Keeping it real
    It’s a official WWE podcast but Corey does shoot and speak his mind.
  • jhouligan
    Great show
    I dig Corey Graves. Great takes on the shows
  • smit4110
    I like this a lot. For the most part you hear from the real people and their real thoughts. It refreshing to hear the superstars in a different light.
  • michael53wayne
    Just when I think I can’t hear enough of Corey Graves’ voice on commentary, they give me an honest podcast I can listen to, sponsored by WWE Keep up the great work Corey!
  • zach kreider
    Can you get more wrestlers
    An you get Seth Rollins , Samy Zane and other big wrestlers
  • @Henesy20
    Pro Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment
    Great show. Like to hear all off the guests out of character and their candid insight into the biz. Not worried about talking about other promotions, previous character iterations, or time in other companies and their contributions to the current talent within WWE. The talk about Storyline’s is critical, when necessary, and honest. This is a shoot, and all the marks will complain. But if you are interested in Professional Wrestling as well as Sports Entertainment, you’ll enjoy the conversations and insight that both the character Grave’s and the wrestling fan, Matt Polinsky, provides into the biz, not just the “Universe” which is refreshing and not watered down by some awful creative angle. I’ve enjoyed every episode so far and am not much of a podcast guy.
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