Full Body Chills

All Genres #177Fiction #5

Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard growing up? Well, gather round... and listen close.

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  • LiliYG
    Please drop more episodes!
  • Lyric22t
    Great narration and music
    This can be intense.
  • B Cremins
    We need more episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why haven’t there been any new episodes in a while
  • MRenRog
    Genuinely creeps me the heck out and gives me chills. The story telling makes you anxious for the ending the whole time. Love it
  • Total Fandom Freak
    Awesome!!! One minor complaint.
    Love this podcast! The stories are well written, and there’s a lot of them where I can’t see the twist coming, which is nice. Even when I do see the twist coming, I’m honestly excited for it. The backstories and descriptions of everything give this awesome feel of the story being real, which makes it all the more chilling. My only complaint is for the rare bit of language, because it’s not marked with an explicit tag. Still, a good story is a good story, no matter what. Thank you guys for giving us such an awesome podcast!
  • olikesdirtbikes
    It is creepy the sound effects are realistic and the storytelling is amazing
  • Return to start after done
    Please do not listen the stories when alone in the remote woods (as I did). Should have taken the title into account. Creators, well done!
  • val_rn
    Full on chills!
    Ashley flowers is the greatest storyteller of all time! I would listen to her talk about anything!
  • RosaChamo
    Your the best
    You are the best I love listening to you when I’m working. You help me be less stressful In my life Thanks Blessings
  • allyrulysmaulfh
    I love it
    I recently found about this podcast and I can’t stop listening to it 💕
  • keeeeeeetttt
    Probably the best podcast ever.
    Love love love this. Will there be more?
  • jjcs-css-77
    Really great!
    Love the stories!
  • Timmy ttttt
    Huge fan of this podcast I’ve registered a few times now really hoping we get some more stories!!!
  • cryb_by
    Full Body Chills
    I actually did get full body chills, which shocked me in itself
  • DrewSamuel
    This actually gave me chills and made me look over my shoulder! Well done!
  • Mousey250
    Love love love this!!
    I absolutely love this Podcast!!! My favorite hands down! Ashley you do an amazing job, I feel like I am watching the whole thing play out.
  • sydneysmom2020
    Such incredible storytellers 👏👏👏
    I love all the Audiochuck programs. I can’t get enough. Ashley Flowers is brilliant! Thanks ya’ll for the incredible work. ❤️ please continue to bring us interesting stories.
  • Daniella mellnab
    I love the podcast but I have a question. In the episode worms what happened to the girl? I know she died and was sick but what were the worms she was pulling out? Sorry if I spoiled anything for people who haven’t listened to the podcast or haven’t heard the episode. If you haven’t listened to the podcast it’s really good!
  • ahenshaw777
    I loved scary stories growing up and now I can enjoy them as an adult!! Thank you Ashley!
  • Ayoke97
    Full body chills for real!!
    Jake Webber has THE coolest voice ever! These are Definitely not for the faint of heart at all. These have kept me on edge all day while listening. Ashely and David, you’re so incredibly talented. Thank you for the best stories. Much love!
  • Zoe33DR
    Excellent podcast
    I am a crime junkie fan and when I heard this advertised, I had to check it out. It is soooo good. One episode and I was hooked. I binged all the episodes and can’t wait for more. Thank you Ashley and Audiochuck productions.
  • dragonworrior123
    This is awesome!!! Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! I absolutely love this podcast. It’s cool how each story is completely different! I definitely recommend this podcast!!! 😆😆😆
  • Allison169
    I listen to crime junkie all the time so when I saw this podcast I FREAKED OUT!!! My personal favorite episodes are “My Diary” and “Lucky” those two are the ones I listen to the most they lore you into these odd stories with weird outcomes especially “My Diary”. If you haven’t already checked this podcast out you should!
  • deankj
    Anything with Ashley Flowers is my favorite!
    I find it hard to listen to any podcast not hosted my Ashley Flowers. She’s the best story teller!
  • lilalizette🎈
    This podcast is amazing and my favorite from audio chuck. Each story drags you into the creepy and insidious little world of Full body chills. I’m constantly checking updates on when a new one will be added. Please add more soon!
  • zczarina
    Scary Good!
    I already love Ashley’s voice so subscribing to this podcast was a no brainer. After listening to the story US I was hooked. I love horror stories!
  • pruppet love
    tbh I found season two to be hard to follow but season one was nice
  • MarkP_LA
    Awesome horror story podcast
    One of the best horror story podcasts out there, great story selection and great narration, please keep up the good work!
  • biden2020:)fight racism
    Amazing podcast I love you guys!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Marytn1
    Found this today. I work completely alone on weekends, in a hospital, located in the basement, across from the morgue, and have to stay until I am done, then I walk home, in the dark..I love horror. The scarier the better. However, right now, I’m rethinking my hobby …Ashley you are an amazing narrator and I am HOOKED. I get frustrated trying to find something to listen to while I’m here alone working. The shows are often not what they claim to be and I end up re-watching a Netflix movie. THANK YOU for not just entertaining me, but completely engulfing my brain and every nerve ending into a world of fear and horror that (sickly) satisfies my need to be petrified out of my mind…. You WIN. Please keep up the great stories! Don’t go away!!
  • Keeblizzle
    Ashley, I love this!! So unique and creepy! My heart races at certain parts and I think listening to it before bed, might not be the greatest idea! You are such a talented narrator!
  • julantal
    Miss this podcast!!
    As an introduction to the world of podcasts, this is one of the best!!! For those who love short stories and great little twists at the end. This is absolutely one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listen to. It’s really hard to find another like it. I love the narration as well as the funky cool twist at the end. I can’t wait to a new season!!
  • djdeever21
    Season 1 👍🏻 Season 2 🆗
    Big fan of Ashley from Crime Junkie. Season 1 was good. Some spooky and interesting stories for sure. Season 2 was ok. Definitely not as good. Give it a listen!
  • I LiKe bAkEd bEaNs
    Love it!
    Really enjoy this but prefer the episodes Ashley narrates. I find it hard to follow the others unfortunately.
  • Kathyb527
    I’m 10 minutes into the US episode and still don’t know what she’s talking about! Bye bye
  • fplayer1286
    It feels good not to hear Brit’s voice but the podcast is boring.
  • ZaraLavoris
    Amazing and creepy!
    I recently joined Crime Junkie’s Patreon and came across a couple of these episodes from there. My interest piqued, I immediately went and binged all of season two and then backed up to season one. Honestly, each story has had me transfixed, and each one, in some way, has chilled me to the bone. I want more!! Ashley and the other narrators are impeccable, and I can’t wait for the next season to come out!! (Also, shout out to David Flowers for writing all my favorite episodes!)
  • K Bart
    Thank you
    Such thought provoking stories with great background music and voices. Captivating! Again, thank you! 🙌
  • Sophie_2711
    Love your prod cast
    I am 12 years old and I find that this is one of my favorite prod cast to listen to. Every other prod cast makes me so bored and I would want to do anything else even do the dishes but your prod cast make me so interested to keep listening and keep listening I love your prod cast it is my favorite and thank you so much for making this prod cast and for not making me bored. By, Sophie
  • vaghbvoppmbdrg
    So Cool
    If Ashley reads these reviews I hope you do, cause this is fantastic and you can tell you care about how you’re telling the story and make it sound so spooky, whenever I go camping it’d be cool to hear you tell a story around a campfire!
  • ivango
    Such awesome topics. Love her voice too.
  • Cheryldec
    I want to love this podcast....
    I breathe a sigh of relief when I hear a guest narrator’s voice. The stories are pretty good. But, Ashley! Your diction is on steroids, gurrrl! It’s like those people who bold every word, or type in all caps. If the writing is good, you shouldn’t need to enunciate EVERY WORD. And there’s no need to create extra syllables where there aren’t any. You are over compensating, and it is negatively affecting the production value of all of your podcasts.
  • lisssyBelle
    I’ve been looking for a good storytelling podcast like this for...YEARS! This podcast is my absolute fave and can actually give me the spooks, which is really hard to do. I’m recommending it to everyone I know!!
  • Brady Dropped It
    Love this pod!!
    The story telling is so good, some other podcast are very dry in their story telling, but not this one! Really keeps me engaged and I wish there were more episodes!
  • JSpangz
    More episodes please
    Love this podcast!
  • ugcucurxtic ruch uur uf
    Make more episodes please
  • ShKamila
    Best Podcast
    Need more Episodes!!! I finished it in two day!!! I am listening to it again!!
  • GmtKMk
    So lame. Cheesy.
  • ramen UwU
    To Ashley flowers
    I put 4 stars because Ashley please put the bonus full body chills episodes on here because some people can’t go on stitcher premium and I don’t want to start a trial, so please! - your 11 yr old fan
    Hooked from the very first episode!!
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