Full Body Chills

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Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard growing up? Well, gather round... and listen close.

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  • ape.butler
    S1 10/10 would recommend. The right balance of psychological terror and spookiness. S2 6/10 not as good as 1, but enjoyable S3 2/10 predictable story endings and so slow and boring. Can’t get into it.
  • Soozyoulose
    Hit or Miss
    There are some that are great and others that I can’t finish
  • kaittttt1092387456
    Season 3
    I loved loved loved season 1 and have replayed the episodes every spooky season since. Season 2 was okay, not as great as the first season. But season 3 is terrible. I was looking forward to this season but I can’t even get through the episodes.
  • jamie :))
    Getting predictable :(
    I used to LOVE this show - season 1 was amazing, as was most of season 2! But about half of the stories in season 3 are pretty predictable. Over the course of the show, there are a lot of stories where the big twist is either that everything they thought was real was actually in their head, or everything they thought was just in their head was actually real. Those are good twists, but when it’s so frequent you see it coming. There are also a lot of stories about things living in someone’s veins or under their skin or in their body. I don’t mean to just criticize, some stories are still really good!!! My favorites are Ersatz, Every Year on My Birthday, My Diary, Us, Not So Alone on the Farm, and Roses for Josie.
  • Jcorrea0511
    These are the perfect amount of scary
    I love how each story is so unique. I only listen to them in broad daylight because they actually are scary. Highly recommend for those who want a little spook!
  • full bodied and chill
    S3 is not it
    Season 1&2 were SO GOOD. S3 does not give full body chills. Not scary. Just over descriptive and meh.
  • arosdo
    First episode cringe
    Never used drugs or been homeless but was really put off by how the bad voice actors spoke of both. Spooked is better.
  • _andrea_30
    love it but..
    i absolutely love season one and most of season two!! not a big fan of the older man who voices some stories and some stories in season 3 aren’t as scary but overall a great podcast. really hope they come out with better stuff!!!!
  • feyc_1211
    Holy carp Roses for Rosie was so scary ahhhh I literally had chills all over and would scream as the story went on ♥️🥰😍 sooooo gooood
  • DancingAddie1919
    Amazing for sleepovers and camping
    I LOVE Full Body Chills! It is perfect for sleepovers and camping and makes me want it every single day.
  • lisawilder39
    Did not enjoy season 3
    I absolutely loved seasons 1 and 2, but I didn’t even finish season 3. Stories are not that interesting, not scary, and I was bored. I hate to say that because I really do love Audiochuck productions but this just was not it.
  • Smarinab
    First and second season were creepy and captivating. I cannot get through the third season, it’s ridiculous and hard to follow.
  • celestia666
    Good pod, don’t listen to while driving
    Good podcast! If you are jumpy, though, don’t listen while driving, because there are a ton of super loud jump scares, like in, “Room for Rent”, there’s quiet and then out of nowhere, a super loud music cue that made me jump out of my skin! Oh, and one more thing- sh trigger warning for “Snake” episode, please don’t listen to if you are triggered easily- take my advice! It would be nice if they put a warning on that episode, but it’s fine. Another thing- everybody in the comments are complaining about they/them pronouns being grammatically incorrect. You must be pretty dumb if you actually think that. Some of you didn’t go to school and it shows. Just say that you’re an insufferable transphobic and go.
  • podfan1869
    This show has really blossomed
    I love this podcast. The first season was good, but the second and third season (so far) has been absolutely amazing. I love the addition of new narrators. A real immersive experience. Oh, and I listened out loud in my home for the first time (usually listen in the car or with headphones), and my dog was totally perplexed by Chuck’s howling at the end. Ha! Thank you so much much for making Halloween even better each year!!!
  • Emiluvalways
    So happy to find this podcast!!
    Please take the time to listen I promise you’ll be happy you did! Be sure to wear your headphones!! For the full experience!!! Love it!!
  • nikimia4545!!
    No longer good
    Loved the first season maybe even the second but the stories got very lame after that.
  • orcamaster 1
    You know
    It’s rough, some of the stories are so good (Us). But others (The Light Taker) are just stupid and pointless.
  • caseyfcb
    Perfect for spooky season
    I absolutely love this podcast. It’s like reliving “are you afraid of the dark” in podcast form!
  • ChoMyGod
    Not spooky anymore
    Episode 1 of season 3 was great. I was spooked. Then the rest of the episodes focused more on the writing and less on the actual content. Yes the writers are great, however the stories aren’t scary or spooky at all. They also aren’t relatable and they’re often confusing because the writing is too convoluted for a spooky story. It’s like I’m listening to a poem podcast or something written for a college lit class. Also I wish Ashley Flowers read every one. That one male narrator is a HARD NO cannot stand his voice.
  • Jeanielam
    So love this podcast!!!
    I just love this podcast around the fall. So brings me the creepies. It is so fun!!!
  • Crnelson22
    Loved Seasons 1 and 2
    Loved the first two seasons but season 3, I’m struggling. I don’t feel like the stories are very scary and I’m disappointed by the end of them. With the last two seasons I could easily binge listen, but this season is a take it or leave it, for me.
  • mvsoendy
    Season 3 is awful and almost comical. Super disappointing. These aren’t scary at all.
  • spinkycow
    This show is really hokey, might be fun for kids.
  • cantthinkofone🧡
    Not spooky
    They are not as spooky as they were last year ☹️
  • Scrabbleship
    Family Matters is wicked clever
    I’ve only listened to a few of these stories, but they’ve been very good. The voices are pleasant and clear, so you can really immerse yourself into the stories. The episode Family Matters is my absolute favorite. The protagonist is bratty but amusing, and I was delighted that I couldn’t figure out what was happening. (All guesses were way off.) Applause! 👍
  • JLMiraldi
    Just discovered this
    Really good stories made better by excellent storytelling. Really puts me in the Halloween mood
  • 😁😆😁😄😃😀😃😁😁
    I have been listening to this podcast since it started each year I look forward to listening to the new episodes! The story’s are well written and I used to listen to these everyday with my friends during lunch I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is looking for something suspenseful!
  • Ka27272
    Season three isn’t fun
    S1 and S2 was fantastic. I couldn’t ever turn them off and listened to them over and over. S3 gives me a head ache. It’s like every story is written by someone who has to be the smartest kid in the class. It’s so boring with the exception of campfire. That was the best one. I also stopped listening to disgraceland after season two. Jake please go back to telling stories like you are at a party before podcasting. The over description and dragged out stories just don’t flow man. I had to skip a lot of your parts in dead and gone. Jerry Lee Lewis was so perfect, please get back to those days vs this slow drawn out nonsense.
  • Asdfhkyoeoqvsdl
    Season 2 letdown
    Season 1 was AMAZING, they were scary stories you’d want to hear around a campfire! Season 2 okay and season 3 is not even scary in the slightest. No full body chills whatsoever
  • AtackCLam
    Just like most audiochuck it’s an abundance of word vomit followed by over priced sponsorship commercials that aren’t good or affordable.
  • Tammy86323
    Not scary more psychological
    I love the psychology thriller theme more than spooky. This make it more adult like. I’m enjoying it!
  • VivaaaaaLab
    Bring back season one content and style
    Bring back season one content and style
  • Addict_for_Dramatic
    I’m a huge fan of audio chuck and all of their accomplishments thus far, and while the first season and even the second of this podcast was great (the first being the absolutely best), season 3 is so hard to get through. I honestly have no interest in listening and I get lost half the time in the episodes because they are pretty hard to follow. Not a fan of season 3 at all. Very sad
  • cuddly_ashton
    Loves it
    Just leaving this because i love the stories and giggled at all the reviews about the they/them pronouns, y’all need a better hobby.
  • Hellen Weels
    Ashley shouldn't read
    I love these stories. I even love the ones Ashley writes, but she doesn't read like a normal person. Too many "..like,". I skip over all the ones she reads. Other than that, great podcast. Reminds me of a more modern Coast to Coast
  • jag822
    Perfect Fall Listen
    I love this podcast! It’s creepy and a fun listen to get you in the Halloween spirit. I absolutely love that they come out with one every day, too. They are perfect length episodes where I feel like I can enjoy a quick story in between work meetings when I need a break or on the ride home. I’ve seen some reviews that it’s not scary enough which I don’t understand I like that it’s just a fun spooky story. It’s not meant to be terrifying, I think this podcast fits what Halloween is to a lot of people. Also I’ve seen some reviews annoyed about using “them/them”? If you are that mad about it get over yourself move on to another podcast you don’t need to write a rude review. Anyway, love this podcast I think it’s so much fun for fall!!
  • qmugggggg
    Sooo good!!!!!
    I love the new season! Such great writing, narrators, and sound effects. You guys put in a ton of work and it shows. It’s perfect for my favorite time of year. Keep them coming! 👻
  • 01Mantha10
    Love this series
    I LOVE this series. I love the plot twists. Look forward to it every year. And I love Jake Weber’s voice. I could listen to him read the phone book and be hooked!
  • kjm09d
    Not as scary :/
    I loved season 1 and it actually freaked me out. Season 2 and 3 is more just story telling and kind of boring. Bring back the scary stories like season 1!!
  • Taglethorp
    Love the show… except
    I love the show, I love the dedication of the team to bring new stories every day in October, it’s a great show! I just can’t stand Jake Webber, I don’t like the accents he puts on his stories, can’t stand his cadence, he’s the one host of FBC I do not care for, otherwise 5/5 show
  • Famom112108
    Episode 1 of season 3 was perfectly produced for spooky season..then it went downhill. Kept trying but good grief episode 7 is like nails on a chalkboard. Disappointing, still love crime junkie
  • Smashtastic86
    Love love love this podcast! Ashley Flowers you are a genius.
  • jermgal
    Fun listen
    They do a great job telling short horror stories
  • Paddish
    Season 2!
  • Fitmom916
    Seasons 1 and 2 are the best
    Season 1 is easily the best of this show! Season 2 is really good too! Stories that actually really spook and give me chills and are perfect for spooky season! Season 3 is honestly a let down. The stories do not give chills and most aren’t even spooky. They went a totally different direction this season and it just doesn’t do it, i find myself disappointed after most of the stories. But I’ll gladly relisten to the first two seasons all spooky season long!
  • TNelly7
    I really enjoyed Season 1 and most of Season 2, but Season 3? I am so bored— I keep waiting for something suspenseful or scary to happen in each episode and then it just ends. Such a let down. Upside— I am glad Ashley isn’t narrating most of them. I think she tries too hard.
  • Mide420
    I don’t usually write reviews even though I should. This podcast is my favorite. It’s a combination of the narrators voice, the stories (not overdone, very realistic), the duration of each episode and the quality of the audio. Please continue to make these stories! This is an excellent podcast!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • kinjulesmom
    Counted the days until this was up again! Awesome job!!!
  • Cb05120
    When did Disney Channel start telling stories?
    This used to be my favorite spooky podcast. I remember feeling my butthole pucker listening to the stories in line at Dunkin’. Now with season 3, the stories are boring. There’s nothing scary about them and can be called ‘ominous’ at best. Please go back to actual, scary stories bc I’ve not had a full body chill in this season. Most I’ve done is said ‘that’s weird’. I’m going to listen to the first two seasons and skip the rest of the third one.
  • @morgandwinell
    Every year I try to give these stories another chance, listening to all episodes in the season, but I’m let down every time. Maybe these would spook a 10 year old, but not an adult. Lackluster and bleh.
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