Full Body Chills

Fiction #5

Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard growing up? Well, gather round... and listen close.

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  • CraigPi
    Enjoyed these until
    I really enjoyed the early shows and then I started listening to the new episodes. For whatever reason you started referring to individuals as “They”. Individuals are not plural and I simply cannot listen to these anymore. That’s unfortunate because you had some good stories.
  • Sonoran sun rays
    One of my favorites!!
    I love this podcast it’s one of my favorites and makes my time at work fly.
  • Sdot01
    New Season?
    It’s been too long !!
  • Penelope_77
    The title says it all! These stories are mind blowing and so thought provoking. I don’t typically like scary, but these are so well told. I find myself addicted and binge listening every season!
  • Petey from Boston
    I mark my calendar for FBC
    @ASHLEY FLOWERS PLEASE WE NEED MORE FBC I AM HAVING WITHDRAWALS There is nothing like full body chills (FBC). Trust me, I’ve been searching. I’m an addict. I have listened to all 4 seasons several times, (every episode). Please, PLEASE make this a weekly thing
  • Lillykflowers63k
    This really gives me chills
    Like every single one scars it’s kinda cool
  • Quinn Miles
    Love it
    Best most horrific thing ever
  • Ilovefullbodychills
    I love it!
    I love your stories soooo much, they are so good and just enough creepy for me. Don’t ever give it up!!💕
  • gffgjjgfff
    Roses are so beautiful
    I love your stories keep it up and you guys have the best episodes I hope you guys keep making good episodes and keep it weird don’t judge me I watch morbid😊
  • hduhatbrkf
    I’m so happy that you made the decision
  • MonstaMash74
    Your such an inspiration to Us all and I have We have Never Met one another…. Check☑️ I soo many Idea’s and amazing True Story’s to Share w. You !! Iiiiiiiiiiiffffffff You EVER run Low on Content too Get creative with…… jus let me Know !!! As you can tell I am a mess n have Battled thru this struggling world most ppl take advantage of, as I Find its Inter-MOST BEAUTY !! warm regards. 💕 Cliffton aka. MonstaMash
    Love it
    I love the stories! They are masterpieces I love the expense and the adrenaline rush that so amazing 😍 I’m 12 years old and you guys inspired me to write my own scary story thank you I love love love the stories THANK YOU
  • Plzgoaway
  • 💙💀nightmare_k1ng500💙
    Top tier 🎧👌✨
    I love the full surround sound! I recommend Ersatz, Ghost memory, and Altheia.
  • badwolf102002
    Please make more
    I listen to this podcast every day while I'm at work it helps me get through the day and I'm invested in every story 10/10 recommend please keep making more XD
  • aliengirl222
    So great!
    Omg i love this podcast and I NEED more episodes! Also its crazy that you guys were able to create a universe this awesome.
  • Melixo23
    A gem
    I’ll admit the first story I heard over a year ago didn’t catch my attention and had me skip over episodes of this podcast & stick with The Deck & Crime Junkie - also by Ashley flowers. I had caught up on all of my podcasts episodes and just played one of these while cleaning / organizing so that i can keep busy ..needless to say I just kept listening back to back. I was hooked ! I washed dishes, went on a drive, walked my dog and just kept it going! Each story hooked me in differently. I love the descriptiveness, the setting of the mood with background music, tone etc. Love full body chills !!!!!! ❤️❤️
  • BWK 1972
    Love it
    Love listening to these. Thank you for making my day at work bearable.
  • NotYourAverageTeen15
    This is such a great podcast I will say don’t listen to when you are trying to go to bed 😂
  • <jbug>
    Binged then all in a month or so at work!!
    I love these stories so so so great, creepy. But where are you guys!! No update since Dec 23rd please come back
  • cassjg21
    I have LOVED Full Body Chills since season one. I get so excited for it every year, even though s1 has been my favorite. But the holiday themed episodes were AWESOME. I hope they continue. The writers, producers, narrators, etc. are so creative and talented. Keep going!
  • Mr. Durtle
    Praise and Questions LOL
    First, I want to say these stories are awesome! They give me FULL BODY CHILLS!!!! Keep up the great work to the production team and the story tellers, and writers and to the creators, just everyone, and the Host! Truly awesome and amazing! Have y’all thought about trying to crossover an episode or collaborate with the some at another network, Bloody Disgusting Network, SCP Archives, these stories could become something even more like a special or something just in general. Apologize for any misspellings or punctuations, not my strong suit hahahahaha. Love the podcast!!!
  • PrettyMinniee
    So Talented
    Ashley Flowers is so talented and versatile. The first podcast of hers that I’d ever listened to was Crime Junkie, which probably has the biggest true crime cult following. Then, I came across this show, and I was blown away at how effortlessly she’d transitioned into fiction. She is a natural narrator and has the ability to make anything a binge-worthy listening experience. The story quality is an added bonus! I’m always sad when I’ve run out of episodes of this podcast to listen to.
  • fhgfdhdtdjqcxis
    I listen to this everyday for hours, even in my classes. Once you start you can’t stop! Please more!!!
  • LesListenToCrime
    I LOVE this podcast!! Really anything with Ashley Flowers but these stories are ssoo good and I can’t get enough of them! I need need them all year round!!
  • kimmmmB88
    Literally chills!
    I love love this podcast, I love Ashley ! She needs to make more! When she tells the stories I get “full body chills” and I’m always looking over my shoulder, and when headphones are on … forget it! I’m pooping my pants at that point! That’s how good this podcast is. Keep it up! I look forward to more! :)
  • Nicki Geez
    Christmas Full Body Chills
    The Season 4 Christmas episodes were unreal, so chilling and so creepy! I absolutely loved them. I was so mad when I realized I had reached the end! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Carol_223
    Best creepy, ghost stories!!
    I live for spooky season. This podcast delivers a kind of creepy that keeps you wanting more. The voice overs and sound effects are the best yet and truly enhance the story. I loved that the latest season included spooky Christmas stories!! Something to tide you over until the next spooky season…
  • Dbp811
    Love these. Will there be more????
  • Mari Justine
    I find Ashley Flowers to be unbearable in her story-telling, it’s so condescending and simply not great nor is her research very thorough. So many better podcasts in this genre—Skip this!!
  • .TAEx
    Ooooo !
    All caught up on my true crime pods so I came across this, the first episode I listened to was Olli and The Outcasts.. #HOOKED! It definitely drew me in! Now I can go back and binge them all from the first episode, thanks Ash! ❤️
  • ryanngannon
    Five Stars
    This podcast is amazing. My only complaint is I can’t get enough of it!! I wish I could listen to a new episode every week. The stories have such a fun, dark twist to them. Very enjoyable to listen to, especially with headphones. The stories keep me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what’s going to happen next! The people who are telling the stories really make you believe them. Five stars all around!
  • Nmountaintrails
    One of my favorites
    I absolutely love this show. I get lost in it and makes my day better. Please keep them coming.
  • x3taylorc
    My Favorite
    Love all of them but the Christmas ones were the cherry on top of season 4. Absolutely loved!!
  • jack, the podcast lover.
    Good last three seasons, but... in
    This year has been a let down, I did send in a story myself, but I still find this season not so scary. I want to feel chills run down my spine when I listen to scary stories. I loved the first three seasons, as they gave me CHILLS, I’m sorry to anyone who is not happy with the negative feedback. But, it is better to tell the truth with feedback and hopefully the stories are a little scarier this year, or next year. I love the hosts and I don’t want to seem like a rude, snooty person. I just was a little let down this year.
  • BrieLouise
    Christmas version….
    Nope. Couldn’t handle it. It was SO depressing. The first episode that I listened to, was I think, the last in season 4. It was about a little girl dying. I am a mother, of a 2 year old girl. There should have been some form of “trigger warning” on this. I may be over reacting but this is Christmas time. A time of year that for most is very special, but for some tragic. And because it’s just a delicate time of year, I really just found season 4 (their Christmas episodes) to be extremely heartbreaking. ESPECIALLY when a young child dies. A mothers worst nightmare. But 5 stars to their original Halloween FBC. Big fan. Just, not around Christmas. It’s too… idk, it’s just too much.
  • Melissca08
    Ollie and the Outcasts
    I’ve fallen dreadfully behind in my podcasts. So I decided just to choose one by the title—Ollie and the Outcasts! Splendid! Ashley’s storytelling never disappoints. And, I marveled at the brilliance of the writer. When the story was over…..of course it was written by David Flowers! Thank you both again for a stunningly sumptuous tale!!!
  • vhr1156
    Trigger warnings
    You really should put trigger warnings in your stories to name a few graphic pet death, child death and human trafficking need warnings.
    This season 4 was soooooo good! “My neighbors obituary” “Strange Cravings” “The detour” & “Auld Lang Syne” were sofa king scary!!! Im loving the new Christmas full body chills btw 🙌🏼🌚✨
  • Greeneyedkelly
    Love but… miss it’s a wonderful lie
  • Mermaid91!
    Definitely gives me full body chill. Amazing episodes every time. Ashley Flowers always makes the best podcasts.
  • SugarNFeist
    Best Creepy Story Podcast Out There
    This is hands down the best creepy podcast I’ve found. I look forward to October every year and it makes me even happier they’re doing Christmas this year. Counting down the days til October 1.
  • yourfavoriterichie
    omg I love most of the christmas episodes but some of the episodes are just sad. the papi puppy one legit gave me full body chills
  • mrs.hizzle
    SPOOKY 🎄
    Best December 22 ever. Thank you!!
  • mommaof2and1
    Trigger warning
    Stories with child death need a trigger warning
  • solonolop
    Child death and sex trafficking ???
    I used to love this podcast but there was something sinister about this last season. I'm all about scary stories but talking about the death of a little girl, a whole family and a child sex trafficking website?? Not for me. Those topics should not be fictionalized for pleasure, it's sad enough it happens in the real world... Do better.
  • Harveyhero24
    Absolutely love the show!!!! And I am definitely digging the special season type episodes. Would like to see this done for other holiday season like thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. We need more amazing writers out there like these guys! I would love to see these stories adapted into a show on a streaming service someday 🤞🤞🤞
  • a.solo255
    Love it!
    I really enjoy these short stories and am stoked about the new winter holiday themed episodes! The audio engineering and effects are on point and really enhance the storytelling.
  • Bmezt2
    Absolutely love!
    Love the new Christmas episodes!!
  • KrispeeKream
    Great podcast but you really put an ad in the middle of a story? C’mon guys way to ruin the mood.
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