Full Body Chills

Fiction #3

Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard growing up? Well, gather round... and listen close.

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  • lp1732😀
    Listen to this
    This podcast is so good I love it! Sometimes at school I listen to this and I get my work done so much faster! Seriously if you haven’t already listen to this!! Thanks Ashley!
  • Bgirlgagaspears930
    Season 1 Eps 10
    I really like this podcast, but did you admit to drunk driving with the mannequin in Season 1 episode 10?
  • honeygirlxxx
    Anything Ashley Flowers, I will listen to. I love all of the many things she does. I started on Crime Junkie, (Of course) and I’ve been hooked ever sense. She spends a lot of time researching and you can tell. I love her voice and her story telling ability.
  • sjoy13
    We need more!!!
  • River2463
    Mooooore please
    Omg this is a twisted and addictive series!
  • theofficelover!2
    Love this show!
    Since I am a Crime Junkie I do love scary stories! I love how this is a major variety of stories. Some supernatural. Some are things that can happen in real life too! I am excited for Season 3! Keep more coming!
  • Syren198702
    Fantastically spooky
    Absolutely love this podcast...I definitely binged it and can’t wait for more!
  • Sexiimexii22
    Love love love
    Please make more!!!!
  • MoeW93
    Need more !!
    Caught up on all Crime Junkie and found Full Body Chills and Red Ball! Binged both in two days while at work. I need more !! Lol I’ve become addicted.
  • Babs2328
    Spot on
    This is the exact adult scary stories podcast I’ve been looking for! It’s spooky but nothing you can’t handle walking the dog alone. The narration in each episode so far has been really well done, I find myself very immersed in the various stories. Thanks Ashley and everyone for this and all the other amazing podcasts you do!!!
  • MengMengKo
    Ashley is an AMAZING narrator!!! I try to listen to other podcasts, but no one captures a case like her. I’m new to the Audio Chuck lineup and whenever someone asks for podcast recommendations I can’t stop raving about it!!
  • FullBodyChills23
    Love this!
    I binged this whole series not to long ago. I can’t wait for season 3
  • LaceyB95
    Great stories and told in such an eerie way it’s amazing
  • p.molina.
    David B. Your voice is annoying
    I feel like you’re milking the “mysterious” voice. It’s almost comedic. It bothers me to the point where I can not listen to the episodes you do. Maybe tone it down, I can tell your voice is nice without you doing all the extra stuff. Aside from this yalls shows are great.
  • Sheseesseas
    Stop referring to Crime Junkie
    WHY would you plug your other podcast so hard and deliver it like you’re a different person and not the HOST! I couldn’t get through the first 5 minutes bc of the CJ references of you plugging your other podcast. Really bad taste and incredibly annoying.
  • JJ👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡
    Chills for reals!
    Been listening to crime junkie for a long time. Today I thought I’d try Full Body Chills. I love scary stories and am not easily scared. I listened to about 3 episodes in a row and for real I GOT FULL BODY CHILLS from every episode. Ashley is so talented, you can tell she loves her job and works really hard to entertain us. Bravo audiochuck! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • wesssskirk
    I really enjoy all the Audichuck (ruff ruff) podcasts. However, this one pales in comparison. It is boring, over dramatized, and just plain silly. I really was hoping to like it. I will admit some episodes were okay. But in general I really don’t like it.
    Not True Crime, But Worth The Listen
    If you’re like me, and love true crime, then this may not be the podcast for you. This podcast is most definitely fictional. They’re basically spooky campfire stories. BUT with that being said, they’re not all bad. My only complaint is for the narrator, Samatha. I seriously can’t make it through one episode that she narrates; I seriously fall asleep every single time. Please stop using her!
  • taterlynn2009
    Can not wait for more!!!
    I have binged this podcast! I can’t wait to hear more! Love love love!
  • mark 62734
    A couple are good. Most are retarded. I only listen cause I like your voice. The stories are like inviting a bunch of people over for movie night then watch an infomercial.
  • Spe747
    Soooooo good!
    I subscribed to this a while ago. I am a crime junkie fan. I have listened to the first episode and wow! What a great story, and great delivery. I can’t wait to keep listening to the rest of the stories!
  • Writing Bug
    Crime Junkie Transfer
    Oh my word! I just finished the second ep and I am hooked! It has been a few minutes and I still have chills! It probably doesn’t help I’m the only one awake in a large house 😅 I am so glad I don’t babysit.
  • VictoriaRuth99
    I’m a fan.
    At work I listen to podcasts all day long. I enjoy listening to stories about serial killers and murder mysterys. After I listened to a few good podcasts I couldn’t find anything that I liked and then I found crime Junkie, and I loved it. But because I listen to podcasts at work when I listen to it I listen to episodes all day long. I just finished every episode you made so far. So then I went on another search and found full body chills and remembered this is one of your shows as well. I just listened to “ Us” and when you named this show full body chills you were not kidding because I got FULL BODY CHILLS. I was literally talking to the podcast like “ no he is there. There is someone WITH YOU. So I’d like to say well done. Please don’t stop making episodes because they are like my little escape from reality when I just want to hear crime stories and so on. And I know there are many others that feel the same. You are awesome!
  • lovecourtxoxo
    Best for Halloween eerie feels!
    Love this podcast for Halloween time and how the stories aren’t all about ghosts and paranormal stuff, but about eerie things that can actually happen and give you FULL BODY CHILLS.
  • Forever a follower
    Awesome podcast
    I was on the edge of my seat . I just ran into this podcast and decided to start listening . First episode , US ! Omg! Now I’m gonna be so paranoid in my house by myself ! Good job !
  • Marsancar
    I only started listening to this about a week ago. I’m addicted. My 13 year old son loves this podcast, but he will only listen with me cuddled on the couch!! Thank you!!
  • awoken33
    ....set your reality aside.
    Your delivery is intense and addicting. It tend to give me chills down the spine. It glues the listener in and keeps her/him on the edge. Thank you.
  • noname346
    Best Show Ever!!!
    This is the show I never knew I needed, absolute gem! And Ashley Flowers is my all time favourite. Can’t wait for more episodes.
  • kj🤩
    5 stars isn’t enough 🤩🤩✨
    I absolutely loveeeeeeeee this podcast!! I wish there were more episodes and I can’t wait until more come out. Ashley has the perfect voice to read these stories, and she does them so well! I think these stories would be really neat to turn into a tv show, but only if Ashley is narrating of course!
  • Urpodcaster
    Easy Listens Comes From Hard Work.
    I am a stickler for clean speech patterns and error-free narration. You didn’t say “umm” once. You also delivered the story with emotion while not making a single error. I doubt you did it perfect the first time so I thank you for not posting the first draft, the way so many others do. Well Done!!
    Even tho its fictional GIRL- it’s got me LITERALLY in full body chills and omg I think it’s your most recent one “US” had me crying in fear! Even tho I knew it was fake it was so bone chilling jeeeez! I almost binged all of these and I found this channel yesterday, also I’m also from Indy what’s up Ashley! You ever around broadripple area I would love to meet you😂😂
  • brilutes
    These stories are incredible and do give me full body chills. I can’t wait for more!!
  • Calichic269
    So talented!
    Ashley Flowers could do a dramatic reading of a phone book and I would love it! I’ve binged almost all of her content and I can’t wait for more!
  • Grosenbach
    Love so much! Can’t get enough! Keeps me wanting more!
  • PrinceRayman
    I love all episodes!
  • WinterKatC
    That is the only word I can use to describe how I feel about Ashley and Britt’s podcasts. This one is amazing just like their main baby crime Junkie. I love Ashley’s voice. It’s so soothing yet has the power to turn up the scare factor that is needed for these kind of stories. I wish I had more stuff to binge from you guys!!
  • Ady Cakes
    Please someone make a tv series of each episode, my favorite so far is Diary. Full body chills for real!
  • Bebe Unicorn
    Perfect story tellers
    I love this show. Seems like anything Ashley is involved is really good! Keep it up! These stories are sooooo creepy. Love it.
  • Reasonedone
    Where’s the chill. The stories are lame, and not the least bit spooky.
  • ugcucurxtic ruch uur uf
    Make more please but good
  • MoonPieFangs
    I mean, the word TRUE should have given that away. I can’t believe Ms. Plagiarism still has a job “reporting” on crimes we can just read for ourselves. It’s not really called “investigative reporting” when you’re just reading, verbatim, what other journalists have said. They do all the hard work and you bat your eyes and tell the story as if it’s your own words. You know when you. An tell Trump is reading the teleprompter? Sounds like that. The least she can do is give credit, since she won’t own up. When called out she backtracked and either added some resource links to the episode or straight up deleted it. Anywho, if you’re in to true crime, don’t get it from Ashley Flowers. If you’re in to campfire ghost stories, made up by someone else, she’s your gal.
  • Mrs.priss42022
    Love it!
    When will we get more?! Binged through all, even bonus episodes. Highly recommend this podcasts. It’s one me and the family can listen to in the car.
  • Kitworks
    10/10 recommend 2/10 recommend not watching with surround sound unless you are ready to GET SPOOKED LOVE IT
  • AK Ajijic
    I’m new to this type of podcasts. I listed to NPR and documentaries but when ever I tried crime, thrillers there were hosts quarreling, making bad jokes and just amateur hour! This narrator is smart, great voice and professional. Excellent!!!!
  • Cherrywood171
    This podcast has become one of my all new favorite podcasts to listen to! they’re so entertaining to listen to and they definitely give you FULL BODY CHILLS!
  • Amalee267
    Love love love this podcast! Literal full body chills from the first episode.
  • renzo graham
    You already know
    Listen I normally don’t even leave reviews because I forget to or just bring lazy but I’m so obsessed that I’m at my call center job listening all day back to back. I love it
  • ahkittenmittens
    Disturbing but hooked
    So I’m coming from Ashley’s other podcasts so I didn’t realize these were fictional stories at first, especially with her first person performances... the every year on my birthday episode....nightmares!! So happy to find out they’re fiction lol
  • silvis21
    Give body chills
    Perfect combination of scare and suspense
  • Thenjennsaid
    Full body chills!
    I love the narration and production of this podcast. The stories are real good and there are definitely moments where I get full body chills. I hope there will be more to come!
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