Full Body Chills

Fiction #5

Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard growing up? Well, gather round... and listen close.

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  • Tricia13
    The Best One
    This one was absolutely one of the best and the most creepiest and the narrator, she did an awesome job ..she nailed it
  • CoraKitty2019
    Closely. Closely.
    “Gather round and listen closely.” Please. “Close” is not grammatically correct.
  • Aimee aka Freyacat
    Spooky good fun listen in surround sound or headphones
    Listen in surround sound and headphones for the best results. This has grown on me. I used to think these are not true crime and I won’t like it but Sam I am I did like it and it keeps getting wilder every year. I love it as a palate cleanser well maybe with some purple draino or something. My spooky fun holiday enjoyment fun for kids too older kids
  • RareDog2.64
    Always Good
    I recommend this series to everyone. This is excellent stuff.
  • RockinRunner32
    Spooky Season!
    I love this podcast. I’ve been a Crime Junkie since mid-2020, and I also really enjoy listening to The Deck and Counter Clock. I recently heard an episode of Full Body Chills on Crime Junkie and was HOOKED. Short, scary stories that keep you on the edge of your seat! I am excited to listen to these episodes with some hot cocoa or a cup of cider with my wife every October! Keep up the great work Audiochuck!
  • JillyLovesPodCasts
    Red ribbon is great!
  • London19Losers =]
    New episodes 😫😫😩😩😩😩 pleasseeeee
    When are u coming back 😫😫😫😫😫
  • jack, the podcast lover.
    So good! 😀😀😁😁
    I love scary stories and this is the perfect podcast for that, if you like more scary then listen to us and madam alberte. I am so excited for October every year now on, been listening since 2019.
  • Bulldogbass
    Good stuff
    I love a good scary story. Reminds me of sitting around the campfire listening to a tale being spun by my father or my uncle. With Halloween right around the corner, this fires on all cylinders. My only gripe so far is that the end of Memory House was way too long. Other than that….spot on.
  • shayhopkins
    Creepy Shorts
    These short stories make you lock your doors at night and check on your kids before you go to bed. The stories linger in the dark as you close your eyes. Keep listening if you like this sort of thing.
  • Wasoby58
    Look forward to this yearly!
    When I first started FBC in 2019 I had no idea it would become something I look forward to every October! It feels like an evolved, more modern version of goosebumps which I used to secretly love as a kid. I love everything down to the voice actors chosen, the dynamic nature of the sound effects, and how realistic yet unrealistic these creepy stories are. Give it a chance if you haven’t already, adds a tolerable spooky tinge to your fall season!
  • Jingzhou98
    Just discovered this podcast and greatly enjoying bingeing it. Please please PLEASE add more episodes soon! Top quality entertainment.
  • Sbleger76
    Amazing! Stories don’t disappoint.
    Ashley Flowers is the best. The way she can tell a story is amazing. These are definitely worth a listen. Then go and check out her other Podcasts. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Ashley!! Update:: 9-13-22 Looking forward to next season. Please have Ashley come back!!
  • Lyra-101
    Keep these stories coming! I love it!
  • SaSMoB89
    One of my favorites!
    My favorite time of the year - cooler weather, the colors, Halloween, and this podcast! The stories literally leave me with full body chills.
  • CarringtonB.14
    Where are you guys ?
    Is this podcast coming back, we miss you !
  • Jdddd2010072815
    So good
    Please please come out with some for this spooky season! I love this podcast so much UPDATE : please come back for 2022 😂😂😂
  • Zoe-C
    I am completely hooked. Loved this podcast. However, I need more. Longer episodes with a happy resolution. I hate it when the characters die or get kidnapped and left to die. It gives me anxiety. But nonetheless, I love it. Keep up the excellent work.
  • Bluecopper
    She tells lame stories well
    Ashley does a great job at telling these lame stories. The stories are slightly spooky if you are 12 years old. They are at least well written and read. However, they are boring and need more of a kick!
  • SingleMa
    I demand episodes lol
    I absolutely LOVE this series. Love the narrators voice and the voice of the guy who did the heart below story. I wish this series did an episode one a week, at least. Updated for 2022: give us episodes haha I miss y’all
  • nerdysoccer
    I really like to listen to more plz 😭
    My aunt played this and I loved it so I started to listen to it more and I loved it so much. Plz do some more really I love to listen to them.
  • Tre omega
  • S13679:)
    The first season was the best
    I just binge the whole series and it wasn’t bad but I feel like it lost me after the first season. The brand of fear that I enjoyed so much in the first season was missing from the second and third. Maybe it was because I didn’t connect well with the leads in the second and third season. But for whatever reason I felt very disconnected from what should’ve been an immersive experience.
  • LexxDaze
    I need MORE.
    i binged them all. and im personally pleading for legit 3 more season to be posted in october 2022. 😭🙏🏽🧡 truly incredible. legit full body chills. these voices - the individuals reading these stories - astonishing.
  • fangirl99117
    Ashley Flowers + Horror= AMAZING
    I started listening to Full Body Chills last Halloween and have fallen completely in love! This podcast is absolutely amazing. I love to listen with the all the lights off alone in my room, muahaha! My only problem is listening to Jake Weber is so hard sometimes because his voice is very gritty, it’s hard to understand what he’s saying. Everything else however is 1000000%! Please make more!! ❤️🖤🤍
  • Manga_1
    Please make more demon stories
  • gffgjjgfff
    Roses are so beautiful
    I love your stories they’re the best but I wish you had more I’ve already listen to them all so you should make more soon
  • LeiNic12
    Madam Alberte
    I would’ve went crazy too because WHAT! Omg
  • dancing in the wind
    Full Body Chills
    I love these great stories and listen Ito them with my grandchildren they love them too super creepy super cool
  • QueenT1958
    Love these stories just wish there more I finished all 3 seasons in like a week and I want more
  • readingrenee
    Not scared
    A handful were scary But I never got the feeling any were real and the way too many adverts We need an escape not a reason to push the forward 30 seconds button constantly Takes away from anything Not well done in my opinion
  • kailssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Love audio chuck
    I honestly love this podcast, I love scary stuff and even when it’s not scary, it’s kinda fun to just listen to. My only critique is that I am not a fan of Jake Weber. ESPECIALLY when he reads in an accent! Omg the urology king episode was soooooooo hard to listen to. And the slither episode was just plain disgusting , I had to skip. I find the stories told by him just to be boring. Season 1 was definitely the scariest season but season 2 was okay and I’m on season 3 now. I would recommend. Some of the other reviews are just people being weird
  • boothang512
    Literally absolutely LOVE!!! I appreciate this podcast. Helps time pass at my toxic job.
  • wencruella
  • jdrngrshtrsngfx
    Best podcast ever
    I love your podcast
  • MaxGrinfeld
    This podcast is AMAZING
    The writing, voice acting, and editing are on point. The people who made this really managed to capture a mood. From horror, depression, or action scenes, the creators of the podcast managed to communicate story and mood perfectly even without visuals. To the creators of this show, I am very impressed by this podcast and am thankful that you made this.
  • Bentley/Mazi
    Love this podcast
    Ashley and her team never disappoint. Always great stories.
  • the waldrons
    this is the best series EVER!
  • GhostlyGhostGirl
    I’m Back!
    OMG! These are the best stories. I listened to the first season when it first came and was dying for the next stories. I was working from home due to Covid. Then I lost my job due to downsizing because of Covid. Moved to FL from MA and work where we can’t listen to anything. Am finally getting ready to fly home for vacation and went to my podcasts and found two more seasons! So excited to listen to all of them on my flight. Thank you.
  • sagierey
    Full body chills
    I love your guys scary stories! They are literally giving me full body chills and I listening to all your episodes with my mom. She loves it too! And you should make a new one but you should make full surround sounds. Again! I listened to one episode and I was so scared. I love full surround sound. -Sage Reynolds and Gigi Reynolds!!
  • #1 Beefee
    Great story telling!
    I have listened to tons of podcasts all have their own qualities mostly good, but this is the first that I have listened entirely. Others lost me about half way through. I also enjoyed the switch up because you tend to get tired of the same voice, but when Ashley Flowers never read again I was mega bummed! Still would recommend!
  • gdgehevtdbevdhdvdg
    I love this for one reason I LOVE SCARY THINGS
  • LuckySunshine84
    Love the idea of this show
    Listened to quite a few episodes and I just find it boring. Eventually just stopped listening. I find the Supernatural show more scarier.
  • newbie ant
    Won me over
    I’ve never been a person to read stories, let alone litsen to them. It’s a rainy day today and I’m at work bored with no one to talk to. Campfire stories was the very first podcast I’ve ever listened to and I fell in love with it. Please continue making these!!!!
  • Szketchuan
    Awesome podcast
  • BrookieBrae
    I absolutely love these fun stories they are twisted, mysterious, creepy and just a joy to listen to. Please keep making these I’m obsessed!!!!!
  • Ms. 5ft nothing
    Love the short stories!
    Hi! I’m a huge crime junkie fan and wish Brit a full recovery. These short stories are amazing and I always seem to imagine them playing out like little plays in my mind! I’m a huge fan and hope you continue these along with crime junkie!! Thanks, CA
  • anonymous116hga
    I completely agree with the bad reviews, how are we to know who is talking if we don’t know pronouns. If people get offended that’s their problem not yours. Don’t worry about that. Besides this, this is a really good podcast with amazing narrators.(I am unstable like most people)
  • 144882&;&493&;!4:
    My great review
    I’ve been listening on this for about a month and these give me body chills so keep up the good work also sorry about Brit hope she gets better and I’m a crime junkie
  • lucas lively
    Great stories!!
    These are freaking stories, holy crap! Also I listen to crime junkies and I heard about this podcast and I saw that Ashley flowers was in it so I for sure had to listen, and so far so good!
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