Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty


Hosted by Gretchen Geraghty where you'll hear an hour of conversation ranging from current favorites, and positive thoughts to deep topics about life, relationships, and being totally open and real. Gretchen is occasionally joined by guests in her personal or professional life to keep things interesting. She chats like she does with her friends and is overwhelmingly positive. Subscribe for a new podcast every Friday! For business inquiries email contact@tablerockmanagement.com

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  • _isabelleb_
    Hey Gretchen! I have been watching you & listening to you for awhile and I just wanted to take a second to say thanks. I lost my cousin extremely unexpectedly last month and I just finished listening to your recent podcast on dealing with the loss of your dad. It had been pretty hard for me these past few weeks and your words and advice have helped me so much🤍 Thanks for always being to positive and upbeat! -Isabelle 😊
  • meetat02?
    Makes me smile
    My new found hobby is going on a bike ride and listening to this podcast, I always look forward to it!
  • Julie Pozo
    Seriously love your podcast
    I don’t why I’m just listening to your podcast like wow I’m so late but I just finished listening to the first episode and now I’m listening to the second episode. I seriously already know I’m going to love to hear your podcasts.
  • emily carson anomy
    Great podcast!
    I really enjoy listen to her podcast, and how she is so real about everything. I follow her on YouTube and it is just nice to see another side of her. This podcast is a really nice part of my day or over a couple days if it’s a long one. I have some episodes ideas if you are reading these review. Some episodes ideas are -Talking about how your personality/ zodiac sign effects your relationships and actions. - How workouts effect your mood/ performance. -Favorites -Your YouTube/Insta journey how you got 360k subscribers on YouTube and 118.4k on insta.
  • Kristinaa12
    Good but..
    Don’t get me wrong I LOVEEE Gretchen so much. Her vlogs are the best ever but the podcast I can’t get into very much. I just feel like they’re kind of all over the place and there’s no structure to them. The most recent pod I listened to the whole thing but forgot anything she said :/ i deff will continue being an avid subscriber on YouTube but maybe not continuing with the podcast. I also feel like the info she shares I already heard on her vlogs!!!
  • clarebare099
    Happy hour
    I love Gretchen and this extension of her!
  • Luvdance1000
    Constructive Criticism
    I really do love Gretchen and her personality... I think she’s a great role model for young girls! However, this podcast is a little painful to listen to. It’s very unorganized and it sort of gives me anxiety the way she never finishes sentences and jumps from topic to topic. I think she really needs to find a way to organize her thoughts and speak about them clearly. I find myself not getting anything from the episode because she’s just jumping around and can’t articulate what she’s trying to say. Additionally, I think her reliance on Max is kind of annoying and not the best example for younger girls. Just my opinion, but I do really love Gretchen I just wish she would work on making this podcast more professional.
  • brynnd9
    Love Gretchen + Max
    The podcasts with Max are the best! Love them both and what they have to say 💗💗
  • pineapplelover123456789
    Self image! 🦋
    Gretchen has helped me feel more comfortable in my body and I have stopped comparing myself to others. I discovered this only a few days ago and I am already in the 38 episode! I never miss a part and I recommend her to all my friends. If you are trying to be more positive, she is the perfect person to listen too! 🔥🔥🔥
  • SucessToday
    We love a good podcast
    Gretchen has turned this podcast into the most amazing platform. You feel like you’re best friends just sitting down for a chat over lunch. Each episode is filled with the realities she faces and the struggles combined with her highs. I sometimes section out the episodes so they last longer and I don’t have to wait so long for a new episode. The only thing bad about this podcast is that it’s only an hour! ❤️🥬
  • nickylindy
    love her on youtube and here :)
  • linda gail r
    absolutely amazing🤩
    this is the first podcast i ever listened to. i found gretchen through a friend who told me to listen to her body positivity podcast. gretchen has made me feel loved and truly appreciate that. i would definitely recommend her and this podcast💖🥰
  • carolinemark5
    Gretchen this is amazing! you’re true to yourself and honest with your listeners (and viewers! love the youtube always!!) and you’re such a light!!
  • #bluerules!!!
    Love this!!!!
    I love this podcast. You make me so much happier! Thank you 4 supporting the black life’s matter movement! I love max you are so lucky to have him! I also love what you are doing! You dog is so cute! I don’t t have Instagram if I did ovsly I would follow you 😊 thank you so much!!!!!
  • kvludke
    This podcast contributes nothing to the world. I have listened to quite a few of them and literally find myself zoning out while they play. I just listened to the blm episode.... it was completely moronic. She is the epitomy of performance activism. Shes saying everything she THINKS the masses want to hear. I initally followed her youtube channel because i liked her fashion and organizational videos. But no more... Gretchen... utilize the mind you were given and try to practice critical thinking. Stop being a sheep and following what you think people want you to follow. Its gross.
  • hszoittrgvlksg cxxngzgh
    Awesome makes me feel like I am not alone
    I am still young but I feel unloved a lot I am love very much but my depressed part of my mind comes in and I just start to cry you speak the words in my mind. I am bullied and I always allow the bully’s in! Ever since I started to listen to you I felt happier you make me positive!! Keep it going and we’ll don’t stop your podcast!!!?!??! Lol well bye and hope you answer and don’t let the bullies bring you down!!!
  • Jnarks
    The best podcast
    So raw & real! I love your podcast and YouTube! 💜
  • eliz51152001
    was my fav podcast, but needs more structure
    Ok I loved this podcast but recently it has felt less and less structured, and more Gretchen talking about hate on social media and not wanting to offend people. I would love to see this podcast grow and think she should have more interesting people on so there’s more substance to the pod!
  • carinamonheim
    Raw and uplifting
    Thanks for keeping it real and being a positive light for everyone! Also remember to not let the haters bring you down!
  • wendyrose97
    Gretchen, I hope you see this!
    My new favorite episode is the one with your mom. Hearing your relationship with her and the back and forth made me smile so much. My mom passed away on April 5th of 2019, very shortly after your dad passed away. I’ve commented on videos before and you addressed one of my questions about grief in a Q&A you did on your parents house back porch. While I don’t have a great relationship with my dad, hearing you talk to your mom reminded me of my mom and our wonderful relationship. I’ve had you to look to through my grief, as I also feel so blessed to have the best mom and the greatest relationship with her for 21 years. Thanks for being open and always sharing. I’m headed to BU for a masters in human physiology this fall and you’re a big part of my newfound love for the city of Boston. Keep it up girl, we love you! -Wendy Rose
  • sarahepoh
    so immature, selfish, and repetitive
    gretchen does NOT need to have a podcast...she has nothing constructive to contribute to the space, she’s clearly just in it for the money. her whole podcast is spent discussing how she’s “so raw and real” “so honest” “so transparent.” the podcast market is saturated as is and yet she spends her time droning on about soulcycle, her boyfriend, and her selfish, materialistic, ignorant lifestyle. save your brain cells and don’t waste your time, there’s a lot of listening material out there that is actually aware, constructive, and entertaining :) edited: her BLM episode response was a joke— she essentially said she’s fine going to Soulcycle (and continues to support Free People, Tatte, etc) despite the fact that they have racist practices and/or support the Trump campaign. Her justification for this was that “Soulcycle is her life” and “we know she doesn’t support those things.” GIRL—if all you have to contribute is your money, and that seems to be the case, you CANNOT just say “I see you, I hear you” without adding “and I’m putting my material wants before your needs.” And don’t even get me started on the dog—for the dog’s sake, I hope she proves me wrong, but I think she prioritizes the idea and aesthetic of a dog over the reality of it.
  • chessiegrisanti
    Best podcast
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! My fav podcaster and youtuber!
  • bigtimealexander23
    Greatest Podcast Show ever
    The only podcast I listen to because it’s just has a natural conversation with her guests and bf. Best Happy Hour that puts in a better mood than before. Also Congratulations on the Puppy ❤️
  • gmata07
    Constructive Criticism
    I’ve learned to love Gretchen’s personality because she is such a ray of sunshine and is so open with her thoughts and her life. However, I couldn’t help but feel like her puppy podcast was just complaining about haters. I get it, you may get hate but I don’t need to sit through an hour of you justifying your actions. I for one don’t care what decisions you make because at least you tried to rescue. I’ve known people that also could not rescue no matter how hard they tried. As for the Max content, I love it. I love Love and if you don’t enjoy it, don’t listen. I honestly find Max to be the highlight of her YouTube and podcast. As for the frazzled content, I do agree she needs to actually talk about substance and plan ahead of time. She has yet to actually say a happy quote from actual literature lol. All in all we need to give sis a break but we would love if she tried a little harder!! I’m rooting for you girl!
  • angeronie
    ray of sunshine 🥰
    Such a positive and uplifting podcast-I look forward to it every Friday! Love how she talks about a vast amount of topics & is real/raw with her audience.
  • ShellDeuink
    My type of podcast😍
    Gretchen you’re the best! You talk the way I think and that makes your pod so perfect in my opinion!! Love your topics, your attitude, and that I can hear you smile when you’re taking. You do you girl cause you’re thriving!!!
  • Butbruhhhhh
    People need to be kind to Gretchen
    I LOVE her and I LOVE the podcast!! We all need to remember that she’s a real human being with real feelings. If you have something negative to say or feel towards her podcast or who she is keep it to yourself and/or don’t listen to the podcast! She’s genuinely a sweet human who is just like us, trying to make it in this big crazy world. She’s gone through so much lately and we all need to relax and keep the vibes positive towards her and remember that she’s human and shares her ENTIRE life with us out of the kindness of her heart. Love you Gretchen keep doin you and know that we love you!!! Also, loved the episode w your mommy so much.
  • hdvjkgcjj
    Sweet Gretchen!!!
    Listening to her podcast makes my life so much happy!!!!! Love your videos!!! Great fan!!💓💓
  • Swag Money baby love
    Gretchen I love you!!! I love the latest episode with your mom pleaseee have her on again! She is so woke and intelligent and sweet. I’m just sending you guys love :)
  • Sara Merid
    Everything you are saying, you say on your youtube channel. The things spoken about on this are very basic and give no one any advice.
  • Kailschom
    I 💗 YOU
    I came across your channel on YT a few days ago because of one of my close friends & I’m so glad I did. You’re so positive & sweet. You’re also so relatable (I’m about to be 22 in July) & I absolutely love you & your content. Your podcasts are so fun to listen to & yet so relatable and I love them so much! You’re so real & honest- that’s so hard to do nowadays! You’re honestly making me want to start a YT & move to Boston! Love you- thank you for being you!!
  • jules172117
    love your vlogs but...
    i love your vlogs and how raw and real you are with us, but your podcasts are just so hard to listen to. I know you have a lot to say and i aohld love to hear but you hv a hard time completing your sentences. it is so jumbled and so hard to follow since it is so all over the place. just a suggestion to make a list of things you want to say and hv an order so they flow into each other and maybe it will help you stay on task :)
    The best
    Feels like you’re having a conversation with your best friend :)
  • jrsmm1
    Disorganized and unprofessional
    So painful to even listen to. Have been a fan of Gretchen and her YouTube channel for years but this podcast completely ruined it. The fact that she makes thousands per episode for not being able to finish a sentence is mindblowing. Sooo scrambled and scattered and there’s no point to any episode. It gives me anxiety to listen to it’s so painful
  • lolo9955
    Girl please STOP HATING ON YOURSELF for being emotional!!! I can’t even fathom the amount of hate you must get & how it may effect your mental health, but please remember to grant yourself grace. Crying is NOT SOMETHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR. Emotional people are vulnerable & transparent & more wholehearted then those who suppress everything down. It is something to appreciate & speaks highly of you that you are so candid and in touch with your emotions. “Being overly emotional/too sensitive” is an outdated idea that society has forced on us or like you said “the things the men in our lives have to put up with”. NO. You never never need to apologize for your emotions, they are not & should not be seen as a burden to your partner. Society & the way it’s conditioned our views on “Male and Female Traits” has led you to say things like that & perpetuate that outdated, shaming idea but just KNOW it’s important that you let it go & shift to embracing yourself for all that you are! Your platform is so influential & the more we don’t put ourselves down or perpetuate those gender stereotypes the more we open the conversation up for ALL PEOPLE to be more CLEAR, HONEST & DIRECT with what they say & to stop SHAMING other people for crying or saying what they feel. You are perfect the way your are!! If you want some inspo & comfort ESPECIALLY during this time, listen to THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY by Brene Brown on Audible....so dang good & life changing - it would bring great topics to your podcast too!!!!! Much love, also F the haters.
  • em1lymar1e
    In Love
    I’ve been watching Gretchen on Youtube and love her videos, so going to the podcast it’s a great extension from what she has already shared from her videos. If you watch her videos, she’s obviously someone who loves to talk and make sure there’s a whole picture when she does explain something, so for someone to rate her podcast one star and say “she rambles and takes too long to get to her points” what did you expect?? I love her talkative personality and the way she tries to make her podcast is like a conversation. If you’re expecting her to change from Youtube to her podcast, she’s still the same person and she’s not going to change. She’s going to talk a lot. Don’t just give her one star because you think she talks a lot. That’s what a podcast is. Stay wonderful, Gretchen. You’re really doing amazing and are amazing for having the confidence to share so much of your life with us.
  • livvvvvvvv.
    Thank you Gretchen ❤️
    Such an amazing podcast for girls in their early twenties. So real and so fresh, making me realize that I deserve so much better. Thank you for everything Gretchen ❤️❤️❤️
  • Londyn Harry
    Thank you!
    Gretchen, I really appreciated your episode about race and hope that you continue to become more aware of the black experience and speak about it on your platforms 😊
  • revieweryikes
    i tried listening to this podcast and I really couldn't listen for much of it. she rambles and takes forver to get to her points. additionally, she radiates toxic positivity and it can come off as fake.
  • :4681
    Omg!! The best podcast ever!!
    Gretchen is so real and it honestly feels like I am talking to one of my friends!!! I just love listening and can’t get enough ❤️❤️
  • juliannahorn
    I love this podcast!!!
    I absolutely love this podcast with Gretchen Geraghty. I always watched her YouTube videos and followed her social media’s, and I was so happy she finally made a podcast! I could listen to her talk all day, and I can relate to her so much. I can’t wait for what she has coming!!
  • HTC vet
    It’s incredible!!
    In times like these it’s amazing to have someone who’s so honest and positive. Listening to her podcast is like taking to a friend or big sister for an hour. She’s real and open and it’s a MUST listen to.
  • ___toast
    Love her so much
    I’ve followed Gretchen for years and am so glad we’ve gotten to grow up together!! Love how honest and mature she is with her followers. Thanks for being you Gretchen 💓
  • crbergen
    This is my favorite podcast!!
    Gretchen is so cute and inspiring. I love listening to her happy self and it always lightens my mood. She is also so thoughtful and caring. When I listen to this I am constantly motivated to live my best life because that’s all anyone can do💓
  • taptied
    listen with caution
    I really wanted to enjoy this podcast because I think gretchen is a positive person but this podcast is very hard to get through. it’s mainly consisting of her talking about her personal life, which is fine, but I find adds no real value to anyone who’s not already in her YT audience. Lots of off topic rambles and nonsense topics.
  • shareese2
    Gretchen your podcast are the OPPOSITE of boring. I love them!! I love how you say that it feels like you’re talking to a best friend because that’s how I feel too! Please don’t give energy to these other jealous and hating reviewers. ❤️
  • Tiff0314
    Always a great podcast!!
    Love her podcasts and her outlook on life!!
  • Chloe2521
    Not worth it
    Dude, this just ain’t it sis. Why would you start a podcast where you just sit and talk to yourself for an hour? Oh yeah , because everyone else has a podcast so Gretchen wanted to be a part of the crowd. So boring and the least exciting content I’ve heard in a long time ...if ever.
  • ViviannnP
    Such a great podcast!
    Gretchen is always so positive and I always love hearing what she has to say whatever the topic may be. She is so positive and listening to her podcast is a great stress reliever and distraction from other things going on! 10/10 would recommend :)
  • ans0808
    Love !
    Love love love!! I can’t say enough good things about this girl & her podcast. I don’t actually physically know her, but watching her YouTube and listen to her podcast, I feel like I do! If you listen, you will feel like you are speaking with a friend!
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