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Hosted by Gretchen Geraghty where you'll hear an hour of conversation ranging from current favorites, and positive thoughts to deep topics about life, relationships, and being totally open and real. Gretchen is occasionally joined by guests in her personal or professional life to keep things interesting. She chats like she does with her friends and is overwhelmingly positive. Subscribe for a new podcast every Friday! For business inquiries email contact@tablerockmanagement.com

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  • nicoletolliver
    Lack of awareness of her privilege
    I can’t stand the way she talks about manifesting or the lucky girl syndrome. This is rooted in ableism and racism. It is also a narcissistic mindset to have. People should be encouraged to feel their feelings. It’s okay for people to feel sad something didn’t work out. Telling people who are disabled or have terminal illnesses or are abused by their parent that if they just think good things that good will happen is not okay. Lucky girl syndrome is just another way to say rich, white girl syndrome. Toxic positivity all in this podcast!
  • estherlaurabennett
    love your podcast
    I found your podcast this September and listen to an episode almost every day. you can tell your such a happy person and I love your podcast. thank you for putting happiness into the world. my favorite part of the podcast is like the catch-up time. thank you. I also love your episode about planning out your life!! love you Gretchen!! thanks for sending positivity to the world!! love you!! :) <3
  • Tmcun444
    Feels off
    I usually love her content, but this podcast feels all over the place and not planned out. The episode with Sydney Adams was not well done. Sydney was great, but it felt like Gretchen didn’t care and didn’t plan out anything before hand. I do think there is potential, but I think she needs to put more time and energy into this.
  • clairecornelius
    My birthday is July 3 too!!
    Just started listening to your podcast yesterday. Got to your pyschic reading episode and literally lost it hearing that your dad’s birthday was July 3rd too. I’ve been watching your youtube videos for awhile now but just discovered the podcast! As I enter my early 20s I feel more and more connected to what you speak about and thought it was crazy that I have that connection to your dad with our birthdays. I love your outlook and mindset on life and leave every video/podcast feeling so inspired and seen. Keep doing what you’re doing girl!
  • ilovetswizzle123
    I love Happy Hour!
    Happy Hour always helps me calm down, relax, and enjoy every day because it’s sometimes that I always depend on to improve my mood and improve my day when i’m having a rough time. I can even explain how happy it really makes me and I love it so so much :)
  • Sumbum2301
    A breath of fresh air
    I love listening and it’s always like catching up with a friend.
  • Heatherlee9889
    Stream of Consciousness
    She seems like a lost puppy. Very scatterbrained, a bit depressed and unsure of her life direction. Podcasts are unorganized rambles. Seems like she is going to just ride the wave of “being an influencer” as long as she can before planning the next phase of life. She has guests she doesn’t even introduce who they are beforehand. Her idea of having a cohost means asking questions and then rephrasing exactly what they just said as her her response.
  • skell147
    Favorite Podcast
    I look forward to your podcasts every week! This is my favorite way to start my Fridays I love how relatable they always are
  • Zoesullivanatkins
    My Mood Booster Podcast
    Gretchen’s podcast never fails to brighten my day. Just like her YouTube videos, I turn it on when I need a lift. Her positivity and ability to see the joy in the little things helps me do the same. Writing this to try to give a little of that great energy back to her! So grateful and on the edge of my seat for next episodes!
  • Jessjess24978
    Want to love it
    I really want to love this podcast because I do think Gretchen is trying. And she’s very positive and fun. But I just don’t think a podcast is her space. I’m constantly reminded that I’m listening to an interview and not listening to a conversation. She doesn’t know how to make it flow with her guests. She asked one question and they’ll have a great answer and she just says something along the lines of “oh my gosh yes. I love that.” And then asks the next question :/ makes the vibe a little awkward.
  • Krypto002
    Love GG
    I find her voice so relaxing, I love getting to hear some behind the scenes stuff not seen on the vlog! Thanks for always brightening my day :))
  • lanabannaanna
    Recently founded and LOVE
    GIRL! I recently found you on YouTube and let me tell you, it’s hard for me to find new you tubers I genuinely enjoy watching and I just felt like we were besties right away and loved your energy. I was STOKED to see you also have a podcast and I’m loving it. You’re so fun to listen to, so authentic, and now one of my favorite podcasts. Love your vibes ✨
  • sclub4eva
    It’s like listening to a 14 year old
    Very scattered and extremely vapid. Even her body image pod didn’t really go into intersections of life/beauty standards (which I can’t be too surprised, she’s a white blonde woman), but she’s just really sad and craves male validation/validation and attention from her boyfriend
  • blissxful
    Luv it!
    This podcast just boosts my mood and I luv it! Keep up the great work Gretchen!
  • Eafoley
    I love everything about this podcast. Gretchen is such a bright light. The topics are wonderful, she does a great job with guests and you can tell she truly cares. Thank you for everything you do!!!
  • Julia Sementelli
    My favorite podcast!
    Gretchens podcast is my favorite one… and I have my own! Not only is her voice so incredibly soothing, but her words are as well. Gretchen is always ready to speak from a positive, vibrational place, and her love for life bleeds onto her listeners. I leave her episodes leaving happier every time. Thank you, Gretchen, for showing up for us in this way! We love you!
  • alexblankenship
    Love this pod!!
    I haven’t been really into podcasts but now this is the only thing I listen to when I’m driving. I love how I feel like Gretchen is my friend and I’m just listening to her updating me on life, giving me advice, and more during my car ride.
  • Samantha Rittenberg
    Your voice is so relaxing ahh I love it! I’m only halfway through the first episode and I’m already obsessed❤️❤️ Gretchen has improved so much on the podcast and I love every episode more than the last! Still such a calming talking to your BFF pod in my opinion. I love you🥰 Obsessed with the first ep of 2022, I just love hearing you talk about your life. I’ve loved learning more about the hockey life and omg I love u sm Gretchen💋 p.s. literally feel like I’m on ft, so fun!
  • sydneeleigh04
    I’ve been listening to happy hour with Gretchen for about a year now and it is safe to say it’s one of my favorite podcasts! Gretchen is so sweet and the topics that she covers are very relatable. Her voice is so calming! I love her YouTube channel as well. Give her a listen guys!! She is a true gem🤍
  • bpheeee
    Miss Gretchen, you are beautiful 😊
  • maggie brophy
    Yessss queen
    Always so positive and sweet :)! I want her to be my friend haha! Always brightens my mood!!
  • allybdavis
    Happy hour
    Such a cute & refreshing podcast, so excited to work my way through all the episodes! 💛✨
  • lovecerys
    one of my fav podcasts 💛
    I get so excited every time Gretchen posts a new podcast episode! she brighten my days and just make me smile whenever I’m listening. thank you for being such a positive light in this world 💛💛
  • María Blancas
    I just started listening to her podcast and I am absolutely in love 😭😍. Gretchen’s voice is soothing and calming. 🥂 Gretchen is somebody I can be friends with and just have emotional deep and amazing conversations on the daily. I need myself a Gretchen ☺️💜💯. She’s beautiful and full of light. Love you Gretchen 🦋!
  • ilovelavender💕❤️💖
    Love you Gretchen! 💕💖
    I love this podcast! I will definitely need to watch your YouTube videos. You are just a light in this world. I stumbled upon Gretchen this year and I love her enthusiasm and like me she is an extravert. You help me get through tough times and you motivate me to do better. I love your podcast!! Keep up the good work! 💖💖
  • Abbyu47
    Always been a fan of Gretchen
    I have watched Gretchen’s YouTube videos since she was in high school and have always loved her. She is authentic and real, and people who say she isn’t definitely do not know anything about her. Yes, her podcasts are a bit all over the place sometimes, but I think it is because of how enthusiastic she is about what she does. Her advice has helped me so much, and I love this podcast!
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Gretchen, host of the Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty podcast, highlights all aspects of relationships and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • disappointed by new content
    Disorganized & Desperate
    Even when the title of the podcast isn’t about boys, somehow it relates to boys. They are not very planned out and saying “I didn’t want to edit this so it’s like we’re just talking” comes off as unprofessional. I used to love her vlogs on YouTube, but I feel like within the past two years her content has changed drastically. It was very supportive towards younger girls but now it seems like the messaging isn’t the same.
  • aliceinwonderland25
    All over the place
    I absolutely love Gretchen on Youtube. Her clogs are so fun to watch and I love seeing Max and Brody. But the podcast space I just don’t think works well. I just finished the episode of when she talks about enneagrams and it’s not very credible when she’s like “yeah I just looked this up before recording” and keeps mispronuncing it. I’d rather her talk about stuff she actually knows about. It just kinda drags on and I’d rather listen to someone else unfortunately. Still love her YouTube though but the podcast is all over the place and I don’t feel like I gain anything from listening to it. :(
  • Kthors
    omg i love this podcast ahh
    i just found gretchens podcast this year, and i am officially obsessed omg!! i now love watching her videos, but especially her podcast! i specifically love when she does podcasts alone ;)
  • sangria_sweetie
    Definitely designed for vapid, early twenty-somethings and even that feels insulting. Nothing seems thought out - her episodes are just very scatterbrained and not planned out. Yawning, lots of “i don’t know” and “what’s it called” and not good at interviewing. Seems to be riding the wave of “influencing” but who is she influencing??
    Absolutely love theep w Dominique Cynthia
    I don’t even know who she is, but omggg I loveddd this ep!! THE ENERGY IN THIS EP WAS ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD✨✨🤍🕊🙌🏻
  • stefcasesi
    this podcast is a disaster. nothing is thought out, there is 0 effort in planning/organization and it is very evident that the goal here is just another paycheck. the content is subpar, the conversation is surface level, and the “advise” is questionable at best. 24 year old stuck in a 17 year old lifestyle and mindset. just don’t waste your time!
  • Starhide50
    I love your podcast! It is so motivational, helpful, real, and raw. Thank you for being so vulnerable in order to help others. You feel like a close friend! Keep up the great work!
  • aubree5q
    I love your products
    I love your products rr
  • Temujin Taft
    I absolutely love listening to your podcast while I’m doing my morning chores. It really brightens my day!!
  • Gfddfb x
    Favorite podcast
    I love this podcast and Gretchen so much!! It's sad how many people hate on her for being herself and talking about what she wants to talk about. These people hide behind anonymous reviews. I think everyone who hates should try making a YouTube channel and being so transparent with the world and see how it feels. Anyway I love this podcast and have watched Gretchen since her life guard days!! She's such a sweet and inspirational person! Keep up the good work💕
  • casslynn9988
    Would give a million stars if I could!!!
    When I tell you this podcast plus gals on the go is the reason why I ENJOYA having a commute to work I’m not lying. I’ve been following Gretchen on YouTube for years and was extremely excited when she started a podcast. Now that she’s moved in with Max and has Brody, everything feels new again! Regardless, I recommend this podcast to everyone I know who is asking about which ones I listen to and they are never disappointed!
  • trackshow
    This new episode was so powerful and so important and I appreciate the guests on this podcast
  • careed0119
    Consider more planning
    I do enjoy your YT channel but your podcast seems less thought out and kind of all over the place. There doesn’t seem to be much structure and I think it would be helpful to plan your intentions and goals for each episode. This last episode was really hard to listen to. Your guest was immature (she’s 21 so understandable but maybe not the best guest for your podcast). I think some training or courses on interviewing would be really helpful. Love your energy and positivity so I’m sure things will improve as you grow.
  • growthmindsetgal
    Such a ray of sunshine
    Love listening to the podcast! Always puts me in a good mood!🌻
  • Kjchurch
    The valley voice
    Girl please learn to not say “like” every other word. This podcast is so shallow.
  • elizabeth1898
  • alyssa acuna
    Genuine, brilliant & positive.
    I had no clue how many bad reviews there were on Gretchen's podcast. And all I can say is people really have nothing better to do than put more negativity into the world! Gretchen's podcast makes me feel HAPPY! Gretchen has helped me deal with the loss of my grandma and helped me care for my mom who has been struggling with grief for a long time. Gretchen keep doing you! We love you!
  • cloud rain 👌
    Girly Yassss
    This podcast is the best I swear I love her voice, and her talking for 50 minutes is sooooo soothing yet so helpful!🙃
  • brokeng7x <3
    I don't know how much longer I can listen if you keep making claims about mental health & don't seek professional advice.
  • lovemymusicsomuch12345678910
    stop the mean reviews
    so, i love gretchen, so, so, so much! her podcast is amazing and i am totally obsessed! i was reading through the reviews, and am now realizing the toxic things people have said. not cool, how would you feel if people were saying these things about you. if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all
  • ap1133
    So much love for Gretchen! Such a positive light in this world!
  • MRod1968
    Her last episode changed my whole mindset for 2021!! Amazing advice that I really needed to hear (esp after this past year lol). I’m now so inspired to be my best self! Thanks Gretchen keep up the great work ❤️
  • Gracespencer30
    Love Love Love
    I adore Gretchen and this podcast is was gets me through the workday!!
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