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E!'s Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart deliver fun, insightful and relatable conversations on the biggest, most fascinating pop culture stories of the day. "Daily Pop" is the destination for daytime entertainment fun.

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  • Blessed23
    I’m gonna miss this show !
    Justin and guest hosts Loni Love and Kim Whitley are so hilarious and great hosts
    Such fun to listen driving to/from work. Thanks for keeping me entertained & laughing! Sad to see Daily & Nightly Pop go. So fun & entertaining!!
  • QuietSpace
    Thank you for everything!!!
    You guys have been amazing! I’ve been with you from the beginning and going to miss your incredible energies in my daily routine. Thank you, I can’t wait to see how you will shine next!
  • kurtkal
    Keep The Love!!
    This show is so much better with Loni & Justin and no Morgan! She constantly interrupts and acts like she is the only one in the know. Keep the Love of Loni & Justin coming!!
  • Damon's_wife1864
    My opinion
    I agree with gmar123. It is not 2010 anymore. I really like this show but can you guys like stop talking about the Ks. I don’t think that they are the star of the show any more. Every time you talk about a celebrity you bring them up. I give this podcast 2 stars.
  • gmar123
    Fresh content
    I like this podcast, but can y’all talk about something other than the Kardashians?? It’s not 2010 anymore there are better public and pop cultural figures to talk about.
  • 555 jmh
    Too phony
    Laughing just to appear you’re having fun or pretend it’s funny. Ewe
  • JWNY2020
    Too Much SCREAMING
    Loud, obnoxious, often dumb takes — Loni Love’s shrieking and OTT laughter is a turnoff.
  • Lydiakia
    My fave
    Feels Like a fun convo w friends.
  • HAH1Dlover
    Niall horan
    By the way Niall horan is dating Amelia Woolley people we need to get that information out there he is just friends with Lizzo that’s all
  • NaomiBurton
    Voices too loud and manic
    So hyper sounding that it’s hard to hear what they are saying. I want fun commentators not NPR types, but they are OTT. Unsubscribed
  • yoga2574
    All the celebrity news
    I love to get the celebrity gossip from this podcast. In today’s world, we need something fun & light hearted!
  • Chylin_THE-OG
    These people are trash
    Honestly, you can get your pop culture news from so many better sources. Supporting this by listening and giving high reviews is the equivalent of buying gossip rags trashing celebrities’ lives in the early 2000s. So we need a reminder of how we all contributed to Britney’s current situation by buying that b.s.? Don’t. Hard pass please.
  • em7789
    I don’t have cable so its nice to have Pop to listen to to catch up on the latest media buzz.
  • ryanbailey25
    Horrible takes
    Literally the worst take on the housewife and the hustler. Rushed? You didn’t even mention the victims. Wild.
  • kittenlove858
    Please stop asking Lilliana to guest host!!! Can’t stand her!! Obnoxious just overall!
  • wwewwewwewwewweweewwewwewee
    Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwr Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Www Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe
  • stigma must end
    I like ur podcasts but u guys yell & scream so much it’s very extra.., no other podcasts do that
  • Jenniferwcpa
    Missing Morgan!
    I listen every night before bed! Love catching up on celeb news and love the energy! Everyone is great :)
  • Turbo thot123
    if i have to hear one more cancer commercial
    i’m not listening to this show anymore if they keep placing cancer ads. they’re very triggering.
  • cdlp2
    The yelling
    The show is great, I listen everyday. But the arguing and talking over each other especially this week is painful to listen to. If you’re journalist, have a conversation I feel like I’m just listening to people on the street bickering and talking over each other
  • Sexy Unique Babe
    Daily Pop
    I am loving Kim Whitely as a guest host. She's so much fun. I also, love her inside takes as an actress in Hollywood. I hope they find a spot for her when Morgan returns.
  • BrendaVivi1990
    I had to turn off the recent episode half way when discussing Diane Sawyer / Britney’s virginity comments. You have no sympathy for her. Blaming Britney for saying she was a virgin when she was asked. She was young!!!!!! She didn’t know. She was pressured.
  • SAMBOSS121.1
    Can’t listen to people that support victimhood culture. It’s suppose to be fun. Bye
  • Sbux7
    Morgan needs to go
    I loooved this show until Morgan started acting like an entitled brat. She doesn’t need screen time to stroke her own ego. That’s not a good look on anyone. However, I loooove Carissa, Justin & all of the guests hosts. At least they are in touch with reality.
  • arosdo
    Skip it; you won’t miss much
    Do you even need more than one host since all they say is “100%” as added commentary? Boring personalities.
  • Clcrys10
    Toss the music!
    Love this show but the background music on the podcast version is too much. It’s not noticeable on TV but it’s a huge annoyance on the podcast.
  • souxie99
    Daily escape !
    I have watched each host on their own personal come up shows and now seeing them where they are now I’m obsessed! I love their commentary and views on pop culture and always have a good laugh.
  • sarahmcob
    Love this show, can’t stand the background music
    Please stop with he background music!
  • Kirasmom74
    Please teach Carissa the difference between when and whenever. She says whenever incorrectly often. Hosts and journalists need to have good grammar.
  • lkd0009
    One of my favs
    Love this pod but one of the mics are way too loud and makes my headphones crack and almost makes it hard to listen to. Please work on audio.
  • WYhalo
    Yes, the topic is pop culture, but these hosts are ridiculously bereft of substance. If they seemed at all intelligent, I’d say they were willfully uncritical corporate shills, but I don’t think it’s that premeditated. They’re idiots. Do yourselves a favor and listen to pop culture podcasts that actually examine media and enjoy it with some thoughtfulness. The Popcast or Extra Hot Great are a couple of examples.
  • Anna2679
    I Can’t
    I’ve tried several times to listen and I just can’t. The self inflated egos and self importance is unreal. They don’t have their facts straight and talk a bunch of nonsense. A real indication of where society is at right now.
  • hfcvjii
    Please fix your audio!
    Love the show hate the audio
  • Julia Gulia Mulia
    I called them out in another review which was deleted. So calling out blatant casual sexism in how Victor spoke his thought that women should be able to cook to a certain caliber and if they don’t - it should be taken note as something worth considering in ending a relationship is definitely a review that should be deleted. And let’s keep all the negative reviews that are thoughtless. Silence a woman’s opinion on unabashed and unchallenged casual sexism in regards to a podcast that is normally incredibly fun and entertaining. I nor any other people that listen to this did not ask for nor need to hear traditional lines of thinking from an era that marginalized women and literally considered women to be property during my day. Would casual racism be accepted? No! That is not socially acceptable behavior. THAT IS NOT OKAY. And somebody needs to care enough to speak out about it. Nobody did. They just laughed. The subsequent oppression in the control of deleting the review is to again marginalize the voice.
  • SweetSouthernSass
    Love that there even is a podcast
    I am so glad we get daily pop as a podcast too, after ditching a tv provider this makes me so happy! I honestly like the 21 minute version even better so we can get updated quick on whats happening out there! Love justin, morgan and carissa together! Thank you E!
  • jacqu1226374
    Living for daily pop
    I love this trio, I love how they can sometimes differ in opinions & it gives me so many different perspectives. Thankful for their knowledge & hilarious vibes
  • kms gym
    Why make excuses?
    Why are you making excuses for This speech about “sacrifice.” If a white man had said that he would have been crucified! Awful reporting!
  • shmoo50
    Junk food
    It’s hysterical that Kim Kardashian giving Mason junk food is actually something that we have to talk about
  • Ggggggg22
    Not a currate
  • Anna.21.
    Morgan Stewart-please stop
    I like this show, but it is increasingly hard to listen to when Morgan Stewart is giving her invaluable insight. Most of the time she’s repeating what the other hosts are saying or just saying whatever flippant thing pops into her mind. She hardly knows any facts about what she’s talking to and I’m glad that at times the other hosts will correct it. Also why is she defending Stassi? Because she’s friends with someone who is friends with her? Please stop.
  • LADomi_nick
    Love Justin
    We love the show !!
  • elbasmeow
    Diana & Camilla
    Okay so just to be clear, in 2 documentaries that anyone can find on YouTube, Diana herself told the story about Camilla Parker Bowles being at the wedding, spotting her in the crowd because Diana was already looking for her; Morgan is right that in Royal circles, certain cliques of people are expected to attend such events. Camilla’s then husband, Andrew Parker Bowles was Colonel Commanding the Household Cavalry & Silver Stick in in Waiting to HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Lastly, the dress that Camilla wore to Charles & Diana’s wedding was GREY and not WHITE... Diana’s comment in the documentary was how GREY Camilla’s face looked from dread and how it matched her GREY dress.... next time, please have your show’s writers actually research - all of this info is not breaking news, it’s been around for decades. 🎩🍸👑
  • Sugar's Mama in NC
    A new favorite of mine!!!
    So good, so good, so good!!!!
  • **megan**
    Give Morgan her own podcast!
    Love this show! Love the dynamic between Justin and Morgan! I think Morgan should have her own podcast because that would be AMAZING! Love her.
  • morocco1991
    Love it!
    Love this podcast, Morgan honestly makes this show and she needs her own podcast!!!
  • kennnnzzz
    Best content from E!
    My favorite content E dishes out - love watching live but most days I can’t, so the podcast is a godsend!
  • danron646
    Better name would be The Entertainment Auctioneers
    Where is the race? I have never hears three people talk so fast in my life. It’s like listening to auctioneers trying to out perform each other. Three insanely enthusiastic people hypothesizing about other people’s lives at the speed of sound. Too Intense
  • K8-80
    Yes!! Love the podcast!
    Daily Pop is my new go-to podcast while I run! I left Instagram behind in 2020 and this is a great way to still indulge my love of pop culture. Love Morgan—she’s the best!
    Could be good but hyperactive host ruins it
    This could be the best celebrity gossip podcast out there but they have to replace the hyperactive host who constantly cuts everyone off and speaks a million miles a minute. Seriously she gives me heart palpitations. Bring back the British lady full-time!
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